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Who said you need to talk to communicate with someone?
Chaitanya Mohan shows us how body language plays a vital role in communication
Have you ever looked at your best friend when you cannot speak to him/her but you look at them and somehow they seem to understand? Did you ever wonder how this happened? How that when you come home from a hard day and your family instantly questions you if your day was bad or tiresome? This is exactly what body language is. Whenever you say something you body has its own way of saying it, and a human subconscious brain can decipher these signals and tells you what exactly is happening.

you need to be careful about before expressing them freely in a multi-cultural community.Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 Act Up!! Breaking all the barriers that limit us from reaching out to the open world that awaits each and every one of us. . they are people from different races. From the classy erudite to the savage tribal. care and compassion. Your guess is right. Smile. First act of conversation One would wonder how do people from different walks of life manage to interact at such a level so as to be so close to one and other? The answer to that is quite 2 Hand Signals Hand signals are something I always enjoy a repartee with my friends from all over the world. simple. Sometimes some signals may have a harmless or positive motive but might mean something rude or offensive in the jargon of another group who might not take the action too lightly. different worlds. Yes no matter where in the world you are everyone interprets a smile. they all smile when they have something good on their mind or heart. That is why remember no matter where you are in the world. There is always something new to learn every time I call or write. you will soon figure out a way to communicate with them. different countries. Yet they stand next to each other in love. if you can exchange a smile with a fellow human being. Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 Before you read on please take a minute to look at the pictures above you. Irrespective or creed language or culture.

Put yourself in their place. Always walk in with confidence. Show 3 . Look them in the eye when you respond. 3. 2. It is not with how much you knew or were oblivious to (Of course this counts too). Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 Wondering why didn t you make the cut at the interview despite knowing your stuff? Why is it that you didn t get through? Even though you were qualified and well suited for the job. The main problem was how comfortable were you? If you walked in to an interview shivering and stammering with fear of not getting the job. that will automatically take care of the stammering and stuttering. would you let someone who is unsure of him/her self and overcome by fear work under you? To avoid such mishaps in future there are a few points you need to remember when you go to an interview.Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 Talking made easy for those who say the right things but are still wrong. Answer always to the point. then no matter how intelligent you are no manager or HR in his/her right mind would give it to you. Make them feel like you are the one and they do not need anyone else. They are not interested in bedtime stories. 1. Do not let that word-vomit get the better of you. 4. What could have gone wrong? The Speech in the Silence The problem is not with what you answered. Think before you answer.

Do not look at their table because even if you get the job you are not going to sit there for a good number of years. You may be the small talk person or the keeps to him/her self person who does not bother with or about anyone or you may be the smart.Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 (Continued) them that you can handle being in their presence. Remember everyone gossips and enjoys it. You do not have to be overly cautious. Leave your shoulders slightly loose. 5. because sometimes some decisions cannot be turned back and some damages can never be repaired irrespective of the price. make sure it s a firm handshake. Keep eye contact even when being spoken to. Do not look at your files you already know what s in them by heart. they may be the perfect friends and will most probably be loyal. It is all about throwing the right vibes before throwing the wrong words. But it is human tendency to talk about other s shortcomings or to criticize or mock or unknowingly insult. So technically everyone s eyes are on you. Especially if you are new. Have you noticed how the bad guys lie or say the wrong or inappropriate things as if they were nothing and still get away it? Baddies Day Out There is no secret to how they pull it off. you need to be very relaxed on the inside. Enter The Office A work environment can be very complicated. Of course all in all it is advised not to behave like this as it is morally and ethically wrong. To perform such a task you first and foremost need to be comfortable with yourself. But your words are not what your colleagues are listening to. or the perfect person to talk to. When you shake hands. After that your comfort with the other . Never be uptight or stiffen up in front of them. The way you dress and the way you carry yourself. To avoid this you must remember to keep a track of your habits and rituals. Never forget to consult your conscience before attempting such acts. no one is perfect. And don t look too relaxed (on the outside. 7. person comes in natural free flow. Even you! Although you don t realize it or are in denial about it. It makes you look professional. They way you walk to the way you eat every motional behavior is involuntarily being monitored by them.) otherwise you will not be taken seriously at all. you need to look relaxed so that at any point it appears that you are crossing a line u can immediately make a shift claiming to be joking. Never interrupt when someone is talking. or funny. 6. Now before you jump to 4 conclusions remember your work friends maybe be really nice people.

Now our question is how? What makes them tick? Why do people behave like this how is it different? There are two types of behavior in body language. There can be many examples. Let us take the example of a teenage girl who has a favorite pop artist. Several reasons for both types of behaviors. their tone etc. they tend to behave more like their inspirations. The way they act. Present. Understanding Body Language by Geoff Ribbens & Richard Thompson 3. Body Language by Julius Fast 2. automatically his body language will express his fear by some indication or the other. And sure enough many peoples temperament mentality and outlook are affected by their past. After growing up his body language will reflect his confidence. And slowly as time passes these new changes become a behavioral pattern causing changes in the person s body language. by instinct because life experiences have made them that way. both of which tell you a great deal about a person. Body Language : A Play by Alan Ayckbourn 4. which include swagger. the person s past is one main reason. We have also discovered how behavior complicates or simplifies the situation of interaction. Birth habits such as biting your nails or shaking your leg and instilled habits. hand movements while talking etc. .Sigmund Freud Recommended books to understand body language 1. their entire body language tries to match theirs. but the fact remains that experiences of the past shape your body language for your present and future. When humans have someone to look up to. Body Language by Susan Quilliam . A boy who grows up on the streets learns to fend for himself. On the other hand someone who has stayed in a complete shell all his life cannot do what the boy who grew up on the streets could do.Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 Behavioral Reasons History We have discovered how behavior affects the atmosphere around. The Father of Psychology Sigmund Freud quoted that People behave in a particular way. their speech. Now and Tomorrow How will your present and your future affect your behavior and body language? One thing at a time. For example some one who had suffered from a terrible bike accident decides to go on the bike again. When people manage to recognize some faults in their behavior or are unhappy with something about themselves they try to make amends. by instinct because life experiences have made them that way. Body Language For Dummies by Elizaeth Kuhnke 5. Growing up with random people has taught 5 him how to communicate with unknown people. People behave in a particular way.

http://image.jpg 3. Sigmund Freud image:.shutterstoc.jpg 2. 11967001615/stock-photo-a-mother-with-her-son-on-white-background-7498882 6.php?uid+434&do-blog&id1030 5. Indian Mother and American Child:.bbcimg. Pg3 Picture of Bibliography 1.personalitydevelopment. Chinese and African-American:.jpeg 9. Pg2 Inset We suit your requirements to the best we can.lynetteveldtman. Cover Sub Kennington s Mohan 7. All data is the original work of Chaitanya Mohan based on his own observations on human life.cn4fun.policeone/policeone/data/lieslies2%20copy.www. Pg2 British and African:. please enquire at reception before availing for one. Offer subject to close without prior notice. Cover Main Picture:. Special discounts this season* *Special discount prices are subjected to terms and conditions. THANK YOU .Chaitanya Mohan FYBMM 08 Kennington s Institute of Advanced Personality Development Do you want to move ahead in line? Do you feel that you haven t reached your true potential? Then look no further.keyscourts.freud-sigmund.jpg 4.jpg 8. Here at Kennington s we offer you the best in personality development.jpg

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