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Essential Charts EDIT COMMENTS (151) SHARE

All charts provided here are to be used as an entry-point into a genre, allowing you
to gain a basic understanding of what a genre could have to offer. It is
recommended that you explore genres on your own after having listened through
some of the recommended music. Help with exploring music can be found at the
Discovering Music page.

Do not treat the /mu/ essential chart as a "required listening for /mu/ chart." It
doesn't matter if you have or haven't listened to the albums on the chart at all. The
only reason it has been added to this wiki is for archival purposes and ease of
access for everyone. If you come to /mu/ and listen to a lot of albums that happen
to be on the /mu/ essentials chart, everyone will call you a "/mu/drone" and hate
you, because a lot of people on /mu/ seem to think that the /mu/ essentials is a list
of albums that only /mu/ likes, and is not a list of some of the most critically
acclaimed albums of all time that a lot of people like outside of /mu/. Remember
that being your own special little snowflake is an encouraged behaviour, and you
should show this by flaunting your chart and in peoples faces, filled with
music by obscure EAI, Onkyokei and field recording artists from countries that you
can't even pronounce.

You can download (nearly) all essential charts from here .
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Lists Edit

Genres Countries Other

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'50s Rock & Roll '60s Psychedelia '70s Punk '70s-'80s Post-Punk '80's Punk/Hardcore
Abraerosmith5 • 7 hours ago

Essential Charts
Dungo1989 • 7 days ago

Obtaining Music
A FANDOM user • 14 days ago

'90s '90s Electronic 90s Punk/Pop-Punk '00s Ambient '00s Punk

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'10s Hip Hop '10s Hip Hop 2 Acid Funk Jazz Afrobeat Aggrotech

Alternative Rock Ambient 1 Ambient 2 Ambient 3 Americana

Arctic Ambient Art Pop Art Pop 2 Art Punk Art Rap

Art Rap 2 Avant-Garde Metal Bandcamp Baroque Bay-Area Hip Hop

Bigbeat Blackgaze (by Black Metal Black Metal 2 Black Metal 3

Black Metal 4 Black Metal (By Black Metal Blues Bossa Nova
Country) (Atmospheric)

Breakbeat (By Breakbeat Hardcore Breakcore Britpop Britpop 2

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Brostep Brostep/Complextro Canterbury Scene Caverncore Chamber Jazz

Chillwave 1 Chillwave 2 Chiptune Classical 1 Classical 2

Classical 3 Comedy music Country Dance-Punk Dark Ambient

Dark Ambient Deathcore Death Metal (By Deep House Depressive Black
(general) Subgenre) Metal (DSBM)

God of War Westworld Handmaid's Tale Infinity War Characters Who Deserve a Standalone Movie
Depressive Black Desert Rock Detroit Techno Djent Doom Metal (By
Metal (By Country) Subgenre)

Doom Metal 2 Downtempo Downtempo/Chillout Drone Metal Drum n' Bass
/Trip Hop/Broken
Jazz/Nu Jazz

Drum n' Bass 2 Dubstep 1 Dubstep 2 Dungeon Synth Dungeon Synth

Dungeon Synth Dungeon Synth East-Coast Hip Hop Electro Electro House
Complete Chart Complete 2

Electronic (By Electronic (General) Electronic (General) Emo Emo & Screamo

Emotive Hardcore Experimental Hip Experimental Hip Experimental Hip Experimental
Hop 1 Hop 2 Hop Volume III Shoegaze/Dream

Field Recordings Field Recordings 2 Folk Folk (with female Folk Metal

Folk/Viking Metal Folk-Punk Freak Folk 1 Freak Folk 2 Free Jazz Essentials

French/Electro Funk Future Funk Future Funk 2 Garage

Garage 2 Glitch Glitch 2 Glitch Hop Goa Trance

Goth Grindcore Grunge Hard/Blues Rock Harsh Noise

Hip Hop 1 Hip Hop 2 Hip Hop 3 Hip Hop Concept "Hipster" Black
Albums Metal

Horrorcore House Hypnagogic Pop IDM Indie Pop

Industrial Industrial Grunge Industrial Metal Instrumental Metal 2 Instrumental Hip

Italo Disco Jangle Pop Jangle Pop 2 Jazz Jazz 2

Jazz (1959-1979) Jungle K-Pop Kosmische Krautrock

Krautrock 2 Lolicore Mashup Math Rock 1 Math Rock 2

Math Rock 3 Mathcore/Metalcore Medieval Melodic Death Metal Metal (By Genre)

Metalcore/Post- Minimal Modern Baroque Modern Funk Modern Post-punk
Hardcore Techno/Microhouse Pop

Modern prog Modern prog 2 Modern Psychedelic Musique concrète Neofolk

Neo-prog Neo-Psychedelia Neurofunk New Wave New Wave of
Traditional Metal

No Wave Noise Noise Rock Noise Rock/Now Nu Metal
Noise Rock

Nu Skool Funky Oceangrunge Old School Death Outsider Music Polish New Wave
Breaks Metal

Pop Punk Pop Punk by Post-Hardcore 1 Post-Hardcore 2 Post-Hardcore 3

Post-Punk 1 Post-Punk 2 Post-Punk (by Post-Punk & '80s Post-Rock
subgenre) Goth

Post-rock 2 Power Metal 1 Power Metal 2 Power Metal 3 Power Pop

Powerviolence/Grin Progressive House Progressive Metal Progressive Metal Progressive Rock 1
dcore/Crust/Crosso Introduction
ver Thrash

Progressive Rock 2 Progressive Rock 3 Progressive Rock 4 Proto-Punk Psybient/Psychill

Psychedelic Drone Psychedelic Psychobilly Punk/Hardcore Reggae
Rock/Pop (1966- (New York)

Reggae 2 Reggae/Dub/Ska Renaissance Renaissance Samba-Jazz

Sampling Scratch Screamo Shoegaze Shoegaze (By

Shoegaze/Dream Ska Skacore/Crack Slowcore Slowcore & Sadcore
Pop Rocksteady

Sludge Metal Soft Rock/Yacht Soul Southern Hip Hop Southern Rock
(Atmospheric)/"Post Rock

Space Black Metal Space Metal Spanish Spanish Rap Spoken Word

Stoner Rock Stoner Metal/Stoner Surf Synth Pop Synthwave
Rock/Desert Rock

Swedish Death Swing Thrash Metal Traditional Metal Trance

Tribal Trip Hop Tropicália Tuvan Throat Twee Pop

UK Hip Hop Vanguarda paulista Vaporwave 1 Vaporwave 2 Vaporwave 3

Lo-Fi 1.jpg

Warm Drone West-Coast Hip Hop Witch House Zeuhl a chart

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