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Stonewater Gazette

Volume 2, Issue 3 Fall 2010

F all is officially here on the 21st of this month!

Although many are still waiting for those hot
summer days, school & football will start
soon and the leaves will all be turning colors.
Welcome to the Neighborhood:
Hillsboro Fire and Rescue opened its newest facility
at the beginning of August and is Stonewater’s newest
Before we get too far from summer, the Stonewater
Board would like to invite all homeowners to: The Cherry Lane Fire Station No. 6

will be dedicated on Saturday, September 11th at

A Community BBQ 1:30pm. The fire station will also be hosting an open
on September 12th house that day from 1pm to 4pm, where the public
can meet the firefighters, tour the new facility, and
check out the new fire engines housed there. This is
a great opportunity to welcome our new neighbors to
the community!

The Cherry Lane Fire Station No. 6 is located at 21880

NW Cherry Lane, between 73rd and Cornelius Pass
Road. The Hillsboro Argus said the following:
“It houses one full-time career engine company staffed
24/7 and serves as the base of operations for the
Hillsboro Volunteer Firefighters. They are available
for emergency on an on-call basis. Additionally, the
building is the Fire Department’s Training Center and
The BBQ and gathering will be on the large lawn features a 56-seat classroom with full audio/visual
along 72nd Ave. All homeowners are welcome to capabilities. ... this firestation was built to meet the
bring something to grill or a salad or other side to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
share with your neighbors. (LEED) Gold Standard” and features:

21kW roof mounted solar array

We hope to see you all on the lawn!
Bio-swale to retain water runoff and filter surface water
State of the art HVAC systems
Low VOC paints and carpets
Next Board Meeting: September 30, 2010 at 6:30pm
Locally sourced building materials and furniture
Quatama Elementary School Library
Campus-wide recycling
Contact Information CAP Answers Some FAQs
For all immediate concerns or problems please How do I avoid late fees?
contact the management company by phone or A late fee is applied to an account when payment
e-mail. The Board welcomes your input; if you have is not received by the 30th of the month due. If you
questions or concerns for the Board to consider, the are paying electronically, through a bill pay service,
manager will forward them. An Open Forum is held please note that the day your payment leaves your
at every Board meeting so that owners can voice account is NOT the day those funds are received. If
opinions, concerns, or questions. you’ve had this problem before, try scheduling your
payment for a few days earlier. Remember, dues are
actually due on the first day of each month; 30 days
is simply a grace period to get that payment in.

Another option, of course, is to sign up for auto pay

through CAP; we’ll deduct your dues once a month
(usually on the 5th day of the month) from the
account you specify. Should you wish to sign up for
this, please contact us for an ACH form.

Management Company: How do I report a landscaping problem or concern?

Landscaping issues can be reported by sending an
Community Association Partners (CAP) e-mail or calling CAP. Your e-mail will be forwarded
4850 Scholls Ferry Road, Suite 202 directly to the landscaper and is generally the quickest
Portland, OR 97225 way to resolution. For urgent irrigation repairs, such
Manager: Andrea Klopfenstein as a significant amount of water exploding out of the
Phone: (503) 546 - 3400 system, call us immediately at 503-246-8806. An
Fax: (503) 546 - 3401 emergency pager number, on our voice mail, can be
Email: called after hours. Every drop spilt is money out of
everyone’s pocket, so immediate reporting is critical.
Stonewater HOA Board of Directors: We’ll deploy Showplace immediately for repairs.

How do I report a maintenance problem or concern?

Lynn Price, President
An e-mail to CAP is the best way to communicate
Cindy Bodes, Treasurer
a maintenance concern. Please be as specific as
Sharon Libby, Secretary
possible and include your basic information: full name,
Duncan Koller, Director at Large
community, and address. Owners should be aware
Open Director Position
that maintenance issues are not always immediately
addressed; the HOA might need to wait for appropriate
Condominiums at Stonewater weather, or the next visit by CAP, or maybe even the
Board of Directors: resolution of the lawsuit for construction defects.
CAP works closely with the Board to determine the
Jan Isles, President scope and schedule for maintenance so the HOA can
Stan Benge, Vice President be fiscally responsible with everyones’ money.
Fay Littlefield, Secretary
Cindy Bodes, Treasurer Upcoming Maintenance:
Patricia Sunday, Director at Large Scheduled maintenance items for the remainder of
the year are gutter cleaning and moss control.

From The Board
A Call For Service: Board of Directors Meetings:

On November 18, 2010 the Stonewater Homeowners Open Board Meetings, take place monthly at the
Association will hold its annual meeting. At that Quatama Elementary School Library at 6:30pm.
meeting we will elect at least one new member to September 30, 2010
the Board. As a community, we have some rather October 28, 2010
daunting decisions ahead of us as we continue to
move through the construction defect litigation. We
Annual Meeting:
will then have to make some hard decisions regarding November 18, 2010 @ 6:30pm
the scope, timing, and financing of the repairs. It is Quatama Elementary School Library
important the we get people involved.

As a member of your HOA Board who is finishing

my three year term, I feel the need to appeal to
our community for candidates to run for a Board
position. It is unfortunate that for three years we have
struggled with keeping our Board fully staffed. Our
Board meetings are usually well attended and there
are some very vocal owners in our community - yet
here we are again with a vacancy on the Board. Well,
consider this article as me calling you out for service
on the Board. The more people in this community
that help take ownership of the issues and the future
direction of Stonewater, the better the outcomes will

I know that some, if not most of you have other

Board Business:
commitments - jobs, family, etc. Let me assure Volunteers are needed to testify in our upcoming
you we all have commitments pulling us in other construction defect trial. If you are willing to
directions, but it is not fair to those who have participate and have knowledge of defects to your
volunteered nor yourselves as homeowners to leave home, please contact Duncan Koller (through CAP)
the critical decision making to others. Serving on the for more information.
Board requires commitment to a monthly meeting
and frequent email business between meetings. No The Condominiums at Stonewater Board of Directors
previous experience is needed, but it does take will be looking to fill seats this November. If you are
some time. The up-side is that you will learn the interested in serving on the condo Board, please
issues facing this community, take part in important contact CAP.
decisions, and meet many people that you would not
Lights in the courtyard pergolas, over the address
otherwise. It is a very rewarding, and yes at times
signs, and the in-ground landscape fixtures will soon
frustrating, experience but well worth the time and
be fitted with new energy saving LEDs. A special thank
you to Anker, Mel, and Lynn for working dillengenty
Please talk to the Board at one of the upcoming on finding a solution to the constant repair and
meetings or contact CAP if you are interested in replacement cycle. The new bulbs will use much less
joining the Board in November. -DK energy and have a much longer lamp life.

Committee News
Volunteers: A Few Reminders:
Please contact CAP if you would like to join a committee As a courtesy to all Stonewater residents please be
or have an idea for the committees that you would like aware of the following:
to take part in.
Garbage cans and recycle bins are to be stored
Architectural Review (ARC): out of sight within 12 hours of pickup. Compliance
notices will be given if cans and bins are left out.
The ARC has recently added a retractable screen door
to the HOA approved screen door resolution. For more Parking in the alleys is not allowed at anytime.
information on the new option, contact CAP or see the Alleys must remain clear for emergency and service
printed resolution in the community bulletin board west vehicles.
of the fountain.
Recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. are not
Landscape Committee: allowed to be parked in sight or on streets adjacent
to the community.
Fall Planting Event - 10am, Saturday, Sept. 18th
Plants from overgrown areas will be repurposed to Please clean up after your pet! Also be courteous
happier, healthier locations. Meet at the fountain. to other pet and non-pet owners and their concerns.
Thanks to all who took the time to respond to the Pets must be on-leash when outside your home/lot.
landscape survey in May; 50 homeowners responded.
For more information regarding the rules above,
The LC identified and prioritized locations that need
please refer to Stonewater HOA Bylaws or call the
replacement plantings, giving top priority to locations
management company.
where plants are either missing or completely dead.
Showplace has been given approval to begin this project,
which should be complete by the end of November.
The LC is developing and refining a process that should
streamline homeowner requests for plant replacement.
We submitted our proposal to the Board at the August
meeting, and hope to have approval soon. Once
approved, we’ll make it available to home owners via the
Yahoo! Group, blogspot web site, and CAP. Stay tuned!

Communications Committee:
We are pleased to announce an official HOA website:
Please visit and check back often for added info.

The Yahoo! Group will still host our meeting minutes

and more sensitive documents, it will also remain as a
community message board for neighbors to communicate
with eachother. To join the Yahoo! Group go to: http:// click
“Join this Group” and follow the directions. You will need
to set up a Yahoo account if you don’t have one already.
Remember to include your full name, lot number, and
address when joining.

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