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Deepam Annual Report

2017-18 1

1. Deepam Model
2. Deepam Centre Activity
3. School Feedback
4. Volunteer Involvement
5. Financial Report
6. Deepam - Story so far
7. Deepam Plans 2018-19
8. Contact Deepam 2
Deepam – Model
Deepam volunteers facilitate learning for less-privilege children at a neighbourhood
The 3 pillars of Deepam

Less Privileged Children - Government School / School for Volunteers – People of all age
students in class 2 to 7 less-privileged groups (18+ years) from all walks
of life

Less-Privileged Neighbourhood
Children School

Help Children learn English Help school with better Sensitise volunteers to the
/Computers and access better infrastructure such as library, learning needs of less-
opportunities computers, water dispensers privileged children – help
etc volunteers make an impact 3
Deepam Program
 Deepam class spans over 30 weeks / year, with planned
 Class every Saturday, for 2 hours 4
Deepam - Curriculum
At Deepam, we aim to light the spark in the child’s mind, by focussing on 4
pillars :

Computers &
English Skills

Development 5
Deepam VRS Center - Alwarpet

No. of
Children 12
No. of
Volunteers 5
2 Events organised for children – Diwali Celebrations and Annual day

Scholarship 5 Children
Deepam Olcott School – Besant Nagar

No. of
No. of
Volunteers 5
Events Events organised for children - Annual day
Projector was donated to school
Deepam SVN School – West Mambalam

No. of
Children 22
No. of
Volunteers 8
Events 3 Events organised for children –Children's day, Story-telling event and
Organized Annual day

Scholarship 11 Children Rs.11,000
Tables & Chairs for school, Uniforms to children
Deepam MCN School – T Nagar

No. of
Children 20
No. of
Volunteers 5
Events 2 Events organised for children – Childrens day and Annual day
Water dispenser was donated to school
Deepam PV Rao School – R A Puram

No. of
Children 42
No. of
Volunteers 10
Events organised for children –Annual day
Deepam OMR Centre

No. of
Children 70
No. of
Volunteers 5
2 Events organised for children –Childrens day and Annual day
Water dispenser was donated to school
Deepam - KK Nagar Centre (KKN)

No. of
Children 110
No. of
Volunteers 7
Events 2 Events organised for children –Children's day, and Annual day

Scholarship 10 Children Rs.15,000
Water dispenser was donated to school
A typical Deepam class in Action

Assessment at the start of the Video based learning session

Learning using Flash Cards Computer session Writing session 13
Last class of the year… 14
Fun activities at Deepam Centres

Musical chair event Coloring session

Diwali Celebrations 15
Fun activities at Deepam Centres

Deepam Annual Day Deepam Annual Day

Childrens Day Childrens Day 16
Support Provided to School

Scholarship to Children Uniform to Children

New Tables / Chairs 17
Support Provided to School

Projectors donated to schools

Scholarship to Children Water dispensers provided at schools 18
Deepam Alumni returning to inspire..

At the annual day, Deepam alumni returning to inspire the children 19
School Feedback

“Deepam plays a very good role in our school for
improving students communication skills and
personality development. We are happy to work
with Deepam in grooming students and helping
them to move forward in their life.

Every volunteer is very helpful and kind in guiding
School Feedback students.

We will continue to support Deepam and wish
them a great success in achieving their goal”

Computer Teacher – Olcott School, Besant Nagar 20
Volunteer Involvement

• 70+ Active volunteers , in a completely volunteer driven
Volunteer Commitment • Organised 200+ class’ in 7 centres in 2017-18
• ‘School Teacher Award’ – to 9 volunteers who have been
volunteering for 7+ years at Deepam

“ Deepam has been a great learning experience for me. I like the interactive nature of the Deepam
sessions. At times, it makes me reflect of my own learning and naughtiness in my childhood!” – Joe,
volunteer at OMR Centre 21
Financial Report 2017-18 (in Rs.) – All funds
raised spent directly on children

Cash reserves at the start of the year 68,364.69

Cash reserves at the end of the year 96,209.45

Funds Raised during the year 2,39,210.0

Expenditure Details

Scholarships to children 35,000.0

Children’s Events ( Annual Day, Field Visits ) 119,395.0

Centre Operations ( worksheets, books etc) 41,530.0

Administration ( Auditor Fee, website etc ) 5,443.24
Uniforms 10,000.0

Total Expense for 2017-18 2,11,368.24
Note: Above figures are near-accurate and cannot be treated as balance sheet. 22
Deepam Story So far…

 Deepam is a registered NGO
 Founded in January 2008, with the 1st class in April 2008

 Over 200 less-privileged children taught every week, currently
Students  2000+ students have graduated from the Deepam program between

 1500+ Volunteer Members registered with Deepam
 70+ Active volunteers ( informally mentored / trained )
 10 Laptops
 Deepam-Nalanda Library Launched at 2 Centres in 2009

 7 centres in Chennai in 2017-18
 Scholarship Program, to support deserving students financially in all
centres 23
Deepam Plans : 2018-19

 Add 5 more Deepam Centres in 2018-19. Total of 12 centres by end
Centres of 2018-19
 Start a new city chapter in Coimbatore

Curriculum  Implement a planned curriculum for entire year

 Fundraising to replace laptops in all centres – 5 laptops per centre in
Resources 12 centres, by end of 2018-19

 Active volunteer base – Student to volunteer ratio of 1:4 in all
Volunteers centres
 3 volunteer learning sessions during the year 24
Contact Deepam

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Website :
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Facebook : 25
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