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ED 699 Portfolio Presentation

Matt Amundson
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Summer 2018
● Instructional Coach
About Me ●
○ STMA Middle School East (St. Michael, MN)
English Teacher
○ STMA HS (St. Michael, MN)
○ Jordan HS (Jordan, MN)
○ Discovery MS (Alexandria, MN)
■ + Drama Teacher
○ Alexandria HS (Alexandria, MN)
○ Arlington HS (St. Paul)

● B. S. in Communication Arts & Literature from
St. Cloud State University (2007)
● Minor degree in Film Studies (2013)
● Master’s in Educational Leadership at
Minnesota State University Moorhead (2017)

● From Bloomington, MN
● Live in St. Cloud, MN
● I cook, I run, I read
● Collaborative skills to positively affect culture
Organizational Management
in Leadership ● Use of technology and data analysis

● Facilitate teamwork and shared responsibilities

Curriculum Planning and Development

● Variety of implementation experiences

Instructional Management / Instructional Leadership

● Use of research and data to improve practices

Values and Ethics

● Moral leadership, helping others grow

Monitor Student Learning / EC-Gr12 Leadership

● Building a community of lifelong learners
Diversity Leadership
● Providing positive learning environment for all
Areas of Growth Policy and Law
in Leadership ● Basic knowledge, but lack implementation

Political Influence and Governance

● Little experience in this scope

Community Relations
● Need larger-scale exposure

Human Resources Management

● Staff Development and evaluation are strengths,
but could use procedural/regulations training

Judgement of Problem Analysis

● Although adaptable, I need processing time

Safety and Security

● Few experiences
Professional Goals Now

● I could not have become an instructional coach

had it not been for the Educational Leadership
program at MSUM. The experiences and
knowledge I have gained will continue to
enhance my skill set to meet the needs of my
colleagues, improving my school culture.

The Future

● Continue to grow in my experience as an

educational leader.
● Take on new challenges as an educational
trainer (Thinking Maps, TypePro…others?)
● Stay connected to the evolution in education
Reflection Without question, I am a stronger leader, learner,
and person thanks to my experiences at MSUM.

My perspective on education has sharpened thanks

to the practical, rigorous experiences I have
encountered in my collegiate and professional
practices. This program gave me the knowledge base
and skills necessary to understand and appreciate my
role as a teacher leader and instructional coach in my
school district.

I cherish the connections I made with professors

and colleagues, who helped push me to be a better

I will be the best leader I can be for my students,

my colleagues, and myself.