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List of students showing the subjects offered Conducting the examination

by them. (Do not forget to keep TWO copies The Roll Nos of students are as per the list you
with you.) have sent to IAPT along with the fees. Remember
3. Demand Draft (Prepare only one combined DD you have TWO copies of the same. Kindly display
of the entire amount collected for all the exams.) appropriate list of names indicating the students'
On receiving the registration form and the DD of roll nos one week before the exam. Along with this;
fees, IAPT will allot a Centre No. This Centre No. is kindly display the details of the examination such as
permanent and is indicated on the receipt for the subject, date, time and -above all- the place of
DD received by IAPT. This Centre No. is to be
examination classroom(s), seating arrangement etc.
mentioned in all your future correspondence. This
centre number remains same for future years as Adhere to the given time schedule. Be extra vigilant
well. The receipt also indicates the details of the
enrollment at your centre. Ensure that there is
and careful. These NSEs are very prestigious
exams. Ensure that no malpractice occurs. Prestige
no discrepancy. Question Paper packets for your
centre are prepared according to this information
written on the fee receipt.
After the examination
IAPT provides envelopes for sending the Answer
Open ever y letter, packet or any other
communication received from IAPT IMMEDIATELY papers. Seal the answer papers in proper TEACHERS
on its receipt. LOOK FOR A LETTER OF (according to subject) envelopes immediately at the
INSTRUCTIONS and act accordingly.
Dispatch and receipt of Question Papers :
close of an exam. Dispatch all the answer papers
in respective envelopes on the NEXT day viz. 29th National Standard
The question Papers are dispatched one month in
advance. In case you do not receive Question
November 2010. Answer Papers dispatched on any
later date will not be assessed. Examinations
Papers by Sunday, the 21st November 2010, (one
week before the day of examination)
Any malpractice detected will summarily disqualify
the entire centre. IAPT's decision in the matter shall in
IMMEDIATELY, get in touch with Prof. M. L.
be final.
Ogalapurkar, Co-ordinator, NSEs.

The Question Paper envelopes are NOT to be Prof. R. M. Dharkar, Chief Co-ordinator
opened till the time of (20 minutes before) that Prof. M. L. Ogalapurkar, NSEP/NSEC/NSEB
examination. These envelopes are sent in an outer
parcels. These parcels of the question paper
Co-ordinator BIOL OGY
Prof. J. P. Gadre, NSEA/ NSEJS Co-ordinator
envelopes should be opened immediately on its I.A.P.T. Office, I.I.E. Campus,
receipt. (Please note: Parcels are to be opened NOT
the Q. P. envelopes)The contents of the question
128/2, J. P. Naik Marg, Kothrud,
paper envelopes are written (mentioned) on the
envelopes. Kindly check and verify that the Tel. (Off.)020- 2542 0163
contents are as per your requirements. If not or in E-mail : INSTR UCTION SHEET NO 1
case of any discrepancy get in touch with For details regarding NSE's,
Prof. M.L. Ogalapurkar. visit our website - 2010 - 2011
5 6 1
General Instructions cum guidelines for the use Address of the center to whom the future provided. Attach additional sheets if necessary.
of College Principal/ Head of the Department/ correspondence, Q. Papers etc. should be sent. Indicate on each page the total of the respective
Teachers Incharge of the centre. (herein after (The person undertaking this responsibility must columns and on the last page the grand total of
the word "College" will imply College / Jr. ensure that no communication /parcel is returned respective columns.
College / Sr. Sec. School / Hr. Sec. School / or to us undelivered - due to non availability of the Kindly ensure that the birth dates of student
any other similar institution AFFILIATED TO A person) appearing for NSEJS are correct and that these
RECOGNIZED BOARD OF EXAMINATION). A college/school CAN register students NOT birth dates satisfy the eligibility conditions.
PLEASE read these instructions carefully and belonging to them. Keep TWO photo copies of this List with you,
follow them. It is our experience that delays and Students are advised to enroll in their own school/ they are needed later on.
inconveniences are caused by not adhering to these college. However it is likely that his/her school/ Kindly collect appropriate fees (as indicated
instructions. college may not be opting to be a center. In such a above).
Read the student's brochure first case, you are hereby urged to enroll all such Keep Rs 15/- from every Rs 75/- collected by you,
On the student's brochure and poster write the desirous students at your center and oblige. for the expenses at your centre. Send the rest to
name of teacher working as NSE exam incharge A minimum enrolment of 20 students - total -, is Examination i/c Prof. M. L. Ogalapurkar by a
of your centre and display it on the notice board essential for any institute desiring to have a Demand Draft from a nationalized bank in favour
(two copies are sent for display of both sides of the centre of NSEs. of "INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSICS
brochure.) Also read carefully the instructions given Kindly enroll students by collecting fees yourself. TEACHRS" payable at PUNE on the next day,
on the enrolment form, before filling the form. A format of the enrolment form for the student is 16th SEPTEMBER 2010. Prepare only one
enclosed. Get adequate no. of xerox copies of the combined DD for all the exams. Send the DD
IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers) is and the list showing the names of students to
an association of Physics Teachers spread through same. Each student should fill this form. Issue the
Prof. M. L. Ogalapurkar immediately. DD issued
out the country. It was started by Late Dr. D. P. receipt for the fees collected.
after 16th SEPTEMBER 2010 WILL NOT be
Khandelwal in 1984 and today it has 5000 life The fees are: Rs. 75/- (Rupees Seventy Five only) accepted.
members. All the work of this (our) organization is per student per subject.
voluntary in character-thus NOBODY is paid any The expenses at the centre include stationery items
Honourarium or remuneration for ANY WORK needed, the postage for sending the answer papers,
of IAPT. hospitality to the staff working voluntarily etc. The
ALL work of IAPT and therefore of these balance amount left at the end of the entire
SEPTEMBER 2010. Accept fees till this date.
examinations is VOLUNTARY. examination work is at your disposal to be utilized
Kindly : Register your centre by filling the 'Centre The seat numbers to all the students appearing in for any other similar academic science activity. No
Registration Form' signed by (a) Teacher Incharge YOUR school/College will be allotted by YOU. account need be submitted.
These numbers should be indicated in the column
of examinations and (b) the Principal/ Head of the (Just to repeat, you keep 20% for your expenses
marked Roll. No. in the list. Roll Nos. be allotted
Institution. Put the seal of the School/College. and send 80% of the amount you collect to IAPT.)
as 001, 002 003 (three digits please!) and so on.
This form is compulsory for ALL - old (already Candidates not belonging to your centre be given In a nutshell. Send the following by Registered /
registered) as well as new centres. numbers as 101, 102, 103 and so on. Students from Speed Post.
Mentioning the PIN in the form is an absolute still other institutions be given numbers 201, 202, 1. Centre Registration form of your institute duly
MUST. 203 etc. Begin every new college by new series.
signed by Head of the Institution AND the
Indicate the Name of center incharge and Prepare a list of enrolled students in the form Teacher Incharge.

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