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135 Years

Volume 136 Issue 19 Friday, July 20, 2018 90 cents plus tax

Soaking Up The Sun
Community Partners
Working Toward Joint
Landfill Project
Multi-million dollar landfill
proposed south of Sandy Lake

A s a number of small community landfills are
nearing the end of their lifespan, the R.M. of
Clanwilliam-Erickson, R.M. of Harrison-Park, Roll-
ing River First Nation and Keeseekoowenin Ojibway
First Nation are working on a plan to create a joint
landfill. Known as Four Winds Landfill, this joint
landfill will be located south of Sandy Lake a half-a-
mile off of Highway #250.
The location for the landfill was chosen due to
regulations that it needs to be a certain distance
away from any body of water, well, and home. Af-
ter a consultant found five places that would meet
the requirements of the location, the municipalities
involved in the project narrowed it down to a single
location, and have officially signed documents to
move forward with the project.
Elgin Hall, Mayor of the Clanwilliam-Erickson
municipality, is excited for the project to get under-
way, and hopes to see completion within the next
year and a half.
There is a lot of work to be done between now
and completion of the project. The consultant that
the RMs are working with has to figure out where
on the quarter section the landfill will go, it needs
to be built to meet all provincial requirements, and
a board needs to be organized to put together all
operating procedures and hire a general manager.
The board will consist of two members from each of
the participating communities and there has been
some suggestion to have a special youth member
or young adult to “help us old folks recognize that
young people have thoughts about it,” Hall said. Photo by Sarah Boyd
The project is coming at a time when some of
For those who like it hot, last weekend did not disappoint temperature wise! Environment Canada
the communities that will be using the landfill only
issued an extreme heat warning for southern Manitoba on Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th.
have about two years left in their current landfills.
“Rolling River First Nations is already hauling their Minnedosa Lake was a popular place during the heatwave! Pictured are Les and Angie
garbage to our dump,” said Hall, highlighting the Brackenreed along with little Piper Boyd soaking up the sun while trying to cool down
dire need in the area for the new landfill. by tubing behind a motorboat on the local lake Saturday afternoon.
For those who are not so fond of extreme heat, Friday and Saturday were good
Continued on Page 2 days to hide away with the air conditioning blasting to fight the heat!

The Minnedosa Tribune office will close for holidays aT 12 noon on
friday, July 20Th and reMain closed unTil 9 a.M. Monday, July 30Th

There will be no paper published July 27th
2 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Busy Season At The Campground
By HILLARY MILLER booked in June compared When these get broken, it
to 79% booked in July. For leaves dangerous glass on

T he Minnedosa Camp-
ground has been
booming this season! With
the 30 amp lots with water
there was a booking rate
of 56% for June and 96%
the beach which people
could step, sit or lay on.
This is a trend that Luker,
a somewhat slow start in so far in July. The full ser- and surely many others,
June, things have really vice lots in June were 59% would like to see the end
picked up in July, and it booked, and in July are of.
will soon become difficult 97% booked. Luker also “They bury them so
to book a spot in the little pointed out that these lots they are completely out of
piece of heaven near the are almost fully booked be- sight, then Rick (the camp-
lake. tween now and the end of ground manager) takes the
Minnedosa Town August. The campground tractor down the next day
Councillor Len Luker is already turning people and tills over them, and
provided some statistics away for the August Long then there is broken glass
about the usage of the Weekend. all over the place,” he said.
campground this sum- Councillor Luker He worries that someone,
mer. For the un-serviced noted that things are go- especially a child, might
lots in June, reservations ing well at the lake, camp- get cut by broken glass
were at 22%, and in July ground and beach area this while they are out enjoying Photo by Hillary Miller
they have grown to 33% summer. The beach sand a day at the beach.
so far. For the 15 amp ser- gets raked every morning The pavilion houses campers, so far, most have Len expects that the ground’s managers, Rick
vice lots 34% were booked and garbage gets picked up the tourist information been well behaved and weather has attributed to and Penny Chorneyko.
in June and so far in July, regularly. However, one is- centre and the upper floor respectful of the camp- this year’s success at the “That makes a million dol-
these lots have been 73% sue that continues to be a has been rented out for ground rules. “We haven’t lake, beach and camp- lar difference, and kudos
booked. For the 15 amp problem is people burying numerous occasions this had to kick anybody out ground, as well as the dedi- to them – they are there
with water lots, 26% were glass bottles in the sand. summer. As for the nearby yet,” mentioned Luker. cated service by the camp- 24/7,” concluded Len.

Four Winds Landfill Proposal
Continued from Page 1 uting a large amount of to entice people to pay furniture, electric light- be providing financial as- ating as a transfer station,
money through DISC (De- more attention to recycling bulbs, agricultural pesti- sistance on the project as you don’t have to close it,
“Harrison Park has partment of Indigenous and composting. “We are cide containers, and bale well. He hopes that the cost so we are postponing the
two years or so left, Riding Services Canada). hoping that we will have a wraps. of garbage will decrease as closure of our dump,” he
Mountain National Park Four Winds Land- change from our current According to Hall, the push to recycle and said. “The other thing, is
– which gets a huge influx fill will be operating as a garbage dumps to the new many of the initiatives that compost increases. “We that the amount of garbage
of garbage in the summer Class 2 landfill, meaning one, with a reduction of 60 the new landfill will fol- are hoping that we can that goes into the dump
time, puts quite a stress on that they will have no more per cent,” said Hall. With low will be based on the keep it down,” said Elgin. from smaller communi-
Harrison Park – so Riding than 500 tons of garbage the communities going so model that is used by Ev- So far, Hall has found ties like ours becomes very
Mountain National Park per year. To meet this, Hall far to recycle and compost, ergreen Technologies – the that the community’s re- expensive per ton, but we
will be our first client.” He said they will be doing an Hall hopes to see a pos- joint waste disposal facil- ceptiveness of the project can have the same number
also pointed out that the education program and sibility for financial remu- ity located southeast of and the push for recycling of employees at a regional
First Nations are contrib- an enforcement program, neration in the future, for Minnedosa. has grown, but that a large landfill, keep it cleaner,
those who do their part, Hall expects the proj- part of this project will be keep it covered so the rats
since compost is one of the ect to cost between $6 mil- informing people of the and mice don’t want to be
heaviest parts of what goes lion and $7 million and is benefits to keeping their in there.”
Gill & Schmall Agencies is pleased to announce into a landfill each year. happy to say that the proj- garbage to a minimum. He Hall hopes that the
Erin Woodcock as our newest real estate sales representative Items that Hall hopes ect is a good candidate for suspects that the feedback landfill partners can more
servicing the Minnedosa & Neepawa areas. the communities will recy- some significant provin- of about 95% of people has accurately determine what
cle include glass, tires, oil, cial funding, and the fed- been positive, and oth- their garbage costs have
oil filters, batteries, con- eral government has many ers have expressed con- been over the past year, so
struction materials, mat- projects working with First cern about the proximity that in five years they can
tresses and soft covered Nations groups and could to their own homes. Hall see the decrease in cost,
stressed that the site will “so that we can convince
be located a fair distance ourselves that what we
away from the nearest resi- have done, and what we
dential neighbour. have mandated to do, is
Believing this to be done.”
Four Winds Environmental Management
Erin was previously the surgical clerk at the Minnedosa Health Centre an important project, and Community informa-
Regional Solid Waste and Recycling Facility
and has an extensive background in customer service. noting that it is mandated tion sessions introduc-
Erin is VERY active in the community and you've probably seen her by the provincial govern- ing the proposed landfill
Four Winds Environmental Management

smiling face running around as she is the chair for the Minnedosa Fun
Regional Solid Waste and Recycling Facility
Informational Package - June 2018
ment, Hall noted that ben- project to ratepayers will
Fest and a member of the Minnedosa Tourism Committee. She is also a efits include, “financial – be held in Newdale and
past member of the Minnedosa Credit Union Board and volunteers with to close a landfill to meet Sandy Lake next week. See
provincial standards is advertisement in today’s
Rolling River First Nation

various other groups in the community. Ê
about one million dollars, edition for more details.
Please help us in welcoming Erin to the team and contact ‘Come and Go’ Informal Format
but if the landfill is oper-
Erin for all of your Real Estate Needs! FRIDAY, JULY 27TH, 2018
Erin will be situated out of the Minnedosa Insurance Office 9 a.m. to 12 noon

located at 137 Main St South Minnedosa, MB. Newdale Drop In Centre
There will be no Tribune
You can contact Erin the following ways: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
E-mail: Sandy Lake Community Hall published July 27th. Our next
Phone: 204-868-5559
Gill & Schmall Agencies PO BOX 969 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0
We are interested in hearing your comments, and addressing any
questions you have in regards to the project. Please join us!
edition will be August 3rd.
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 3

Tidying Up The Town Battling A Bale Blaze

T he Minnedosa Com-
munities in Bloom
dedicated group of volun-
teers held their town-wide
clean-up on Tuesday, July
17th, and had members of
the community come out
to help them pick up gar-
bage around Main Street.
Businesses along
Main St. are also reminded
that the CIB group would
appreciate if they look at
their property prior to the
arrival of the provincial
CIB judges on Monday,
July 23rd, in hopes of tidy- Photos by Don Burgess
ing up any areas that might
cause the town to lose The emergency siren rang out just before 12 noon on Saturday, July
points in their evaluation. 14th. Members of the Minnedosa Fire Department were dispatched to
The group hopes that ho- assist Rapid City Fire Department extinguishing a fire in a large
meowners in town might
stack of bales on a farm in the Rapid City district.
do the same to their own
The CIB judges tour Photo submitted
will begin at the Town Of-
fice. They will then be es- vak and Tanya Wiebe, who nance), and floral displays
corted to the beach area, both hail from Winnipeg, (general beautification
the Bison Park, Tanner’s will be judging the town with beds, containers and
Crossing Park, the cem- based on their tidiness ef- ornamental displays).
etery, and past some of the fort (the maintenance of After the evaluation
historic stone houses and buildings and structures, from last year, the CIB
heritage designated build- removal of litter, weeds group has been contacting
ings throughout the com- and graffiti), environmen- the business community,
munity. As in year’s past, tal action (waste reduc- to ask if they would make a
the judges will enjoy their tion, sewage disposal, special effort to tidy around
morning refreshments at recycling, composting, their business areas, as this
the Heritage Village. integrated pest manage- was a recommendation
In the afternoon, the ment), heritage conserva- that was made last year. As
judges will visit Evergreen tion (efforts to preserve per suggestions, the pro-
Technologies, along with built heritage, natural and tectors around the trees
Mayor Ray Orr, where our cultural heritage), urban on Main St. have been re-
community can boast a forestry (the existence of moved, and an effort has
very eco-friendly regional long and short-term plan- been made to plant trees,
landfill site. ning, by-laws and stan- however this was not suc-
The group, along with dards for planting suitable cessful since the trees did
the support of the local trees, appropriate care not survive the winter. An
UCT chapter, will be host- practices in landscaped ar- effort has been made to re-
ing a barbeque at Tanner’s eas, community efforts to place and add more trees,
Crossing Park and they make plants an element of which is an ongoing dis-
hope to see support from surroundings, colour, tex- cussion with the CIB mem- myCommunity
their community that day. ture, regional suitability, bers. Neighbours Indeed
The judges, Roswitha No- native species and mainte- CHARITY BBQ Be a Neighbour...
And announce
Wednesday, these special events
to your community
July 25, 2018
●Birth of Child
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM ●Wedding
At The Minnedosa Heritage Co-op ●Wedding Anniversaries
BUSINESSES SUPPORT 120 Main Street South, Minnedosa 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th
●New home residency

YOUR COMMUNITY! HOT DOG, $300 You may qualify for a
FREE personalized keepsake
Chips & a Drink DRAW gift offer compliments
of local business and
When you support the businesses in your SMOKIE, $400 GIFT
professional sponsors
home community, those businesses can Chips & a Drink Minnedosa Pharmacy
Glenndosa Glass 1990 Ltd.
return the favour by providing donations All proceeds go to the Minnedosa insurance Services
and sponsorships to events, attractions, Kim’sQuality Foods
Minnedosa Community Integra Tire
programs and athletics in your Child Care Co-op (MCCCC) Heritage Co-op
Minnedosa Tribune
community. Without your support, Gateway Motel
those businesses cannot give Be part of your Community!
back to the things which make ON LOCATION Contact Tillie Johnson
a community a great place to live! 204-867-3414
4 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Getting Ready To Rock The Fields
By Hillary Miller festival. going well, and Wenham
Leading up to the fes- pointed out that they have

R ockin’ the Fields of
Minnedosa is just
around the corner, and last
tival, the board for RFM
have been making appear-
ances in the Minnedosa
been selling more tick-
ets every day. They have
opened up an extra 220
minute preparations are community. They par- spots in Campground B,
underway. ticipated in the town-wide and they have sold many
RFM president Brian cleanups that have been of those spots already.
Wenham is happy to say held by the Communities Wenham has been
that preparations for the in Bloom group. The board hearing a lot of positive
upcoming August long also made a fantastic float feedback about the lineup
weekend festival are go- in the Fun Fest parade, this year, and people are
ing very well, as are ticket where they recreated the happy to see the festival go
sales. RFM Main Stage on a truck back to its traditional clas-
In order to prepare, bed, and had the band 8 sic rock roots. “I think we
volunteers are redoing Track Shuffle play a live are on track for making this
some of the decking on the show in the parade. This the biggest and best Rock-
main stage, and are getting band consists of Westman in’ the Fields,” he said.
the site de-winterized, as locals Cari Clark, Frank Some of the headlin-
it only really gets used for Maguire and Mike Lamb. ers scheduled to perform
four days out of the year. It is Clark’s family who at Rockin’ The Fields 2018
Volunteers have been own the land that RFM include Trooper, Three
busy and will continue to uses each year. This band Days Grace, Burton Cum- File photo
be busy cutting grass and also played at the Fun Fest mings, Chilliwack, Head- Many of the fans who enjoyed rockin’ the Fields 2017 are gearing
freshening things up in social. pins, Kim Mitchell, Honey-
up to return for another great august long weekend in Minnedosa.
anticipation for this year’s Ticket sales have been moon Suite and Helix.

Knights On Bikes Ride Into Town
SUBMITTED port of the local catholic said Dennis Yanchycki,
community. Grand Knight - Parkland

M embers of Knights
on Bikes, the Mani-
toba chapter of the Knights
“It is very inspiring to
see these tough bikers with
a deep faith in God make
The bikers who have
an obvious passion for
of Columbus, rolled into the trip from Winnipeg to motorcycles are all ac-
the towns of Minnedosa, worship together with us. tive Members of one of
Erickson, and Elphinstone They attended four masses the Knights of Columbus
on Sunday, July 15th to at- in one weekend, includ- Councils in Manitoba.”
tend masses there in sup- ing Brandon on Saturday,”

Cadurcis News
By DorEEn TroTT Malcolm and Shirley Rose Rob and Joan Trott of Ha-
were Shawn, Christine and miota who celebrated their

C ongratulations to Tim
and Rachel Longstaff
and big sister Charlotte
Josh Rose of Minnedosa
and Halie Dyke of Bran-
40th anniversary on Satur-
day evening. Several from
the area attended.
on the arrival of a son and Janice and Ava Maslen We are glad to hear
brother. of Australia are visiting that Muriel McManus and
Shirley Rose and Do- with Doug and Karen Glen Jackson are home
reen Trott visited on Friday Northam. They will attend and doing well following
Photo submitted with Syd and Marie Cardy the upcoming wedding of medical procedures.
Knights on Bikes members Corey Bossuyt, Gerry Chaput, Ken Keith, of Basswood and their brother Cody next week. This hot weather
Scott edmunds, Brian rebizant and Marie rebizant, pose with Father visitors from Okeechobee, Clayton and Margaret seems to be bringing in a
Florida Cheryl, Amber and Wareham and Andrew and beautiful crop of Saska-
James and some of the parishioners following mass
Shawn Hood. Also visiting Carolyn Robson attended toons both of the tame and
at St. alphonsus Church in Minnedosa.
were Larry, Andy and Sta- the Calgary Stampede last wild variety.
cie Cardy. week.
Darryl a.Holyk - PublisHer anD eDitor Sunday visitors with Congratulations to

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The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 5

Thinking of Whirlpool Lake
Dearest Whirlpool Lake,

Letters to
spawn in the form of the
Whirlpool River have been
Ye O l d
I just wanted to let you a source of calm reflection

know that I have been intermingled with mo-

the Editor
thinking of you these past ments of pure terror for
few months. me. Who can resist your
You are, of course, in- spring torrent when snow
delibly linked to our family melt transforms your riv-
in so many ways, having more times than we can now-passed grandparents, er from a series of quiet
been the centre of so many remember, including sev- or of searching for bugs in ponds with their resident
family adventures that I eral winter camping trips. the loose rocks below the beaver families, into a fe-
can’t even think where to Random memories dam (and of course the ob- rocious beast filled with
begin.   keep popping up - memo- ligate removal of leeches roiling (albeit wee) rap- 1888 – The mosquito pest is worse than it has been in
We have swam your ids, ready to fling unwary a good many years. It is so bad that some English settlers
ries of our kids investigat- afterward).
waters, skated on your paddlers into black spruce are thinking of returning to the old country.
ing your shores on summer I remember solo trips I
smoothly frozen skin, days, of roasting marsh- have taken, watching a big sweepers.
skied your marshes, and mallows during a cool bull moose during the rut And now, isolated and 1898 – An effort will be made to have the railway
camped along your shores September evening with wade through your waters closed to the public, I hear crossing at Water Street opened. It would be a great con-
in pursuit of a calling cow you are waiting for the re- venience to the proprietors and patrons of the sash and
moose, listening to the sults of further testing to door factory.

Day Camps howl of wolves, and pad- see if you’ve got a case of
dling quietly past a pair of the Zebra Mussels. While I
know that if a lake has one
1908 – W.M. Freeman has opened a new butcher shop
loons with downy chicks in in Fairbairn’s Block near the Town Hall. He has a good

In Full Swing
tow. mussel, it likely has a mil-
stock of first quality, fresh salted and cured meats and
Canoeing on a fall day, lion of them, I keep hoping
fresh fish is always on hand.
with elk bugling in your that we receive good news.
eastern hills as a bald eagle Until that day, we are
floated by on silent wings wishing you the best, and 1918 – The management of the Agricultural Society
is one of my favorite mem- want to let you know that has made provision for keeping the butter exhibit at re-
Recreation ories. A birding hotspot in we aren’t giving up on you. frigeration temperature, and it is hoped that a very suc-
Report spring, how I loved to sit
on your shores and listen Ken Kingdon
cessful exhibit in this line will result.

By and family,
to the songs of hundreds 1958 – Minnedosa’s 75th Birthday Party was a week-
TAREN of birds create a wall of long affair that was a booming success. A couple high-
sound. Leamington, ON
HILDEBRAND And the waters you
lights include the unveiling of a stone cairn honouring
local pioneers behind the Cenotaph, over 137 floats in
the parade and a gun fight re-enactment in the street
between Minnedosa Mayor, “Sudden” Jim Box and Win-
Hi everybody!
We Welcome Letters nipeg Mayor Stephen Juba.

W hat a busy time the last couple weeks at the rec of-
fice have been!
Despite the spotty weather, Canada Day at the beach
Letters to the Editor can be sent to
1968 – Advertised Specials from Alexander’s Phar-
macy: Brylcreem 89 cents, Crest Toothpaste 59 cents,
was a great success! All who attended enjoyed the chil- or Box 930, Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 Coppertone Suntan Lotion $1.39 and Sudden Beauty
dren’s activities, live performances, and everything else Hairstray $1.19.
we had to offer. As always, our volunteer firefighters put
on a spectacular firework show that had the whole town 1978 – Recreational grants have been approved for re-
in awe! wiring the Hazelwood Community Club, repairs to the
Day camps have begun in full swing and our coun- Cordova Club, renovations to the Moline Hall and Rapid
selors have been very busy doing all sorts of activities City United Church as well as approved additions to the
with the children! This year we have Jasmine Ramsay, Basswood Hall and Rapid City Curling Rink.
Paige Crooks, Amy Maguire, and Riley Yanchycki working
at the camps. The weeks are booking up VERY quickly, so
make sure you call soon if you’d like your child in the day 1988 – Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones tied the knot
camps this summer! in Edmonton July 16th and local guests fortunate to be
We appreciate the community for your support in in attendance were Bob and Joyce Mummery. Bob has
our summer programs this year! I am looking forward to been the Oilers official photographer for the past 11
having a busy rest of the summer doing programs and ac- years.
tivities in the community!
1998 – Husky Oil is the new owner of Mohawk Oil Co.
Ltd. However, for the immediate future, there are no
plans to change the logo on the Minnedosa Mohawk
plant and everything will continue with business as

Minnedosa & District Foundation presented 2008 – Hot off the heels of her induction into the Man-
itoba Sports Hall of Fame last year, former Minnedosa
Janet Gusdal of Camp Wannakumbac with $5,000 to
Dr. Derek Papegnies
Mallards Water Ski Club champion, Vailla Hogan, will be
help replace the windows in the dining hall. Most inducted into the Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Hall
families in this area have attended camp at this of Fame.

OPTOMETRIST wonderful facility over the years. We are happy
to assist with the facelift . Tribune Founder
William Gibbens
For more info or to make a donation to the Foundation go to
Born - 1854 at London, England
129-2nd Avenue S.W., Minnedosa, MB Died - February 20, 1932
FOR APPOINTMENTS CALL: at Cornwall, Ontario
6 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

2018 MINOR

Minnedosa Rally Cap #1 Minnedosa Rally Cap #2
AJ Zdrill, Evan Pollon, Jaxson Sparrow-Brown, Josephine Smith-Hartley, Grace Kingdon, Back Row – Coach Trevor Wilson, Connor Martin, Dexx Wilson, Travis Lamb,
Zackary Morrison, Ethan Boyd, Stella Woodcock, Isaac Syslak, Blake Marsh, Cody Charles Evan Kish, Nicholas Bartkewich
Missing – Coach Mindy Pollon Front Row – Ally Trotz, Ryder Bruce, Blake Lewandoski, Liam Coey, Keira Birch

Minnedosa Rally Cap #3 Minnedosa Grand Slam #1
Back Row – Coach Ryan Graham, Samuel Pacheco-Barnesky, Helgi Mailman, Jaylen Butler, Back Row – Coach Derrick McGorman, Coach Colin Pollon,
Raelyn Johnson, Angel Morriseau, Preslee Stinson Coach Jay Klym, Coach Elin Klym
Front Row – Lucas LaSaga, Mason Graham, Madison Reid, Austin Morriseau Middle Row – Olivia Woodcock, Will Masters, Aiden McGorman,
Brady Pollon, Hagen Toews
Front Row – Mary Zdrill, Seth Pinette, Kade Butler, Reid Klym

“Never let the fear of striking out,
keep you from playing the game”
Babe Ruth
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 7

Minnedosa Grand Slam #2 Minnedosa Grand Slam #3
Back Row – Coach James McCaughan, Coach Shawn Turchinski Back Row – Coach Jeremy Critch, Coach Trent Madill, Coach Todd Magnusson
Middle Row – Kenzy McCaughan, Liam McVey, Ethan Turchinski, Lincoln Kolesar Middle Row – Ashton Singh, Gavin Kruzer, Riley Madill, Elie Mailman, Scott Magnusson
Front Row – Emma Martin, Brody Marnock, Madison-Michele Hansen Front Row – Zachary Baron, Caden Morriseau, Logan Coey, Lane Baron
Missing – Coach Bobby Cooper, Coach Jordan Lewandoski, Coach Ryan Marnock, Alex Missing – Coach Dorn Mailman
LaSaga, Easton Trotz, Reese Trotz

Minnedosa Mosquitoes Minnedosa Pee Wee
Back Row – Coach Jim Shaw, Coach Mark Birch, Coach Chad Pollon Back Row - Blair Hunter, Coach Curt Cornish, Elliot MacDonald, Ben Roulette,
Middle Row – Grady Marsh, Wesley MacDonald, Matthew Toews, William Kane, Kohen Bridgeman, Treyce Baron, Gavin Pomeroy, Will Janz,
Dylan Birch, Penelope Jane Hansen, Colton McCaughan, Colin Shaw, Noah Cornish, Harry Cornish, Coach Gary Pomeroy
Front Row – Kyle Calen, Harley Morriseau, Eric Cott, Zach Lamb, Kyle Hutton, Front row - Ethan Spence, Talan Morrisseau, Riley Kruzer, Ethan Laliberte,
Jesslyn Turnbull, Hayden Pollon, Sean Smith Kaenen Mitton and Jase Wareham
Missing - Thomas Hansen and Jaden Trotz

Minnedosa Bantam Minnedosa High School
Back Row – Coach Ian Barclay, Austin Taylor, Kieran Baron, Rylan Bilcowski, Back Row - Andrew Gugin (Manager), Chayce Hanson (Coach), Mitchel Collyer,
Malik McKay, Ole Spodzieja, Modi Mazawasicuna, Hunter Dundas, Chase Miller, Curtis Madden, Tanner Hanson, Josh Kingdon, Lucas Parrott, Lucas Beatty,
Lisa Bilcowski (Manager), Coach Wes Taylor Ryan McLenehan (Coach), Terry McLenehan (Coach)
Front Row (L-R) – Memphis McKay, Sarah Turnbull, Kanyon Flick, Owen Kingdon, Front Row - Ben Pearson, Hunter Dundas, Carter Hedley, Liam Bachewich
Jayden Labelle, Kody Calen, Victor Lamb, Luke Gugin Missing: CJ Fehr (Equipment Manager), Kain Hayward
8 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Ten Months In Brazil Through Rotary Exchange
By Brooklyn Saler furthest I had ever been smoothie, and also eating Rio de Janeiro, Salvador
away from home before “churrasco” which is a bra- and Fortaleza. Then, at

L ast year, I had the op-
portunity to apply for
a 10-month-long exchange
was to Cuba but never in
my life had I spent so much
time away from my family.
zilian style barbecue, with
my host families. I spent
Christmas in Brazil which
the end of my exchange, I
spent ten nights on a boat
in The Amazon. These
to a foreign country. When I knew the year would be was hard but I managed to were trips of a lifetime and
first approached, it was one of the most challeng- make it through with the I’m so thankful to my fam-
something that I thought ing of my life but it also help of some great friends ily and to Rotary for giving
I’d never do, so when the ended up being one of the who were in the same situ- me the chance to experi-
chance came along I took best. ation as me. ence these amazing trips.
it. When applying I had no Although I had gradu- In my city, Belo Hori- Although I had such
idea where I really wanted ated right before my de- zonte, there was about 30 a great time in Brazil, I
to go and my first choices parture I still had to attend other exchange students have to admit that coming
were to places in Europe. high school while in Bra- from countries all over the home feelt so great. I love
You can imagine my zil. It was the easiest year world. These people be- this small little town that
surprise when I got the call of high school I’d spent came my support system is filled with some of my
that told me I would be liv- by far because the people, and my best friends. Ev- closest friends and fam-
ing in Belo Horizonte, Bra- who I now consider my erything that was tough to ily. From my exchange I
zil for a year at age 18. The friends, made everyday so handle we did it together. learned how to be com-
enjoyable. Brazilians are I have best friends from fortable with myself, how
the most friendly and fun Taiwan, Japan, the Neth- to accept and love other
people I have ever met and erlands, America, Swit- cultures, how to adapt to
along with their amazing zerland and more. I spent new situations, respon-
spirit, they have amazing a month traveling the sibility, and language. I
food! Northeast of Brazil with would definitely like to go
Photos submitted A couple things that these friends, traveling to back someday and I hope
I’ll miss the most is going a new city every three days. that some of my friends
for “açaí” which is made Sitting on beaches, tour- will visit me here in Can-
Brooklyn Saler in
from a berry harvested ing through cities, eating ada. I would recommend
Brazil with Christ from palm trees found tropical foods and mak- going on an exchange to
The redeemer (above) around the Amazon Riv- ing many memories and any student who is up for
and with a friendly er and made into a bowl friends. A couple known the challenge and the ex-
sloth. (right). sort of like ice cream or a places I travelled to were perience of a lifetime.  


The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 9

Vandals Strike Refurbished Checker Board
es, but one piece was bro- and black paint, and the locals. There was also a the large checker chips
ken completely in half, and spray paint cans that had beer can found in the deck a greater distance to the
another was significantly been left in the locked deck box, so she suspects that board. “With twenty-four
cracked. Topham is hop- box were not taken, as that it was likely someone who checkers to carry, no one
ing that the broken chips could have led to much was out and about at night. would do that,” she said.
can be repaired with some more vandalism around Topham filed a police re- At this point, Topham
wood glue. town. port, and while she does said they will not repaint
According to Topham, After speaking with not expect the vandal to be the checker board dur-
the hard working, commu- some of the campers at the found, she still felt it neces- ing the summer, but will
nity minded 4-H students nearby Minnedosa Camp- sary to inform the police of likely wait until fall, when
are disappointed in the ground, Topham learned this disheartening act. the busy season is over.
situation, and that the lo- that the chips had actually The RCMP suggested She hopes that in the fu-
cal 4-H members are feel- been laying out over the moving the deck box to a ture, people will respect
ing a bit embarrassed that weekend, so the vandalism location with more light, the property, and the work
the P.E.I. students were had likely occurred on the but Topham worries that that was put in by the 4-H
around to witness vandal- evening of Friday, July 6th. this will make it more dif- members who were just
Photo by Hillary Miller
ism in our town. She is unsure as to whether ficult for those who want trying to give back and do
Topham does, howev- this would have been visi- to play checkers, as they something good for the
While still usable, the recently refurbished er, feel grateful that the red tors travelling through, or would then have to carry community.
checkerboard fell victim to some
senseless vandalism.

By HILLARY MILLER Local 4-H leader,
Corinne Topham conced-

t is a sad time when the ed that it might have been 18073TT2
hard work of communi- a good idea to have put
ty-minded youth lasts less tape and flags up so peo-
than a week before vandals ple would know it was wet
attack. paint, however with the
The life-size checker number of tire marks on
board at the beach was re- the board, it likely would
cently refurbished by the not have stopped the as-
local 4-H members and sailants. “It wasn’t just like
their visiting exchange ‘oh look, I left a track’, it was
friends from Prince Ed- more like ‘oh look, I left a
ward Island. Shortly after track and let’s keep going
the painting was complet- over and over again,’” she
ed, an unknown person said.
(or people) rode over the A few days after notic-
checkerboard with a bicy- ing the paint on the board,
cle, tracing white-painted Topham and her family,
tire marks all across the along with one of the P.E.I.
board. Additionally, the exchange students took a
assailant(s) broke into the drive to the beach, and this
nearby locked chest where was when they noticed that
the wooden checker chips the checker pieces were
were kept, bent the box, strewn about the checker
and broke a number of board. Not only did they
chips. pull out the checker piec-

Lynne Miller
View more listings at

ES $160,000 ES NEW PRICE
CR CR $329,900
4 2A 50A
11. 14.

96044, Road 89 92109, Road 109
SF: 1,656 Beds: 4 Baths: 2 SF: 2,400 Beds: 4 Baths: 2
Beautiful treed property with fruit Fantastic character home, with a
orchard, ower beds and a creek! phenomenal view of the Little
Saskatchewan River.

R ES $59,900 ES $429,900
6 .31 9A

NW 14-14-19 W NE 21-14-19 W
BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME SF: 1,568 Beds: 4 Baths: 3
Located just off the #10 highway, a Stunning country home! Raised
short drive north of Brandon, on very bungalow built in 2012 with panoramic
little gravel. prairie views!
10 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

Removing Greese Stains From Leather
grease will disappear. If the you take two identical pots across the shoulders and soda to brighten them or
grease stain is a little older and add one gallon of pure even down the center of add washing soda to your
Solutions and apply one of the powders water to one pot and one the arms. I washed these washing machine, or sim-
Substitutions with a little water to make
a paste. Leave it for 15 or
gallon of 20 percent salt
water to the other and heat
in cool water with zero and
put in dry un-bleachable
ply soak your fabrics in
washing soda and warm
By 20 minutes and wipe. You the two pots on identical Javex (I mixed it with wa- water for 20 to 30 minutes.
REENA NERBAS can also wipe the area with
dish soap and a bit of wa-
stoves, the pot containing
the salt water will come to
ter first). Some of the tops
cleaned up pretty good but
Wash as usual. Be cautious
not to mix colors in the
ter since dish soap is cre- a boil first. some (I guess) depending washing soda and water
ated as a natural grease In terms of best pasta on the material did not. I solution because one color
Dear Reena, will return to its original cutter. Another option is to flavor, salt should be add- did not dry anything in the will run into another. If all
I found an old silver shiny colour. hold a hot hair dryer onto ed to the water unless you dryer. Can you please help else fails purchase an in-
necklace in a box in the the area and massage the are on a low sodium diet me? I am in an apartment expensive box of RIT dye
basement of my house. It Dear Reena, leather to lighten the spot. because it does enhance and have no outside access remover and use it accord-
is very tarnished, almost I spilled grease from the overall flavor. Cook- to hang clothes. Bev ing to the directions on the
completely black. Is there fast food on my leath- Dear Reena, ing pasta in salted water box. Doing this will extract
a way that I can clean it er (smooth leather, not I love to cook pasta means that the pasta will Dear Bev, all colors; the fabrics can
without taking it to a jew- suede) jacket. What do you and never know when (or absorb some of the salt First of all, good for either be left or re-dyed.
eler? Hank recommend for getting the if it is necessary) to add and therefore not taste you for recycling your
stain out? Sydney salt to the water. Here’s my bland. This cannot be cor- clothes instead of throwing Note: Every user assumes
Dear Hank, question, does water boil rected by salting the pasta them in the trash! Depend- all risks of injury or damage
The following tip is Dear Sydney, faster if you add salt? Jack later or adding salt to the ing on the fabric some of resulting from the implemen-
unbelievably easy, quick, Always start with the sauce. All you end up with the stains may be perma- tation of any suggestions in
this column. Test all products
amazingly effective and easiest solution and then is bland pasta with a salty nent. However, the best
on an inconspicuous area
cheap. Line the inside of move to the trickier solu- Dear Jack, exterior. You really should product on the market that
any small container with tion if needed. Sprinkle I took on this chal- add quite a bit of salt to the I have found to conquer
crumpled aluminum foil. the area with one of the lenge; I put one cup of wa- water so it tastes like wa- yellowing fabrics is wash-
Reena Nerbas is a
Pour fairly, hot water into following: baby pow- ter in one pot and one cup ter from the ocean (don’t ing soda. Washing soda is
popular motivational pre-
the container and sprin- der, cornstarch or baking of water plus 1 tbsp. of salt worry, most of this will go similar to baking soda in
senter for large and small
kle a generous amount of soda. If the stain is fresh in the other. I was amazed down the drain). Salt may that baking soda is sodium
groups; check out her web-
salt. Place the necklace in the powders will absorb at how much faster the be added before heating bicarbonate and washing
site: Ask a ques-
the water, on the foil, and the grease and once you salted water came to a boil. the water or once the water soda is sodium carbon-
tion or share a tip at reena.
within seconds the silver brush the powder away the Along the same lines, if has started to boil. Howev- ate. In other words, wash-
er, allow the salt to dissolve ing soda is stronger and
before adding the pasta. not edible and although
it does not contain bleach
If your label reads
Dear Reena, or phosphates it is caustic
I am sending blouses
and t-shirts to a char-
and therefore you need to
wear gloves when work-
It’s time to renew
ity organization. They have ing with washing soda.
hung in the closet for a You can either boil your
your subscription!
very long time and have clothes in a stainless-steel
gotten yellow, very yellow pot in water and washing

Sandy Lake News
By DiANe BAcewich parents are laid to rest Slashinsky of Winnipeg
there at the cemetery. visited with cousin, Leona

D anny and Darlene
Nechweduik have just
returned home from a two-
Dennis and Dorothy
Johnson visited with Den-
nis’ sister, Irene Ferby, in
Prokopovich, while camp-
ing here on the weekend.
Congratulations to
week vacation with daugh- Winnipeg during the week. Myles Kristolovich and
ter Karla and James Klug Laurence Osadec Deanna Plested who were
and grandchildren Sophia treated everyone at the married on Saturday, July
and Maci at Kelowna, BC Drop-In Centre to coffee 7th in Calgary. Myles is
while there they also visit- and goodies for his 73rd the grandson of Sylvester
ed with daughter Tanya at birthday. and Elsie Kristalovich. At-
High River, AB. Darlene’s Francis Kuzmak has tending the wedding were
sister Bev and family and daughter Susan and son- Sylvester, Elsie, Shirley and
brother Norman and fam- in-law Victor Yaceyko and Kevin Kristalovich.
ily in Calgary, AB. They granddaughter Korina of Ken and Darlene Por-
did some cherry picking Calgary, AB visiting here ter have staying with them
at Rona and Julie Bach- for a week. Maxime and wife Sandra
ewich’s place in Kelowna. Everyone that attend- and Sandra’s sister Emily
Spending a week ed a fun time Tupperware of Lille, France. They will
with Elsie and Sylvester bingo held at the Drop-In be staying here for a month
Kristalovich were Elsie’s Centre on Sunday after- while on a work-away pro-
sister Marilyn Tryhuk of noon had an enjoyable gram. Emily will then re-
Montreal, brothers Steve time. Hostess for the event turn back to France while
Tryhuk from Winnipeg, was Elsie Waytovich. Maxime and Sandra will
Morris Tryhuk of Bran- The Legion Men’s continue on to Kelowna,
don. They all attended the 50/50 monthly draw was BC.
church Proznick at Ross- won by Terryl Maduke.
burn farms where their Andrew and Trudy
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 11

BY PHONE Call 204-867-3816
Hours to place, correct or cancel ads: Rob Olson collector trac- Mark your calendar! MEDICAL TRANSCRIP-
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. tor auction July 23rd, 7 p.m. Heritage Day at the Minnedo- TION! In-demand career!
650 Wescana St. West Head- sa Heritage Village, Sunday, Employers have work-at-
BY MAIL CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ingley, MB. 3 Cat crawlers, D2, August 19th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. home positions available.
The Minnedosa Tribune, P.O. Box 930, 22, 15, IHC, M, H, w-4, Ford Watch this paper for more de- Get online training you need
Minnedosa, Manitoba R0J 1E0 8N, Case, S, DC, 200 amp, DC tails. from an employer-trusted
BY FAX 204-867-5171 welder. Short auction be on program. Visit: CareerStep.
time. Check www.billklassen. Have an upcoming ca/MT or 1-855-768-3362 to
BY E-MAIL com event? Wanting good attend- start training for your work-
ance? Let our readers know
McSherry Auction by placing a simple Coming
at-home career today!
The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. reserves the right to Antique Tractor Event ad in The Tribune. Word
delete any words or phrases deemed by The Minnedosa Plus Auction Sale ads starting at $9.00 plus tax
Tribune Ltd. to be objectionable, or to refuse to publish any Marge Paradoski (Late Tony) for the first 40 words. Call 204- EF MOON is a second gen-
advertisement. The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. shall not be Sat July 21, 2018 10:00AM eration Heavy Construction
867-3816 or email your ad to Company founded in 1962 and
responsible for any loss or damage to any advertiser or third Lockport, MB Kerluke/Megran
class@minnedosatribune. located in Portage La Prairie
party resulting from the failure of an advertisement to appear Contact # (204) 293-8575 Gloria and the late Manitoba.
in The Minnedosa Tribune Ltd. or from any error or omission in John Kerluke of Minnedosa We are currently seeking expe-
Over 50 Vintage Tractors rienced, goal oriented individu-
any advertisement which is published. are happy to announce the
Many Rare* Field Marshal als for immediate employment
* Titan * Twin City * Hart engagement of their son NOTICE in a number of areas:
RATES Parr * Wallis * John Deere Jordan Kerluke
Class 1 drivers, supervisors,
skilled laborers, sewer & water
* Cockshutt * Oliver * M. personnel, excavator, dozer, grad-
$9.00 for first 40 words, additional words .10 each. Moline * Fordson * Case * Sarah Megran, The Minnedosa Tribune
er, rock truck, loader and packer
Repeat ads - Half Price. Massey Harris * McCormick daughter of David and Susan will be closed for holidays operators.
* Along w Vintage Vehicles Megran of Calgary, AB. from 12 noon on Friday, July We offer competitive wages,
Classified Display - $9.00/col. inch each insert. (Incl. logo, box & * Farm Equip * Farm 20th until 9 a.m. on Monday, comprehensive benefits plan,
A come and go bridal Safety training and a hostile
bolding, and centering). Antiques * Snow Plane * July 30th. There will be no
shower will be held on free work environment.
Happy Snaps: (Birthday, Engagement, Wedding, Birth, & Husky Snowmobile * Saturday, July 21st, 2018 paper published on Friday, Requirements are: minimum
Graduation) - $16.00 for the first 20 words and the picture. Go To Web! in Minnedosa at the July 27th. class 5 driver’s license, positive
work attitude, able to work well
Obituaries: - $6.50 per col. inch. (204) 467-1858 or Kerluke family farm  with others or alone, safety ori-

Reach the entire province (50 weekly newspapers) $189.00
(204) 886-7027 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. HEALTH ented, work extensive summer
hours including some week- followed by a BBQ and ends, work away from home,
Westman and Eastman: $119.00 evening celebration.  pass a drug and alcohol test.
All Ads plus 5% G.S.T. McSherry Auction Jordan and Sarah are Trouble If you are interested in joining
registered at The Bay. a well-established and grow-
12 Patterson Dr. Walking? ing company with room for
Deadlines Stonewall, MB Please accept this as
Hip or Knee
advancement, please visit
us at 1200 Lorne Ave. E. in
Estate & Moving Auction your invitation. 
Classified advertisements must be submitted no later A September wedding will Replacement? Portage La Prairie, MB to fill
than noon Tuesday for insertion in the following Friday’s Wed July 25 4:00 PM out an application, apply online
Yard * Recreation * take place in Calgary. Restrictions in daily at, or email a
edition. All classified advertisements must be prepaid BEFORE resume to
Antiques * Tools * Furniture (17-2) activities?
insertion. * Household * Glassware * $2,500
The Minnedosa Tribune is not responsible for
typographical errors published AFTER the first insertion, nor
Estate of Late Jack WEDDING Tax Credit

does it assume responsibility for errors published as a result of
Wed Aug 1 4:00 PM
SHOWER $40,000
refund cheque/ Class 1 company drivers and
an advertisement placed, changed, or cancelled, by telephone. Vintage Western * Native * rebates owner operators wanted to haul
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it in person, by fax, mail, or email. ley Usick. Daughter of Mark
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Items * and Susan Usick. Bride elect
of Kevin Falk. Saturday, July 204-453-5372 Dedicated dispatch, Well
maintained equipment,
(204) 467-1858 or 22nd from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at
FOR SALE (204) 886-7027 the Basswood Hall. Ashley is
Comprehensive benefits package.
Contact us or submit your resume: registered at, MOBILE HOMES Phone: 204.571.0187
PROVINCE-WIDE CLAS- BATTERIES FOR EVERY- search Ashley Usick or money Email:
SIFIEDS. Reach over 400,000 THING. Automotive, farm, donations can be dropped off
readers weekly, in 49 Mani- construction, ATV, mar-
STEEL BUILDINGS at Sharon’s Town and Country
LAST CHANCE, 1 ONLY Fax: 204.727.6651
Or submit an online application @
16 x 80, 3 Bed, 2 Bath. Start-
toba weekly newspapers. Call ine, motorcycle, golf carts, Insurance or call Diane Usick ing at $92,000. Altona Mo-
this newspaper NOW or email phones, tools, radios, com- STEEL BUILDING at 204-849-2258. (18-2) x bile Homes, 1-800-582-4036, for puters etc. Reconditioned, CLEARANCE ... “SUMMER 1-204-324-6776 Email amhl@ LAND FOR SALE
more details. obsolete and hard-to-find OVERSTOCK SALE - BLAZ- GARAGE SALE .
batteries. SOLAR equipment. ING HOT DEALS!” 20x21
Parts and full trailer re- The Battery Man. Winnipeg. $5,845. 25x27 $6,588. 30x31 3000 ACRES OF COM-
Garage Sale at 341, 4th
pair, trailer safeties and Au- 1.877.775.8271 www.battery- $9,564. 33x35 $9,833. 35x35
St. N.E. on Saturday, July FOR RENT PLETE High End Cattle and
topac Trailer Repair. Sales, $11,955. End Wall Included. Grain Operation for Sale in
21st and Sunday, July 22nd Sask. Manages 2k to 3k Cow/
Leasing and Financing of flat- Pioneer Steel 1-855-212-7036.
and August 3rd and 4th from 2 bedroom, second floor Calf Operation with Com-
deck, dumpbox, cargo, goose- Sell your item through 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Fortress apartment with balcony. plete Solid Infrastructure.
neck and utility trailers and The Tribune Classifieds. Word 1700 scooter $2,000, excellent Available August 1st to clean, 200k Acres Cultivated. Con-
truck beds. Kaldeck Truck ads starting at $9.00. Call shape. Lots of canning sealers mature, quiet, non-smoking tact Doug @ 306-716-2671 or
and Trailer, Hwy #1 Mac- 204-867-3816 or email class@ and jelly jars. (19-2) x adult. References required.
Gregor, MB. 1-888-685-3127. Call 204-867-7360. x
12 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

November 15th, 1918 - EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY
July 11th, 2018
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in conjunction with the Town of Minnedosa are seeking applications for the
It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of our permanent part-time position of Municipal Clerk at the Minnedosa Detachment. The position will consist of 20 hours
grandmother at Erickson Nursing Home. per week. The successful applicant will also be subject to and must pass an involved security screening and back
Her memory will be cherished by her Grandchildren, Jenna ground investigation consistent with security clearance procedures at the level of Top Secret Level III.
(Chris), Levi (Kait), and Kayla. She is also survived by sisters-in-
Applicants must clearly demonstrate on their application that they meet all of the following essential criteria and
law, Evelyn Ingaldson (Minnedosa), Violet Lowe (Texas City,
Texas), Gloria Gunnarson (Onanole) and brother-in-law Garry reside within the area of selection. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of your application. Only those
Gunnarson (Onanole), nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.
Vicky was predeceased by her loving husband Melford of 54 • Official Language Proficiency: English
years, her beloved son, Darrel, and grandson Dustin. She was also pre- • Successful completion of secondary school education
deceased by her parents, Adelard and Clara Ledoux and her brother Joe
• Demonstrated Experience in the use of a word processing program such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Word and
and sister-in-law Marie. She was also predeceased by Swen and
Ebba Gunnarson, Alex and Marg Gunnarson, Ivar and Geraldine Gunnarson. Eleanor and Earl spreadsheet programs such as Quattro Pro and or Excel
Ullberg, Vivian and Ed Carruthers, Bernice and Joe Sturgeon, Hazel Martin, Ethel and Bill Hay- • Proficiency in transcription of taped statements and correspondence
thorne, Elster and Barb Gunnarson, Marlon Gunnarson, Gordon Ingaldson, Jim Lowe, Thorburn • Demonstrated Experience in providing administrative support services
Ingaldson, Garvin Carruthers, Debbie Donnelly (Ullberg), Sheldon Ullberg, Alan Lowe and Jason • Demonstrated Experience in the control and management of operating budgets
Gunnarson. • Experience in interpreting and applying Acts, Regulations and Directives
Vicky was born in Dauphin and lived in McCreary, Manitoba. She was a hairdresser in Win- • Experience in providing front line Administrative Policing service to an internal and/or external clientele in an
nipeg, Dauphin, Ste Rose and opened her own shop from December1946 to August 1950 in Erick- official function as a support person
son, Manitoba. There she met Melford and they were married on October 4th, 1950. They settled Additional Criteria an asset:
on the Gunnarson homestead at Onanole and farmed until 1979 when they retained 14 acres and
• Demonstrated Ability to plan and prioritize workload (Multi-Task)Ability to communicate effectively orally and
sold the farm in 1980. Their son, Darrel was born on February 28th, 1958 in Ste. Rose du Lac.
Vicky also worked for Ivar Gunnarson in Erickson for nine months in 1956 and worked part time in writing
at Erickson Co-op for 23 years retiring in 1986. • Ability to handle and work within a high stress and demanding environment
Melford passed away May 18th, 2005 and Darrel was in a serious car accident in July of the • Knowledge of file maintenance procedures
same year leaving him with a serious brain injury. He always knew his Mom and they would • Knowledge of office practices and procedures
phone and visit each other. He attended many of her birthday parties. • Knowledge of bookkeeping practices and procedures
Vicky stayed in her home entertaining family and friends until she had a fall and broke her • Demonstrated Effective interpersonal relations
hip. She then moved to the Erickson Personal Care Home in 2014 where she was treated as a • Sound Judgment Initiative
Queen. • Accuracy and Thoroughness
We would like to express heartfelt thanks to the nurses and staff at the nursing home for
their heartfelt care and compassion. Also thanks to Home Care staff who cared for her and Mel The following would be additional assets however training can be provided for the successful candidate:
when they lived in their home. She loved you all and was so appreciative for all you did for her • Maintains and operates police database systems - Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), Police
and Mel! Reporting & Occurrence System (PROS), Police Information Retrieval System (PIRS), Systems Application &
Cremation has taken place and a memorial service will be held on July 28th, 2018 at 2:00 Products (TEAM)
p.m. at St. Jude’s Roman Catholic Church, Erickson, MB. • Knowledge of generating electronic statistical data from a database
We will all miss you, Grandma! You were an inspiration to all!
• Knowledge in researching and developing official documents and reports
Memorial donations may be made to CNIB.
Minnedosa Funeral Service in care of arrangements. Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.
Sealed applications, marked “RCMP CLERK” will be received at the Town’s Civic Centre, Box 426 (103 Main Street
South) Minnedosa, MB, R0J 1E0 (Fax 867-2686) email: until 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday,
We thank all who apply and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.
We would like to take
this opportunity to thank all
Cindy Marzoff, CMMA
of you who helped Elvin and Chief Administrative Officer
I celebrate our 50th wedding Town of Minnedosa
anniversary. Special thanks to 204-867-2727 (18-2)
Mark and Jodi for hosting our
special evening and to Lori,
Kim, Mark and Jodi for all the
The Minnedosa and District Recreation Commission is seeking a
aÊFull-TimeÊRecreationÊDirectorÊ Opportunities at Elkhorn Resort
work and preparation you did toÊserveÊtheÊTownÊofÊMinnedosa,ÊRMÊofÊMinto,ÊandÊRMÊofÊOdanahÊ
and everyone else who helped Ê Located near Riding Mountain National Park, Elkhorn Resort Spa &
in any way. Thank you to Lori to serve the Town of Minnedosa and RM of Minto-Odanah.
DutiesÊandÊResponsibilitiesÊofÊtheÊRecreationÊDirectorÊinclude:Ê Conference Centre is a great place to nurture your career! We’ve got
 CoordinatingÊrecreationalÊprogramsÊÊ(managingÊregistra-
for your amusing presenta- tion,ÊbookingÊfacilitiesÊetc.)Ê a fantastic team environment, competitive wages, offer great benefits,
tion, it brought back a lot of  The Recreation Director will encourage and enhance recreation opportunities
by co-ordinating
staff discount and room to grow. Come and reach your potential with
memories. Thanks to all who leadersÊ programs and events; working with volunteers, staff,
travelled from afar to join us.  community groups and recreation leaders.
DirectÊandÊsuperviseÊaÊsummerÊstaffÊ us! If you have a passion for hospitality, is organized and thorough,
Thank you for all the cards  PlanÊeventsÊ and can build rapport with guests you may be successful in the position
 QualifiReportÊtoÊandÊgetÊdirectionÊfromÊaÊBoardÊofÊDirectorsÊ
cations include:
we received, flowers, gifts
Ê• A degree in Recreation (or related field) is preferred but not necessary. of:
and the good wishes. Thanks • An equivalent education and/or experience may be considered.
to our grandchildren Kate- • Self Motivated and strong organizational skills.
CompletionÊofÊGradeÊ12Ê Housekeeper
Lynn, Dylan and Keira for be- • Strong oral and written communication skills.
ing there as well. We feel truly • Program Planning.
anÊassetÊ Restaurant Server
• Knowledge of funding opportunities and proposal writing experience.
blessed. Elvin and Linda. x
• Experience working with staff, volunteers and the public.
KnowledgeÊofÊfundingÊopportunitiesÊandÊproposalÊwritingÊ Houseman
• Knowledge of accounting and QuickBooks is an asset.
Front Desk Agent (part time)
IN MEMORIAM • Report to and get direction from a board of directors.
Interested applicants should forward a detailed resume outlining skills and
In Loving Memory skillsÊandÊexperienceÊbyÊFriday,ÊJanuaryÊ4th,Ê2013Ê@Ê4:00Êp.m.Ê
experience with 3 references by Friday, July 20th, 2018 to: Affordable staff housing can be provided, if needed.
of my husband Selection Committee
SelectionÊCommitteeÊ Please indicate the position you are applying for when sending your resume
NEIL DAVIES Minnedosa and District Recreation Commission
MinnedosaÊ&ÊDistrictÊRecreationÊCommissionÊ |
April 1st, 1927 – Box 1259
BoxÊ1259Ê 1.866.355.4676 | 204.848.2802
July 31st, 1997 Minnedosa, MB
R0J 1E0
PO Box 40, 3 Mooswa Dr E, Onanole, MB R0J1N0
Or email to
Hilda, Doris, Edna and
Ê 18-2
family. Ê
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 13

National Drowning

Regional Employment Skills &
Prevention Week
Services (YRESS) is a non-profit organization providing SUBMITTED drowning and is focused
employment assistance services to unemployed and on two key messages:
under-employed people in Minnedosa and surrounding
communities and RM’s. J uly 15th to 21th is Na-
tional Drowning Preven-
tion Week and Manitobans
•  always wear a
life jacket while in
or near water, and
This is a full-time, term position at 32.5 hours per week.
are urged to keep water • keep children within
You bring the following attributes:
safety top of mind when arm’s reach when swim-
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Experience with Quick Books and Microsoft Office is enjoying the province’s ming or playing in water.
an asset many magnificent lakes, “This province has
• Computerized Accounting, data entry, and internet rivers and recreational some of the best parks,
skills swimming areas, Sustain- beaches and aquatic facili-
• Well-developed organizational abilities able Development Min- ties in the country,” said
• Ability to respect and promote confidentiality ister Rochelle Squires an- Kevin Tordiffe, acting CEO
If you are self-motivated and team-focused with an nounced today. of the society’s Manitoba
interest in providing career services, please forward resume “A tragedy on the branch. “I’m encouraging
and cover letter by July 31st, 2018 to: water can occur in the all Manitobans to get out
Yellowhead Regional Employment Skills and Services blink of an eye, which and enjoy these attractions
133 Main Street South means never leaving chil- safely. National Drowning
Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 dren alone near water and Prevention Week speaks to
Fax: (204) 867-1996 always keeping them in the core of what the Life-
Email: sight,” Squires said. “Small saving Society does year-
All applicants are thanked for their interest; however, only children should always be round, and we urge every-
those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. within arm’s reach around one to be water smart.”
Funding provided by:
the water and we encour- Each year, the prov-
The Government of Canada age everyone, especially ince contributes over
The Manitoba Government young children and those $350,000 to the Manitoba
who cannot swim, to al- Coalition for Safer Wat-
ways wear a life-jacket.” ers and partners with the
The new Spruce Lifesaving Society of Can-
TRIBUNE PRINTING Woods Provincial Park
life-jacket kiosk was de-
ada to deliver the north-
ern water safety program
veloped through the do- - which includes Swim to
nation of building materi- Survive, Boat Operator Ac-
als, signs and life-jackets credited Training (BOAT),
by the Friends of Spruce emergency first-aid and
Woods Park and adds to CPR training - in 39 com-
the number of “life-jacket munities for more than
loaner” stations across 2,000 participants.
the province. In 2017, The Manitoba govern-
new kiosks were opened ment provides $5,000 an-
at Bakers Narrows, Gyles nually to support water
Lake and Manitoba’s busi- safety presentations to stu-
est provincial park, Birds dents and new Canadians.

WE DO IT ALL! Hill Provincial Park.
“The members of the
This year to date, 80 pres-
entations have been made
Social Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Friends of Spruce Woods to nearly 2,500 partici-
Business Cards, Receipt Books, are thrilled to support the pants.
much-needed life-jacket In partnership with
Posters, Colour Copying and more
loaner kiosk,” said Brian the Manitoba Coalition for

Mitchell, chair, Friends of Safer Waters, the province
Spruce Woods Inc. “We also offers annual one-
are proud to partner with time community water
the Manitoba government safety grants of up to $2,500
THINK to promote the unique to assist with drowning
beauty of Spruce Woods prevention initiatives such
ADVERTISING Provincial Park and help as swimming lessons for
PROPERTIES FOR SALE IS EXPENSIVE? preserve this special place children, training for swim
A simple Classified for future generations.” instructors and lifeguards,
Ph: 204-867-4657 National Drowning constructing safety bar-
Prairie Mountain ad starts at
Independently Owned Gwen Usick Fax: 204-867-2150 Prevention Week is a life- riers at hazardous water-
and Operated Broker Realtor ONLY $9.00 saving initiative sponsored fronts as well as improving
TRY ONE TODAY! by the Lifesaving Society of signage at beaches and
PR Canada.  The annual cam- waterfronts. In 2018, Mani-
NEW 204-867-3816
paign is devoted to raising toba supported 49 pro-
awareness of the risks of jects.

- 1,680 sq. ft., 1 3/4 storey
- 1,000 sq. ft., 1 3/4 storey Buy and Sell
Lake front 3 bedroom bungalow - 832 sq.ft. - 4 bedroom, 2 baths,
offered turn key. Moveable island,
teak dining room table, wood
fireplace, recently renovated bath,
master bedroom leads to deck ‘09,
- 3 bedroom, 2 bath.
- 3 bedroom, 2 baths,
9 ft. ceilings
walk in closet
- Large corner lot, single
Treasure in the
- Single car garage. - Large lot, single car car garage.
arctic spa hot tub, 4 sheds, shingles
‘11, flower beds, personal dock and
much more... - Completely renovated
head to toe.
- Windows, shingles,
facia, eaves all approx.
- R50 insulation in attic,
MLS #1804051

windows 2012. 10 years

MLS#1720998 $149,900 $224,900 $215,900 MLS #1806243 $106,900 MLS #1815260 $159,900
The Minnedosa

Take a tour on or our website www.remax-prairie Since 1883
14 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune


“Living in your
Proud Supporter Rick Taylor 867-7551

BIRCH Parish Backhoe
GENERAL ●Septic Systems ●Weeping tiles
OPEN HOUSE CONTRACTORS ●Water Systems ●Basements
Sunday, July 29th 2 - 4- p.m.
(South on PR #466 3.5 miles • Specializing in water & sewer
Commercial ●All types of excavation●
from Hwy 16 - watch for signs installation & repair Residential Certified in waste
• All types of excavation
204 - 6TH AVE. N.W.
SW 12-14-17 S.E. 10-16-17
• Basements, Demolition
• Snow removal
867-0400 water management
ODANAH • Gravel, Topsoil 0r Call: Ian
- 1,450 sq. ft. 1 3/4 storey - 1,736 sq. ft. 2 1/2 storey • Sales of septic tanks

- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths - 1,586 sq. ft. home on 6 acres - 15.5 acres with creek and Kirk 867-0180 867-7506 874-2134 or 867-0383
- 3 bedrooms, 3 baths lots of trees
- Extensive renovations and

Bryon Gaiser
huge yard. - In ground pool and extensive

- Great outbuildings
$189,900 MLS #1815967 home upgrades
$389,900 MLS # 1815848
$299,900 MLS # 1817546
Truck & Skid
Steer Service
Competitive Rates
- ¼ section on Little
Saskatchewan River - 1,040 sq. ft. bungalow with - 1,330 sq. ft. 1 ¾ storey
- Excellent horse barn 3 bedrooms
Enterprises Ltd.
- Custom built 2 storey home - Updated windows and and upgrades Bill Hopkins 2.indd 1 4/30/2018 1:04:53 PM
$550,000 MLS # 1803320 - Appliances included
- Low taxes, quiet street, Refridgeration
$49,500 MLS #1819609 Air Conditioning,
nice yard
Heating & Electrical
$99,900 MLS #1817370
30 Years
BILL HOPKINS5” AND 6” continuous
Considering listing your Property? 204-867-0260 eavestrough
Call me today for great service at great rates! Ex perience!!
Siding Roofing
Bus : 867-3950 Soffit Fascia

Glen Burgess
Closed cell Polyurethane Spray foam
Blow in Attic & Wall Fibre Insulation
Fire Retardent Coating

PRAIRIE REDI-MIX Electrician 204-867-3738
Minnedosa - 867-3853
R eady Mix Conc rete 204-868-5211 Email:
Concrete forms, Rebar, Wire Mesh,
George Allard, FCGA* Weeping Tile, Concrete Sealer, Snap Ties
Gateway Street All at Competitive
Onanole, MB
Open prices Jon Kowal
8:30 -6:00
Howard Wirch, C.G.A*
9-515 4th Ave. 116 Main Street
110A 867-0145 Custom
Shoal Lake, MB
Minnedosa Fertilizer Minnedosa
Floating Credit Union
Dauphin Office -
15 1st Ave. S.W.
204 867-5550 ● Roofing ● Decks
Call today to book your
Phone: 204-638-3005
● Fencing ● Exterior ● Finishing spring floating needs!
● Renovations ● Repairs
Fax: 204-638-5817
Darvin - 204-868-5869 Main line
Call Gregg
*Denotes Professional Corporation
204-868-5980 or 204-867-5544 Robert - 204-867-7113 204-867-6350
Brad Ross

CatharineÊ Terry McLenehan
MÊ GijsbersÊ Susan Glasgow
Chartered Professional BACKHOE & TRUCKING 204-867-6353
Accountant Inc.
MinnedosaÊ Dunwoody
● AC
REAL ESTATE Debbie Strelczik
Ê 213ÊÊ 2ndÊ StÊ NEÊ Ê -Ê Ê BoxÊ 385Ê Ê (48-4)
T:Ê 867-3884Ê Ê Ê C:Ê 867-0190Ê Dan Quesnel
Email:Ê Ê Catharine@mts.netÊ
M&M CALL ME... FOR ALL YOUR GRAIN 204-867-6359
Donna Dowsett
HAULING 204-867-6361
BDO Canada, LLP All Auto Body Repairs Candice Brown
Chartered Accountants Ph: 867-2083
and Advisors 5 Main St. North
Brian Horner Alayna McTavish
Farm, Business & Individual Grain & Fertilizer Kim Robinson
Professional Services: Hauling 204-867-6352
Joanne Clarke
~ Tax
~ Accounting
Book this spot PETER HARRISON 204-867-6364

~ Farm Programs $5.52/week Phone/Text 867-5444 Gaylene Johnson
Sarah Campbell, CGA Fax
39 Main Street South Call 204-867 3816 204-867-6391
Minnedosa 867-2957
The Minnedosa Tribune Friday, July 20, 2018 15

WAHOSKI G ORD K E L LY Lakeside St. Alphonsus
Septic Service
Drivers Licenses, Autopac MECHANICAL LTD. Plumbing & Heating Catholic Church
General Insurance Gas Fitting 142
142 4th
4th St, NW.
St, NW. • Lawn Mowing & Trimming
PLUMBING Potable water Minnedosa,MB
MB 867-3831
Cheri McTavish – Broker ph: 867-2084 Minnedosa, 867-3831 • Dandelion Spraying -
867-3946 HEATING cell: 867-0346 delivery. Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Mass Sunday 9:00 a.m.
Book your portable • Fertilizer Application
GAS FITTING toilets. • Licensed Arborist Service
LEGAL AIR CONDITIONING SELF-HELP Erle Jury & Family • Hedge Trimming
• Yard Clean Up
204-867-3121 867-2416
Alexander or A.D.A.M. Cory Johnston ▪ Minnedosa
204-476-5185 Cell: 867-7558
Jackson Anxiety Disorders People Helping People (204)Ê 476-4705Ê
Law Office - Committed to Caring -
B-116 MainSt.St
of Manitoba RAINKE'S
RAINKIES Phone (204) 857-6100
Minnedosa, MB Support Group Sewage Service Fax (204) 857-8389 Prairie Mountain HVAC/R
867-3981 Plumbing & Heating JIM BEAUMONT
Meetings are held at Ventilation/Air quality Neepawa Library 3rd Tuesday of 476-2483
Ty Burton the month 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Owner/Operator
Air Conditioning

Burgess Law
204-868-5358 For more info call:
Debbie Fisch
Cell: 476-6591 Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Gas Fitter
Office (204) 725-8550 Dennis: 476-2766 Commercial & Residential
service specialist
51 Main Street S
ALCOHOLICS 23 Hour Service Walk-ins
Kent Brown
Minnedosa 75 Main Street South
867-2935 Plumbing & Heating
ANONYMOUS 1-204-724-7465 1-204-867-7346
If you like to drink and can
Summit Septic Haircuts, Hot Shaves, • Construction •
That's your business
If you want to stop and can't ServiceS Beard Trims & Hair Tattoos LEONA’S
204-867-5458 That's our business. Minnedosa and surrounding areas Studio Of Image
Frank r. Ford and Darwin
P.O. Box 36 Matthews’ Family Hair Care
L a w O ffi c e PLUMBING & HEATING
Russ Huyghe
or 867-3966 penny Ford TV AND APPLIANCE •Eminence Facials
Alanon - 210-0433 & Product
Norman H. Sims, Q.C. 204-868-6376 Alateen - 867-5121 Owner/Operator SALES AND SERVICE • Pedicures & LCN Nails
7 6 Ma i n S t r e e t S o u t h CONSTRUCTION 867-3401 Minnedosa 204-210-0158 Your Shaw Direct,
MINNEDOSA • 867-2717 Cody Huyghe LG, Samsung, Bell • Spray Tanning
Mtg. Times: 8:00 pm Tuesdays Cells
204-210-0502 Danby Dealer • Piercing
OFFICE MANAGER Drug Problem? 204-868-0851 or 204-868-0863 Computer Sales and Service
• Eyelash Extensions
204-868-6886 Narcotics
email: Systems, Monitors &
67 Main St.
Anonymous can help Minnedosa, MB
TRADING Waterpals Phone 867-3164
BURTON PAINTING Meetings every Potable Water Delivery E-mail:
Tuesday & Minnedosa and area Ventures Inc.
Myrna Alexander
Charles Health Inspected
Cell: 868-5503
Cell: 868-5503
FRONTIER Saturday at 7 p.m. No Job is too small!!! Lake Audy Meats Waste
at Calvary Temple, Also now Paying Cash on Management &
Farm Raised Animals
221 Hamilton Street, Scrap Metal Pick up!!
Lorne or Ian Arnold Contracting
Neepawa, MB 204-868-5674 204-848-2205 (204)476-0002
Book 867-5551 Garbage Removal
This Spot Gently Used Furniture Cells: 204-867-7380 Bin Rentals
Construction Demolition
for Clothing & Misc. Items SERVICES or 204-848-0660 Renovating
Household clean up
Donations Josh McKay - Sales Rep
only Estate clean ups
Estate Sales
PIRATE SALVAGE 204-210-0740
$8.29 Pick-up & Deliveries We now offer Transformative
per CARPET CLEANING Cash on Pick-up Electrolysis
of small cars, salvage Permanant Hair Removal
week! Call us today for your carpet 142 Main Street North
& upholstery cleaning needs. metal and farm metal. Minnedosa, MB

MLA 204-868-5674 204-596-5111


Kim’s Rob’s
House/Business Yard Maintenance ServiceS

Cleaning Services MinnedoSa & area
Book • Mowing, Trimming, Tilling
- Residential
This Spot • Snow Blowing
204.759.3313 - Commercial
• Unwanted Item Removal
● 204-848-0097

Toll Free 844.877.7767 204-848-0400 Home: 867-3272 • General Repair
● 204-848-0400 Cell: 210-0818 only • Mechanical - Portable Welding $8.29 • Reasonable Rates
#7 � 515 4th Avenue 204-720-5934
Burlington Place, Shoal Lake, MB week!
16 Friday, July 20, 2018 The Minnedosa Tribune

MCI Class of ‘78 Together Again!
SUBMITTED of their class but he was at proposed by Pat Stone with
the reunion wearing a 1978 the toast to the parents by

A group of
mates from the 1978

MCI jersey!
The reunion was orga-
nized by the Nylen’s, Brian
Myrna Burton and toast to
the teachers by Jeff Mac-
Grad Class reunited for and Michelle Nicholls and
their 40th class reunion Doug and Linda Hayhurst.
recently. Classmates and According to the June
their partners gathered at 29th, 1978 edition of The
the home of Rick and Lin- Minnedosa Tribune, the
da Nylen for the celebra- 1978 MCI Grad Class had
tion. 57 graduates. Special
The evening went by guests of honour that year
so fast, just like the last were Eric and Irene Man-
40 years, as former class- sbridge with special staff
mates shared stories old guest speakers being Marc
and new. Chisholm, Harold Gilles-
A special guest in at- hammer, Ray Power and
tendance at the reunion Manny Hoffman.
was “Inflatable Frankie”, The Class Valedictori-
Classmates pose with
who the classmates were an was Brian Nicholls. The
“Inflatable Frankie” Photos submitted
not sure if he had been part toast to the graduates was

*We accept Visa, Master Card & debit card purchases
Sale Dates: *We sell lottery tickets
*We deliver within town limits Monday - Friday at 4:00 p.m
($2 charge - $10 minimum order)
JULY 20TH - JULY 26TH * Try one of our delicious BBQ chickens!
* We sell fruit, veggie & meat trays and fruit baskets
*Senior’s Discount every Friday (65 & up) (STARTS FRIDAY 9:00 A.M. - ENDS THURSDAY 9:00 P.M.) (24 hours notice is appreciated)
*We sell R.O. water

CL Leaf salmon sockeye ..........................213g ...... $3.99
Delissio pizza treats asstd ............................................... 520-846g ............. $5.99
MM Five Alive, Fruitopia, Minute Maid frozen juice ......... 295ml ..........3/$2.00
Folgers classic roast ................................920g ...... $8.99 MM lemonade, Iced tea asstd.............................................. 295ml ..........3/$2.00
Folgers espresso roast kcup ....................................................12ea ............. $7.99 NN™ whipped topping aerosol .............................................225g ............. $1.99
Gain liquid original 32 use .................................................... 1.47lt ............. $5.59 NN™ pie shells 9” ....................................................................... 2s ..........2/$5.00
Tim Hortons original coffee ....................................................930g ........... $17.99 NN™ vegetables asstd ............................................................750g ............. $1.99
Quaker rice cakes, crisp minis asstd .............................. 127-199g ..........3/$5.00
Kell Nutrigrain bars asstd........................................................295g ..........2/$5.00 NN™ fries asstd ..........................................1kg ...... $1.79

Kell Rice Krispies asstd ................................................... 138-200g ..........2/$5.00
Old Dutch asstd .........................................255g .. 2/$6.00
Oasis juice asstd.................................................................... 960ml ..........2/$3.00
Ocean Spray cocktails, Motts Clamato asstd .... 1.89lt ...... $3.79
NN™ cake mix asstd ...............................................................468g ..........4/$5.00
NN™ pie filling asstd ........................................................... 540ml ............. $2.99 PC™ bacon...............................................500g ...... $5.49
NN™ pancake mix old fashioned or syrup ................... 750-890g ............. $1.99 PC™ chicken strip breaded, nuggets.....................................800g ............. $5.99
NN™ peanut butter asstd ............................1kg ...... $3.99 PC™ asstd beef burgers .......................................................1.36kg ........... $12.99
NN™ liquid honey ..................................................................500g ............. $4.49 PC™ chicken wing with sauce asstd ......................................907g ........... $13.49
NN™ tea bags ........................................................................100ea ............. $1.99 SQ™ shrimp ring .....................................................................227g ............. $5.99
NN™ tomato paste ............................................................... 369ml ............. $0.99 NN™ crispy southern chicken .................................................1kg ........... $13.99
NN™ cookies caramel coconut/striped shortbread ............368g ............. $2.49 Chicken legs .............................................................................................. $1.99/lb
NN™ canned vegetables asstd ............................................ 398ml ..........5/$4.00 Top sirloin oven beef roast ....................................................................... $5.49/lb
NN™ mushrooms asstd ....................................................... 284ml ..........3/$4.00 Top sirloin beef steak................................................................................ $5.99/lb

NN™ vinegar white CP ............................... 4lt ...... $2.49
NN™ bleach asstd ................................................................. 1.89lt ............. $1.49
NN™ antibacterial cleaner original/lemon .......................... 1.2lt ............. $2.47
NN™ soap pads steel wool .....................................................18ea ............. $2.49
NN™ toilet bowl cleaner fresh scent .................................. 710ml ............. $1.99
NN™ quick tie orange garbage bags/drawstring bags .........20ea ............. $5.99 Green, red seedless grapes ...................................................................... $2.99/lb
NN™ cheese parmesan ..........................................................250g ............. $4.98 Broccoli .......................................................................................................... $1.99
NN™ tomato juice................................................................. 1.36lt ............. $1.99 Russet potatoes ........................................................................ 10lb ............. $3.99
Bicks pickles baby dills/sweet mixed/yum yum ...................... 1lt ............. $3.49 FM carrots 2lb, Celery stalks ............................. $1.79ea
PC™ bm artichoke & asiago....................227g ...... $2.99 PC™ mini potatoes .................................................................960g ............. $2.99
NN™ orange, apple juice.......................................................1.75g ............. $2.99

NN™ slice marble cheddar ....................................................230g ............. $3.99

Little Debbie treats asstd .................269-459g ...... $1.99 OPEN 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM, 7 DAYS A WEEK • 70 Main Street South, Minnedosa 867-2821
Deli World bread rye light .......................................................500g ............. $1.99
Wonder rolls hamburger, hot dog buns ................................... 12s ..........2/$5.00 *PRICES AVAILABLE AT THE LUCKY DOLLAR IN MINNEDOSA ONLY