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Pooja Samagri Manufacturers - what all ingredients used for doing

pooja and their significance for particular God and Goddess

Puja/ Poojan: Puja is a type of prayer rituals done by Hindus for the devotional worship of
one or more God and Goddess. Puja is derived from Sanskrit which means respect, tribute,
homage, esteem, and worship. Puja rituals are also done by Buddhist and Jain. Hindus do
puja on the variety of occasions, regularity, and surroundings. Puja includes daily Pooja has
done at home and other pujas which are done on the festival and special days like Diwali,
Lord Ganesh Chaturthi, Goddess Lakshmi Poojan, Lord Satyanarayan Poojan, and Lord Sai
Baba Poojan, etc. Jalani Group of Companies/ Jalani Kumkum Group of Companies are
one of the best among all Pooja samagri manufacturers in India.

Pooja Samagri is of various types some of are shown below:

1. Rudraksh -: It is a type of seed traditionally used for prayer beads in Hinduism
(Especially for Lord Shiv Puja)
2. Art. Coconut -: In Hindu religion breaking of coconut represents the breaking of ego,
which is essential for the accomplishment of wisdom.
3. Holy Thread -: It is a holy thread tied by the priest or older family member of a
family as raksha thread.
4. White/Orange Power -: White, as well as orange powder both, are the useful
ingredient in puja samagri.
5. Vermillion Powder -: It is of orange colour applied to Lord Hanuman to please him
and he gives strength, protection from evil and makes us strong.

6. Holy Water -: It is a holy water of holy river Ganga which is very useful during
Hindu rituals.
7. Kumkum -: It is of red colour used as the main ingredient in puja samgari. It is made
from dried turmeric and natural ingredients powdered without any chemical it is
purely organic. It is also called as Roli. It is red coloured powder placed on the
forehead and in between eyebrows.
8. Betral Nuts -: Betral Nuts it signifies strength and blessings for a long life, it is used
with pan leaves in puja ceremony.
9. Incense Stick -: Incense stick blow fragrance while burning and widely used in puja
10. Cotton Wicks/ Divya Deep -: Cotton wicks are used in puja for lighting lamp it
contains gee also.
11. Chandan Kesar -: Chandan Kesar paste is used in Hindu temples to apply on God
and Goddess after that it is given with Prasad (Consecrated temple food) to all
12. Gulal -: It is made from pure and natural herbs with adding purely herbal colour and
fragrance. They are eco-friendly colours with premium quality which does not affect
the skin. It is also offered to God and Goddess during puja.

There are many more puja samagri (Ingredients) used in which are there. Jalani
Industries manufactures all Pooja samagri and have various types of puja kits which
have 40 puja samagri in 1 kit.

For healthy and happy life it is very much essential that we conduct puja every day
and on special puja on special days like various festivals, Birth Ceremony, Death
Ceremony and inauguration of something etc. For these pure activities or ceremony if
we use best puja samagri then there is two-way effect happiness as well as a healthy
environment with all puja samagri.

If you are looking for best pooja samagri manufacturers then your search ends here
we Jalani Group of Companies / Jalani Kumkum Group of Companies
manufacturers good and organic puja samagri. We have loose items as well as in
different kits also which have 40 items in one single pack.
Types of puja samagri kits:

1. Diwali Pooja Kit: Which contains 40 items and used at the time of Diwali (Idol
of Lord, Shriyantram, Golmti Chakra, Rudraksh, Art.Coconut, Holy Thread,
White/Orange Power, Vermillion Powder, Heena Poder, Extract of Flowers,
Cardamom, Lotus Seeds, Yellow Mustard Seed, Sugar Balls, Rice Flakes, Havan
Samagri, Camphor, Holy Water, Red Cloth, Photo Of Load, Coin -, God
Footprints -, Small Shell, Kumkum, Rice, Red Holi Powder, Veg. Oil, Sandal
Wood Powder, Clove, Betral Nuts, Sacred Thread, Green Gram, Turmeric,
Saffron, Incense Stick, Cotton Wicks, Arti Book, Designer Packing Box.
2. Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Samagri Kit: It is used to do puja on Lord Ganesha ji
birthday and contains 40 items.
3. Lakshmi Puja Samagri Kit: It is used to do puja of Goddess Lakshmi and
contains 40 items.
4. Satyanarayan Puja Samagri Kit: It is used to do puja of Lord Satyanaryan
which contains 40 items.
5. Sai Baba Puja Samagri Kit: It is used to do puja of Lord Sai Baba which
contains 40 items.

There are various Pooja samagri manufactures in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India and
Jalani Group of Companies / Jalani Kumkum Group of Companies is one of
them, we provide purely organic puja samagri with lots of variety. According to
Hindu mythology every day is dedicated to particular God and Goddess like
Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman,
Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu,
Friday is dedicated to Goddess Santoshi, Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani and
Lord Hanuman and Sunday is dedicated to Sun. Performing puja on these days
accordingly gives healthy, wealth, success, prosperity, Education etc. If we use
good puja samagri to do all these pujas then positivity will spread in our home,
office, surrounding where we perform puja. So it is very important to do puja with
best quality puja samagri.


This Blog explains about what is puja and if we do puja on daily basis then what
all benefits or changes we get in our life. According to Hindu mythology, the
whole week is dedicated to different God and Goddess and different type of puja
samagri is offered to them to get our puja successful. There are various types of
puja samagri used while doing puja some of the main ingredients are like Jalani
Chandan Kesar Paste, Jalani Kumkum, Jalani Gulal, Jalani Sindoor, Jalani Moli,
Jalani Divya Deep, etc. We all do puja to get a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.
If we will use purely organic puja samagri then it will give positive vibes to the
environment where it is used. Like if we will apply organic sindor then it will give
no harm to skin just like this if we burn purely organic Incense Sticks then it will
give natural aroma to the surroundings, etc. On many occasion and festivals, we
require various types of puja samagri so for Jalani Industries provides the wide
range of puja samagri kits which contain 40 items which are essential to
conducting puja. Overall Jalani Group of Companies / Jalani Kumkum Group of
Companies is best among pooja samagri manufacturers in Jodhpur,
Rajasthan, India who manufacturers and provide purely organic puja samagri.

Jalani Kumkum Group of Companies / Jalani Group of Companies are

among the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of religious products
worldwide. They provide the best products and services by providing the best
quality and organic products to attain customer satisfaction. It is established in
1899 and it is leading among pooja samagri manufacturers in Jodhpur,
Rajasthan, India. They manufacture all type of religious products like Jalani
Kumkum, Jalani Chandan Kesar, Jalani Sindur, Jalani Moli, Jalani Pooja Samagri,
Jalani Hawan Samagri, Jalani Deepak, Jalani Abir, Jalani Gulal, Jalani Kesar,
Jalani Cotton Wicks, (Rue Batti), Jalani Rangoli Powder, Jalani Decorated Pooja
Thali, Jalani Mehndi/ Heena, Jalani Dhoop Stick and many more. Always make
the customer happy.
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