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tall taller than the tallest


i.e. fast faster than the fastest.
Comparatives are used
Some important rules to remember !
 Short vowel – double the last letter. to compare two people
e.g. fat fatter than the fattest
wet wetter than the wettest or things.

 Two vowels or two consonants together – the last letter is not doubled.
e.g. clear clearer than the clearest
dark darker than the darkest Superlatives
are used
 Words that end with a y – drop the y and change it to ie. for comparing one
e.g. sticky stickier than the stickiest person or thing with
ugly uglier than the ugliest
every other member
 Words that end with an e –drop the e and add –er and –est. of their group.
e.g. wise wiser than the wisest
white whiter than the whitest

 Words that can be broken up into more than two syllables – use more and most.
e.g. hor/ri/ble more horrible than the most horrible
fan/tas/tic more fantastic than the most fantastic

 Words that end with ful - use more and most.

e.g. delightful more delightful than the most delightful
careful more careful than the most careful

 If in doubt use more and most !

bad worse than the worst

good better than the best
far further than the furthest
little less than the least
little smaller than the smallest
many more than the most
Exercise 1
 Now try these for yourself – remember the rules !

rich smart gentle forgetful incredible bad

Exercise 2
 Rewrite this story using the strongest form i.e. the most….
 Use words from the box.

wonderful rich mysterious little huge

young old wise dirty beautiful grand
tiny blue steep high green smart
odd pretty dark horrible surprising
delightful fantastic terrifying interesting
long happy large small tiny kind
grumpy friendly bad exciting pleasant crazy

Once upon a time there lived the ________man. He lived in the _______ house
on the hill. The house had the _______ roof and the _________door. It was the
________ house on the block.

In the house lived the _______ man. He kept the _______ horse. This horse was
his _______ friend. They would go on the ________ journeys, to the ________
places you can image. They have had the _______ adventures.

One day they were travelling along the ________ road when the _________
dwarf stopped them and placed the ________ spell on them. They were frozen
to the ground. Luckily the _______ fairy was watching and was able to free
them. Now the fairy lives in the house with them and she is the ______ fairy
Exercise 3
 Use these words in the comparative form and in a sentence.

e.g. tall “My red house is tall.” Said Anna

“My green house is even taller.” Stated Susan.
“ My purple house is the tallest.” Bragged Steven.

sweet juicy ugly large good clean