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A hollow cost iron cylinder 4m long 300mm outer diameter and inner diameter 200 mm thick of
metal 50mm is subjected to central load on the top. When standing straight the stress produced
is 7500kn/m2 .assume young modulus for cast iron is 1.5x10 ^8 kn/m^2 .and find is 1)magnitude
of the load 2) longidutional strain 3) total decreasing length.
2. The specimen of steel 25mm diameter with a gauge length of 200 mm is tested to destruction if
has on extension of 0.16 mm and under a load of 80KN and the load at elastic limit is 60k. the
max load I 180KN. the total extension at fracture is 56 mm and diameter at neck is 18mm .find
1) stress at elastic limit ,2) young modulus 3) % of elongation 4) % of reduction in area 5)
ultimate tensile stress.
3. A bar of 20mm diameter is tested in tension it is observed that when a load of 37.7 kn is applied
the extension measured over a gauge length of 200mm is 0.12mm and contraction in diameter
is 0.0036 .find poisson ’s ratio and elastic constant ( K,G,E)
4. A 500 mm bar rectangular cross section 20mmx40mm. this bar is subject to 40 KN tensile force
on 20mm x 40 mm faces.200KN compressive force on 20mmx500mm phases 300KN tensile
force on 40mmx 500mm phases .find the changing volume E=2x10^5 N/MM^2 and u=0.3.
5. A circular bar of 16mm diameter and 7m long is subjected to generally applied load of 80 KN
.calculate 1) stretch in the rod 2) strain energy absorbed by the rod.
6. A steel bar 200mm in diameter is pulled axially by a force of 15 KN .if the bar is 400mm long
calculate energy stored per unit volume pf the bar and total strain energy stored by the bar
.take E = 2x10^5 N/MM2.
7. A bar shown in fig is tested in UTM. It is observed that the load of 40 KN. The total extension of
the bar is 0.285mm .determine the young modulus of the material.

40 KN D1=25mm D2=20mm D3=25mm 40 KN

100mm 24mm 160mm

8. A 1.5 m long steel bar is being uniform diameter of 40mm for length of 1m. and the nearest 0.5
m .its diameter gradually reduced from 40mm to 20mm as shown in fig. determine the
elongation of this bar when subjected to an axially tensile load of 160 N. given E=200GN/M2.


9. A compound bar of length 500mm consists of a trip of steel 50mm wide and 15 mm thickness
and aluminium 50 mm wide and 20 mm thickness rigidly joined at end if the bar is subjected to
a load of 50KN .find the stress developed in each material and the extension of the bar. Take
elastic modulus of aluminium and steel as 1x10^5 and 2x10^5 N/MM2 respectively.
10. A steel rail is 12.6 m.long and is laid at a temperature of 24.c.the max temperature experted to
find 1) estimate the minimum gap between two rails to be left so that temperature stresses so
not develop a) no expansion joint is provided b) if a 2mm gap is provided for expansion 2) if the
stress is developed 20KN/M2 .what is the gap left between the rails take E= 2x10 ^5 kn / m2 at
∞=12x 10-6 /.c
11. The simply supported beam shown in fig .carries a ltwo concentrated loads and a UDL . draw
the SFD and BMD.

12. A simply supported beam of 6m given is loaded as shown in fig. draw SFD and BMD