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Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya



The Department of English Kalyan Bikram k.c.

Mr. Hom Prasad Bhattarai and BBA 2nd semester

Mr.Dinesh Kumar Gajmer Roll no: 703041

This project has been developed in order to fulfill
the partial requirement of Tribhuwan University for the
completion of BBA ‘second Semester’. This project work
is made in order to get the knowledge regarding the
poem “METAPHORS” and the story “THE HITCH- HIKER”.
Although this project work was given for an
individual work during my academic study in BBA
‘Second Semester’ but I would remain thankful to many
persons who have helped me for the successful
completion of this project work.
Finally, I am again thankful to my English teachers
Mr. Hom Prasad Bhattarai, Mr. Dinesh kumar Gajmer for
their persistence help and clear guidance which is one of
the major reasons for the completion of this project.

With thanks
Kalyan bikram k.c.
703041 'B'
BBA ‘second Semester’

Topic Page no
Literal comprehension:
Metaphors is a short and painful poem composed by Sylvia
plath.In the poem metaphors the speaker is pigment. She feels
herself a walking riddle because she does not know what a
person she is carrying in her womb. Because of the baby inside
her she looks like a big elephant. She compares her womb as a
melon strolling in two tendrils. She addresses the unborn baby.
She shows love towards her unborn baby. She feels her baby as
pure as red fruit, as precious as ivory and as expensive as fine
timbers. It is developing and getting larger like a loaf. Her baby
is like a fat purse. She is as lazy as pregnant cow. During her
pregnancy she has satisfied her desire to eat sour things by
eating a bag green apples. The poet has carried the baby but
she doesn’t know when it will get off. The is like a train who
don’t know where the passenger will get of the train. Here, the
unborn baby is like a passenger. So in the poem she compares
her nine months gestation using different metaphors.

Sylvia Plath, the great exponent of the poetry of neurosis has
presented this poem with deep psychological treatment. This
poem is equally important for the painful state of mind, in
which she talks about the metaphorical theme of her
pregnancy. The nine syllable, nine lines and nine letters are
remarkabely symbolic meaning of the nine months pregnancy.
The speaker feels herself to be a walking riddle because she
doesn’t know what a person is carrying in her womb. During
the pregnancy a woman has to care of another life carrying in
her womb. She has to face different pain. A woman gets
completed when she becomes a mother and this stage of her
life is very important. She becomes happy and bear all the pain.
Here poet compares the every phase of gestation using
different metaphors. This poem shows the feeling and emotion
of a woman during gestation.

Critical thinking:
Though the poem is about pregnancy of the poet also has
another meaning but it is ambiguous. This ambiguity has
enhanced the quality of th poem. Poets or artists are creative
persons. This poem tells us that the poet may come out with
another creation i.e. a poem or novel. A baby comes out from
its womb after nine months but there is no fixed time for a
poem. This poem is about creativity.
It is a short and sentimental poem. This poem shows the
psychology pregnant woman. It is an emotional poem. After
reading this poem I came to know the importance of baby. All
woman want to give birth to their baby. They face various
problems to give birth to their baby. Here, in the poem also the
speaker faces different problems in order to give birth to a
child. And also I came to know that if there is no one to take
care of pregnant woman, unnecessary thoughts will engulf in
her mind.
Literal comprehension
The narrator was deriving to London with purpose of
repairing his wife beautiful old sapphire ring with pearls
around it that belonged to the eighteenth century on the way a
ratty faced man, Michad fish ,asked him for a lift up to London
.He kindly offered him a ride up to London .The narrator asked
him for the reason of going to London .He told the narrator that
he was going to Epsom for races as it was the derfy day that
day .He told the narrator that both of them were in skilled
trade as he regarded writing also skilled trade . Micheal fish
conditioned him to speed up as he claimed that all car makers
were liars and no cars can run as fast as they claimed .The
narrator speed up and speed reached up to 120 miles per hour
when they heard the police siren .The policeman approached
them like as executive noted down the licence number and the
where about and details of the offexe of the narrator in the
most dreaded ticket book similarly he noted down everything
about micheal fish in a small black notebook .After threatening
both of them sufficiently the policeman lift them with the
mockey that he would meet them at the court micheal fish
saved the narrator and himself by expertly stealing both the
books of policeman. Micheal fish at last proved the narrator
that he was a genuine,the finest fingersmite and was in a
skilled trade by stealing his shoe lace , belt ,ring, watch, licence
etc without his notice. He hated the word like pickpocket for
him.The narrator was highly appreciative of him when he saw
the ticket book .He agreed to his every claim at last .

The story maybe trying to tell us that an uneducated man with
finest skills can be superior to the learned ones in some of the
cases. They can prove to be in the field of their expertise. The
story can also be interpreted that education is not everything in
this world; one can also be extraordinary with extraordinary
skills without education. A man with correct grammar and
writing skills may not be able to tackle with some tricky
situation but the same situation can be easily tackled by a
person with extraordinary skills with no education. Besides the
story might also be trying to say that the policeman are the
most ill mannered people in the world. Their level of thinking is
too poor and they lack sense of humour. Moreover, it might be
trying to say their sale purpose in the world is to ill treat the
common people without considering the real situation.
Furthermore, the story might be trying to mean that we should
never under-value anyone who look ordinary as they can be
hidden treasures.

Critical thinking:
The hitch-hiker is a master piece of Roald Dahl. This is one of
the most readable gripping stories, every second arousing for
readers interest or curiosity. The presentation of the story is
marvelous. Domination of dialogue, over narration has made it
more dramatic and more life. Its teachings will always be
guiding its readers with its greatest philosophy that the secret
of life is to be very very good at something i.e. impossibly hard
to accomplish. It is too much agreeable that no easy work
makes a man great. Hardship brings success in your life.
But, despite all this for a critical thinker this story is a varitable
gold mine. Here are a few examples of what skeptics might
easily notice some of the flaws in this fictitious story with its
unbelievably charismatic character. Michael Fish who performs
some Herculean job of taking off out the writers belt shaclaces,
watch etc. And also the ticket books and note book from the
policeman’s front pocket. He consive also that was the easiest
job he had ever alone. He also proclaims that he could even
take out the narrater’s false teeth out of his mouth without his
knowledge if he had any. This is too much to believe. Thus, the
characteristics of Michael Fish can please a reader when he
outmarts a policeman. But it is too tall to create a character
with power of phantomer of a ghost. So the main weakness of
the story is to create a character which is devoid of realistic
touch. The character is not humanly and readers cannot
emphatized with it.

Reading of this story has changed me a lot. I felt that one needs
a lot of formal education to be efficient, capable, genious,
respectable etc. But my views were shaken badly after reading
this story. I have realized that individualism is not a matter of
education alone. A person can make his/her career by being
expert in any field that is extremely hard to do .Now, I think I
will never be able to achieve fame and success by doing
ordinary, petty jobs. I have also understood by reading this
story that we should never be discouraged in trying the
impossible and achieve it. I have also realized that I shouldn’t
judge a person from his outer appearance. We can judge a
person only by having proper knowledge of his capabilities and
potentialities. Lastly, it also taught me that we should be
hopeful to successfully ever come any problem

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