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Steven Garcia / (609)-334-0676 /

B.S in Environmental Science ǀ Richard Stockton University Sep 2013-May 2018
Dean’s List: 4 Semesters, GPA: 3.42
Significant Courses: Intro to GIS ǀ Mammalogy ǀ Physical Geography ǀ Ornithology ǀ Ecological Principles ǀ
Wildlife Management ǀ Intro to Stats and Computers ǀ Invasive Species Ecology ǀ Advanced GIS ǀ
Environmental Issues ǀ GPS for GIS
Applied Experience
Volunteer Research Assistant, Villanova University ǀ Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic May 2018-July 2018
• Assisted a Master’s student in a Behavioral and Hybridization study on two Hispañolan Todus species.
• Learned and practiced relevant field skills such as: Mist net setup ǀ Bird banding, extraction and
morphological measurements ǀ Intensive long distance hiking through mountainous jungles ǀ Bird ID ǀ
Organization and transcription of data ǀ Proper use and maintenance of field equipment ǀ Nest box
construction and installation ǀ Camera trap set up.
• Helped lead and implement education outreach events and workshops.
Soil Certification and GIS Intern, Cape Atlantic Soil Conservation District ǀ Somers Point, NJ
• Help design and implement several district educational programs. Jan 2018-May 2018
• Inspect soil certification applications, read and interpret construction plans, and inspect field sites for
• Input construction changes into GIS database as well as re-structure and improve old databases.
Wildlife Technician, Atlantic County Utilities Authority ǀ EHT, NJ March 2017- May 2018
• On field job consisting of managing bird deterrence of 6 species from ACUA landfill. Provide bird
control using designated truck and pyrotechnics as well as take detailed notes to account for every bird
control event and notable bird sightings.
• Safely operate and maintain field truck and perform minimal clerical duties when supervisor is absent.
GIS Teaching Assistant, Stockton University ǀ Galloway, NJ Sep 2017-Dec 2017
• Used vast prior knowledge of GIS to help students troubleshoot GIS problems. As well as grade
assignments and provide quality feedback in a timely manner.
Field Assistant, Wildlife Management: Stockton University ǀ Galloway, NJ Sep 2016-Dec 2016
• Worked with Stockton’s Wildlife Biologist in a small mammal study within campus. Setting up and
breaking down traps and transects, ear tagging, sexing, and weighing white footed mice.
• Took down field notes and transferred them on Excel sheets as well as organized and analyzed camera
trapping data.
Additional Skills
• Academic Certification in GIS • Great communication and • Knowledge of other computer
with experience in LIDAR, people skills programs such as Adobe
Remote Sensing, GPS, and • Avid Birder and Wildlife Lightroom and Photoshop
ARC GIS Pro/Scene/Map Photographer
• Bilingual (Spanish)