BUSINESS PLAN OWNERS/PROMOTERS Alhaji Bala Kontagora Egnr Adeshina . Mathew Mr Emmah Momoh No 9 Newbussa Close Area 3 Garki Abuja P.O Box 286 08051524039.08055084707 kastrack@gmail.J Mathew Egnr Kolawole .

privacy and good value for money.000. The uniqueness of Tramigo is that it is portable user friendly.oil Tankers owners.remotely disabling of the vehicle among other functions.All that is required is a regular phone which all our prospective customers already own.service and installation of telematic device within Nigeria and neigbouring border countries.flexible standalone device that has the landmark geographical data already built-in to the companies among other companies.Trip report. Our main target are corporate organizations that have fleets of vehicles. The initial capital that is required for this Business is $200.Geofencing.Our customers do not need to carry a laptop and internet connection is not required to use Tramigo.Automobile sales companies.Haulage vehicles owners. 25% of which shall be for importations of Tramigo units in the first year.We have also made lots of presentations to stakeholders and potential investors.We want to be the leading company that delivers mobile and stationery safety and security tracking systems in Africa.individual vehicle owners.This product will give vehicle user and other stationery assets owners the peace of mind which they long for. Our business is the sales. We shall provide 50% of the capital while the other 50% shall be sourced externally through a .EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Our goal is to develop a strong brand in the telematics industry by combining the best hardware and software components available into products that customer can relate to with convenience.Tranport companies.courier companies.We are presently having discussions with THE NIGERIA POLICE FORCE and PEUGEOUT AUTOMOBILE NIGERIA.Our products have the capacity when installed within a vehicle/stationery assets to notify the owners of the geographical positions as well as other real time status like speed.We have purchased units worth about $6000 in the last two months which was used as a pilot project.while the remaining 75% will be used for infrastructure and marketing activities.And I must confess that the response is alarming.Our customers do not need to pay for any monthly/annual fees they only pay for SMS that is reported to their phone.This pilot project has given us an opportunity to understudy the Nigerian Market .

Western Europe and the African Continent. with this multifunctional capabilities we are set to give our competitors a run for their money .4 million units per year with majority of the growth in united states. The pioneers in the industry would enjoy a strong level of patronage considering the rate of car theft to and from the African Continent. it can also be used as a security systems in residential and commercial premises. The telematics market is estimated to grow over 800% by 2010 to 27. we shall extend our tentacles to other part of the country with outlet for sales and installation of our products. Tramigo is a standalone products with diverse business loan but preferably through equity financing from a prospective share holder As the business grows. it can be used for any mobile and stationery assets.

000 KOLLYTECH AUTMOBILE SOLUTIONS main financial commitments will be $200.He holds a B.His experience will be put to .Sc degree in Accounting and a masters in Business Administration Engnr Kolawole M Mathew is a director of the company and has several years of experience in the automobile industry.He is also a principal consultant for the Nigerian Police force. 50% of this amount will be sourced externally while the other parts will be sourced internally.The projected turnover for 2009 is $75.Our ranges of product is vehicle and general mobile/stationery assets tracking and management systems which will be used to keep track of vehicles and all movable assets remotely from anywhere within the territory of Nigeria irrespective of geographical locations of the vehicle and the person who is driving the car at any given point in time.000 and we expect our profits to increase in line with turnover to $25.000 was spent to order for samples of the vehicles tracking device which was used as a pilot project to test and acquaint our Engineering department on the technical know how which entails installation and diagnosing of the device THE DIRECTORS OF THE COMPANY Alh BALA K KONTAGORA Egnr Kolawole M Mathew Egnr Adeshina J Mathew Mr Emmah Momoh Alhaji Bala k Kontagora is the Chairman of the Company.e Prostege Nigeria Limited.000 Our gross margin should be established at an average level of 50% in our first year of operation. About $6.000.BUSINESS BACKGROUND KOLLYTECH AUTOMOBILE SOLUTIONS LTD is located within Abuja Metropolis and aim to employ fifty numbers of people.He is also at the board of some of the Top noch companies here in Nigeria i.We have a projected annual turnover of $75.

Service of Automobile related products and accessories.It our mission to give peace of mind to our customers.He has a certificate in Enterprenueship and Associate certificate in Project Management. Our objective is to increase profits by 65% in the first year by reducing the operating budget.He will bring to Kollytech his experience as a long standing public relations officer of repute.His key skills are management of manpower and resources. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE we will be in the business of providing remote tracking of all mobile and stationary assets irrespective of the location within the border of Nigeria.He has B.He would be responsible for the day to day running of the organization.Tech in Automobile Engineering and his presently undergoing a master degree in Automobile telemetrics Engnr Adeshina J Mathew has a B.since our products has varying uses and applications we are considering prospective customers who will love to keep track of their assets and loved ones. Mr Emmah Momoh will be kollytech public relations officer and he will be responsible for marketing activities of Kollytech.Tech in Building Construction with sound knowledge of technical matters within the automobile industry. .our objective for the next financial year is to increase sales by 100% and extending our activities to other parts of Nigeria PRODUCT/SERVICES Our Main business is the Sales .Our customers will find our products invaluable considering the high quality services which we hope to provide to our highly esteemed prospective customers. THE MARKET Our target market is corporate owners of fleets and individual owners of vehicles.use in the installation and diagnosis of the tracking device.We aim to make the tracking of movable assets as efficient as possible.He holds a master in Business Administration.

CTrack. Our services is indirectly shouldered by GSM operators so inefficiency of this sector would have a negative impact on the quality of our services.Our pricing . The purchasing power of our individual is directly related to their income level.The most significant beign COTEK.privacy and good value for money.who has affected sales by innovations in technology which will encourage our intended customers to redirect spending.but with the level of competition within the telecoms industry.Kollytech have 10 competitors.This strategy was selected because our vehicle and Assets tracking systems will achieve brand recognition by quality service which our sister company TRAMIGO has been known for.The market share of our competitors is decreasing and there is unlikelyhood that this trend will change.4 million units per year with majority of the growth in united is our hope that the economy of the country will improve MARKETTING Kollytech’s marketing message for vehicle and asset tracking systems will be to promote it as develop a strong brand in the telematic industry by combining the best hardware and software components available into products that customer can relate to with convenience.Maigadi. We will minimize the threats to our market share by increasing the quality of our products and very sound customer relations and public relations department has a critical role to play in this areas The telematic market is estimated to grow to over 800% by 2010 to 27.Eventually all vehicles will have telematic device installed in them due to government polices from the government of Africa considering the reoccurring incidents of car theft within the African continent. We have decided to brand vehicle and Assets tracking systems as unprecedent standalone tracking device that can function anywhere within the territory of Nigeria.The branding of vehicle and assets tracking systems differentiate it from competition because the geographical locations of Nigeria is built-in to the is hoped that the quality of services should improve.western Europe and the African continents. Kollytech will also face indirect competition from Halitracker.which has a market share of about 15%.

KOLLYTECH plans to have branches within Nigeria and neigbouring African country for the sole purposes of distributing Automobile related products.objectives for vehicle and assets tracking systems is to make it available and affordable .The higher our sales the more we shall consider reviewing of our prices.We also hope that we shall be given a sole dealer rights to sell and market the Tramigo products within Nigeria.We determine our pricing based on the quantity of sales. .