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Language School


Elementary english III


Task II
Ynoudis Miguel Taveras Núñez
Look at the following exercises in your "Top Notch
Fundamentals workbook" and do them in a word file:


Lesson 3-
Exercise 7. Page 67

7- Which activities do you like? Number the activities from 1

to 6 in order you like to do them.

6 go to the beach 6 go running

6 go swimming 6 go bike riding
4 go for a walk 3 go for a drive

Which activities did you do? Which activities didn´t you do?
Write three sentences about yesterday, last week, and two
weeks ago-

Examples: I went to the beach yesterday

I didn´t go bike riding last week.

1. Yesterday. I went to the university.

2. Last week, I went many times where my friend
3. Two week, ago I had a meeting with good friends.
Lesson 3-
Exercise 8. Page 68

Write three things you did last weekend. Write three things
you didn´t do,

What I did: what I didn´t do:

1. I went to the university 1. I didn´t go to the pizzeria.
2. I took two exams 2. I didn´t cook rice
3. I went to the doctor 3. I didn´t swim
Lesson 3-
Exercise 9. Page 68

9. Complete the conversation. Write questions in the past


1. A: How was your, weekend?

B: actually. I had a great weekend
2. A: where did you go?
B: I went to the beach.
3. A: How was the weather?
B: it was sunny and warm
4. A: Who were there?
B: Some friends from school.
5. A: What did you do?
B: We went swimming and bike riding.
Lesson 3-
Exercise 10. Page 69

10- Choose the correct responses to complete the

conversation. Write the letter on the line.

A- There was a great concert at the stadium.

B- So what did you do on Saturday?
C- Not bad. Hey, where were you on Friday night?
D- Now that sounds nice!
E- What about Sunday? Did you do anything special on

1. A: How´s it going?
B: C
2. A: Friday night? Let me think…
Oh, yeah, I went shopping. Why?
B: A
3. A: There was? Too bad I wasn´t there!
B: E
4. A: Well, I exercised, I did the laundry, and then I
B: B
5. A: actually, I had a great day on Sunday. The
weather was beautiful, so I went bike riding at the
B: E
Lesson 3-
Exercise 11 Page 69

11- Answer the questions. Use the simple past tense.

1. Who did you talk to first today?

I talked with my mon.
2. What did you do the day before yesterday?
I went to the university.
3. What time did you come home last Saturday night?
I come home at 06:30pm.
4. Did you do anything special last weekend?
No, I didn´t.
5. Did you have a good day yesterday?
No, I hadn´t.
6. How many books did you read last month?
I read two books.
7. Where did you live five years ago?
I live with my family but in another house.
8. How often did you watch TV last week?
I watched TV like one time a week.