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No Comments Key points that are considered in this paper: The critical need for talent management LearnShare’s Talent Management Suite © Best practices Plug and learn Executive Summary LearnShare is a leader in providing Talent Management Technology to its Fortune 1000 “Members” and their customers. LearnShare’s world-class Talent Management Technology Suite has been designed in collaboration with its Member companies, for use by its Members and has been implemented throughout the world. Our Members have at their disposal, not only the LearnShare technology, but also best practice resources to facilitate the effective management of the lifecycle of their most important asset – their employees. LearnShare’s Learning Solutions technologies allow the Organization Development Team and Learning Team to drive the organization’s goals and objectives. LearnShare’s technology solutions are built on cutting edge SaaS architecture and can be delivered as a hosted service over the Internet or be installed on the Member’s premise. The Critical Need for Talent Management A 2005 Talent Pulse Survey conducted by Deloitte Consultancy reports that the most critical people management issues for organizations to successfully compete are the attracting and retaining of high-caliber workers. However, simply identifying high-caliber talent within an organization is not enough. Forward thinking organizations understand that identifying and developing talent are critical steps in retaining top talent. “… 58% of Americans would consider leaving their current employer…” According to the "Working in America: What Employees Want" 2006 survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Kronos Incorporated, found that 58 percent of employed Americans say they would, or maybe would, consider leaving their current employer. This is a 12percentage point increase from the findings of Kronos' 2005 "Working in America" Labor Day survey. The 2006 study found that 74 percent of survey participants are either actively or passively looking for a new job. Forty-one percent of those actively or passively looking for a new job have looked for a new job while at work compared to 39 percent in last year's study. “… companies will loose 50% of their senior managers over the next five years….” As the 21st century economy continues to grow and improve, employee retention and recruitment will be the key strategic issue for organizations. According to a study released by IBM, “The 500 largest companies will loose 50% of their senior managers over the next five years to retirement.” Having a Talent Management Process provides the ability to know what skills exist within the employee population of an organization and how those employees will be developed. This is critical for organizations to move forward to meet their goals and objectives. LearnShare’s Talent Management Suite © “In today’s war for talent, Orkin, Inc. recognizes that effective talent management is critical to the success of our organization. Focusing our efforts with the mantra, “find, grow, keep,” we are committed to growing the company as we grow the individual. We place the same importance on each phase of the employment continuum, employing a strategy for identifying high-performing employees, giving them growth opportunities through targeted career pathing, and developing them over the long term to help them reach their career goals. Through recruiting, onboarding, career pathing, development and succession planning, Orkin believes that developing happy and fulfilled employees will ultimately result in these employees providing a superior level of customer satisfaction, thereby contributing to the company’s bottom line.” Ruby Swann, Director of Recruiting and Talent Management

Content Management. As a general definition. Each segment can be implemented as a stand-alone module or as a comprehensive. Learners and Administrators are able to obtain exactly what they need right when they need it. and competency development. Key Features Hosted or Installed solution User-friendly interfaces Content management Learning management eCommerce Online course editor ILT (instructor-led classroom) management Auditable training records Web-based administration Dashboards Analytics Out-of-the-box integrations with WebEx and LiveMeeting Online test authoring Document sharing and versioning Double-byte support Unicode compliant . employee engagement and retention. learning management. on-boarding. product is offered as a hosted solution or as a stand-alone product. The LearnShare LMS is one of the most comprehensive and flexible e-learning solutions on the market today and can effectively and efficiently integrate instructor-led training. skills. The LearnShare LMS is designed for extreme flexibility. integrated system. e-commerce. performance management. Talent Management is an inclusive phrase which encompasses the total employee life cycle. course authors and content providers are able to create. usability. with Custom Comparison Across 200+ Features The LearnShare Learning Management System creates a cost effective. Talent Planning. succession planning. yet easily used. LearnShare’s Talent Management Suite © encompasses the most critical components of the employee life cycle. career development. graphical interface using a Web Browser. high quality training and educational environment designed to specifically meet the individual development and training needs of your users.” Brandon Hall.Human Resource literature has been inundated with terms that try to define what “Talent Management” means to an organization. skills and competencies. Succession Planning and a powerful Analytics tool that enables organizations to generate meaningful data to help make critical talent decisions. employee recruitment. virtual instructor led training. manageability and scalability. LearnShare’s LMS offers the most powerful and comprehensive feature set available. collaboration. The Talent Management Suite includes: Performance Management. Even the definitions vary. Learning Management. Administrators. maintain and track learning events through an intuitive. Talent Management is the “deployment. training. instructors. and knowledge sharing. redeployment. “LMS KnowledgeBase 2007: In-Depth Profiles of 60+ Learning Management Systems. This powerful. redeployment and retention of top employees”. Mid-to-large-sized companies that are geographically dispersed and have limited in-house IT and educational expertise should take a hard look at the LearnShare LMS. web based training. providing the ability to instantly adopt any organization’s look and feel in a hosted (on-demand) modality or installed behind a firewall. Learning Management “The LearnShare LMS is a contender.

” Brandon Hall about LearnShare’s LMS. The idea to build this system began as an educational initiative.Learning plans Curriculum management Course cataloging Course to skill roadmaps Multiple language support Online class scheduling and resource management Blended learning management 3rd party courseware importing tools Real-time business intelligence Collaboration Transcript reviews Web conferencing Informal learning Self-reported training Single sign-on Self-registration Report manager Synchronous and asynchronous delivery. LearnShare is vendor-neutral and is able to make agreements with course suppliers of all topics to provide Members with discounted prices on a pay-per-use basis. partners and other outside brokers. or they can contract directly with suppliers. with Custom Comparison Across 200+ Features” LearnShare members have the ability to implement a specialized Learning Management System designed specifically for training outside/reseller sales organizations. (See section on Plug and Learn for a complete vendor listing). operators and distributors often results in increased sales and healthy . Since there are so many courses available through the LearnShare LMS. customers. All options will be hosted and tracked on the LearnShare LMS. Companies have limitless options when it comes to courses. scheduling and tracking tools Secure internal communication and email system Microsoft Outlook calendar updates for registrations Supervisor controls Discussion Groups & message boards AICC & SCORM 2004 compliant Skill gap analysis Competency management Rapid course development Reusable learning object management Courseware Resources Integrated into LearnShare’s Learning Management System is LearnShare’s extensive “pay-peruse” course library. LearnShare’s Customer-Facing LMS© is an online training portal with ecommerce capabilities for member companies’ business customers that represent or sell their products. They can use LearnShare’s expandable “pay-per-use” course library of the best courseware suppliers in the world. we can make your life easier by creating course roadmaps specifically designed for a company’s key target populations or company initiatives. Customer-Facing LMS© “Managing multiple sub-portals from a single implementation is fast and effortless. They can create company-specific courses using either the LMS authoring software or other commercial author ware. but the impact of welltrained customers. With over 35 world-class courseware vendors and 6000 on-line courses available. “ LMS KnowledgeBase 2007: In-Depth Profiles of 60+ Learning Management Systems.

tasks and individual learning plans are aligned with each business unit’s objectives to serve the organization’s strategic position in driving performance and revenue. 360-degree and self-assessments Automatic training and development activities recommendations based on scores Real time tabulation Comparative enterprise-wide competency reports Reduced HR administration Comprehensive reporting and analytics Talent and Succession Planning LearnShare’s Talent and Succession Planning software supports the process of identifying. Membership has access to LearnShare’s Customer-Facing LMS© to provide training to: Customers/Resellers Partners Brokers Member financial benefits include: Increased sales Higher quality from suppliers Enhanced technical product training Stronger customer relationships Revenue from the sales of training Cost reductions in customer technical support Improved performance by distributors Performance Management LearnShare’s Performance Management module provides a streamlined performance appraisal process that ensures that employees’ performance translates into organizational goals and objectives. feedback and appraisals Robust workflow management Configurable review forms Goal management Strategic goal and objective alignment E-mail notification Collaboration tools Data integration with HRIS and LMS systems Automatic performance calculation Integrated “Gantt” view of goals/tasks Single-level and multi-level competency modes Dynamic generated individual development plan Competency assessments 180-degree. Through assessment tools. . readiness ratings. preparing and retaining talent in the organization. as well as retention risk. it analyzes and tracks information about candidates’ level of potential performance over time. and comparative profiles. LearnShare’s Performance Management module is built on open SaaS architecture that allows fast implementation with minimal up-front technology costs. The System can easily integrate with existing HRIS systems and can be configured to match the organization’s current processes which reduce implementation time and training costs. The portal can be customized for each company. every employee’s goals. and can be as simple or complex as necessary.partnerships. With LearnShare’s Performance Management module. development strategies. System features include: Proactive performance goal setting Reviews.

goal management. skills. business unit performance or whatever metrics matter most for the business. Systems Features Include: Online access to the information required to identify and assess candidates.LearnShare’s Talent and Succession Planning System are built on Microsoft’s leading SaaS technology that organizes a company’s talent and succession planning to maintain its competitive advantage. real-time on-line data is LearnShare’s powerful. products and best practices through a number of different communication modalities. progress and results. abilities. Readiness rankings based on candidate ratings by managers and others defined in your process. In addition to dozens of included “canned” reports. clear reviews. Dashboards LearnShare’s management dashboards can be easily configured to present immediate views into the most complex data to executives. resources. Custom Reports LearnShare’s custom reports builder has virtually limitless capacity for generating actionable reports on any data field in LearnShare’s Talent Management Suite. LearnShare’s reporting and analytics tool drives into all data elements of the Human Capital Management data to let executives. Benefits of Membership Description . This vision has evolved into the LearnShare Member Community where companies can share and exchange experiences. Best Practices LearnShare was created with the mission and vision of sharing learning and development knowledge among Member companies to save money and reduce their cycle time. real-time information from any and all relevant external systems. Multiple Succession Planning Models (Role-based. monitor and continually adjust development plans Integration with Performance Management facilitating the ability to effectively measure performance against competencies and goals. this robust analysis and reporting platform also includes a custom reporting tool for the creation of a limitless number of highly specific reports. Analytics Management Dashboards and Custom Reporting Providing 24X7. management or any key personnel in the organization. and readiness to effectively execute the organization’s short and long term strategies. proprietary custom reporting and analytics tools that allows clients to generate meaningful analysis from all elements of the LearnShare Talent Management Suite©. trends. managers and administrators identify impacts. interactive and provide precise views of critical data around training and performance effectiveness. and create meaningful. Custom analytics reports can be developed and rolled-out to specific business units or job roles – providing the right data at the right time to make important business decisions. LearnShare’s Talent and Succession Planning System creates and tracks employees experience. LearnShare Analytics© also includes powerful Dashboards to present immediate views into the most complex data. Side-by-side comparisons of candidates Org chart views Gap Analysis Reports on individual and/or groups of candidates Role summaries. Individual-based and Pool-based) Profiles to identify and track high potential employees On-line editing of ideal candidates profiles and position requirements Robust analysis and reporting Up-to-date. competency requirements and readiness ratings. Dashboards are customizable. skills. Managers have the ability to create.

and resources (e. and implementation on topics including Learning Management. news. supplier solutions and more. research and presentations collected from LearnShare Members and other sources. events and much more. corporate governance.g. Through proactive idea sharing and timely evaluations. courseware. much of which is proprietary and uniquely available to Members. The LearnShare-moderated panel discussions allow Members to share practical knowledge in an intimate. QuikShare allows members to tap into this network to help tackle challenges online through an interactive forum. NewsShare Members receive up-to-date industry news and information from both internal and external consortium sources consolidated in one easy-to-read monthly e-newsletter. Cross-industry peer groups of senior executives meet to share insights and experience in candid. Research Primary research explores the best practices of an unrivaled network of companies on strategic management issues and key concerns in areas such as human resources. Instructional Design. eWorkshops LearnShare brings together knowledgeable speakers to address current issues in the field of corporate learning. Our user group identifies courseware for Member companies – courses that can be shared. Communities of Practice Members learn from the mistakes as well as the successes of peers while expanding their personal networks. off-the-record settings. Learning Surveys We provide regular scans of Member use. Content. Members are encouraged to attend or serve as distinguished panelists. How are organizations changing their leadership development programs for international employees?). experience. Product Alerts LearnShare offers its Members regular publication of supplier products arranged for member use at a discount. educational forum with their local peers. economics. QuikShare LearnShare Membership is composed of some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry. held online so people can attend from around the globe. Sharing@LearnShare Sharing@LearnShare is our premier conference where thought leaders and colleagues gather to share best practices and network among high-level peers.Community Website A Members-only website that provides access to best practice resources including discussions. operations management and global corporate citizenship. Governance. . research and presentations collected from LearnShare Members and other sources. Access white papers. purchase decisions. Members can also access white papers. Members guide the focus and function of the consortium overall. new course products. research. Summits Topical summits are held for interested Members on a variety of training and development topics relevant to today's fast-paced and competitive environment. Web Conferencing and Classroom Deployment. Member-to-Member Requests Member requests for specific information. Breakfast Series Regional breakfast meetings are held across the country to address hot topics in Learning & Development. User Groups LearnShare's success in anticipating and exceeding member demand is a result of ongoing user group input.

Councils We keep a pulse on industry issues and emerging trends with key articles of interest and other resources related to business. Plug and Learn As an optional component of LearnShare’s Best Practices. CDs. presentations and live-events have been captured to electronic media for members use (DVD. MP3s). LearnShare’s Plug and Learn© offering gives LearnShare’s Best Practice members the opportunity to use the extensive LearnShare pay-per-use library. technology and learning decisions.Downloadable Tools Content. Members that have their own LMS or make use of a third party LMS have the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate LearnShare content. The LearnShare library is made up of more than 35 internationally renowned content providers .

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