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AutoCAD Certification Sample Questions

1. Which statements are TRUE about AutoCAD

An AutoCAD 2010 Workspace...

A) is the same as an AutoCAD profile

B) has four possible default configurations: 2D Drafting & Annotations, 3D Modeling, AutoCAD Classic and an
initial Drawing Workspace.

C) is a set of menus, toolbars, palettes, and control panels that are grouped and organized so that you can work
in a customized, task-orientated drawing environment.


Click on the button that displays the Menu Browser

2.Of the following type of formats for drawing units of measure that are identified in the Units Command, all are
valid EXCEPT:

A) Millimeter

B) Engineering

C) Decimal
D) Scientific

3.If several running objects snaps are on, more than one object snap may be eligable at a given location. You can
press the TAB key to cycle through the possibilities before you specify the object snap point:

A) True

B) False

4.Which statement about object snap is FALSE?

A) You can acquire up to 7 points without releasing any points

B) Object snap tracking must be turned on to use object snap tracking

C) At least two object snaps are required to use object snap tracking

D) To acquire a point, touch it with a cursor

5.With Polar Tracking, you can (select all that apply):

A) snap to predefined angle increments

B) set incremental angles

C) set additional angles that are not incremental

6.The following are valid Selection Set keyboard options for selecting objects at the Select Objects command
prompt EXCEPT:

A) Previous

B) Fence
C) Crossing

D) Close

7. Image test

When using the MIRROR Command to mirror an object, you can mirror the object (Example A) and then erase
the original object (Example B)

This statement is:

A) true about the MIRROR command

B) false about the mirror command

C) true, if the MIRRTEXT system variable is set to 1

D) false, if the MIRRTEXT system variable is set to 1

8. Image test

To reproduce the office furniture in a Rectangular ARRAY from Example A to Example B, the Row and Column
offset values you would use are: (ans: 4 rows 2 column)

A) 3 rows 1 column

B) 3 rows 3 columns

C) 2 rows 1 column
D) 2 rows 3 columns

9.THe ROTATE command enables you to:

A) scale and copy the object you rotate

B) select a reference angle if needed

C) make multiple copies of the objects you rotate

D) do none of the above

10. The COPY command enables you to:

A) rotate an object as you are making a copy

B) use the mode option to make a single or multiple copies of an object and reposition the object copies by
selecting a base point

C) copy objects on a locked layer

D) accomplish all these tasks

11. Which statements are TRUE? Select all that apply.

With the MOVE command you can...

A) move objects by selecting a base point followed by a relative coordinate value to define where the object is
moving to.

B) use the Displacement option

C) move objects by selecting a base point followed by a polar coordinate value to define where the object is
moving to.
12.When using Grips, the following are valid Grip manipulation method EXCEPT:

A) Offset

B) Move

C) Copy

D) Mirror

13.Which statement about the MEASUREGEOM command (distance option) and the DIST command is false?

A) You can inquire about the distance from the center of one circle to the center of another circle

B) You can inquire about the distance from the insertation point of a block to the insertation point of another

C) Using object snap to select the distance from one object to another is NOT critical

14.When using thw MATCHPROP (Match Propeties) command, you can match properties from objects in one
drawing to another drawing that is opened.

A) True

B) False

15. Which statement about frozen layes is TRUE?

A) You can snap to the endpoint of a line on a frozen layer

B) Layers that are frozen are considered for regeneration when using the REGEN command

C) Frozen layes are visible

D) Frozen Layes slows the speed of the computer during regeneration

16. You can use the JOIN command to combine similar objects into one object. Which combination shows a valid
combination for joining two objects?

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D


What happens if two lines are filleted with a radious of '0' as shown in the image?

A) The lines use the last given radius

B) The lines are not extended and/or trimmed to intersect

C) Entering a radius value of '0' creates a sharp corner

D) A fillet with a radius of '0' is not permitted

18. All are valid guidelines for creating Viewports EXCEPT

A) Viewports can be rotated

B) Viewports can have their own plot scale

C) Viewports can be a circle object

D) Viewports can be rectangular or polygonal in shape

19.Using the Page Setup for a Layout, you can save all of the following EXCEPT:

A) Viewport scale

B) Plot Scale

C) Paper size

D) Plot area

20. Image

When rotating a Viewport as shown, the VPROTATEASSOC system variable is set to:

A) 0

B) 1

C) 2

D) 3


Various formatting options can be used with the Multiline Text Editor. The following formatting options are valid

A) Insert fields
B) Insert specific drafting and engineering symbols

C) Insert or draw a table into the Multiline editor

D) Insert numbered or bulleted list

22. Image

In this example the Annotative Paper Text Height is set to .125. The annotation scale in model space is set to 1:8

Placing text in model space with these settings creates a text height of

A) .125

B) .400

C) .800

D) 1


Which statement about dimensions style is False?

A) Dimension styles are based on general drafting standard

B) You can delete a dimension style

C) Annotative properties are not valid options of a dimension style

D) You can rename a dimension style

24. Image

Which dimension command is used to create this dimension?




25. Image

The drawing has:

A) Collected multileaders

B) Vertical Multileaders

C) Aligned Multileaders

D) Splined Multileaders

26. Image

This hatch pattern has island detectiion set to:

A) Normal

B) Ignore

C) Inner

D) Outer


If a block created on layer 'Door', layer color 'green', with the block properties set to ByLayer, is inserted on a
layer 'Interior-Doors' whose color is blue, the inserted block color will be Blue:

A) True

B) False

If a block definition exists in a drawing but is not referenced/visible in the drawing, you can purge the block at
any time.

A) True

B) False

29. Image

In the image shown, the following are valid options used to create Polylines EXCEPT:

A) Width

B) Arc

C) Taper

D) Line

30. Image

Example A is a Polyline, Example B is an edited polyline.

Which PEDIT option was used to edit the polyline?

A) Taper

B) Join

C) Width

D) Close