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Year/ Semester: II/III Total Marks : 50

Sub. Code : MA6351 Time : 1.30 Hrs

Sub. Title : Transforms and partial differential equation Date : 6/09/2017
PATR-A(Answer all question) 10*2=20
1. Write down the Fourier cosine transform pair of formule
2. State and prove change of scale property

3. Find the Fourier cosine transform of

4. State Parsevals identity for Fourier transforms

5. Define Fourier transform pair
6. Find z[ using z-tranform
7. State and prove initial value theorem in z-transforms
8. Define convolution of two sequence { f(n)} and s{g(n)}
 for n  0
9. Find the Z – transform of for x(n)   n!
0 otherwise

10. Solve yn+1-2yn=0

PART-B(Answer all questions) 3*10=30

11.(a) Find the Fourier transform of f(x) if

and hence deduce that


and using parseval’s identity prove that =

12(a) Find the Fourier sine transform and Find the Fourier cosine transform of .

Henc evaluate


12(b)(i).Show that Fourier transform of is

(ii) Show that Fourier cosin transform of is

13. (a). Solve using z transform yn+2+ 4yn+1 + 3yn =2n given yo =0, y1=1

13(b). Using Convolution theorem , evaluate the Z-1[ ].