Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM

SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON Recruitments of financial consultant Sales Development manager, & channel development manager of HDFC Standard Life SUBMITTED TO PUNJAB UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH

A Project Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree




Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM

The statistical analyses of survey responses in this study reveal interesting I would like to start by praying the almighty; which has been always help me and will be the driving force of this mankind to give all of us the strength to achieve our set goals and target. from various people. I have great pleasure and privilege in expressing my deep sense of gratitude to my supervisor MR. GAURAV MALHOTRA (Regional H.R. Manager) & MR. RAJESH SHARMA (Branch Manager) for his supervision, constant encouragement, constructive criticism and valuable counsel. Finally we also wish to thank MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE FOR WOMEN for making this experience of summer training in an esteemed organization like HDFC STANDARD LIFE possible. The learning from this experience has been immense and would be cherished throughout life. The compilation of a report not only requires time, effort and energy but also valuable guidelines



Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM

I have done my summer training HDFCSLIC STANDARD LIFE. In whole work of my summer training I have contracted the existing as well as others customers and take their view and perception towards Insurance Services. During my training I have tried to find out the what are the inconveniences with HDFCSLIC STANDARD LIFE among the existing customer and about INSURANCE services and how much they avail these facilities. During my training I have also Recruitment of FC, SDM& CDM. The compression is followed by the services and at the end the recommendation which could help HDFCSLIC to be more effective in the field of INSURANCE SECTOR.



:- MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 4 . CDM PREFACE In today’s technology driven and competitive business environment learning new skills and upgrading to existing ones are very vital. Education should compromise not only book learning but also proper training of mind acquisition of practical knowledge in the secret of success. SDM. The challenges and opportunities emerging in the wake of globalization and liberalization of economics world. LUDHIANA and provides me the opportunities to develop my skill of managerial aspect. Perusing MBA in MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE. calls for a through understanding of the various factors of Management.Recruitment of FC. For my training purpose I had the privilege to have been associated with the India’s leading HDFCSLIC with a view to obtain practical exposure in corporate world.

SDM.SDM.Recruitment of FC. CDM CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT INSURANCE 1) BRIEF HISTORY OF INSURNCE SECTOR 2) WHAT IS INSURANCE 3) WHAT IS INSURANCE AND HOW IT W 4) BENEFITS OF INSURNACE SECTOR 6-8 CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION ABOUT RECRUITMENT 1) Meaning of Recruitment 2) Sources of Recruitment 3) Benefits of Recruitment 9-22 CHAPTER 3 INTRODUCTION ABOUT HDFCSLIC 1) Company profile of hdfc slic 2) Hdfc slic products 3) Objectives of hdfc slic 4) Vision and values of hdfc slic 5) Awards and achievents 6) Organization structure 7) Directors of company 8) History of company 9) HR Roles and Procedures 10) Swot analysis 11) Uses of green page 12) Empower 13) Compensation management 23- CHAPTER 4 INTRODUCTION ABOUT FC .CDM 1) DEFINITION OF FC 2) WHAT GOVERNS FC MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 5 .

2) CDM Roles and their Process…………………… 3) Incentives of cdm CHAPTER 6 Research Methodology 1) Primary data 2) Secondary data 3) Sampling CHAPTER 6 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY CHAPTER 7 DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 1) Questionnaire 2) Analysis 3) Conclusion ………………………………….. SDM..Recruitment of FC. CDM 3) WHAT INSURANCE IS PROFESSION 4) LICENCING PROCESS OF FC 5) TRAINING REQUIREMENT OF FC 6) PRE RECRUITMENT OF TEST 7) PRE REQUIREMENT TEST 8) IRDA AUTHORITY 9) REWARDS AND RECOGNITION Introduction of Sales Development Manager…. 1) Meaning of Channel Development Manager. 1) MEANING OF SDM 2) ROLES OF SDM 3) Front line Assessment and growth of SDM 4) INCENTIVES OF SDM Introduction of Channel Development Manager. 4) Bibliography…………………………… MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 6 .

CDM CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT INSURANCE WHAT IS INSURANCE? Insurance is a legal agreement between two parties to secure the payment of a sum of money in the event of loss or damage to property. SDM. Formed in 1870 Life Insurance was nationalized in 1956 by merging 245 companies Insurance sector was opened again to private players in 1999 As on 31st March 2002.Recruitment of FC. by regular payments or premiums BRIEF HISTORY OF HDFC SLIC Insurance started with Marine Insurance • First Indian Insurance Co. life. 11 Life Insurance Companies transact Life Insurance business in India ( Now no.14) • • • WHAT IS INSURANCE & HOW IT WORKS? . was Bombay Mutual Assurance Society Ltd. a person etc. randomly MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 7 • • . Insurance is primarily a risk sharing device • Contributions are many used to share losses of unfortunate few Loss must be unbearable by one and bearable if shared by the community Loss must occur accidentally.

Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM
• • Insurance compensates for the loss, that too not fully Nobody should make gain out of Insurance

BENEFITS OF INSURANCE • • • • • • • • • • Provides security to the family Builds funds for retirement income An instrument of compulsory saving guaranteeing target amount of saving Provides tax saving Preserves human life value Superior to other ordinary saving plans Encourages savings and forces thrift Provides protection against creditors Easy settlement, easy encashment, quick borrowing Above all, provides peace of mind



Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM

General Information

Recruitment is an integral part of the process of finding a job. But with the growing number of firms, companies and other potential employment institutes, the process of finding a job or employment has been made very difficult for the potential employees. These potential employees face several overlapping constraints like shortage of time to look out for employment, too much of expenditure unnecessary and inadequate information about the companies. Approaching the potential employers with the prospect of securing a job does not work well for the aspiring job seekers as the companies are not able to devote much of their time to these job seeking candidates. The companies have so busy schedule that they are not able to find time to look out for their own manpower requirement. Hence, when the candidates seeking job approach them, the companies are not able to interact with them well. And on the other hand, the prospective employee not being acquainted of what is required of him/her fails to deliver the expected. This two-dimensional problem is being faced by both the parties while talking about this aspect of the issue.



Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM
A company or a firm in need of a limited number of manpower is bound to attract a huge number of potential employees, especially in a country like India where there is an acute shortage of jobs. The aspirants are well matched to each other in all the possible ways and are talented enough to lock horns with the competing candidates to fight for the limited number of jobs. For example, an advertisement by the firm to fill in two empty posts or jobs may attract applications huge in number, as huge as two hundreds or even more than that.

Just to fill in those two empty posts the company has to go through the 200 applicants’ resumes and other documents. This process is tedious in nature and consumes a lot of time and monetary resources. The firm may not be in a position to devote so much of its time and funds just to select two candidates. This in turn, has led to a demand for agents that could work and select potential employees for the firm up to a particular level after which, the company would itself control the selection process of the candidates. The company pays a certain amount of fees for the services rendered by these recruitment firms.

Recruitment: Recruitment is defined as “a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient workforce. Edwin B.Flippo defined recruitment as “the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”. Recruitment Strategies: 1. Insourcing or Outsourcing: Companies recruit the candidates, employ them, train and develop them and utilize the human resources of these candidates. This strategy is called “in-sourcing”. Some organizations employ and develop the candidates with



terms and conditions of employment and the time by which the persons should be available for appointment etc. servicing and such other activities. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 11 . 6. Developing the techniques to attract the desired candidates.There may be others of attractive salaries. This strategy is called “outsourcing”. The next stage in the process is to stimulate as many candidates as possible and ask them to apply for jobs. Employing of techniques to attract candidates . 2. Identifying the prospective employees with required characteristics. Internet: The fast developing IT industry and high technology oriented industry invariably require to get vast human resource through the Internet. there is a need to attract more candidates. number of persons to be recruited. the duties to be performed. Locating and developing the sources of required number and type of employees. 4. The publicity about the company being a good employer may also help in stimulating candidates to apply. Process of Recruitment in HDFCSLIC Recruitment process passes through the following stages: 1. The personal requisitions contain details about the position to be filled. whose core business is to provide human resource. Recruitment process begins when the personnel department receives requisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. Such manufacturing and service companies depend for their human resource requirement on such external organizations. proper facilities for development etc. SDM. CDM a view to provide the human resource to other companies which concentrate on manufacturing. In order to increase the selection ratio. 2. The goodwill of an organization in the market may be one technique. 3. qualifications expected from the candidates.Recruitment of FC. 5.

Sometimes. the organization prefers to re-employ the employees as a token of their loyalty to the organization or to postpone some inter-personal conflicts for promotion etc. It consists of five elements namely recruitment policy. a recruitment organization. The sources of recruitment: TRADITIONAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT INTERNAL SOURCES: Present Permanent Employees: Organizations consider the candidates from this source for higher level jobs due to availability of most suitable candidates for jobs relatively or equally to the external source.Recruitment of FC. Dependents of Deceased. to meet the trade union demands and due to the policy of the organization to motivate the present employees. developing sources of recruitment techniques used to tap these sources. SDM. obligations and the like others. The organization takes the candidates for employment from the retrenched employees due to the pressure from trade unions. and a method of assessing the recruitment programme. Retired and Present Employees: MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 12 . CDM 7. Retrenched or Retired Employees: Organization retrenches the employees due to lack of work. Present Temporary or Casual Employees: Organizations find this source to fill the vacancies at the lower level owing to the availability of suitable candidates or trade union pressures or in order to motivate them on the present job. Disabled. Evaluating the effectiveness of recruitment process.

arts. CDM Some organizations function with a view to developing the commitment and loyalty of not only the employee but also his family members and to build up image and provide employment to the dependents of deceased. candidates feed them in the MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 13 . EXTERNAL SOURCES: Campus Recruitment: Inexperienced candidates can be recruited from various educational institutes like colleges and universities imparting education in science. set up public employment exchanges in the country to provide information about vacancies to the candidates and to help the organization in finding out suitable candidates. medicine. educational training institutes. agriculture. disabled and present employees. SDM. management studies etc. Data Banks: The management can collect the resumes of the candidates from different sources like employment exchanges. Professional Organizations: These organizations maintain complete resumes of their members and provide the same to other organizations on requisition. commerce.Recruitment of FC. Public Employment Exchanges: The Govt. engineering and technology. Private Employment Agencies/Consultants: Public employment agencies or consultants perform recruitment functions on behalf of a client company by charging fees. Such organizations find this source as an effective source of recruitment.

experience and emotions of their friends and relatives. It will become another source were the company can get their particulars as and when it needs to recruit. As such. Casual Applications: Depending upon the image of the organization. This would be a suitable source for temporary and lower level jobs. Trade Unions: Trade Unions are a reliable source as the members had always shared a certain amount of intimacy with the union. EXTERNAL SOURCES MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 14 .Recruitment of FC. level of unemployment. candidates apply casually for jobs through mail or hand over the applications in the Personnel Department. CDM computer. They are also aware of the job requirements and organizational culture of their company. attitudes. The main advantage of this method is that it has a wide reach MODERN SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT INTERNAL SOURCES Employee Referrals: Present employees are well aware of the qualification. Hence persons seeking re-employment are backed by the trade unions. participation of the organization in the local activities. SDM. PRESS ADVERTISEMENTS: Advertisements of the vacancy in newspapers and journals are a widely used source of recruitment. they can make preliminary judgment regarding the match between the job and their friends or relatives. its prompt response.

The companies select the suitable candidates from among such candidates through selection process. CDM Walk-in interview: Some organizations advise the potential candidates to attend for an interview directly and without a prior application on a specified date. mergers and take-over help in getting human resources. Mergers and Acquisitions: Business alliances like acquisitions. time and at a specified place. Factors Affecting Recruitment The recruitment function of the organizations is affected and governed by various internal and external forces. Factors Affecting Recruitment Internal Factors External Factors MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 15 . Internal forces or factors:-are the factors that can be controlled by the organisation. Body Shopping: Professional organizations and the hi-tech training institutes develop the pool of human resources for the possible employment. SDM. This is called a walk-in interview. Consulting: The busy and dynamic companies encourage the potential employees to approach them personally and consult them regarding the jobs. External factors:-are those factors which cannot be controlled by the organisation.Recruitment of FC. The prospective employers contact these organizations to recruit the candidates.

Recruitment Policy 1. It may involve organizational system to be developed for implementing recruitment programmes and procedures by filling up vacancies with best qualified people. Size of Firm 4. Growth and Expansion Internal Factors Affecting Recruitment The internal forces i. Supply and Demand 2. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 16 . Human Resource planning 3. Factors affecting recruitment process: Organizational objectives    Personnel policies of the organization and its competitors Government policies on reservations. Cost 5. RECRUITMENT POLICY: The recruitment policy of an organisation specifies the objectives of recruitment and provides a framework for implementation of recruitment programme. the factors which can be controlled by the organisation are: 1. Preferred sources of recruitment. Labor Market 3. Image/Goodwill 4.Recruitment of FC.Unemployment Rate 2. Political-Social-Legal Environment 5. CDM 1. SDM.e.

Recruitment costs and financial implications 2. 1. which will handle its operations. GROWTH AND EXPANSION: Organization will employ or think of employing more personnel if it is expanding its operations External Factors Affecting Recruitment The external forces are the forces which cannot be controlled by the organisation. CDM   Need of the organization. SIZE OF THE FIRM: The size of the firm is an important factor in recruitment process. it will think of hiring more personnel. 3. therefore. If the organization is planning to increase its operations and expand its business. 5. HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING: Effective human resource planning helps in determining the gaps present in the existing manpower of the organization. COST: Recruitment incur cost to the employer. It also helps in determining the number of employees to be recruited and what qualification they must possess. 4. SUPPLY AND DEMAND: The availability of manpower both within and outside the organization is an important determinant in the recruitment process. SDM. If the company has a demand for more professionals and there is limited supply in the market for the professionals MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 17 .Recruitment of FC. organizations try to employ that source of recruitment which will bear a lower cost of recruitment to the organization for each candidate.

scheduled tribes. there is often oversupply of qualified labour which in turn leads to unemployment. Image of a company is based on what organization does and affected by industry. IMAGE / GOODWILL: Image of the employer can work as a potential constraint for recruitment. 3. CDM demanded by the company. LABOUR MARKET: Employment conditions in the community where the organization is located will influence the recruiting efforts of the organization. If there is surplus of manpower at the time of recruitment. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE: One of the factors that influence the availability of applicants is the growth of the economy (whether economy is growing or not and its rate). An organization with positive image and goodwill as an employer finds it easier to attract and retain employees than an organization with negative image. If the candidate can’t meet criteria stipulated by the union but union regulations can restrict recruitment sources. 4.LEGAL ENVIRONMENT: Various government regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment have direct impact on recruitment practices. Also. Government of India has introduced legislation for reservation in employment for scheduled castes. trade unions play important role in recruitment. POLITICAL-SOCIAL. SDM. When the company is not creating new jobs. physically handicapped etc. even informal attempts at the time of recruiting like notice boards display of the requisition or announcement in the meeting etc will attract more than enough applicants. This restricts management freedom to select those individuals who it believes would be the best performers.Recruitment of FC. then the company will have to depend upon internal sources by providing them special training and development programs. 2. 5. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 18 . For example. For example finance was taken up by fresher MBA’s when many finance companies were coming up.

COMPETITORS: The recruitment policies of the competitors also affect the recruitment function of the organisations. 1. To infuse fresh blood at all the levels of the organization. Objectives of Recruitment To attract people with multi-dimensional skills and experiences that suits the present and future organizational strategies. 4. To develop an organizational culture that attracts competent people to the company. To devise methodologies for assessing psychological traits. 2. To search or head hunt/head pouch people whose skills fit the company’s values. 6. To seek out non-conventional development grounds of talents. 7. HR ROLES AND PROCEDURES MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 19 . SDM. To induct outsiders with a new perspective to lead the company. 5. To face the competition. To search out talent globally and not just within the company. 3.Recruitment of FC. many times the organisations have to change their recruitment policies according to the policies being followed by the competitors. CDM 6.

• • • • • • reviewing the impact and effectiveness of the Center’s policy and practices periodically. and acting expeditiously to meet those needs where possible. SDM. ensuring that high-quality advice and assistance is available to spouses/partners during their settling in to the duty station. introducing and sustaining policies. monitoring the needs of spouses/partners actively after they settle in. providing a range of support services to spouses/partners. This role includes: • supporting management in the development of Center policy and practices for accommodating spouses/partners.TEST 2) 2. and reporting to senior management with options for future refinements HR ROLES RECRUITMENT 1) 1. particularly in publicizing employment and consultancy opportunities.Recruitment of FC. to accommodate spouses’/partners’ needs prior to their move to the duty station. CDM A Center’s HR group has a key role in developing. exercising initiative.INTERVIEW MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 20 . providing support and guidance to spouse/partner committees. as much as possible. practices and services for accommodating spouses/partners. advising job applicants and their spouses/partners about the availability and application of these practices.



India's leading housing finance institution and a Group Company of the Standard Life Plc. As on February 28. SDM.Recruitment of FC. CDM CHAPTER 3 I NTRODUCTION OF COMPANY INTRODUCTION HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 23 . UK. which offers a range of individual and group insurance solutions. while the rest is held by others. Ltd. It is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Limited).00% of equity in the joint venture. is one of India's leading private insurance companies. 2009 HDFC Ltd. holds 74% and Standard Life (Mauritius Holding) 2006. holds 26.

4 757.56 0.53 0.1 935.55 0.3 1234.1 1516.6 730.39 1.9 86.4 7.6 892.3 3152.84 1.3 3028.39 1.5 269.1 64. SDM.Swiss Re’s Sigma Report 2% 0 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 24 .6 1570.9 1611.29 1.95 1.Recruitment of FC.9 3759.1 1162 150.77 Non Life 0.8 4153.7 808.55 Total 1.9 9.6 Year 1996 1997 1999 2000 Life 1.6 2.2 298.5 3165.2 2583.In ia ee a n d 8% 0 I sr d nu e Ui sr d n u n e Source .32 Insurance penetration in India (premium as a % of GDP) P n tr tio .93 2.2 3973.7 759. CDM Insurance Density pe r capita (USD) Pre m ium s Country United States Canada Sw itzerland United Kingdom Japan South Korea Hong Kong Malaysia India Life for the ye ar 2000 Non Life Total 1540.

100 billion International presence through service associates Highest Corporate governance rating AAA from CRISIL and ICRA • • • MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 25 . SDM. . • • Customer base of over 2 million Stable and experienced management India’s largest housing finance institution Asset base over Rs. LTD. CDM HDFC PRODUCTS SECURITISATION Future Activities DISTRIBUTION HDFC CHUBB GENERAL INSURANCE CO.Recruitment of FC.

81. CDM Standard Life Assurance Company • • • Europe’s largest mutual life assurance company founded in 1825 AA2 rated by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Voted the ‘Company of the Decade’ Total assets under management Rs.Recruitment of FC.largest branch network Market Share of 13.000 crore • Why HDFC Standard Life ? Brand Value & Recognition of the partners First Private Life Insurance Company First Company to Declare Bonus Robust operations & distribution back ups Presence in over 100 locations .5 % Insures one life every 3 minutes Total Winner of Outlook Money 2003 & 2004 award as ‘Best New Insurer’ Rated as India’s Most Respected Private Insurance Company by Business world magazine (2004) MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 26 . SDM. 5.

for the last 6 years consequently. HDFC’s asset base amounts to over Rs. 73% are sourced from individual and trust depositors. It also one international office in Dubai and 3 Service Associates in Kuwait. Being an institution that is strongly committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence. and the Sultanate of Oman. HDFC has more than 110 offices in India presently. Standard Life & HDFCSL Draw organization structure of HDFC SL as well as Retail Team Describe your role as Sales Development Manager HISTORY HDFC STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (HDFC) Founded in 1977. CDM Objectives – – – – – State the benefits of selecting the right company Enlist the parameters of selecting a life insurance company List strengths of HDFC. Its financial strength is reflected in highest safety ratings of ‘FAAA’ and ‘MAAA’ awarded by CRISIL and ICRA – two of India’s leading credit rating agencies – respectively.000 of the total deposits. HDFC has won several accolades in the past few years such as “ Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award” for the year 1999.000 croes. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 27 .Recruitment of FC. this award was instituted to award recognition to Indian companies for business excellence and qualify achievement HDFC is the only company so far to receive this award. Which demonstrates the tremendous confidence that retail investors have in the company. HDFC is today the market leader in housing finance in India and has extended financial assistance to more than 15 lakh homes. SDM. Qatar. 28. It has a depositor base of over 11 lakh customers and a deposit agent’s force of over 46.

The introduction of its innovative mortgage product in January 1999 has an immediate impact on the UK market. Ireland. Austria and Canada with representative offices in Hong Kong and China.Recruitment of FC. Standard Life has total assets of Rs. The company’s reputation in the UK market remains unrivalled. for the third consecutive year. Besides. It is one of the few insurance companies in the world to receive AAA rating from two of the leading international credit rating agencies. 95000 crore and new premium income last year of Rs. SDM.000 crore. CDM STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY Founded in 1825. The current loans understanding amount to Rs. 5. in financial terms. Standard life has been at the forefront of the UK insurance industry for 176 years by combining sound financial judgment with integrity and reliability. One of its most recent successes was the launch of Standard Life Bank on 1 st January. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 28 .300 crore. Standard life is rated as one of the strongest companies of the world. 30. being voted ‘company of the year’ for overall service. accounting for 11% of all new lending within the first operational year. Moody’s and Standard Z& Poor’s. Spain. Standard Life was recently voted ‘ Company of the Decade’ by independent brokers. The largest Mutual life Company in Europe. 43. it has operations in the United Kingdom. 1998. Its UK investment portfolio accounts for approx 2% of all shares listed in the London Stock Exchange. The later described Standard Life’s ability to meet its claims obligations as overwhelming under a variety of economic conditions. Germany.

HDFC Standard Life was the only life company to be granted a certificate of registration.4% while standard Life owns 18.6%. “ The most obvious choice for all”. VISION AND VALUES OF THE COMPANY Vision Statement “The most successful and admired life insurance company. SDM. this is the maximum investment allowed under current regulations. Given standard Life’s existing investment in the HDFC Group. In short.Recruitment of FC. Integrity Innovation Values MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 29 . offer the best value for money and set the standards in the industry. which means that we are the most trusted company. HDFC are the main shareholders in HDFC Standard Life. with 74. the easiest to deal with. CDM Incorporation of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited The company was incorporated on 14th August 2000 under the name of the HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Limited. On the 23rd of October 2000.

1997 One of the 5 best Indian Boards by Business Today -1997 Best presented accounts 1994-95 and 1996-97 (3rd place) . by Outlook Money Declared bonusInitiated Anti-rebating issues with IRDA. resulting in introduction of new guidelines for 4 consecutive years since inception Awards & Accolades * * * * * * India’s best managed company by Asia money magazine .in the SAARC region by the South Asian Federation of Accounts in the financial sector category Rated as one of the best companies in India for strategy & management and investor relations by Asia money .1995 and 1996 Most competitive Indian company by Euromoney . SDM.Recruitment of FC.1998 Excellence in service industry by the Indian Institute of Marketing Management & Top Management Club (Pune) -1998 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 30 . CDM Customer Centric Joy & Simplicity Team Work People Care One for all & all for one Achievements Rated ‘Best New Insurer – 2003’.

CDM * * * * * * Shield for the best presented accounts for banks and financial institutions .Recruitment of FC.2000 Asia money declared HDFC as the second best managed company in India . SDM.2002 The Retail sales Hierarchy of HDFC Standard Life Insurance General Manager ↓ Head Retail Sales ↓ Regional Branch Manager ↓ Business Development Managers ↓ Certified Financial Consultants MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 31 .over 11 times (8 years in a row) 1999 IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award in the service category CII-EXIM Bank Commendation Certificate for commitment to Total Quality Management .2001 Euro money identified HDFC as one of Asia’s top 10 best managed companies in the finance sector .2001 Rated as the Best Non-Banking Financial Company in Asia by Institutional Investor Research Group .


He joined HDFC Limited in a senior management position in 1978. He is the Chief Executive Officer of HDFC Limited. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 33 .Recruitment of FC. SDM. He was inducted as a whole-time director of HDFC Limited in 1985 and was appointed as its Executive Chairman in 1993. Parekh Is the Chairman of the Company. Mr. Deepak S. Parekh is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales). He is also the Executive Chairman of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Limited). CDM CEO OF THE COMPANY Mr.

CDM Mr. Ravi Narain Mr. Divan Mr. Gautam R. Paresh Parasnis is the Principal Officer and Executive Director of the company – HDFC SL LIST OF DIRECTORS Sir Alexander M. Karnad Mr. Crombie Mr. Mistry Ms.Recruitment of FC. Skeoch Mr. Renu S. Marcia D. Norman K. SDM. Grimstone MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 34 . Campbell Ms. Keki M. Ranjan Pant Mr. Gerald E.

Recruitment of FC. Aggressive marketing by competitors. • Distinguishable product (children • plan). More demand for insurance • THREATS Presence of very strong competitors. SDM. Various investment Schemes MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 35 . CDM SWOT Analysis OF HDFC SLIC STRENGTHS • • • Strong Brand Image Dedicated sales team Value added services. WEAKNESSES • Rigid Eligibility Criteria • Weak Customer Relations Management • Centralized Structure • Less motivated to fc’s OPPORTUNITIES • • • Large Untapped Market.

Green page is very important because employees of the organization can take any type of information through the green page. Green page is the connected through the intranet in the organization. Post that you will be assessed for confirmation by your immediate superior. SDM. EXAMPLES EMPOWER USER NAME :YOUR EMPLOYEE NO. You can check anything related to the employees like fc. CDM ROLE OF GREEN PAGE GREEN PAGE Green page is the important document of the company. Every employees can check their salary details.your IN EMPOWER Mark you attendance/attendance regularization. PASSWORD : Default password for first time users is adnet 2003 Your problem period will be of three months from the date of joining the services . On a green page you can access the different tools. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 36 .Recruitment of FC.sdm can mark their attendance in empower.

. Take a record of your leaves taken in the past. You can avail three types of leaves during the year post your confirmation. Give your leave request. View and download form 16 for previous year after spending at least one year in organization.Recruitment of FC. CDM View your attendance record for the current year. View your pf statement Declare your tax saving options for the current financial year. SDM. Update your salary account no with specified Bank of the organization. View your eligibilities on leave travel allowance as well as domiciliary mediclaim allowance. Mark your appraisal for the year.CL : Casual leave .SL: Sick leave PL: Previlege accumulations. 8 leaves per calendar year 15 leaves per calendar year 30 leaves per calendar year CASUAL leaves lapse at the end of each calendar year and will not be reward for MY COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT Under this head you can a----View your pay slips for previous months. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 37 . View your tax deduction done so far the previous year.

Recruitment of FC. CDM INTRODUCTION ABOUT FINANCIAL CONSULTANT DEFINITION OF AN FINANCIALCONSULTANT Section 182 of Indian Contract Act 1872 defines an FC as under – person employed to do any act for another or to represent another in dealing with a third person MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 38 . SDM.

SDM. The person on whose behalf the FC works is called Principal Principal is bound by the actions of the FC WHAT GOVERNS INSURANCE FC? Contract act 1872 Insurance act 1938 IRDA ACT 1999 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 39 . CDM • .Recruitment of FC.

CDM Agency appointment letter issued by the company WHY INSURANCE IS A PROFESSION? MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 40 .Recruitment of FC. SDM.

Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM




Mr. Paresh Parasnis is the Principal Officer and Executive Director of the company



Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM

Independent work

No investment

Economic security

No fixed rules of work

Agent is his own ‘paymas ter’

No forwarding


The Insurer: • Develops agency by sponsoring training of agents whom he wants to license



Recruitment of FC, SDM, CDM
• Issues license through a designated person

Designated Person: An officer normally in charge of marketing operations as specified by an insurer, and authorized by IRDA to issue or renews licenses

• •

Covered under IRDA (licensing of Insurance Agents) Regulations, 2000 Criteria to become an agent laid down Training requirements specified Licensing & renewals by designated person only To be composite insurance agent, two separate applications required

• Age > 18 years



SDM. CDM • Educational Qualification – – At least 10th standard (population of <5000) At least 12th standard (population >5000) • Sound Mental Health TRAINING REQUIREMENT FOR FC IRDA Specifications: • • 50 hours in life / General Insurance For Composite Agent.Recruitment of FC. PRE-RECRUITMENT TEST To become an FC. the person MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 44 . at least 100 hours of practical training in life and general insurance business combined • • Training to be conducted by an Institute approved and notified by IRDA Training requirement reduced to 50% for those with qualification such as CA. MBA. Associate/Fellow of Insurance Institute of India etc.

Recruitment of FC. Designated person issues license license fee is Rs. Co-operative society. SDM. a Company. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 45 . Panchayat. agent must undergo additional training for 25 hours Designated person takes decision to renew license or not • Application for renewal of license to be made at least 30 days before expiry of license otherwise additional fee of Rs. 250 • along with identity card valid for three years For renewal of license. or Local Authority can be Corporate Agent and work for one Insurance Company Designated partner or Director or any Officer designated as Corporate Insurance Executive to undergo training and pass the test INSURANCE BROKERS • Broker is a new channel of distribution of insurance products. CDM • • Must qualify Pre-Recruitment Test conducted by body recognized by IRDA Permitted to take test only if he has completed required number of hours of training Must obtain at least 50% marks to pass the Pre Recruitment Test • LICENSING PROCES . 100 payable CORPORATE FINANCIAL CONSULTANT • A Firm.

Found to be minor .Recruitment of FC. Re-insurance Broker.Conviction for criminal misappropriation .Criminal breach of trust . Composite Broker • • • • TERMINATION OF AGENCY Agency can also be terminated if Agent acquires any legal disqualification such as .Cheating or forgery ROLE OF CONSULTANT IN UNDERWRITING He submits a confidential report with each proposal form about health habit and income of the proposer CODE OF CONDUCT FOR FC - Not to interfere the proposal introduced by other agent • • -Not to demand or receive a share in claim amountThe Regulations prescribe a Code of Conduct for Agents The Code states that Agent shall identify himself and the insurer he represents MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 46 . broker represents the client Broker to meet certain Capital criteria Broker can recommend to their clients product of any Insurance Company Brokers have to undergo 100 hours training and pass the test License to insurance brokers issued by IRDA Three types of brokers – Direct Broker . SDM. CDM • • While agent represents insurer.Found to be of unsound mind .

CDM • Do’s for Agents as per Code of Conduct – – – – Show the licence if prospect demands Explain all the options available to the client Recommend a plan suitable for client’s needs Disclose the commission he gets if enquired by the client Explain the nature & importance of information in the Proposal Form. PROMOTE & ENSURE ORDERLY GROWTH OF LIFE & GENERAL INSURANCE INDUSTRY IRDA MEMBERS Members are appointed by Central Govt. CHAIRPERSON MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 47 . SDM. WHY WAS IRDA ESTABLISHED? TO REGULATE. Impress upon the client to disclose all information fully & truthfully Make all enquires about the prospect Inform insurer about anything material or habits which can affect underwriting decision Inform the client about acceptance / rejection of risk Help clients to comply with the requirements asked for by the insurer Advise policyholder to effect nomination / change etc. Ensure remittance of premium by the policyholder on due dates by notice orally or in writing Dont’s for Fc as per Code of Conduct Not to induce the client to give wrong information -Not to ask the policyholder to discontinue existing policy and to take new one.Recruitment of FC.

Commission Structure of finanacial consultant Rate of commision Type of Plan First year 2nd year 3rd Year+ Bonus Endowment 25% 5% 5% 15% Money Back 25% 5% 5% 15% Term Assurance (RP) 20% 5% 5% 15% Loan Cover Term (RP) 20% 5% 5% 15% PPP (RP) 7.Recruitment of FC.50% 2% 2% NIL SPWLP/ PPP (SP) 2% ULEP 12.a governing body of the insurance segment called the IRDA certifies you ‘Financial consultant’ because – We believe you need to advice and recommend the best solution to meet a client’s financial requirement.50% 2% 1% NIL ULPP (SP) 1% Support and Recognition • • Top quality training initially by the company Support of a dedicated Sales Development Manager MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 48 .50% 4% 1% NIL ULPP (RP) 7. CDM WHOLETIME MEMBERS PART TIME MEMBERS TENURE 5 YEARS Why CFC and not an FC ‘Certified’ because . SDM.

Laptops.Recruitment of FC. Palmtops. Handy-cams. ACS. wrist watches. electronic diaries. Quizzes & Contests • • Periodic Branch Level Contests National Level Contests  Prizes ranging from Foreign Trips.MDRT. Consumer Durables. Top Achievers Section Reward Programs Online Support Star Performers Club • • • Level 1: Star Centurion Club (upto 10% extra commission) Level 2: Gold Star Performers Club (5% extra commission) Level 3: Silver Star Performers Club (2. palmtops. CDM • • • • • First class pre and post sales support Lead Generation Support Marketing Support Recognition Programs .5% extra commission) Club members are eligible for various privileges depending upon levels.Retail Sales • Monthly Quizzes in ‘In Touch with Life’ – an in-house magazine MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 49 . Gold Coins etc. Mobile phones. telephone answering machines. two wheelers. SDM. They can choose from an assortment of gifts ranging from mobile phones. PCs. holiday packages etc. subject to maximum limit applicable to him/her.  All Financial Consultants who qualify for National Level gets Certificate of Achievement from the Head .

Recruitment of FC. 50. SDM. CDM • Subscription to Insurance Monthly “Insurance Watch” Who are we looking for ? • • • • • • Committed. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 50 . determination and openness to learn. have the drive. Professional Outloo Ability to sell a range of financial products Looks forward to meeting & interacting with people Have the zeal to perform & excel Want to be a winner in life Are you ready for the challenge Of any approximate Rs. the challenge is of to get maximum of this pie for you.000 crore is available by way of commission only. The pie is huge. 000 crore by way of premium income – in the next 5 years at least Rs 10.


ROLES OF SDM MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 52 . The main purpose of sdm is to recruit . SDM.train & create high performing fc’s to achieve salse target. CDM All figures in rupees Endowment/Money Back Type Plan SALE DEVELOMENT MANAGER MEANING OF SDM These are sales developing manager.Recruitment of FC.

NEED OF KEY POINTS Activities performed on fc recruitment Activities performed on business calls FC Visit review FC Team meetings /building Training of FC SDM OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY FOR SALES FORCE MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 53 . Through sam your performance will be reviewed and taken on daily basis. SDM.Recruitment of FC. CDM • SDM/BM to monitor daily progress of Trainees – – – – – – • Weekly status report to be submitted by SM to the CD team Trainees to submit filled-up FC application forms Seminars for the fc Going with fc for increasing the business Give script for talking more and more business FC application forms to be validated by SDM/BM Recruitment Log-in Day – – Trainees to submit validated application forms Candidate ids of FC’s to be captured SAM OF SDM Sam is a major and most important tool to get registered your day to day activities done in the field.

while low-end selling is done by inside salespeople and through Web ordering. salespeople will have one or more of the following specific tasks to perform: • • • Prospecting. Information gathering. The specific allocation scheme depends on the kind of products and customers. and postsale support are turned over to others. Salespeople handle fewer accounts. Conducting market research and doing intelligence work. services. presenting. which is usually the weakness of geographically based sales forces. For example. Tasks such as lead generation. and sel1" are long gone. rendering technical assistance. proposal writing. a company might want its sales representatives to spend 80 percent of their time with current customers and 20 percent with prospects.Recruitment of FC. This is far different from expecting salespeople to selling every possible account. Communicating. A sales force focuses on selling the company's more complex and customized products to large accounts. Approaching. Servicing. and 85 percent of their time on established products and 15 percent on new products. Targeting. Allocating. overcoming objections. Providing various services to the customers consulting on problems. but regardless of the selling context. Deciding which customers will get scarce products during product shortages. . answering questions. and closing sales. Companies need to define the specific objectives they want their sales force to achieve. Communicating information about the company's products and Selling. Sales reps need to mow how to diagnose a customer's problem and propose a solution. and are rewarded for key account growth. expediting delivery. or leads. sell. CDM The days when all the sales force did was "sell. most companies are moving to the concept of a leveraged sales force. order fulfillment. SDM. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 54 . Salespeople show a customer-prospect how their company can help a customer improve profitability. Searching for prospects. • • • • Because of the expense. Deciding how to allocate their time among prospects and customers. arranging financing.

How is RNEP calculated A RNEP calculation rules would be similar to the one applied for RNEP calculations of sales incentive scheme 6.Team size of FC 5. What does the program offers to the front line sales A An opportunity to   Scale up in the sales hierarchy Increase in CTC Get recognized for his achievements  3.Recruitment of FC. From when FLAG 0607 is effective A FLAG 0607 is effective April 06 2. CDM FLAG OF SDM FAQ for Launch of FLAG 0607 1/6 FLAG 0676 FLAG – 0607 FAQ and Guideline Sheet 1. What are the new features of the program? a) Target cycles of 9 month b) 4 Cycles of targets thus 4 opportunity months c) Early achievers will be rewarded early – Faster the better d) Higher reward to high performers e) LEAP targets included in the program 4. What is Active FC for the FLAG program MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 55 .RNEP . Which are the Measure of performance for which the targets are been incorporated in the program? A The program focuses on three business targets: .Active FC count . SDM.

SDM.Recruitment of FC. FAQ for Launch of FLAG 0607 2/6 FLAG 0676 7. If any of the FLS has achieved all the MOPs then we would be taking a waiting period of one month for reconciling possible look ins / Cancellations happening of the policies. CDM A An FC would be considered active once he has one new conversion (new business) in the month. CHANNEL DEVELOPMENTMANAGER Objective Primary • To leverage the Trainees resource for Financial Consultant Recruitment and thereby beefing up the sales force Secondary MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 56 . The duration of the target cycle is nine months. When does the program starts and ends? A The program starts with 1st target cycle.

SDM.CD Manager KRAs – CD Manager Targets per CD Manager Confirmation Grid – 6 months Recruitment Activity Monitor (RAM) Daily-Weekly-Monthly Work Check-List MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 57 .Recruitment of FC. CDM To provide the trainees with valuable ‘On-Job’ training with an opportunity to ‘Earn while you Learn’ with regular stipend and an Incentive Scheme • Promoting their communication/networking /convincing skills – equipping them with experience pre-requisite for any sales related job • The Process • Channel Development to select Project / Management Tainees from Business schools or referred by SM’s • CD team will give basic training / handholding to the trainees on recruitment and give each trainee a weekly target for Project reports • Arrange training Seminar with Training Team for product Knowledge • • The Project trainees will pitch an opportunity for a ‘Business Partner’ Weekly review on problems / feed back session with Branch Manager / CD Team Role and Responsibilities of CD Manager Role Profile .

RP) 2.Resource Motivation and Drive. SDM. • • • One Vendor Review meet per Week ( Channel Development Manager to Review) One Vendor Meet per Month( AM-CD to Address) Felicitation & Rewards to top performers 5. Role Profile – CD Manager Direct Responsibilities 1.Recruitment of FC.E2E Vendor. • Min One BOP per Week  • Canopy  • Road Shows  • BTL Activity 4.PT.IRDA Training & Examination • • FC 50 Hrs Training Tracking through LC & RC’s. IRDA Examination Tracking through LC & RC’s and increasing I/O Ratio. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 58 . CDM Support Functions  1.Team Building Resources Recruitment (RC.Planning & Implementation of Lead Generation Activities.Training & Induction Training Program for Your Resources •  Joint Field Work with Resources 3.

BM.SDM & Ops) Allocation of FC’s through TM/BM Retail FC Recruitment. 7.activisation through LC and HO Biz Update.TM.Checking Quality Parameters  Q Score  Q Score >3 is not allowed  FC Pre Login Interview Sheet  Fulfillment of RI documents 9. Licensing & Business Updates to Retail functions Updating Ops-Agency Coordinator on Process Changes 8.Recruitment of FC. SDM.Recruitment Activity Monitor MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 59 .Relationship Management at Local Level      Regular Branch Visits Relationship Management( RM. CDM 6.MIS & Documentation • • Documentation Contracts & Payment Modes of Vendor MIS on Recruitment & Licensing Of FC BM/TM wise Keeping an Eye on first Business track.

KRAs FC Recruitment FC Licensing I/O Ratio Following Recruitment Activity Monitor (RAM) TOTAL Weightages CDM 50% 25% 15% 10% 100% Output / Input Based Output Output Output Input CHAPTER 6 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY To know the recruitment process To study various sources of recruitment MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 60 .Recruitment of FC. SDM. KRAs – CD Manager KRA Weightages for Channel Development Manager SN 1 2 3 4 KRA / Sub . CDM  Ensure you update RAM daily  100 % adherence  2.

Recruitment of FC. defining the research objectives. CDM To know the selection criteria To study the sources and process of recruitment To study the advantage and disadvantage of internal and external recruitment according to the employee of hdfcslic To study the satisfaction of employee regarding the company ‘s recruitment CHAPTER 6 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH Research means a search for knowledge or gain some new knowledge and methodology can properly refer to the theoretical analysis of the methods appropriate to a field of study or to the body of methods and principles particular to a branch of knowledge . Research methodology means “defining a problem. A research methodology has a specified framework for collecting the data in an effective manner. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 61 . SDM.

books etc. collecting the information analysing the information and presentation of findings. annual publication. direct collection of data from the source of information. telephonic interviews . The very first step is the reorganization of various type of information which is necessary for the study of performance system.Recruitment of FC. SDM. Data collection method:-According to this project. In other words. Indirect collection of data from sources containing past or recent past information like bank’s broachers.observation. Then a personal interaction with the people concerned is made to figure out the results.The research design –here for this project is a combination of exploratory and explanatory designs. technology including personal interview. Secondary sources are: Text books MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 62 . CDM developing the research plan. a) Primary Data b) Secondary Data Primary Data Primary data is a data which did not exist earlier and is being collected by the researcher first time for its specific objectives. Questionnaire and through schedules.” Such framework is called “Research Design”. Secondary data Any data which have been collected earlier for some purpose are the secondary data. I pursed primary and secondary data collection method. The research methodology used by me for the purpose of this project is as follows:Research Design:.

I have completed my survey in HDFCSLIC Sample Size –how many people have to be surveyed? Generally. human resource manuals of Sebiz Infotech. text books for secondary data collection SAMPLING 1.Recruitment of FC. large sample size given more reliable results than small samples. The sampling plan calls for three decisions. The samples consisted of 30 respondents. some publications on the net.who is to be surveyed? It is necessary so as to develop a sample frame so that everyone in the target population has an equal chance of being sampled . a) Sample unit b) Sample size c) Contact methods Sample Unit. CDM Internet sites News papers articles Broachers I have used web sites. Sampling Sample is a group of few items which represents the population or universe from where it has been taken. SDM. Contact methods MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 63 .

Recruitment of FC. address etc. Graphical Representation. One thing that is important that is it is not included the name.the questionnaires are given to respondents and he/she is free to provide the information whatever the concern is.the direct interviews are one up against all the data collection tools just because one can judge that what a person is telling to the surveyor. For the analysis of results the following techniques has been applied. Tools and Techniques of analysis:The data collected from different sources has been classified and arranged in tables in one or more forms according to the requirements of analysis. Tools and Techniques:• • • Tabular Analysis. Data analysis & the telephone interview . It is time consuming. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 64 . SDM. CDM Once the sampling plan has been determined by the contact i. After this I have collected the information from the respondents with the help of Questionnaire. Simple Statistical Techniques. mail etc.e. My sampling design is based on simple random sampling because each element gets probability to be included 7 all choices made are independent of each other. personal interview . Direct interview: .

SDM. MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 65 . CDM • Trend Percentage.Recruitment of FC.

Please tick the answer which you find best. 2. Do you think the test is the only Soul or Core basis of selection? MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 66 . Which Sources of recruitment is followed? Internal External 3.CONCLUSION ..SUGGESTION.Recruitment of FC. SDM. 1. Education Qualification ………………………… Designation ………………………………………….LIMITATION Recruitment Questionnaire The information supplied will be kept confidential and used for correct purpose only. CDM CHAPTER 7 INTRODUCTION ABOQUESTIONNAIRE. Name ……………………………… Age ………………………………. What do you understand by recruitment? The process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for job in the organization Recruitment is a linkage activity bring together those with jobs and seeking jobs The process of developing suitable techniques for attracting more and more candidates.. Do think test take during recruitment process match with your Job Profile Yes No Not applicable 4...

SDM. Which Types of interview Process is followed during your interview? Informal interview Group interview Formal interview Panel Interview MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 67 . what factors attracted you? Opportunities for family members Cost of Living Others Housing (Please state) Low Crime rate 8. What attracted you the most initially? Content of Job Promotion opportunity Size of organisation Others (Please state) Hours of work Salary Location 7.Recruitment of FC. If you were considering relocation to Chandigarh. What type of behavior of interviewer? Positive Negative 6. CDM Yes No 5.

What are the criteria for placement? High Scores in Academic career Job experience Communication skills All of the above 13. SDM. Are you place on right Job? Yes No 11. Are you satisfied with recruitment Procedure? Yes No NO MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 68 . CDM 9. How the sources of information are known to you? By internet By Newspaper By Television advertisement By Employees of company 12. Time within which feed back received? On the Support In 24 Hours Within week 10.Recruitment of FC.

1 and figure. For this purpose three statements are given to the respondents and they have to select one of them which show a better meaning of recruitment according to them.Recruitment of FC.1 What do you understand by recruitment? This question is framed to know the meaning of recruitment according to the company’s employees. CDM 5. The results of the respondents are shown following with the help of table no 5.No 1 Statements No of respondent Percentage 53% 35% The process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and 16 encouraging them to apply for job in the organization 2 Recruitment is a linkage activity bring together those with jobs and seeking jobs The process of developing suitable techniques for attracting more and more candidates 10 4 12% 3 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 69 . SDM. Sr.

2 that Q. Analysis: Most of the respondent consider the recruitment as the Process of searching for the Prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in the organization 5.2 Sources of Recruitment : Recruitment means to search the prospective employees for the organization and stimulate them to apply for job. CDM Findings: as inferred from the above table 53% of the respondents consider the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for job in the organization and 35% of respondents consider the recruitment is a linkage activity bring together those with jobs and seeking jobs and 12% consider it as the process of developing suitable techniques for attracting more and more candidates. Which Sources of recruitment is followed? Sources of Recruitment.Recruitment of FC.08 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 70 .Respondents View Sr. It is observed from the table 5. SDM.92 1 2 3 Nature of response Internal External Total No of respondents 11 19 30 Percentage 18.



no 1 2 3 4 Nature of Respondents Yes No Not applicable Total No of Respondents 15 5 10 30 Percentage 47. CDM 5.2. Do think test take during recruitment process match with your Job Profile Table 5.34 17.Recruitment of FC. Test take during recruitment process match with your Job Profile: Table and fig 5. SDM.2 depicts that 15 employees are satisfied that test taken during recruitment process match with job profile and 5 are not satisfied Q.66 35.00 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 73 .2 Sr.

no 1 2 3 Nature of response Yes No Total No of respondents 0 30 30 Percentage 0 100 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 74 .3 Sr.Do you think the test is the only Soul or Core basis of selection Table 5.3 Selection It is evident from the table and fig 5. SDM. 100% think that test is not the core basis of selection. CDM 5. Q.3 that 30 respondents i.e.Recruitment of FC.

4 Sr. CDM 1 2 3 Nature of response Positive Negative Total No of respondents 24 6 30 Percentage 80 20 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 75 .Recruitment of FC. SDM.4 Behavior of Interviewer Q. What type of behavior of interviewer? Table 5.

Recruitment of FC.5 25 12.5 depicts that contents of job attracts most of persons initially Q. of Respondents 19 8 3 Percentage 62. SDM. What attracted you the most initially Table 5.5 - MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 76 .5 Sr. CDM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Nature of Respondents Content of Job Hours of work Promotion opportunity Salary Size of Organization Location Other No.5 Initial attraction Table and fig 5.

3 26.Recruitment of FC. of Respondents 0 15 7 8 30 Percentage 0 50. refreshments. SDM.7Interview: Candidates who have successfully cleared the test are called for an interview. informing candidates etc. The entire responsibility for conducting the interview lies with the HR department i. CDM 5. Q Which Types of interview Process is followed during your interview? 5.0 23.7Table Sr.e.7 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 77 . they look after the panel of 1 2 3 4 5 Nature of Respondents Informal Interview Formal Interview Group Interview Panel Interview Total No.

8Time within which feed back is received Table5.8 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 78 .Recruitment of FC. SDM. CDM 5.

of respondents 15 5 10 Percentage 50 20 30 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 79 . 1. 3. CDM Sr.No.Recruitment of FC. 2. Nature of Respondents On the Spot Within week In 24 hours No. SDM.

Recruitment of FC. Of respondents 21 9 30 Percentage 70 30 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 80 .No. CDM Q.9 Sr. SDM. 1 2 3 Nature of respondents Yes No Total No. Are you place in right job? Table5.

SDM.5 25 12.No. 1 2 3 4 Nature of respondents Internet Word of mouth Newspaper Total No.5 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 81 . CDM Q.10 Sr. Of respondents 19 8 3 30 Percentage 62. How the sources of information are known about the vacancy of the company? Table5.Recruitment of FC.

Of respondents O O O 30 Percentage 0 0 0 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 82 . What are the criteria for Placement? Table5. 1 2 3 4 Nature of respondents High score in academic Job experience Communication skills All of the above No. CDM Q. SDM.No.11 Sr.Recruitment of FC.

12 Sr.No. CDM 5.Recruitment of FC. SDM. Of respondents 30 0 30 Percentage 100 0 100 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 83 .12 Recruitment Policies : Recruitment polices are clearly communicated in the organization Table5. 1 2 3 Nature of respondents Yes No Total No.

SDM.13 MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 84 .e.13 that 27 respondents i.Recruitment of FC.13 Satisfaction regarding recruitment procedure: Recruitment means to search prospective Employees for the organization and to stimulate them to apply for job . 92. CDM 5. It is evident from table and figure5.5 % showed their satisfaction over the recruitment Procedure Table 5.

• • • • • Most recruitment is done as and when required by the company. SDM. CDM Sr. Most of the respondents consider that external sources of recruitment lead to insecurity among the existing employees besides demotivating 1 2 3 Nature of response Yes No Total No of respondents 27 3 30 Percentage 92. Interview is the most important technique followed by the company for selecting the employees followed by the skill test and reference checks. Interview should be main criteria for selection besides checking the qualification and most past experience. Most of the respondents consider promotions as the most important sources MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 85 .5 7.5 100 Conclusions • Most of the respondents considers the recruitment as the processof searching for the prospective employees and stimulating and encouraging them to apply for jobs in the organisation.Recruitment of FC.

Most of the responpondents consider flow of new talent . Sample size is too small. Mostly Recruitment Policy is amended as and when the need arises.Recruitment of FC. and Knowledge as the main advantage of external sources of recruitment. • Most of respondents consider advertisement as the . Most of the respondents consider cost as the most important factor for recruiting the candidates. so that the finding of the study may be concluded in the right perspective. • • • Time factor was one of the constraints in conducting the research MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 86 . SDM. Mostly Intelligence and aptitude test are conducted while recruiting the candidates where as interest test and achievement tests are not very common. Bias on the part of respondents to provide the informantion. • • Most of respondents are satisfied with the recruitment policy.most popular external sources of recruitment available with their company and internet is least popular. • • • • Most respondents consider internal sources of recruitment act as a motivational technique and are economical. The overall sample was restricted to the staff members. skill . CDM of recruitment . which are given below. Limitations of study • The study suffer from certain limitations.


CDM FC SDM CDM Financial consultant of the Sales developing manager company Of the company Lower than sdm & cdm Higher than the fc &lower than cdm Appointed by hr Channel developing manager of the company Higher than fc & sdm Apponted by cdm/bm Main purpose more and more sales Commission+incentives Appointed by bm/hr/tm Main purpose is to motivate to More and taking the sale more fc recruitment Salary+incentives+bonuses Salary +incentives+ bonuses MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 88 . SDM.Recruitment of FC.


CDM A recruitment policy should integrate organizational needs and employee needs A recruitment policy should be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the organization Recruitment policy treats all employees fairly and equitably in all employee relationships Recruitment procedure selected should be cost and time benefiting The interview procedure should be satisfying.Recruitment of FC. Their should be a friendly Atmosphere while taking the interview and far as possible there Should be no bias in the mind of interviewer Tests should be conducted as they help to reduce bias in recruitment And in a better maching of candidate and the job MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 90 . SDM.

hdfcslic.K.S.Recruitment of BOOKS Gupta CB Human resources management Bratton resource management MASTER TARA SINGH MEMORIAL COLLEGE 91 .and srivastava B. SDM. CDM BIBLIOGRAPHY 2-www. gold Jeffery. Human resource management Venkataratnam C.



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