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Business Management Series Tetrahedron Academy

Sales Training Workshop Series

12 Module Workshop
Identifies and converts prospects who
should be doing business with us into
customers who are champions for our
Creates an environment with
customers to maintain a positive long-
term relationship
Manages process for aligning human
capital with organizational goals.

Course Objective Benefits of attending

Leading salespeople is one of the you will be able to examine the people side of being an
most challenging jobs, requiring the effective sales leader and the process side of being an
ability to manage yourself and a effective sales manager. You will begin with yourself and
team of people who are generally where you spend your time for the most profitable action.
high achievers and have demanding You will look at ways that you can stay focused on your
personalities. priorities. You will discover a tool to help you understand
Effective sales managers need to what motivates individuals on your team
recognize and avoid common Improved Customer Service: delivering exactly what the
leadership mistakes, prioritize to customer wants when they want it.
avoid the tyranny of the urgent, and Improved Sales Productivity: Improvements in throughput
understand the factual, causative, and value add per person.
and value-based motivators of their Improved Lead Times: Business able to respond quicker,
salespeople quicker set ups, fewer delays.
Understand the fundamental drivers of sales management
Who should attend and Leadership, Recognize the common mistakes sales
managers make
Sales Manager
Analyze the challenges of managing time as sales
Business Manager managers, Use the Sales Inner View to build relationships
Sales Trainer ( Internal) and understand motivations
Develop solutions that are unique to each buyer, Formulate
Territory Managers
solutions that appeal to buyers’ logic and emotions
Marketing Managers
Customer relationship Managers Over the last three years 600+ Participants
has attended this session across India

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Business Management Series Tetrahedron Academy

Sales Training Workshop Series

Developing and •Create new business opportunities within existing accounts • Design a clear and
M1 Managing Key comprehensive picture of a client’s current and future needs, •Develop goals and a
Accounts detailed action plan to create client partnerships
•Establish Return on Investment for customers • Measure ROI in terms of time,
Establish Return
M2 cost, and quality •Reduce worries and gain peace of mind for clients • Deliver a
on Investment
compelling ROI summary

•Guide customers through the stages of commitment •Become a trusted advisor to

M3 clients •Manage commitments over a long selling cycle •Gain commitments in a
competitive environment

Generate Interest •Utilize a variety of tools for information gathering •Develop needs assessments to
M4 Through Informed gather relevant client data •Use Informed Interviews to earn client respect and
Discovery trust •Use specific summarizing techniques to confirm client needs
Foundation for •Understand and apply a proven selling process • Apply a philosophy to understand
M5 Consultative the buyer’s point of view •Develop a motivating personal vision as a salesperson
Selling •Manage time for profitable action
Master the Selling •Tie the sales process together •Deliver a sales presentation Customized to your
Process business •Assess your colleagues on their ability to present solutions
•Tie the negotiations process together •Implement strategies for effective
M7 negotiation planning and preparation •Practice the negotiation process elements
•Assess your colleagues on their ability to negotiate
Negotiations: •Identify ideal, realistic and fallback targets for both sides •Respond to common
M 8 Leveraging negotiations tactics •Implement strategies for effective negotiation planning and
Personality Styles preparation
•Apply a Win-Win process to resolve objections •Identify points of agreement to
M9 lower buyer resistance •Respond to the six most common objections with
Pipeline and •Project revenue targets from existing accounts and current and new prospects
M 10 Territory •Identify where clients and prospects are in the sales pipeline •Develop a territory
Management plan to create focus and direction for activities
•Create a picture of what a salesperson’s job looks like when it is being done well
Sales Performance •Write a document that defines performance expectations, Identify key skills,
M 11
Defined knowledge and abilities essential to job performance, Translate business objectives
into daily activities with measurable results
•Further develop existing accounts and increase customer loyalty • Create a referral
Uncover Selling
M 12 network of champions who bring in business •Capitalize on referrals, references,
and testimonials

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Business Management Series Tetrahedron Academy

Workshop Scope & Structure

STRUCTURE Stage Gate Sales Improvement Advance Sale-Force
3 Stage Structured Program Program Assessment Program
Program helps in (SGP) (SIP) (ASAP)
achieving given and 4 Workshop 4 Workshop 4 Workshop
stretched target with Module in series 1 Module in series 2 Module in series 3
result based career (Stage gate) Series (SIP) Series will (ASAP) Series will
progression will help achieve help achieve the help candidate to
the candidate candidate achieve qualify for the next
SCOPE reach given sales / stretched sales / level hierarchy
Customised activity
based session with
revenue target. revenue target.

2 Series 3
skill map analysis and
training effectiveness
Series 1 Series
at all three series

VoC and Business need Define Growth

Expert Input &
Stake Holders and target Path and Next
Expectation setting Level

Innovative Effectiveness
Pre Session Test Activity Based and Impact
Session Material
Workshop Assessment
Pre-session Test for Skill Input from Customer and Tetrahedron’s rich & wide A series of post session
mapping by Customsied stakeholders’ business expertise help design and assessment in regular
web-based Assessment need along with skill gap deliver the workshop with interval measures the
Module. Web based tool map help customise the at least 60% activity based effectiveness and impact of
will be helpful to replicate session that bring required learning enable the the training on on-job daily
the test for large numbers skill to deliver quick, visible participants to enjoy the work of candidates. An MIS
across geography with and tangible result as session and retain will also help the manager
standardised skill-gap required by the business maximum learning from to visualise candidates’
matrix for each participant the session progress

Project Manager Project Leader Workshop Guide/Moderator Content Designers – 2 Numbers

Name - Vijay Name - Nitin Name – Vivek / Kumar Name – Abhilash, Jyoti
Education – B Tech + MBA Education – B Tech + MBA Education – B Tech, MBA Education – BA, Animation
Experience – 14Yrs in Experience – 14Yrs in Experience – 13Yrs in Training Experience –Content Writing,
Automotive, off road (Telcon), Automotive, Defense, Training and Consulting, Sales and Designing,
Steel and Consultancy and Consulting Customer Relation Expert Language – English, Hindi
Language – English, Hindi Language – English, Hindi Language – English, Hindi

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