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Project Phases and Activities

1. Initiation
a. Starting the project
b. Assignment of the project manager
c. Composing the team of developers
d. Kickoff meetings
e. Gather all resources to start planning
2. Planning
a. Organizing and preparing the project
b. Agreeing upon schedule and budget
c. Define how the project will be executed
d. Define the resources that will enable the project to be executed on schedule and budget
e. Adjustments to respond to new challenges and opportunities
3. Execution
a. Carrying out the work
b. Design and ‘construction’ activities
c. On IT projects, develop the source code
4. Refactorization
a. Improving what has been already done in the previous phase
b. This phase can be blended into the execution phase
5. Closeout
a. Closing of the project
b. Project staff is slowly being transferred off the project
c. Documents are archived
d. The client then takes control over the product