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The world rides on Otis. Otis elevators and escalators touch the lives of people in more than 200 countries around the world. Otis Elevator Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, is the world's largest manufacturer installer, and servicer of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and other horizontal transportation systems.

Otis at a Glance People Revenue Installed Base Service Base Countries Manufacturing Engineering and Test Centers

Approximately 64,000 employees, with 55,000 outside the United States US $12.9 billion in 2008, of which 80 percent was generated outside the United States Approximately 2.2 million Otis elevators and escalators in operation worldwide 1.6 million elevators and escalators serviced worldwide Products offered in more than 200 countries and territories Major manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia Engineering facilities in the United States, Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea and Spain Company’s two tallest elevator test towers located in Shibayama, Japan (505 feet or 154 meters above ground; 89 feet or 27 meters below ground) and Bristol, Conn., United States (384 feet or 117 meters above ground MARKET POSITION

000 elevators and escalators sold annually • Approximately 26 percent share of world elevator new equipment market VISION To be the recognized leader in service excellence among all companies—not just elevator companies—worldwide. • Approximately 70. VALUES: Principles That Guide Our Work Behavior . To inspire the customers’ total confidence through exceptional service that would earn 100 percent of their business.Otis enjoys world leadership in the Elevator industry. 100 percent of the time.

that’s success. it’s the “smile” in the voice on the phone. SERVICE EXCELLENCE: Service excellence is more than what we provide. We believe that service excellence begins with each employee’s commitment to improve the things—no matter how small—that are in their control. By acting ethically and honorably.People We believe the most important assets of the Otis Elevator Company go home at the end of every workday. Safety Millions of people around the world use Otis elevators and escalators every day without giving safety a second thought. we win the loyalty of our customers. We understand that the safe way is the only way. it’s how we think and act. It’s how we work with one another and how we work with our customers and the riding public. and run our business to the letter and spirit of the law. but for all . quality has made Otis the most trusted name in the industry. By keeping an “at your service” attitude and striving to exceed our customers’ and each other’s expectations. Quality For more than 150 years. It’s not just “fixing a problem” or performing routine maintenance. Integrity We must do the right thing every time. the prompt response to a request and the drive to always improve. For us. we are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service—not just for elevator companies.

Our vision of making Otis the leader in service excellence must be evident in the actions of every Otis professional worldwide. (Your name. the safety of other workers. At the end of each work session. When possible. Respond to customer requests promptly. every employee is an ambassador of Otis who must help us achieve our mission of being first in service. Likewise. tidy and safe. By the same . Each employee is responsible for their own safety. Remember to ask if there is anything else you can do for them and. and the safety of the riding public. Every Otis employee is expected to practice Service Excellence every day. Every employee is empowered to take any action necessary to eliminate the potential for an accident. Convey a sense of urgency in your work and keep your customer fully updated on your progress. above all. Deliver what you promise—promptly and unequivocally. scan the area for hazards or risk of accident. Answer telephone calls in a standard way and before the third ring: "Otis Elevator Company.companies worldwide. leave a card with a note. check in and check out with them daily. Our employees are the Otis brand—the embodiment of the values we share. Think safety first. giving a brief overview of the work you have completed. If the customer is not there. first in products and first in performance. make sure the job site or workspace is clean. following this 12-point roadmap. to thank them for their business. At the beginning of each work session. Visit your customer every time you are in their building.) How may I help you?" Reply to every customer phone call or e-mail on the same day (leaving a message or e-mail if the customer is unavailable).

Remember: If a customer asks you for something. Take pride in your appearance. offer suggestions that will help make them more successful.token. Take ownership of the complaint and work to resolve it promptly. Be uncompromising on work quality. we enhance our ability to help both Otis and our customers. Conclude each meeting with a summary of action items. Be prepared when going into a customer meeting. Where appropriate. . Apply ACE tools to identify the root cause of a problem. Remember that every complaint contains an opportunity to exceed the customer’s expectations and transform a negative experience into a positive one. remain calm. Think of yourself as an extension of the customer’s staff in every building you work in. Take pride in your company. It’s up to you to create a work environment where the needs of customers are met promptly by leveraging Otis’ global network of knowledge and experience. Follow up on every job. At Otis. Never pass along errors. Listen. When a customer complains. you own that request. Never assume that any problem has been fixed. do not promise something you know Otis cannot deliver. then work to eliminate it. Adopt a pleasant and constructive attitude. By expanding our knowledge and skills. Keep track of open action items until the request is fulfilled—and the customer is fully delighted. We are responsible for our own learning and self-development. If circumstances arise that prevent you from keeping a promise. Take pride in your work. call the customer immediately. empathize and respond with a can-do attitude. A smile goes a long way toward maintaining a positive image. Be your customer’s eyes and ears. Ask yourself: “What does the customer want?” Then work to exceed those expectations. Remember that you are always on view. we succeed or fail as a team.

every time. Otis has one of the best safety records in the vertical transportation industry. OTIS PEOPLE Our people provide the thinking behind the products. is home to the Otis Quality Assurance Center and North America’s tallest elevator test tower—383 ft (117 m) high. Today. Step inside Otis and see what’s made us an industry leader—our people! .. Japan. United States.SAFETY For All Safety and reliability have been Otis’ foremost concerns since our company’s earliest days. We operate one of the world’s tallest elevator test towers in Shibayama. Otis emphasizes a corporate policy of “safety first” and implements standardized procedures to ensure that every installation and service task is performed the safest way. Otis products undergo stringent quality and safety testing at our testing facilities around the world. The Bristol Research Center in Bristol. Conn. This test tower stands 505 feet (154 meters) above ground and 89 feet (27 meters) below ground. We work constantly to improve the safety of existing products and develop safer technologies for new products.

Randy Wilcox. our founder and first leader.President. Thomson .Vice President & Chief Financial Officer \ 10. Strategy & Business Development 5. Otis United Kingdom and Central Europe Area 9.President. Elisha Graves Otis. Human Resources 11. General Counsel and Secretary 4. Johan Bill . Angelo Messina . Vincent Della Valle . At the same time.Vice President. Pierre Dejoux . Today our leaders share his entrepreneurial spirit.President. Otis South Europe and Mediterranean Area 3.Vice President.President. Otis South Asia Pacific and Gulf Area 6. Otis offers employees many opportunities to develop professionally and build their careers. Bruno Grob . Pedro Baranda . Otis Elevator Company 2. commitment to highest standards of integrity and ability to inspire people to action. Operations 7. . four-fifths of them outside the United States.Otis Leaders More than 150 years ago. Paul M. Otis North Asia Pacific Area 12. Lindsay Harvey . Otis North and East Europe and Africa Area 8.President. Charles Vo .000 employees do business in nearly every country on earth.Vice President. Every day is a new opportunity to demonstrate their knowhow. President. Patrick Blethon . Didier Michaud-Daniel . Otis North and South America Area Otis Employees: Our 60.Vice President. The Executive Team: 1.President. dedication and commitment to serving our customers. set the standard for all Otis leaders who follow.

down and from place to place—conveniently and safely. our elevator technology does the same. As the largest manufacturer and service provider of elevators. • Escalators and moving walkways: . Otis is recognized the world over for helping people travel up. • Elevators Buildings keep rising…so we rise to the challenge. As building technology changes and progresses. they fall under three basic types: gearless traction. escalators and moving walkways. geared traction and machine-roomless. Otis has a long history of meeting new challenges with ongoing innovation. While there is a wide range of elevators to fit every need.PRODUCTS & SERVICES Moving people safely is what we do best.

• Services: Service comes first at Otis. Otis wrote history with the introduction of the escalator in 1899. Otis is committed to inspiring total customer confidence. that means developing new products that meet our customers’ needs and challenges. In all areas of service. transit systems and shopping centers and offer an array of options.More than 100 years later. . Otis’ moving walkways offer safety. “moving stairs” still give people a convenient lift. we continue to improve the product through ongoing innovation. and modernizing systems to keep pace with a building’s changing face and function. providing reliable maintenance. Today. reliability and efficiency for both commercial and public applications. To us. Escalators and moving walkways are commonplace in airports. Similarly.

3. This global network ensures rapid response and minimal downtime. Within minutes. OTISLINE® Communications Center No matter where they are in the world. With the world’s largest network of branch offices and service centers. professional response. 365 days a year. 2. It is a .Because each customer defines service differently. a customer service representative can have a mechanic on the way to their building.000 trained service professionals are on call to ensure a prompt. Otis Maintenance Solutions Otis offers a variety of maintenance programs and building support systems to fit customers’ needs and equipment types. More than 1. REM® Remote Elevator Monitoring Otis developed the REM system to optimize elevator performance and minimize elevator downtime. 1. We have standardized work practices around the world and can tailor a maintenance program specifically to the environment. Ultimately. our staff provides service 24 hours a day. our approach to satisfying customer needs is both broad-based and personalized. Here are some of the ways we put service first for our customers. Otis customers can call OTISLINE service when they have an elevator or escalator problem. the right maintenance at the right time extends the life of the equipment and protects the owner’s investment.

then makes the service call and helps an Otis mechanic identify the component causing the problem. . monitors. record. If the REM system detects a problem. they are able to respond quickly to passengers’ needs and make informed decisions about equipment operations with greater certainty than ever before. looking at a single building or an entire airport. circuits. escalators and moving walkways. it analyzes and diagnoses the cause and location.Innovations We are always looking for new solutions. report on and manage a full range of operation-critical functions from any computer with an Internet connection. WORKING AT OTIS . Since Elisha Otis invented his safety elevator in 1852. Because the EMS Panorama system offers comprehensive. analyze and communicate data about elevator operations 24/7. realtime data that shows building managers the full picture.sophisticated interconnected system of sensors. 4. Our latest products offer optimized system performance and more personalized service for passengers. 5. Users can monitor the status of up to 30 groups of elevators. college campus or medical center. we have searched tirelessly for ways to improve the passenger experience. control. hardware and software to collect. EMS Panorama™ The Web-based EMS Panorama system enables building staff to monitor.

Otis offers a supportive environment where employees are encouraged to develop their skills and talents to their fullest potential. We know that talented. We anticipate their needs for tomorrow. we continue to look for talented. Working with our corporate parent. we encourage and support their continuous learning. inventive. United Technologies Corporation (UTC). development and professional growth. energetic individuals who welcome the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs are the key to our success. we go to great lengths to hire and develop them. energetic individuals who provide service excellence at all times. we look for people who are comfortable with many cultures and who are driven to succeed in the global marketplace. In a world where competition is global. we go to great lengths to hire and develop these people. Today. creative. We lead our industry because we do more than meet our customers’ needs today.At Otis. At Otis. We take pride in being the global market leader. Otis prides itself on having employees who consistently meet challenges while keeping their eyes open for improvement opportunities. people are our most important asset. our goal is to have the best-educated workforce on the planet. • Professional Development We want the best-educated workforce on the planet. . When we find them. • Career Opportunities We’re looking for people who thrive on challenges. Once we find those people.

• Your Job at Otis At Otis. employees begin to learn the principles of safety. • Development Resources Otis offers a wealth of resources to help you realize your individual development plan. we don’t just talk about our company’s values. which provides courses (online and classroom-based) to help employees develop key UTC and Otis employee competencies Specific development programs. too. At Otis. you’ll set annual objectives and create an individual development plan. which are tailored to a variety of career paths • • • • Work Principles We live by our principles. your work will be challenging and stimulating. PEOPLE SAFETY QUALITY INTEGRITY This starts with our people. This helps you focus your efforts. Working with your supervisor. . Click on a principle for a closer look at what these principles mean to an Otis employee. The result? You will have a detailed road map for developing specific skills and competencies. We live them. quality and integrity that drive Otis. Employee Scholar Program. Otis uses a performance feedback process that helps you manage your career development. because our performance as a company is in their hands. which offers tuition reimbursement for eligible employees at accredited public or private colleges and universities UTC’s Global Learning & Development organization. From their very first day. There will be exciting opportunities for professional growth. These principles guide even the smallest things employees do to deliver the exceptional performance our customers expect. and you’ll have a plan for using the many resources available for your development.

Highlights of the Benefits Programs Here are some examples of typical Otis benefit programs. life insurance and disability insurance • Balance your work and personal lives. might include medical and dental insurance. both at work and in your personal life. Otis benefit programs help you: Provide health care and financial support for your family through insurance plans • which. which includes • tuition reimbursement and paid time off to attend degree programs at accredited institutions OTIS (INDIA) BOARD OF DIRECTORS . with retirement plans and other savings and investment plans Develop your career potential through the Employee Scholar Program. We want you to have a quality of life that enables you to reach your full potential. and not all of these benefits may be available in an individual country.• Benefits At A Glance : We offer high-quality benefits to you and your family. with paid vacations and holidays • Save for your retirement. Otis is committed to offering you valuable and affordable benefits that protect you and your family. experience. Specific benefits vary from country to country. We believe that an employee’s pay should directly reflect his or her performance and contribution to the company. We offer competitive salaries based on skills. Otis designs compensation programs to attract and retain the best people. depending on location. performance and compensation awarded in the market for each particular job.

Pierre Dejoux (Chairman) 2) Mr. Ashok I. P.Mumbai 400 064.: (91-22) 28449700/66795151. Kolkata in mid 60’s * Over 5000 new units / year * Over 2200 employees.Com Contract Logistics Centre .Malad ( West) . Email :Milan. Fax : (91-22) 28449791/9793.BOARD OF DIRECTORS BOARD OF DIRECTORS 1) Mr. R. 2/3 rds in field operations * Over 40. Wijeyakumar (Director) 5) Mr. Malhotra (Director) 4) Mr. Das gupta (Director) 6) Dr.000 units under maintenance * Largest service network.Mindspace. Ram S.Chaudhari@Otis. * More than 300 towns & cities * Engineering centre & Manufacturing plant in Bengaluru Head Office & Western Region Magnus Towers. Tarneja (Director) OTIS INDIA OVERVIEW * India’s No. * Over 80 service centres.9th Floor. Sundar Parthasarthy (Managing Director) 3) Mr.1 elevator company since 1953 * The first Elevator at Raj Bhavan –Kolkata in late 19th century * The first Escalator at Reserve Bank of India.S. Tel. Link Road .

The Phoenix. .Estate.Sativali Village Mumbai . HOW OTIS SERVICE WORKS Maintenance is divided into the Following : * Code Maintenance –ensures no safety points are bypassed. Kolkata . Eastern Region "Jeevan Deep" (6th Floor) .2-A.:(91-250) 248 0740/0737 .Fax : (91-33) 22884270 Northern Region 504-505.562106.Saket Place. Tel. Middleton Street.: (91-33) 22882220/9724.D-4.New Delhi .Rectangle One. * Major Repairs – reliability ensured through genuine spares and expertise. Tel.Jigani Indl.Bangalore .92 .Vasai(East) Tel .Anekal Taluk.Bangalore-560025.Fax:(91-80) 22111191 Manufacturing Bangalore No.Thane .Tel.110 017 .: (9111) 46069000/9030/4606 9100/9130.Phase Ii.Kiadb Indl. Fax : (91-250) 248 0760.5th Floor.Saket.Hayes Road Cross.Fax: (91-11) 460 69111 Southern Region Otis House.Amedabad Road.:(91-80) 7825401/5402/5403.Area. 1.: (91-80) 22111190/40314500.700071. Tel.Fax:(91-80) 782 5404 Toll-Free Service Number Across India – 1800-22-7777 For Any Technical Assistance.Hayes Road.

if required.on Improvement Packages and upgradation if desired by Customer. * Routine Maintenance – prevents breakdowns * We ensure all system work as ideally as they have been designed for. PROXIMITY TO CUSTOMER * Largest Networks of over 80 Service Centres covering over 300 towns and cities in the Country. 1. * Breakdown Maintenance – experienced technicians minimize downtime. * Completion of all critical service activities are monitored at regional level to ensure all procedure * Supply of genuine spares with high safety & quality standards. Measuring and Benchmarking on quality parameters such as: * Callback Rate * Audit Report * Major Repairs 2. * High Callbacks unit are Monitored by Regional Quality Council for special intervention of experts. * Add. Surprise Quality Audit check by national 3. * Independent training department with classroom and technical hands – on training. * All these strengths help in giving you the perfect solution to any elevator servicing requirements. * Field engineering department to guide service department on critical problems * Skill mapping of all individuals to ensure skill compatibility. OUR STRENGTHS IN SERVICE * Independent quality and safety departments. * Ongoing training programmes to upgrade skills.* Annual Equipment Survey – early warning procedure to identify wear and tear. . Safety Audit check independent safety department.

OTIS LINE Speedy response with minimum downtime : . * Automatic complaint escalation for units having higher breakdown. * Clocking of response time for each call. * Not only numbers of complaints. ensures prompt service. * Units with longer shutdown get reported to GM Level.* Patented service management software to monitor health of each unit. but type of failures are also recorded to conduct route cause analysis.

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