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Steve Wozniak

Not that one. Engineering Manager at Meetup. Technology lead at The FEST. Board of
Directors at Punk Talks.

I get a lot of noise in my inbox, so I'll let you in on a little trick. The only way I will actually respond to
your e-mail is if you show me a recent receipt of a $20+ donation (in your name or mine) to any of
the following organizations: Planned Parenthood, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law
Center, Council on American-Islamic Relations, or charity: water.

Make that $100+ if you plan on adding a stupid joke about my name in your message.

Curious about my name? Read this:


Engineering Manager at Meetup
June 2016  -  Present
I manage full-stack, front-end, and back-end engineers helping build Meetup. I also focus on the
craft of engineering management.

My main objective is to develop and maintain the atmosphere in which my team can do their
best work. I follow the philosophy of servant leadership. I encourage a pragmatic approach to
programming. I do not believe effective leadership exists without empathy. I help build inclusive
spaces in which a diverse team can thrive.

Website & App Developer at The Fest FL

January 2014  -  Present
The FEST is a long-running punk rock music festival. The 17th iteration of THE FEST will take
place in October of 2018. I am the sole developer working for The FEST, and am responsible for
building the website, mobile apps, and any other technology-specific needs we may have. - Web Designer / React JavaScript Engineer / WordPress Developer & Administrator

• Released annually starting April 2014

• 2018 stack: GatsbyJS front-end, WordPress back-end

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• Designed front-end experience and branding guidelines
• Developed custom GatsbyJS plugins
• Incorporated Redux and styled-components
• Developed custom WordPress theme, functions, plugins, and widgets

The FEST app - Cross-platform mobile JavaScript engineer / Mobile UI Designer / UX

• Develop cross-platform mobile apps using Appcelerator Titanium

• iOS app released annually since October 2013
• Android app released annually since October 2014

• iPhone: ~3,100 downloads - 5.0 average rating - 69 ratings, 31 reviews
• Android: ~1,400 downloads - 4.82 average rating - 106 ratings, 68 reviews

• iPhone: ~5,700 downloads - 5.0 average rating - 40 ratings, 30 reviews
• Android: ~1,500 downloads - 4.93 average rating - 74 ratings, 38 reviews

• iPhone: ~5,300 downloads - 4.9 average rating - 16 ratings, 14 reviews
• Android: ~1,200 downloads - 4.85 average rating - 46 ratings, 17 reviews

• iPhone: ~5,100 downloads - 5.0 average rating - 47 ratings, 32 reviews
• Android: ~1,600 downloads - 4.91 average rating - 119 ratings, 55 reviews

• iPhone: ~2,600 downloads - 5.0 average rating - 8 ratings, 8 reviews

Technical Consultant
May 2009  -  June 2016 (7 years 2 months)
2015-16 consulting work:
Ruby full stack engineering for startup (Sep 2015-May 2016)
- Developing Ruby/Sinatra backend, JS frontend
- Connecting to MongoDB, Heroku
- Directly interacting with 3rd party vendors + APIs

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Front-end consulting for startup (July 2015-May 2016)
- Developing WordPress / PHP, JS, SASS
- Connecting to REST APIs and 3rd party providers

Past projects:
Googlifier - JavaScript (Chrome Extension) Developer
• Released February 2015 in the Chrome Web Store & open-source on GitHub
• Managed GitHub pull requests with remote open source contributors
• Featured on air ABC 7 (WXYZ Detroit), by CNET, Yahoo! Tech, AV Club
• Source of Pee-wee's Playhouse "Secret Word" for Feb 27, 2015
• Charted #1 on Chrome Web Store in "Fun" category and #52 overall

Download link:

ABC 7 (on-air video):
Pee-Wee's Playhouse "Secret Word":
Yahoo! Tech:

PopSpotter - Founder / Lead iOS (Appcelerator Titanium) Developer

• Released October 2012
• iPhone app (supports iOS6 and iOS5)
• Debuted at #29 in Top Paid Travel Apps category
• ~1,500 users, ~4.5 star average rating

MIDI Designer - Design Consultant

• Consulted on UI Design for iPad MIDI controller app
• Featured in Apple’s “Striking a New Chord” TV commercial and on
• Winner of the Sonic Touch Gold award

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Simply Sociable - WordPress plugin developer
• WordPress plug-in developed with PHP, JS, and CSS
• 13,000+ downloads, ~5 star average rating

Front-End Engineering Manager / Tech Lead at LearnVest, Inc.

April 2014  -  July 2015 (1 year 4 months)
• Manage a team of five junior / mid-level front-end engineers
• Meet monthly with company CEO to synchronize on both high and low level challenges
• Report directly to Senior Director of Engineering on team status and areas for team improvement
• Conduct bi-weekly code reviews to enforce best practices, encourage code commenting, suggest
improvements, mitigate bad habits, and review unit test coverage and quality
• Advise engineers on clear definition of scrum tasks and accurately scoped story points
• Organize monthly meetings amongst senior front-end engineers to address scrum team specific
issues, revisit code style guides, documenting modules, and other improvements to be made
• Determine front-end hiring needs and write developer-focused job descriptions
• Review resumes, code samples, portfolios, and coding challenges for internal tech recruiters
• Conduct interviews with candidates via phone and in person
• Onboard new hires by assuming role as their primary resource and introducing them to key team
• Administer 30/60/90 day reviews with new hires

Lead Development:
• Co-develop WebSocket / Backbone.Marionette.js middleware and accompanying application
• Consult on architecture for new payments framework and develop front-end consumer
applications for web and web views (used within iPad and iPhone apps)
• Incorporate file upload UI and logic for client documents within Backbone.Forms application
• Build new backbone.js app to handle user creation via marketing landing page
• Develop PHP proxy to register new users and store profile attributes via cURL
• Retire legacy codebase by porting existing modules to new application
• Provide consultation and delivery estimates for product proposals based on user research
• Update and test explicitly versioned package.json for npm
• Assume role of product owner / scrum master as necessary

Senior Front-End Engineer at LearnVest, Inc.

May 2013  -  July 2015 (2 years 3 months)
• Lead front-end development on Backbone.Marionette.js single-page applications for consumers,
certified financial planners, and internal staff

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• Interact with REST API architecture via AJAX, consulting on API design and JSON data contracts
when appropriate
• Incorporate security roles and form validation from a UI perspective
• Develop user referral application with backbone.js and PHP proxy to access Gmail contacts via
• Produce separate client/planner-facing interfaces for uploading secure client documents
• Generate responsive user interfaces with semantic HTML from Adobe Illustrator designs
• Embrace progressive enhancement via CSS3
• Audit WordPress site performance by fixing server errors and identifying significant bottlenecks in
plugins and database queries
• Leverage modern development tools to enhance workflow (node.js, gruntjs, karma-jasmine,
JSLint, underscore.js/lodash, jQuery, SASS)

• Operate in an Agile environment (occasionally as scrum master) directly with product owner, front-
end, back-end, UI/UX designers, and QA
• Research and compose documentation for our front-end environment and local developer
configuration for new developers
• Standardize coding style guide and best practices with other senior front-end engineers
• Create repository of front-end developer resources to uphold team standards
• Introduce and enforce improved git branching strategies and principles
• Facilitate peer code reviews
• Assist junior front-end developers in balancing work delivery and growth/education
• Conduct phone screens and face-to-face interviews for potential front-end developer candidates

Front-End Developer at eMusic

January 2012  -  May 2013 (1 year 5 months)
• Continue eMusic's Q4 2011 transition from legacy Java technologies to a WordPress application,
now powered by a RESTful, service-oriented architecture.
• Integrate eMusic Download Manager 6 site-wide while preserving support for earlier versions of
the software.
• Import the eMusic Infinite Explorations web application from Hydric Media into the core eMusic
• Style registration page layouts for phone and tablet browser compatibility within the eMusic
Android application, available both in the Google Play Store and Barnes & Noble's Nook Apps.
• Port dynamic pages and forms from JSP to PHP.
• Develop Wordpress plugins for in-house use to provide core site functionality.
• Design custom Wordpress post types and update the Dashboard to be handed off to a dedicated
content team.

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• Configure and provide guidance on the conversion from existing Subversion repositories to Git
repositories powered by GitHub.
• Implement Adobe Omniture on static and dynamic content to improve web analytics.
• Install, configure, and maintain Adobe Test & Target to run multivariate tests on specific
conversion events.
• Work with in-house designers and UX specialists to improve site usability and aesthetics.
• Communicate with QA and Member Services to identify and implement bug fixes and
improvements to SEO.

Senior Web Developer at Thingee Corporation

January 2009  -  January 2012 (3 years 1 month)
• Maintained updated website content on various platforms for multiple clients.
• Deployed new iterations of code to production and development servers and version control
• Prepared designs and content for client-friendly content management systems such as Wordpress
and ModX.
• Performed QA testing and inspections of development-level code.
• Built and updated MVC based websites using Ruby on Rails.
• Implemented dynamic functionality by developing code in PHP, ASP, and jQuery.
• Coded valid HTML and CSS pages from Adobe Photoshop templates.
• Tested browser compatibility in leading market-share browsers.
• Adapted code for mobile platforms (Apple iPhone Safari, Android Browser).
• Interviewed potential applicants for internships and full time positions.
• Discussed and set code standards and practices with other developers and project managers.
• Advised sales team and partners on practical business-friendly technologies.
• Installed and configured Google Analytics for client websites and provide instruction.

Lead PHP / JavaScript / Oracle Developer

May 2011  -  August 2011 (4 months)
• Built for Drew University's Admissions department.
• Developed a compiler to automatically convert custom JSON files into college application web
forms for Drew University.
• Designed the JSON format for Admissions and wrote a PHP script to convert into a compatible
JavaScript file for the JFormer web framework.
• Worked with and expanded upon an existing Oracle database.

Project Manager / Lead Django Developer / Web Designer at Drew University

May 2009  -  May 2010 (1 year 1 month)
• Built for Drew University Computer & Networking Services.

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• Developed the major customer service portal for computing support of all 5,690 students, faculty,
and staff at Drew University.
• Configured a custom-tailored issue tracking system as an implementation of Atlassian’s enterprise
software product JIRA.
• Designed and implement additional website interfaces for employees and customers using the
Django web framework.
• Integrated touch screen monitors with a customized receipt form to transition the help desk into a
paperless system.
• Solution has been in production since September 2009.
• In the system's first year of production, it has tracked 52,882 issues and has saved 10,888 sheets
of paper.

Student Systems Administrator / Help Desk Student Manager at Drew University

September 2006  -  May 2010 (3 years 9 months)
Positions held:

Student System Administrator (September 2008 – May 2010)

• Led project development of the MI6 system for the Computing and Networking Services
• Managed student help desk employee workstations by administering systems and maintaining
support resources and utilities.
• Compiled a custom recovery boot disk with the latest tested versions of essential help desk

Help Desk Student Manager (September 2007 – May 2010)

• Worked with management to establish and assure compliance with new policies and regulations.
• Kept employee morale high and maintained work productivity.
• Resolved scheduling conflicts and work coverage for students.
• Launched a student worker self-evaluation program.

Help Desk Operator (September 2006 – September 2007)

• Repaired malfunctioning IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads and IdeaCentres on and off site.
• Assisted customers with computer and networking issues on the phone, in person, and online via
chat room.
• Performed software and hardware diagnosis on laptop and desktop computers.

PHP Developer / Web Designer (Intern)

June 2008  -  September 2008 (4 months)
• Designed a prototype site-wide layout in Adobe Photoshop.
• Modified and converted templates to HTML and CSS using Macromedia Dreamweaver.

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• Developed PHP classes and modify a compatible SQL database.
• Worked in a small team receiving weekly feedback from the company CEO.
• Launched a fully-functional beta website open to a test group in three months.

Drew University
Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, Music, 2006 - 2010

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Steve Wozniak
Not that one. Engineering Manager at Meetup. Technology lead at The FEST. Board of
Directors at Punk Talks.

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