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BASICALLY I don’t like any kind of action movie. They are so predictable.

I love the classic movies like Doctor Zhivago that is an epic film based on the novel by Boris
Pasternak, Nobel Prize for Literature.

It is one of the classics of American cinema, which has a lot of drama, love and revolution.

It’s terrific, exciting, dramatic, romantic, fascinating, compelling and Inspiring.

The plot is about the loves and misadventures of Yuri Zhivago, a young doctor and one of the best
Russian poets of the time who is torn between love for his wife Tonia and her lover Lara, in the
middle of the Russian Revolution, which brings misery, war and death to millions of Russians.

IN ADDITION The performance of the actors was impressive, especially Omar Shariff as Yuro
Zhivago since he acted with a lot of emotion

The role of Julie Christie was so phenomenal, since she emboded her character with such

the script is masterful since the adaptation of the novel were perfect.

MOREOVER The beautiful cinematography, the landscapes, the costumes, the art direction were
such a superlative work, since they make the story was so credible and convincing.

It was shot on some exotic locations of Spain EVEN THOUGH the novel takes place in Russia.

ALTHOUGH it was filmed in summer, The intense cold of the Russian steppes was recreated with
artificial ice, using artificial snow with marble dust.

The use of the camera was masterful as well as the photography and the dramatic use of color in
the film.

IN ADDITION It had a luxury soundtrack mainly the "Them of Lara" since you feel transferred to
that place to the beat of the Russian balalaika.

The movie cost 14 million and finally earned 111 million dollars.

This film was released in 1965, HOWEVER was recently exhibited in Russia in 1988.

The early critics believed that this film trivialized the events of the Russian Revolution, but was
impressed by the images of the movie.

IN CONCLUSION, if I had to recommend an unforgettable film I would choose Doctor Zhivago, a

movie full of romance, emotion and history.