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FEB 2018

Fund Rating :


6 month 12 month

8.03% 17.56% 23.83%

Launch Date 18/07/2009
AUM (Rp Bn) 1,847

Number of Stocks 19-43
Beta 0.91
Investment Manager HP Asset Management
Custodian Bank Bank Rakyat Indonesia
Subscription Account 0206-01-003260-30-4
Subscription Fee ≤3%
Fund Objectives & Strategy Redemption Fee ≤5%
To achieve mid to long-term capital growth through a diversified
portfolio strategy emphasizing based upon a prescribed set of
extrapolated variables ranging from companies Capital Structures Investment Policy Portfolio Composite
(ROE, ROIC & Solvency Factors), Product Strength & Positioning,
Corporate Governance, and Industry Profiles. Equity ≥80% Equity 99%
Cash & Cash Eq ≤20% Cash & Cash Eq 1%
 Tactically Balancing Growth, Capital Appreciation Vs Volatility Money Market ≤20% Money Market 0%

 Application of Positional & Momentum Trade to Enhance Value

Risk Ranking Moderate to High
 Multi-Strategy Investment Platform
Fund Update

NAV Growth  Indo equity benchmark (JCI) moved sideways during February
2018. The index booked negative return of -0.13%, unlike the
astonishing +3.93% of return posted in January 2018. The so-so
performance of the index was backed by Agricultural (+5.12%), but
rebutted by Miscellaneous Industry (-5.77%). The increasing UST
yield became the main driver of Indo Gov’t Bond correction in Feb-
ruary 2018as Indo 10-yr Gov’t Bond yield rose 32 bps to 6.63%
(5.94% MoM) while local currency also dropped by 2.6% MoM to Rp
13,745 against the greenback.

 Indo CPI reached 0.17% MoM and 3.18% YoY in February 2018,
slightly lower than expected (vs. cons. 3.28% YoY). The contribu-
tion of food inflation was almost zero partly due to supply manage-
ment through rice import, whereas the impact of higher non-
subsidized fuel prices were minor as anticipated. The intriguing part
is that core inflation has noticeably continued to ease since October
Fund Performance 2017, reaching 2.58% YoY, or the lowest figure ever recorded.

 On global highlight, US President, Donald Trump announced that he

will impose tariffs of 25% for steel and 10% of aluminum import, in
which such policy could affect inflation rate. On the other hand,
Fed’s governor, Jerome Powell, stated in his speech that he sees no
signs the US economy is overheating and reiterated to raise rates
gradually to keep unemployment and inflation in balance.

Sector Allocation (%)

Tactical Allocation

Intrinsic Assessment Table

Value @ Risk Matrix

Important Risk: The fund is actively managed and its characteristics w ill vary. Holdings show n should not be deemed as a recommendation
to buy or sell securities. Fund of funds is subject to the risk associated with the underlying HPAM funds in which its invests. Stock and bond value fluctuate
in price so the value of your investment can go down depending on the market conditions. Fixed income risks include interest-rate and credit risk. Typically,
when interest rates rise, there is a corresponding decline in bond values. Credit risk refer to the possibility that the bond issuer will not be able to make
principal and interest payments. Asset allocation strategies do not assure profit and do not protect against loss. Non-diversification of investment means
that more assets are potentially invested in fewer securities than if investments were diversified.

Before investing you should carefully consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information are available
through request for prospectus or at our company’s website. The fund is subject to market risks (volatility) and may not be appropriate for short term
investments. Holdings and Sector weightings are subject to constant changes without notice as deemed fit by the investment management team. This
document is for sophisticated investor only and not intended for individual private investor. Performance data quoted represent past performance and is no
guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal values may fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less
than their original cost. Current performance may be lower or higher than that shown. All return assume reinvestment of all dividend and capital gain distri-
butions. Index performance is shown for illustrative purpose only. Conventional Non-bank institutions are prohibited from investing directly in index.

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