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Grade 10 (Specialization)
Course Description:
Prerequisite: Grade 9 Computer Hardware Servicing

This is a specialization course which leads to a Computer Hardware Servicing National Certificate Level II (NC II). It covers two core competencies that a
Grade 10 Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) student ought to possess: 1) configuring computer systems and networks; and 2) maintaining computer
systems and networks.
The preliminaries of this specialization course include the following: 1) discussion on the relevance of the course; 2) explanation of key concepts
relative to the course and; 3) exploration of career opportunities.

1. Relevance of the course 1. Discuss the relevance of the course Week 1
2. Basic concepts in Computer Hardware 2. Explore opportunities in
Servicing computer hardwareservicing as a career
3. Career opportunities 3. Explain basic concepts in computer hardware servicing
1. Assessment of Personal Competencies and Skills LO 1. Develop and strengthen PECs needed in Computer Week 2-3
(PECs) vis-à-vis those of apracticing Hardware Servicing
entrepreneur/employee in aprovince. 1.1 Identify areas for improvement, development and growth
1.1 Characteristics 1.2 Align one’s PECs according to his/her business/career choice
1.2 Attributes 1.3 Create a plan of action that ensures success of his/her
1.3 Lifestyle business/career choice
1.4 Skills
1.5 Traits
2. Analysis of PECs in relation to a practitioner
3. Application of PECs to the chosen business/career
1. Product Development LO 1. Develop a product/service in computer Week 4-6
2. Key concepts of developing a hardware servicing
product 4.1 Identify what is of “value” to the customer
3. Finding Value 4.2 Identify the customer to sell to
4. Innovation 4.3 Explain what makes a product unique and competitive
4.1 Unique Selling 4.4 Apply creativity and innovative techniques to develop
Proposition (USP) marketable product
4.5 Employ a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to the

Planning and preparing of standard materials operating procedures 1. 5. Safety precautions 3. INSPECT AND TEST CONFIGURED COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS 10. devices. Key concepts in selecting techniques set a business Idea 2. media and connectors 7. Procedures in using the tools and against specified requirements equipment 1.3 Check computer systems and networks configuration 4.1 Follow OHS in planning and preparing for configuration of Week 1-2 2. Selecting a Business Idea LO 2.2 Inspect networking devices.1 Follow OHS procedures in configuring computer Week 3-6 6.2 Techniques 2. media systems and networks and connectors 2. Network Security 2. Select a business idea based on the criteria and Week 7 6. Internet Protocols (IP) 2.7 Configure file and printer sharing LESSON 3. PLAN AND PREPARE FORCONFIGURATION CONTENT LEARNING COMPETENCIES TIME FRAME REMARKS 1.3 Accomplish technical reports on the tests conducted . Guidelines for testing computer systems and 3. Safety procedures 1. CONFIGURE COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS 5.2 Prepare computer systems.4 Assign IP address to clients and servers 9.6 Enable network security to the computer systems 2. Branding LO 3.3 Determine a business idea based on the criteria/techniques set 7.1 Identify the benefits of having a good brand 3. Develop a brand for the product Week 8 3. Inspecting work instructions according to computer systems and networks job requirements 1. Safety precautions 2. tools. File and Printer Sharing 2.3 Enumerate the criteria for developing a brand 3.2 Apply the criteria/steps in selecting a viable business idea 2. Networking devices.1 Follow OHS procedures in testing systems and networks Week 7-8 11.1 Criteria business idea 6.4 Identify the procedures in using the tools and equipment LESSON 2.3 Create cross-over and straight-through cables 8.2 Enumerate recognizable brands in the town/province 3.1 Enumerate various criteria and steps in selecting a 6. equipment and 3.2 Test computer systems and networks in accordance with networks the job requirements 3.4 Generate a clear appealing product brand QUARTER II CONFIGURING COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS (CC) LESSON 1.5 Configure the assigned IP address to clients andservers 2.

Conduct testing and documentation 2.7 Verify network functions and specifications LESSON 2.3 Identify faulty computer and networks systems computer and networks systems 1. 1. PC specifications 1. Tools and tests equipment 1.1. documentation and pre-deployment practices . Safety procedures 2. Perform testing. Install the computer application software 1. Configure network services 3. Procedures in planning and conducting systems and networks maintenance 1.2 Identify faulty computer systems faulty systems Check PC specifications Identify tools in maintaining computer and network systems 4.1.4 Delete temporary files 11. Set router/Wi-Fi/ wireless access point/repeater configuration 2. Set-up user access Week 4 3. Set network configuration 2. Identification and diagnoses offaulty 1.3 Test normal functions of 9.2 Plan on how to maintain computer and networks systems 3.1.1 Follow OHS procedures in maintaining computer systems 8. Maintenance of computer systems maintaining and cleaning computer systems 11. Repair or replace faulty system 2. MAINTAIN COMPUTER SYSTEMS 7.2. Assemble computer hardware Week 1 1.2.3 Scandisk 11.2 Defragment 11. Inspect and test the configured computer networks 3. Install and configure computer systems 1.1 Procedures in cleaning 2.5 Inspect testing equipment/devices 5. Diagnostics software 2.6 Respond to sudden breakdowns of computer systems in hardware components accordance with established procedures 11.4. Install operating system and drivers for peripherals/ devices.1 Follow OHS procedures in maintaining computer Week 1-3 2. Set-up Computer Servers 3. Set-up computer networks 2. Safety procedures 1. Diagnosis and identification of 2.3.5 Uninstall unused Programs QUARTER IV COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND SERVICING INTEGRATION WITH APPRENTICESHIP CONTENT LEARNING COMPETENCIES TIME FRAME REMARKS 1. Install network cables Week 2-3 2.5 Adhere to the recommended schedule and techniques in 11. QUARTER III MAINTAINING COMPUTER AND NETWORK SYSTEMS (MN) LESSON 1: PLAN AND PREPARE FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS CONTENT LEARNING COMPETENCIES TIME FRAME REMARKS 1. Network functions and specifications 1.4 Perform repair and replacement of faulty computer systems 10.

TLE/ Grade 10 Level Coordinator TLE Coordinator ICT Coordinator Noted: DR. Plan and prepare for maintenance and repair Week 5-8 networks 4.coursesites. Maintain computer systems and networks 4. 2014 K12 Learning Module in Computer Hardware and Servicing for Grade 10. Systems and Servicing 5. 2015 TESDA Competency-Based Curriculum in Computer Hardware Servicing www. EROLES FERMELA V. CALVARIO MT-I.2. Business Plan Development and Appreticeship 5.3. Installation. Diagnose faults of computer systems 4. VILLALON SST-I Reviewed: REY www.8 Hardware and Systems Servicing 5. Troubleshooting and Maitenance References and Learning Materials: K12 Curriculum Guide as of December 2013 in Computer Hardware Servicing K12 Teaching Guide in Computer Hardware Servicing for Grade ANICIA J.4.learn. Inspect and test the computer systems and networks www. Maintain and repair computer systems and www.2 Perform Computer Hardware.5.1 Prepare and Develop a Simple Business Plan in Computer Week 1 Prepared by: ANGELITO R.2 PC Assembly. 2014 TESDA Training Regulation in Computer Systems Servicing. Rectify/correct defects in computer systems 4.1. ALEMAN BABY JANE www.quipper. VILLARUEL Principal II .1 PC Operations 5.