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Interfaith Works is an association of congregations, affiliated

non-profit organizations and individuals. Our purpose is to
promote interfaith understanding, and serve the community through
charitable, social and educational endeavors.
JUNE 2010


Report on Interfaith Works Annual Meeting

Interfaith Works held its 36th Annual Meeting on  Jill Esbeck from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.
May 11. Temple Beth Hatfiloh generously offered its Jill, who holds a Masters in Social Work, previ-
facilities again this year. Attendees were welcomed ously served as Congregational Life Coordina-
by the sounds of gentle drumming, provided by tor at Gloria Dei, working closely with profes-
Scott Bishop and Dick Hauser. sional staff, pastors and lay leadership to
strengthen involvement of congregation mem-
We welcomed Fr. John Allen from St. John’s Epis-
bers. Her expertise in working with volunteers
copal Church, and noted several other pastors who
and commitment to meaningful volunteerism
have recently begun their ministries in the Olympia
will be a great asset to the Board and the or-
area. Featured speaker Sally Jo Gilbert de Vargas
ganization as a whole. Jill feels “we must all
from Interfaith Community Church (ICC) in Seattle
seek to be of service to our community and find
shared her personal interfaith journey and de-
ways to empower and invite those around us to
scribed the structure and varied activities of ICC.
join in. It is a gift to utilize our God-given talents
The membership heard a report from Treasurer and contribute to the greater good of all.”
Alexa Johnson, and then approved the 2010-11  Christine Parke from the Olympia Unitarian
budget. Sister Monika Ellis reported for the Nomi- Universalist Congregation, is an experienced
nations Committee, recommending the reappoint- hand on church committees and currently
ment of Miles of Open Gate Zendo as Board Presi- serves on OUUC’s Committee on Ministry. She
dent (through October 2010); Barnett Kalikow of holds Masters Degrees in both Public Health
Temple Beth Hatfiloh as President after October Administration and Counseling, and has
and running through the end of the two year term to worked for over 25 years in long-term care pro-
April 2012; and the reappointment to a two-year grams. Christine is “interested in the potential
term of Rich Young from Baha’i Assembly of for partnership among faith organizations to
Thurston County East. positively effect social change in Thurston
Two new members of the Board were nominated for (Continued on page 2)
two-year terms:

Published Monthly by Interfaith Works, P.O. Box 1221, Olympia, WA 98507  (360) 357-7224 
Annual Meeting (Continued from page 1) to his congregation, other faith communities,
his fellow clergy, and all those dedicated to
The membership unanimously accepted the recom- serving the needs of Thurston County’s citi-
mendations of the Nominating Committee. zens.
 Scott Bishop, Webmaster Extraordinaire, who,
Following a break for refreshments and conversa- behind the scenes, provides invaluable web
tion, we thanked two outgoing Board members for resources for Interfaith Works and over fifty
their service: other local non-profit agencies and causes (see
 Kathleen Peppard, from Community for Inter- Scott’s quiet generosity and
faith Celebration, who has ably and reliably thoughtful, savvy advice makes an enormous
served as Board Secretary for the past two difference – enabling Interfaith Works to do its
years. job more successfully and keep our members
 Marge Johnson, from Faith Assembly of plugged in.
Lacey, who, during her two year term on the  Barbara Gibson and Carol McKinley for their
Board, provided invaluable expertise in non- years of dedicated service to Interfaith Works
profit management and drafted comprehensive and to faith in action, making our community a
Personnel Policies for IW. better place for all. Between the two of them,
The Annual Meeting ended with a formal salute to Carol and Barbara have over the years been
several leaders who have been instrumental in involved in practically every facet of our pro-
building and sustaining Interfaith Works: gram and leadership. We especially recognize
 Rev. Mark Dowdy for his 41 years in ministry, the compassionate leadership they have
his 23 years of service to The United Churches brought to Moments of Blessing – public inter-
of Olympia and his strong, enduring commit- faith services near the scene of homicides in
ment to interfaith understanding and partner- Thurston County, that bring support and com-
ship. Interfaith Works is indebted to Mark for fort to friends, neighbors and family and help
his leadership, vision, inspiration, and his en- reclaim places of violence as places of life and
thusiasm for translating faith into action for the peace.
benefit of our community. He is an inspiration


The Family Support Shelter is a homeless family between the Family Support Center and Interfaith
shelter run by the Family Support Center of Sound, Works for many years.
a local nonprofit organization whose mission is
We are currently in great need for volunteer shelter
working together to strengthen all families.
The Family Support shelter operates 7 nights a
If you are interested in volunteering or have ques-
week from 7 pm—7 am with 20 beds for families
tions please contact Brittany Barbour at 360-754-
with children only. The Family Support Shelter op-
9297 x 209.
erations are modeled after the Emergency Overflow
Shelter which has operated as a collaborative effort

June 2010, p. 2
“Send every child back to school with pride”
Community for Interfaith Celebra-
The Little Red Schoolhouse will distribute clothes and school tion (CIC) seeks a Youth Programs
supplies to needy children on Thursday, August 19, at Jefferson Leader. The position is approxi-
Middle School, 2200 Conger Ave NW, Olympia, WA 98502. mately 14 hours per month, Sep-
Please pass this information along to any families you know who tember through June.
may be in need. Volunteers are needed to prepare clothes on For a complete job description and
August 17 and 18, as well as to distribute on August 19. instructions on how to apply, visit
For more information visit and contact
or call 481-6538.
Ruth Furman at 360-438-0746.


LISTENING WITH THE SPIRIT, is a two year formation/ OASIS offers two retreat opportunities (October 3-
discernment process preparing a person to be a 5/4-6, 2010 and April 10-12/11-13, 2011 and six
Spiritual Director. It meets 3 times a month on quiet afternoons (November 2, 2010-May 10, 2011)
Mondays from 1-4pm beginning in later September from 1:30-7:15pm during the year. Spiritual direc-
and has 24 sessions each year. Interviews will be tion and a group prayer experience based on Joan
scheduled this spring/summer. The second year Chittister’s The Breath of the Soul are available to
includes peer group and individual supervision. aid your reflection, as is silence. Our hope is that
Church leaders will find this program an aid to regu-
lar prayer periods. Anyone is welcome to attend.
PRAYER, is a nine-month retreat program de-
signed to explore diverse Christian traditions and PRACTICING CREATIVITY IN SPIRITUAL LIFE offers
prayer practices that deepen one’s spiritual journey artistic ways to deepen and enrich all aspects of the
and personal faith life. It meets bi-monthly on Tues- spiritual life. Six sessions will provide ways of
day afternoons from 1-4pm and will begin again on opening ourselves to creativity as a spiritual prac-
September 14, 2010 and end on May 31, 2011. tice. On November 2 “Haiku: A Spiritual Practice in
Three Lines,” on 30 “Drawing as Meditation”; on
January 4 “Felting”, on February 1 “Powerful Stuff:
PRAYER, is a nine-month monthly retreat Program
Word and Music Together,” on March 1 “Meditation
designed to continue to explore diverse Christian
Candle,” and on May 10 “Opening Doors to the
values and prayer practices for those who have
Creative Spirit, Combining Playful Painting with
been part of Tending the Fire. It meets once a
Winsome Words.”
month on Tuesday afternoons from 1-4pm. Miriam
Therese Winter’s Paradoxology and Paul Bogard’s
The Priory Spirituality Center
Let There Be Night (anthology of readings by many
500 College St. NE, Lacey, WA 98516
authors) will be the focus of discussion. It will begin
again on September 21, 2010 and end on May 24,
2011. Information on these and other half-day programs is
available on the website:

June 2010, p. 3
COMMUNITY Howard Ullery Linnea Barrott Rebekah Scott LAC
CEY James Salter Sharon Fasnacht Wes Klizmak Allison Hattell
Diane Van Velzer Megan Bergeron George Spencer June Shaffer Mary Holden Lydia Beth Leimbach Janis Hughes
Jim Van Velze Joan Bigley Kris Wesson Kathy Sisson Elizabeth Infante Robert Perretz- Judy Kennedy
CELEBRATION Helena Wilson Tom Bigley Cindy Williams Becky Grossman Chris Smith Marygrace Jennings Rosales Tia Kramer
Ben Gilvar Leah Wilson Charen Blankenship Don Ba ackman Bill Stutz Byron LaBrec Steve Pogge Chuck Mallott
Joh Gilver Ralph Blankenship GOOD SHEPHERD Lynda Backman Susan Covey Cyndi LaBrec Ash Roorbach Lisa Mallott
Cheryl Dailey FIRST UNITED Susan Callender LUTHERAN Bob Bo olsinger Vonnie Tallon Judy Linehan Laura Schrager Chris Martin
Evie Fagergren METHODIST Terry Carlson Kris Anderson Kristin Bradshaw Lynn Tichenor Mal Monahan Elizabeth Seigel Larry Martin
Betty Hauser Alcira Ball Glenn Chapman Diane Armbrust Lindy Carlson
C Mario Trochey Mary Monahan Dakota Smith Andy Oliver
Rob Knapp Glen Ball John Christienson Ed Armbrust Kristenn Case Jennifer Wood Beth Sutch Erin Syversen Jodi Oliver
Richard Lopez Sharon Bennett Jane Clark Glenn Blackmon Mike Covey
C Nancy Wood Pete Sutch Jenna Walderman Pam Parsons
Annie McManus Betty Bookheim Ken Currens Nate Brennand Mary Crooks
C Heather Taylor- Ann Wilson Duffy Rader
Diana Moore Judy Flip Ed Esbeck Sally Brennand Tamara Crooks ST. JOHN’S Zimmereman Stacey Winokur Pam Rader
Hugh O’Neill Judy Fondaw Rosemary Esbeck Lynn Byrnes Diana Panapa
P EPISCOPAL Joann Terranova Pam Zyck Bill Simons
Penny Purkerson Judy Fondaw Hilary Fox-Seidel Connie Campbell George Ducatt Kathleen & Dave John Terranova Judy Smith
Karen Ray Maria Garner David Gomez Kathy Carlson Stuart Dugan Bellefleuille-Rice Mary Trotter THE UNITED Therese Sprunger
Ryan Stephens Dagmar Growe- Chanh Halverson Linnea Comstock Dottie Dummett
D Mindy Chambers Alex Vidallon CHURCHES
Dee Williams Saunders Eric Halverson Edee Cornett Carol Dunn Rick Cooper Alice Vidallon Joe Arnett
Carol Gruen Donna Hays Doug Drees Jamie Eg ggleston Kathy Friedt Mary Wharton Louise Bohe PRESBYTERIAN
FIRST CHRISTIAN Wayne Gruen Gloria Jensen Gery Gerst Debby Gaffney
G Dave Johnson Mark Bohe Phylis Booth
Judy Bushell Seldon Hall Ros Jensen Val Gerst Linda Gailey June Johnson
TEMPLE BETH Mark Boyd Marty Braun
Alison Campbell Cheryl Hanks Cheri Keller Linnea Glover Gary Gro ossmann Helen Johnston HATFILOH Jacky Crow Russ Braun
Jan Carlson Gwen Harfst Dave Klein Darcy Huffman Gail Heesselhot Christie Kruger Jim Bamberger Lee Johnson Sara Bryan
Nell Carlson Sharon Johnson Nancy Klein Darcy Kauffman Martha Hocutt Emily Lardner Amy Bloom Libby Penney Greg Burkhart
Rachel Crum Jean Kirkpatrick Genene Kluck Susan Kavanaugh Orrin Hurlbutt
H Marian Lardner Mike Blum Leda Pugh Susan Engles
Debbie Dick Terry Kirkpatrick Dawn Krech Knne Kelly-Glasoe David Hutton
H Joan Maclis Linda Blustein Steve Robb Carl Harris
Jim Dick Marilyn LaViollette Sandra Kreis Barbara Lantz Kevin Hutton
H Shavais Mouton BF Boyd Beth Rossing Sue Harris
Larry Fisher Kathy Leonard Jodi Kunkel Leif Lantz June Jun ngmayer Sherry Sullivan Elsa Boyd Dick Smith David Kegley
Sherrie Fisher Karen Roede Jodi Luedecker Cathryn Lewis Perry Jun ngmayer Laura Tayne Isak Boyd Luci Kegley
Angie Franklin Dale Smith Brian McDaniel Laura Maki Lorrie Kewley
K Tim Tayne John Browning TUMWATER UNITED Christine Long
Peggy Frazier Ginny Smith Gail McNamara Karen Olson Mike Kewley
K Alana Carr METHODIST Elsa McLain
Judy Gregorius Jerry Smith Mae Joy Moorhead Sally Olson Joan McClure
M ST. MICHAEL Sonja Dordal Tom McLain
Bill Bayes
Brenda Hatcher Owada Aaron Pershall Kathy Peterson Gene Me ensching Beth Dubey Dick Petermann
PARISH Winona Bayes
Vern Lacewell Kerry Smith Dorothy Peterson Dean Renner Carol Merritt
M Lon Freeman Sunny Petermann
Stacey Anderson Lisa Cairy
Cheryl Moore Susie Stutzman Charlotte Phillips Penny Savage Tom Merritt
M Mali Gerson Connie Robinson
Andy Anderson Robert Cairy
Parisa Noorassa Jeri Van Dyk Ann Quick Naomi Specht Judy Oliver
O Sheri Gerson Caren Rose
Louise Batten Elaine Chandler
Dick Nye Bill Quick Missy Tade Taukea Panapa Randee Gibbons Carol Sanborn
Dave Bellefeuille-Rice Richard Clark
Karen Nye GLORIA DEI Barb Reinke Jeanne Vosburgh Taffy Potter
P Ozi Goldstein Frank Sanborn
Anna Boatright Cindy Foley
Barb Renolds Dave Reinke Joan Wubbena Pat Pruitt
P Seth Goldstein Ron Stoker
LUTHERAN Brennan Family Bill Goeres
Si Sarton Sue Schultz Wes Pruitt
P Beth Halpern Paul Tailor
Lynne Adair Becca Doane Jenny Goeres
Dorothy Smith Cindy Scobee Lucille Rhoads
R Eli Halpern Julie Taylor
Lori Barney Sandy Ethridge Julie Gwinn
Tess Star Heidi Scott Bonniee Salter Barnett Kalikow
Jon Barrott Gary Fasnacht Leida Hanning
Rev. F. Mark Dowdy, The United Churches of Olympia

Published in the Olympian Perspectives column, us to serve together for the common good.
May 15, 2010
I want to thank the members, friends, staff of The
United Churches of Olympia for their incredible and
Monday, May 31, will be the last day I will be the
amazing stands and works for social justice, speak-
senior pastor / head of staff of The United Churches
ing out for those who cannot speak for themselves,
of Olympia, a federation of the Presbyterian Church
and being a community that tries to live out its
(USA) and The United Church of Christ because on
motto: “No matter who you are or where you are on
that day I am retiring from 41 years of active minis-
life’s journey, you are welcome here!” The people
try as an ordained clergy of the Presbyterian
of The United Churches have shaped me to be who
Church (USA). In this Perspective, I want to thank
I am, what I believe, and how I live out my Christian
our Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey communities for
life far more than I have shaped them. Together we
amazing support and encouragement in my 23
have become a much more open, inclusive, liberal /
years of ministry here.
progressive people of God, and for this I am so very
One of the reasons I accepted the “call” to come be grateful.
pastor of The United Churches is that I had been in
I offer these thanks and many more with only one
Central Washington for nearly 12 years, and wanted
sorrow. I am sorrowful that Christians from all spec-
to serve in a place where I could exercise more
trums of Christianity (evangelical / conservative /
thoroughly my social conscience. I also wanted to
middle of the road / progressive / liberal) have not
be in a place that had a variety of faith groups, not
been able to work together, worship together, pray
just mainline Christian churches. Olympia is that
together, and serve together in our community other
place, and it has been a joyful, enriching, and learn-
than on some very isolated occasions. Maybe this is
ing opportunity to work with many faith communi-
why I am so grateful for Interfaith Works and its call
ties. During my 23 years here, I have seen so much
for all people of faith to come together. I would re-
growth in myself and others in understanding the
mind this community and myself of Jesus’ words in
multiple pathways to God, the richness of learning
one of his last earthly prayers: “…that they may be
about other traditions, and serving with so many for
justice and equality and fair treatment. It has been
an amazing journey to take stands publically beside Thanks for the journey, and as one of the members
those from the Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Baha’i, of The United Churches always says, “Onward and
Unitarian Universalist communities as well as the upward!”
Christian communities of Interfaith Works.
I want to thank Interfaith Works (nee: Associated The Rev. Dowdy’s last sermon at
Ministries of Thurston County) for moving from a The United Churches of Olympia will be on
purely Christian organization as it was when I first Sunday, May 30 at 10 a.m.
came to Olympia, to a much more inclusive, inter-
faith organization that has so enriched the faith All are welcome to attend the service,
communities of our areas and made it possible for 110 11th Ave. S.E., Olympia (at Capitol Way).
June 2010, p. 6
A listing of some of the activities and events of Interfaith Works members, affiliated organizations, and of general interest.
IW does not necessarily endorse these events. More details and events at

May 23 1st Olympia Sacred Harp All-Day Singing. Shape-note singing is a 200 yr-old American
Sunday folk tradition of a capella four-part harmony. Singers of all skill levels encouraged to take
9:30-3:30 part. Potluck lunch. At TESC Longhouse. Contact Marla at
May 23 Earth and Spirit Songfest with Jim Scott to benefit Out of the Woods Homeless
Sunday Shelter. Come lend your voice in a vocal celebration of earth and peace. Olympia Unitar-
7:00 pm ian Universalist Congregation, 2300 East End St NW, Olympia. By donation ($10-15).
May 24 Ethical Eating Film Series #5: “The Future of Food” A monthly movie series looking at
Monday some of the biggest issues in ethical eating. Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation,
7:00 pm 2300 East End St NW, Olympia 98502. Free, donations appreciated.
May 27 Zawadi Nikuze, Peace Builder: Sowing Hope Amidst War and Sexual Violence. Hear
Thursday about the 14 years of war in The Democratic Republic of Congo, and the projects address-
7:00 pm ing the deep wounds. TESC Lecture Hall One. 253-720-5025.
June 3 “Altruistic Thoughts and Actions” Nalanda Institute for Buddhist Study and Medita-
Thursday tion. Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim will talk on developing skills in self-awareness. Lien Hoa
7:00 pm Temple, 1211 Wilson St NE, Olympia. Suggested donation $15.
June 4-6 Nalanda Institute Annual Retreat: “Awake Every Day” Mindfulness Practice. Teach-
Fri-Sun ings and meditation instruction by Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim. Gwinwood Retreat Center.
2pm—npon $125 includes meals and lodging. 786-1309,
June 13 Singer-songwriter Karen Taylor-Good at Unity Church of Olympia. 1335 Fern St. SW,
Sunday Olympia, WA 98502. Sunday Celebration Service at 10 am, AND afternoon Concert. Call
TBA 943-5757 or visit for more information.
June 14-18 “Religion and Violence” 28th Annual Spiritual Life Institute at St. Martin’s University.
Mon-Fri This annual event explores a wide range of contemporary theological topics. See website
Various for program details, schedules and fees.
June 19 Walking a Sacred Path to Quiet the Mind and Open the Soul. Learn why the ancient
Saturday labyrinth has endured as a symbol of life’s sacred journey. Priory Spirituality Center, 500
9:15-3 pm College St NE, Lacey 98516. $60, pre-registration required. 438-255
July 10 The United Churches of Olympia Yard Sale. Our annual yard sale fundraiser with lots of
Saturday good items! If you have items to contribute, drop them off on Friday, July 9. 110 11th Ave
8 am-3 pm SE, Olympia, 98501. BBQ to follow.
July 24 God the Artist: We the Co-Creators. A retreat in clay to stimulate our creative souls.
Saturday Meet at the Priory Spirituality Center, travel to clay studio. 500 College St NE, Lacey
9 am-3 pm 98516. $60, bring lunch., 438-2595.

June 2010, p. 7
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Interfaith Works U.S. Postage
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Olympia WA 98507 Permit No. 325
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