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Use Venn diagram to represent sets, subsets and set operations


a. Describe universal set and subsets.

b. Use Venn Diagram to represent sets and subsets and set operations.
c. Appreciate the importance of representing things in everyday life through Venn

The universal set, or simply the universe, denoted by U, contains all the
elements being considered in a given situation.

What are Venn diagrams?

Pictorial representations of sets represented by closed figures are called set

diagrams or Venn diagrams.

Venn diagrams are used to show relationships between sets and to illustrate
various operations like union, intersection and difference.

We can express the relationship among sets through this in a more significant

In this,
A rectangle is used to represent a universal set.
Circles or ovals are used to represent other subsets of the universal set.

This shows that every element

of A is in the universal set

Venn diagrams in different situations

If a set A is a subset of set B, then the circle representing set A is drawn inside
the circle representing set B.
If set A and set B have some elements in common, then to represent them, we
draw two circles which are overlapping.

If set A and set B are disjoint, then they are represented by two non-
intersecting circles.

Instruction: Draw the Venn diagram of the given sets.

1. A = set of letters
B = set of vowels

2. U = {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}
A = {2,4,6,8}
B = {1,2,3,4,5}

3. L = {letters of English alphabet up to h}

V = {all the vowels of English alphabet}

4. A = {all even numbers less than 10}

B = {all odd numbers less than 10}

5. C = {scenic spot in Cavite}

P = {Pico de Loro, Corregidor}

A. Show by Venn diagram the relationship between the following pairs of sets.

1. X = {Luzon Province}
Y = {Cebu City}
2. T = {people who speaks Tagalog}
V = {people who speaks Chabacano}
3. H = {National hero}
D = {Dabarkads}
4. S = {singers}
A = {actors}
5. C = {Cavite Towns}
T = {Maragondon, Naic, Indang}
C = { Biñan}
6. T = {all teachers of your school}
S = {all students of your school}
G = {all grade seven students of your school}
7. N= {Natural numbers }
F = {Natural numbers up to 40, divisible by 5}

B. Number of Subsets of a Set

Number of Number
Set Elements in List the subsets of
the original Subsets
{ } 0 {} 1
{1} 1 { }, {1} 2
{1,2} 2 { },{1},{2},{1,2} 4

Do you see a pattern? If yes, describe it.

1. Consider the Venn diagram below. Let the universal set U be all the
elements in sets A, B, C, and D.
Describe the relationships between
1. A and B 3. B and C
2. A and C 4. A and D

2. Let U = {5,6,7,8,A,J,K,Q}
H = {J,Q,K} L = {A,B,C} F = {5,J}
S = {A,5,6,7} D = {A,8,J} N = {A,2,3,4}

Write ⊂,⊆,⊈, on the blank.

1. 𝐻______𝑈 4. 𝐹______𝐻
2. 𝐿______𝑈 5. 𝑁______𝑈
3. 𝐷______𝐿 6. 𝑈______𝑈

1. From the given sets in Number 2 above, list the elements of the given sets
below. Draw Venn diagram.
1. 𝐻 ∪ 𝐹 3. 𝐻 ∩ 𝐷 ∩ 𝐹

2. 𝑆 ∩ 𝑁 4. 𝐿 ∪ 𝑆 ∪ 𝑁