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Tim Lim
Idaho Voices for Change Now
July 23rd, 2018

New Idaho Poll: Tightening Race for Governor

As Idaho voters consider their prospects in the 2018 Idaho Governor’s
election, a new survey conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs on behalf of
Idaho Voices for Change Now shows a tightening race for Governor. The
survey was conducted between July 12th and July 15th, using automated
calls to landlines and live calls to wireless phones of likely 2018 general
election voters in Idaho. The sample included 1,061 voters and the
margin of error is +/- 2.77% at a 95% confidence interval.

Idaho voters are currently split on their vote for Governor. 38%
expressed support for Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, 28% support
former State Representative Paulette Jordan, 7% support third-party
candidates, and 26% are undecided. That’s quite a shift for a state that is
currently 51.5% registered Republicans and only 11.5% registered

The bruising Republican primary seems to have damaged Little’s image

statewide. The poll shows Little’s net favorability is 3% (25%
favorability/22% unfavorability) with over 53% of voters having a neutral
or no opinion of him. Jordan’s net favorability is at 10% (26%
favorability/16% unfavorability). 25% of Idaho Independent voters
reported an unfavorable view of Little, while 37% of Independent hold a
favorable view of Jordan. Of voters with
  positive views of Jordan, 86%
reported support for her in the Governor’s election.
Current support levels for the Governor’s candidates remain relatively
consistent across demographic and geographic lines. Among the
Independent voters who make up 35.7% of Idaho registered voters,
Jordan is leading Little 43% to 20%. Jordan is leading among 18-34-year-
olds with 32% support to Brad Little’s 29%. She also has a narrow lead
among 35-49-year-old women 27% to 24%. Overall 31% of women and
27% of men are supportive of Paulette Jordan, while 36% of women and
44% of men are supportive of Brad Little. Women are more likely to be
undecided with 27% undecided to men’s 21%. In the Boise media
market, current support is almost a tie. 38% support Little with 37%
supporting Jordan.

In a right-leaning state like Idaho, it’s clear that voters are considering a
new approach to leadership and Paulette Jordan has plenty of room for
growth especially among women, young people, and Independent

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