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From: J.., D...

(Code Enforcement)
Sent: Friday, August 05, 2016 10:48 AM
To: 'nootkabear@...
Cc: K..., M...
Subject: 811 S...Rd

Good morning M... McDowell,

It was good speaking with you this morning even though it was a little early. I have
researched the property files on 811 Sheppard Rd, the property was brought into
compliance per the DeKalb County ordinance it was boarded up and all trash and debris
was removed from the premises. However, it has been a little over 8-9 months since the
property was last inspected so I have created a service inspection request as of today. I am
requesting for a status update and will inform you of the results . If I can be of any further
assistance please feel free to contact me at the information provided below.

D... J... | Senior Complaint In Rem Officer

DeKalb County Beautification Unit –Code Enforcement Division
Leadership Team
1807 Candler Road | Decatur, GA | 30032
Office (404) 687-3700 | Cell (404) 427-0488| Fax: (404) 534-1270

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From: "D... J..." <>

To: nootkabear@...
Cc: "K..., M..." <>
Sent: Friday, August 5, 2016 5:35:09 PM

Subject: RE: 811 Sheppard Rd

Thank you Ms. M... and I will keep you informed as I progress with this case. Have a great

D...J... | Senior Complaint In Rem Officer

DeKalb County Beautification Unit –Code Enforcement Division

Leadership Team
From: nootkabear@... [mailto:nootkabear@...]
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:24 PM
To: J,... D...(Code Enforcement)
Cc: K..., M...
Subject: Re: 811 Sheppard Rd

Mr. J...,

I am curious about what is happening with the property at 811 Sheppard Rd.

I believe the last I heard, was that the property is in compliance, and the case closed? Did
I really hear that?

How can that be determined, when no one has been inside the building. They used to beat
on the walls, to get the lamp to work. There are serious issues with the property. One issue
is that there is no gas run to the building, no electricity run to the building. The only reason
it would have water, is because it was rerouted just before the meter, by a licensed plumber,
which is illegal to do.

Also, what good does it do a community to take the time to gather signatures for a petition,
that no one is going to take seriously?

The statutes in Georgia are in place for a reason.

You seriously cannot think that I plan to look at a boarded up, run down, unsafe house, on
a junked up, rat infested, barren yard, each and every day.

We waited until Mr. DiNapoli no longer owned the property, he signed it over to someone
who basically promised him he could live there until he died, and they would fix the house
up for him. It never works the way these people explain it, they always throw the
homeowner out, shortly after acquiring title to the property. Then the property went to tax
sale, because the people that stole the property from Mr. DiNapoli, were so cheap that they
did not pay the back taxes on it. They got the property for free, and still refused to pay the
taxes. November will be one year since the tax sale.

On top of that, I have to face the fact, that someone is eventually going to attempt to make
money on that place. More than likely, a citizen seeking home ownership will purchase
the property, after it has supposedly been fixed up, by people who have no licenses to
perform such work, and end up throwing their money down the tubes.

There is nothing that can be done for that piece of property. While Mr. DiNapoli owned
and lived at the property, I was willing to let things slide, when your officers refused to act
on the property. The fact remains, I have hundreds of photos of the property, as entities,
without proper authority, performed illegal work on the property. We provided Mr. K...
with excellent photos of a plumber re-routing the the water line just before the meter. It is
a real shame that DeKalb County does not take these matters seriously.

I do have a Petition with around 20 Notarized signatures of residents of this area, wanting
the property demolished.

Nevertheless, you promised to keep me informed as you progress, and I am checking to

see where the issue stands, at this time.

Thank you for your time, and understanding in this matter,

J... M...
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(404) ...

From: J...D...(Code Enforcement)

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 9:53 AM
To: 'nootkabear@...'
Cc: K...M...
Subject: RE: 811 Sheppard Rd

Good Morning Ms. Sheppard,

Per my phone message this morning to you iam doing a site inspection wit officer
Armstrong on the current conditions of the property. The property per my file photos show
the property to be boarded up according to county code. The yard has been cleaned of any
debris, trash, junk or clutter. I have check the water file and there is little or no usage at
this location. Upon my inspection this morning I will provide you with a current update.


D...J... | Senior Complaint In Rem Officer, BBA/MCEC

DeKalb County Beautification Unit –Code Enforcement Division
Leadership Team
1807 Candler Road | Decatur, GA | 30032

From: "D...J..." <>
To: nootkabear@...
Cc: "K...M..."
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 11:46:01 AM

Subject: RE: 811 Sheppard Rd

Good morning again Ms. Mc...,

Please excuse my first reference to your name (Sheppard instead of Mc...). I along with
officer Armstrong inspected the location 811 Sheppard Rd this morning and found the
property to still be secured according to code, and there was no high weeds and grass noted
at this time. However Officer Armstrong will be adjudicating this case for the violations of
open storage of trash and debris. He will be issuing a notice of violation and summonses
for compliance. He will place this information in the system for any further inquiries and
or status updates. We will diligently continue to monitor this location for compliance and
will address any concern that you may have in the near future.
D...J... | Senior Complaint In Rem Officer, BBA/MCEC
DeKalb County Beautification Unit –Code Enforcement Division
Leadership Team
1807 Candler Road | Decatur, GA | 30032
Office (404) 687-3700 | Cell (404) 427-0488| Fax: (404) 534-1270
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From: nootkabear@... [mailto:nootkabear@...]
Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2016 11:32 PM
To: J...D...(Code Enforcement)
Cc: K...M...
Subject: Re: 811 Sheppard Rd

Mr. J,
I hope you are having a marvelous Monday. Instead of a new email to you, I am responding
to the last email, so that I won't have to explain who I am, ... Mc... at .... Rd. The email
below pretty much explains it.
I was reading over the past emails between you and I and the ones with Mr. K.... I am
curious about something, and actually, may be in the wrong place. In the email below,
next to your name, it shows: DeKalb County Beautification Unit - Code Enforcement
I guess what is confusing to me, is it is no secret what I am after in pursuing the matter, but
it really has nothing to do with the outside of the property. My understanding, when I
began having the petition signed, etc., was the structure is unsafe, I had the impression, that
someone would contact the current owner, so that the inside of the structure could be
evaluated. Yea, the tons of leaves, is bothersome, and the plastic that has been covering
up the pile of gravel for a year, is a pain to look at every day, but that is nothing compared
to the structure of the building. I mean, ya know, James, 100% disabled, receives SSI, and
don't have a lot to live on, but the fact that he has to keep up the leaves on both sides of the
driveway gets old, but he has to do it. If he don't do both sides, the leaves will blow right
back to our side. Happens every time.
Like I said, that is all a nuisance, yes, but nothing compared to the problems with the
structure. The stuff that you can't see in a photograph; unless we took the photograph, and
had the opportunity to point out what you are looking at. Houses with vinyl siding can
hide a lot of problems. I recently saw a code enforcement inspection from Walton County
on a structure problem, and 811 has never been evaluated on structure, I assure you. Just
like most people don't realize that there is asbestos drywall in the house, or that DiNapoli
had been busted over there for manufacturing "meth", or any of the other skeletons in the
closets over there. Living here for the past 23 years, we have learned a lot about the
Also, if you would like some of the photos that tell the facts about the property, feel free
to let me know,I have more than enough to go around.
Anyway, I am wondering if maybe there is a different department or entity that I should
have taken the Petition and my complaint to. It would be so much easier for me to take
care of this matter prior to someone attempting to do more cover ups, so that they can sell
the dilapidated run down hole, to some poor unsuspecting possible first home buyer.
November will be the tax sale anniversary. Whether the people that stole the property from
DiNapoli, or Ayub - the tax sale purchaser, ends up with the property, is really irrelevant
to me. I don't care. I just won't have someone over there doing structural work, hiding that
they are doing the work, from the county, and having to Petition Superior Court for a Writ
of Mandamus against the wrong department. All of that would be just an improper waste
of time, when I can do all this now, before we have to learn which entity ends up with the
property in the end, because I am sure, one way or another, someone is going to be over
there, trying to hide everything they can, so that they can unload the property.
Thanks so much for your assistance in this matter.
Sheppard Rd
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(404) 801-4110 noon till 3AM I work nights.
(888) 289-0358

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