i to the j

ByMichael Sharpe


The breath of your perception fades across my body, sending shivers of electric currents nervously through this hollow chest. Vessel of light blinded with darkness, empty to receive; painfully receptive, needles cast across flesh. A vesica of process working upon this biology; transforming me into the image of your perfection, molding me painfully to lie still, to burn. How it burns with your neglect, silently with your infinity, with the gentle pressure from your quiet love. It spilling forth from my dreams.; how these dreams and visions burn aches and tears across expanses uncounted in the furthest regions of my heart; cascading possibilities which trickle through my mind, haunting me with soft scents and sheets of moments that never were and may never be; yet more real than anything I could recall.


The Empress lp

Agony of love that sears me with its taintless innocence, always rending me to prostrate to it, forcing words out of my mouth, becoming me and eclipsing this ego with its Light.

Children’s scents that swim with my months, time undone in the nostalgia of your company; hair sweeping dust from the records of my memory, clearing away all the distortions, and I am clean. Fire from your eyes leaves me naked, trembling- and magic enters my veins, a

silver liquid of some vision, pristine- a fountain of youth which taunts me inwards to the destruction of my inhibitions. You have entombed me in your silence yet your love awakens my ashes from my own bare this incarnation from out of your immolation; and resurrected into this radiance I scream- I can not incarceration.

Energy settles, stills. Rain across the canvas of my skin, beating like drums to my spirit; and it cools, softening the glare. I step back and sink down. Sink. Deeper, moving, not struggling. I gasp for air and take in water. Calm silence will await me. Acceptance- calm and clearcompassionate and gentle and peaceful. How I long for this fire to be quenched, to lie it still, to let it go and feel the wonders of a passive

heart. To cry, to melt into this emptiness. No more struggle. I am tired. I am hurt and scared and alone. I am becoming- and I can not stop it. I can not remove myself from these projections on youLight, transmuting the dross into wings to fly into sun- child hands grasp, laughter breathes- lightness, faintness, release. Precious nectar, dearest friend, soul, companion, lover, opposer, denier; hide and seek amidst trees looming with angelic presence of another world- we need not go anywhere, we just must step to the side, see it from a new angleand they are changing me in their radiation. Mutating me into

and elves and fairies, gnomes and sylphs are but a blink away; gateway, door, hold me, move me through- fascinate my chambers to open- I am trembling in this mist. I am going home.

Rings, leaves, grass golden blowing hues of amber bubbles into the rings of your eyes, marching with the time of planets and suns; marching to the flow of your bodies rhythms, moons blood drips from cracks in your pain, enchanting magic to break forth upon your madness—invoking nothings that whisper the words of new songs, chant new worlds into formations through these hands… withered sorrow--- preparing me for deeper depths of passions presence with love detaches from my lungs, sprouting wings to fly into your kisses from unknown shores- winds that creak with houses walls and children’s fantasies. Fantasy, dear imagination, bosom divine, I dive! Breathing I become! Suns, stars, worlds, moons… but where are you, dear Love? You are none of these… where are you? Will I feel your caress? Or is it ever empty images….


Through the coldhjl
Sheltered from the storm Battered I stand alone Red staining the white ground Lord I am coming

Ruby gems taken from my soul. With spirit in my wings

For though the road is long Your Word before me sing Tattered in rags On knees to thee

This heart begs for alms To sublimate inspiration From the coal of this soil

Lend me breath to breathe Lift my head from the ground Lend me roots to see

And lay your kiss upon me. I am naked

While your love stays immured. Bound within this flesh I pray to take flight. As I cast my sight

I am penniless and poor

Barren to your word

Through the bars of my cage I see your glowing orbs Nestled in the night.

I long for your tender hands To caress this metal heart To send me your Love

To touch this still face

I wait for your grace

In another’s flesh like mine.

this heart burns and tears, and I cant even find words to relieve and release and unbind this tension. withering like snakes skin longing to shed these outworn emotions; tired of these patterns, so tired. burning skies purify this time and crumbling monuments utter prophetic rhymes. A world ablaze with ignorance and I am sinking; ruins scattered through this landscape the end has already been. No one escapes the reaper


I come home


and no one gets out alive; so we must try to find a little devotion amidst these lies. I am sinking and singing to my madness; delirium, my temptress fill my eyes. I will stop resisting the urge to reach to her, but invite her into my bed and let insanity become poetry to my hands and ecstasy to my soul; chaos to my heart and the muse to my art. death to this self annihilated and burnt up

as incense to your love. devotion in my hands and screams on my lips writing from my bones circles an ellipse. Silence lingers and this lotus unfolds emergent and timid, light breaks forth feeding off my darkness; and I pray on knees take my hurting self a poor offering to an infinite body; accept this flesh and release me from me. Let me come home...

a box of memories holds my tongue and manifested silence entombs this one. sinking into waters I drown and clouds gather raining down. I walk amidst these delusions love throbbing in a wave of illusions caught amidst this web of lies from my lips escapes a cry. I heave myself and my emotions, as I drift aimless on this ocean, against your hardened broken heart and there I am shattered apart. Sea of sorrow, see me to tomorrow bear my soul away on wings of grace, as I pray to see her holy face to feel her caress, as her love like rain scatters upon the sheets where we have lain



and I fall down upon my knees tears become my soul as I hang upon this tree and dream leaks from my skin. velvet motions seethe across these limbs as I surrender to this pain. I am extending up like grain to the sun, made naked, I am torn open by the memory of her touch and it is too much. I falter as memory grips I shudder as the walls rip this heart from its cocoon scars appear, I fall, I fear but I must wait. for the look of her eyes to beckon me through the gate. poetry is my sword to cleave this heart asunder and within and under

the sun I wonder when my body will dissolve and the walls I built will start to fall when I will be naked and shining to feast upon existence, dining on the delights of this earth, to bring to all a joyful mirth. lift me out of these sands I am too scared to stand and with a final motion I drink that deadly potion, I reach out my hand. but yours is gone setting like the dawn and I lie still surrendering my will. enough, I pray. See me through the night and into Day.

lamented flames flicker shadows these pasts that lick up time; and the light seeps in. I am cracking


this heart pulses dreams wandering in search of this desserts rose. and in the mirages of her chambers I laid to rest my final wish. I longed for nights sweet kiss yet with no love to see,

Now my tears are her longings given to the world in pain are the dreams of a world and my dreams

waiting to finally awaken. I sit with this pain in my chest and settle into this loneliness,

I am emptied of hate. dissolved in the cauldron of Love I hear it calling me homewards Sweet child, I come to your call a star amidst her empty sky. and a light drifts into my eyesI sink into her waters

and bleeding

for eternity is birthed from her womb and your name rings true to my ears sweet dew rained upon the true. scents shower me with silver honey, sweet embrace

and the moon rains down to your flesh in the wind of her passages trance. I spent long years searching and now I lay me down to rest beneath the starry canopy. and not finding I wept the silver crescent bends and bows

Q m

Singular pulsations sweep me closer Tendrils of passion

This Vessel of Essenceb

Wreathe about my ephemeral heart Like love it entwines Pulling me apart;

Softly caressing the creases of my mind Flowing through my art. from shoreless space nestling in a place entering my chest Vision drifts

and weeping it pours out sucking sensual souls to soothe sour stains. Something settles. Saving silence,

Sea foams placed within empty hands Gathering shells of prophecy From times shifting sands

Fountainhead of pristine poetry And placing the pieces Perfecting my peace

Shining rays nourish life,

Blooming to awareness

And I am sprouting

This Dream blooms from my eyes Through digital webs it stretches For its liquid presence; I am a container For this One A vessel of quicksilver Taking flight into cultures hives

Falling together it hatches

A Voice and a messenger Grail of my heart Servant to a dove;

Filled with His sweet embrace Shining down from its face. I am swept away Made whole by the glory

By the pulsations of its revelations Incisions through my soul To place a flame within. Falling into starlight This place I lie in Luminous space,

I am hugged by a blanket of quiet; Is the awareness of presence, Dissolved into radiance.

Woven as strands though my being Run through my body A bejeweled net

I am blessed with dream

Through the fibers of my metaphor Silencing the platitudes Placed upon my spirit; Troubled less

Pulsating its vibrant signals

With the lamp of your love I am given a purpose

With the blood of my beingAnd I will tear this wound wide For my tears are the rain Which waters the life Of this dying world. And let it climb inside I am bleeding

And bring it to bloom

To nourish this life

And my offering to beings To unfold into Light! I am clearing out From this self radiant source I am laying me to rest Eternal emptiness. Singular and glowing Luminescent

This Work is my prayer

Within her bosom of Night


Beautiful paranoiamy
Light shimmers golden a phosphorescent incandescence radiates a beautiful paranoia from the panorama of your eyes inviting in a prismatic vision of paradisiacal possibility. Buoyant divine birthed stars within my mind landscaped expanse of awareness crystallized into a fine dew upon the rose of remembrance a million refractions casting reflections elating relations and pressing this purpose through a divine fires freedom. For in some dreams domain of this rarefied desire

poetry elevates my perceptions through the caverns of your "I's" patterns portray your nature softly as a rainbow of hues machinations and in the moments liberation chaos kisses my tongue and in your clear expanse expands to infinite dimensions of love. In words presence persists moving through the jail of time fields of interlaced imagery flies to skies of consciousness and in this space which is my heart vast as night I feel you gaze upon me and possibility presses from my passions to the earth

manifested as Light, crystallized in your perfect silence. My compassion re-forms and from its shifting surface I lay down in solitude and dissolve into the stream of our Visions perfect dream.


Passing and slipping

Butterfly Fields bj


The days into moments gone I wash myself clean in this river,

A stream of consciousness Leaves me empty To your glance. Purify me with Time And laugh with your eyes. Your golden halo Strikes a chord on my soul And your breath warms my toes, Frostbitten, Left from an icy hearts toll. Moments pass And your face remains, A spark from the sun with wind in its rays; A praise from your grace Settles in to this space and lifts me above my grief.

Open a door Let the wind Move the dust from its place. Let your laugh Break the silence And transform My soul Into quiet flight. Let age away, Grow us young again To awaken with surprise To find that our imaginations Left us worlds to explore with a silent grace. Adventure awaits the brave Who seek backwards through their days Who walk forward into change

By unlocking deaths cage. Break this division And slip between the cracks Into these fissures of mine Hidden in caves On the shoals of time. Bathe in the fragrance Of this moments divine. Tickle this liquid present To ripple with the joy Inside. Die.


Ground my lightning into the earth As a vision through my division I would cry a rain of poetry Evoke this pressing panorama

If you could light me on fire



Towards the union of your ocean That perfected your projection If your hands would gather my dreams Glean them from the land of nod; The dried flowers of my mind Offered to the grave of time; The flesh of my soul Formed into stone

Would be carved into the image Of a wish for this dying world. If with your strength

You could reach into this soul And from the timid darkness Of my shadow

Harvest the fruits of my solitudeThe artifacts of magic, Pull from my madness

Of the awareness inside me will reflect a new future over all the earth.

Then the untainted gems

If, with the fire of your wrath this secreted accretion around my possibilities, I would be left A radiant sun Which hardened You burned up

In the passions of my Love.

If, with your fingers outstretched you would touch this heart It would be set ablaze In a song of devotion of silent reverie. All it takes A word

To your infinite body

Is a thought A deed.



nothing ever changes. faces shift the masks we wear are traded


but the dance continues the masquerade of souls the circus of sensations and amidst this ring I dance breathing fire from my mind and singing to the stars. It is a pageant before my eyes beautiful and sparklingeach moment radiant; I do not cling. I move with this motion I float on this ocean and above me

the moon casts its incandescent dreams upon me. I am awake here as the world transforms before me. I lie still. I will not hold on I will let go. I will embrace the emotion of the moment neither attracted nor repelled my habits will carry me through. This is the Eye. This is the calm. I will not abandon this center. I will be the radiant source the motion of the planets in their course, moving suns and moons

and placing the tides on their rounds,. I am eternal; and in my pain I am made pure. I will remember. This is all a Dream. I will remember. I am Change.


Requesting the audacious voice Requesting stimulation. See through, peel between the times This is transmission through trisection Over barriers your messages reach me Though a million voices echo in my head I Pick you out and raise you up A tower of fire ablaze with your creations; Angels fall like drops of flame Setting ablaze the sky’ And the earth imbibes your dreams Giving birth to light, Taking flight into night Crystalline changes take part in my brain Biology begins to emerge As I press through these shadows Transcribe my fears into flesh Pressing love out of my heart


I am a whisper in your voice A vessel for your choice To take back this land And rain down justice form your hands Till the soil of my soul Divine harbinger of death, For in the face of your radiance I am lifted into flight And your fingers touch my spine And liquid labyrinths Sing visions to my sun. A single love blooms in this silence Floating upon the ether of my naked soul Bared to the absence of your tongue Longing for visions Moving with motions Diving into oceans And drowning in your name. I am waiting, Silent reverie;

I am shaking from your presence, The rays cast from your wings Overpower my solitude. Prayers press out of my lips And kiss your waiting emptiness, Birthing dreams into your darkness And setting this space ablaze With my love. I am done. I lie still. I sink. I can not sustain your absence. I cry. There is no more.


Tainted, views saw me through darkness And with flames Poison consumed me. Brought to the feet of light A humbled sinner

Division marked my sins


Unworthy of even your sight Wasted by the shadowed heart of my hands Beaten and torn, knees scrapped In the might of these beings Holy lineage, vajra-wielders Great compassionate ones Unable to even stand To bow down in thanks Darkened, I am low. Blessed ones, To make an offering I am put to shame. I am not strongGifts given in the form of art

Accept this poor wandererStained by past actions Of theft and mockery, Of grave misconduct, Unclear perceptions

Tainting the essence of the Law; Of the true nature of phenomena Body speech and mind corrupted, Like mud rising to the surface, Once hidden on the riverbed. I stir up my memory I am filled with unclear waters Which sullied my volition.

And defilements rise like sedge. Worthy ones,

Aspirations that once pressed kisses Now only whisper wishesBut all others first! Save not me,

Accept this lonely heart!

For even the first word But with courage conquering fear With tears in my eyes, I prostrate, Of your teachings!

I am not fitting

Diving into the murky oceans of my past With the fragrances of your blessings. Retinue of awakened ones Render me this service Protectors of beings Precious Teacher, Washing myself

That I might reflect your wisdom To all beings without division! In boundless equanimity, Remove this blindness May I reside.

To the sacred Word of this mighty Law.

That I may be worthy to do homage

In this darkness I will wait to be kindled Blazing throughout creation. And overflow from my body, Infinite and resplendent qualities And in a wave of compassionate activity May I practice unceasingly For the benefit of all Beings, As vast as the night sky and uncountable Arise without effort May the four immeasurable, May love fill my chest By the light of a single star

So long as even a single being remains May I continue to rain blessings Like a radiant moon of Wisdom. Time is fleeting, Reflecting always

As the grains of sand in the world.

Passing like a flash of lightning.

For this precious opportunity May I not waste it But use it always I pray.

With tears of thanks

In fruitless pursuits To reach beyond these delusions Unto the Smooth Point.

Blessings unto all beings! Blessings to all Wanderers Blessings to all Masters

On the many Paths of Awakening. Blessings to the saints and angels, Blessings to the Bodhisattvas To the greedy ones To the selfish ones. The demons and devils,

Blessings to the misguided ones

Blessings unto all that lives!


unwinds; dissolves

Tears j

razors cut from the narrows of my heart dark clouds amass as realization breaks and into the Light I fall. Phosphoresence shines as self breaks down glass upon my skin, I breathe

Tears like stinging rain

unleashed through impure habits, invoked into my fragile frame; athirst for radiance mind parched

pain unbearable

huddled and immobile waiting to be born. Unable to stand of that divine command kindling me to fire, called to grace; to face the face

and fill myself with Vision. paralyzed by poisons

to utter that sacred Name

too tainted and ashamed

yet too full of blame,

or to utter words to the worlds children; natures web unweaves full of suffering traceless divine

too weak to even put brush to paper

and this dying world, mirrors my projections

and I am falling. I am incapable

and prayers escape my lips. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. Words fail,

to get up on my own;

for dream is all I desire, is the food of my soul is too much for me. I am humbled destinies fulfillment

and that mighty Will

and through my tears I pray. In the face of the infinite, the vista's of vision

compassionate and supreme,

resound with this dream. and kneeling I try

where I can purify my mind. I am broken, breaking

and find a place in time

to dissolve all my lies

leaving me open to its seeds which take root in my soil. I am not worthy. I am alone.

tilling my soul

None of this is for me. This Light is not my own. Rainbow supernova consumes my bones-

out of this imaginal divide self fractures

and birthed is the divine

I am lost in the fragrance of the perfect vagrance, a traveller of the world

as the Other dissolves

laid to rest in my grave All I am is Light. Longing to love, sweet Night

yet too scared to shine. lay me in your empty sky and let me die.

to be filled with your wine. radiant divine I am thine.

My tears leave me empty


I was dark,

The Teachers blessing The joy of your smile

Offerings ay

Is the light of your eyes The light of your breath The warmth of your skin The love of your heart And the vision within.

amidst the shores of space I settled in to my nighttimeUntil the blaze of a fiery ray

Consumed me with light, The supernova of a radiant divine The grace of his grin Which poured mysteries Into this empty heart. Venerations like nectar Are all my words can muster Unworthy as I am To behold your dreams. Praises creep From the silence of devotion Prostrations bow me To this birthing LoveI have been kindled by your quiet reverie. I sink below my cries Amidst this space

I burn up. Thank you Goddess For your presence. Thank you Teacher For the gifts of spirit. May I never waste them But ever strive To share them with this World. These visions are not my own. I am but a vessel. Dear Teacher, I am coming home.


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