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I follow you since your school surroundings, waiting until you step right in front of your door. The moment y

ou touch the door knob, I grab both your arms with and hold them with one hand, while the other covers y

our mouth, using my body to press yours against the door* Hmmm! I think I got a nice one!
 G|x_lauren_x

I gasp in shock, my eyes going wide as i feel a hand grip me from behind while another hand comes crashi

ng down over my mouth, cutting off the scream that was about to leave me. My 5'7 frame is shoved up aga

inst the door by your body, I am slim with nice 34 c perky breasts. My long brown hair hanging loose aroun

d my shoulders, my blue eyes wide in fright as I hear your words

 MaxHuen

I push you against the door and hold your arms behind your back, tying them together, then tossing you o

n the floor and wrapping a rope around your entire leg* It's already game over for you...I whisper in your e

ar, forcing your face flat against the ground*

 G|x_lauren_x

Your hand drops from my mouth and I sob out loudly as you toss me to the ground, wrapping the rope aro

und my legs, my body totally immobalized. I feel tears well up in my eyes as I hear your voice in my ear on

ce more * let me go * i cry, my eyes trying to look around for someone to help me but my street is dead
 MaxHuen

Do you want to call your mom? I can grab your cellphone and let you talk to her...Where is it? I reach for y

our backpack, but as soon as my hand hoovers over your helpless ass, I let my palm firmly rub both your a

sscheeks and squeeze them hard before I reach into your bag and grab your cellphone, placing on the flo

or in front of your face, but keeping you pinned down* I guess this would be your last lifeline, right?

 G|x_lauren_x

I shudder, the sound of your voice creeping me out. I feel you move away from my face and then my body

stiffens as I feel your hands grab my ass hard, squeezing my cheeks and causing me to cry out louder in f

ear * why are you doing this * i cry, my voice trembling slightly as I see you place my phone next to my fac

e, confused and my body shaking even harder in fear as you call it my lifeline

 MaxHuen

Just wanted to confirm by your eyes hehe....I stand up, letting go of your tied up body and raising my foot i

n the air before stomping on your cellphone, over and over, until it becomes a pile of plastic and glass, gra

bbing a few pieces and tossing over your head* Now it's officially over for you!
 G|x_lauren_x

I scream out as your foot crashes down on my phone, shutting my eyes to try and protect them from the pi

eces of plastic and glass that crash against my face as your foot destroys my phone. I slowly open my eye

s again just to see you throw the larger chunks of the phone off of my door step. I start to breath faster, my

heart beating fast as I know I am completely at your mercy * please...i don't understand, why * i sob
 MaxHuen

I did just so you know, it's too late. You're going to be in your new home soon, give up.... I toss you violentl

y inside the trunk and cover her mouth with a cloth soaked in chloroform before driving off, but you can get

a final glimpse of my evil grin as I smack your face with my big palm before your eyes start to close slowly*
 G|x_lauren_x

I struggle as you pick me up and fireman carry me over to the trunk of your car. I gasp in pain as you throw

n me hard into the trunk of your car, my head hitting the side of the trunk, my eyes blinking and just barily t

aking in your hand coming at me with a cloth, i gasp for air but its too late, my cloriform takes me under, th

e last thing I see is your smile followed by your palm smacking me hard across the face
 MaxHuen

When you wake up, you find yourself lying on a bed with your arms tied above your head to the board, you

r body completely naked. The room is dark given that you're blindfolded. After several hours, I walk into th

e room* Finally this bitch is awake...It's been more than a day...

 G|x_lauren_x

My head throbs from the chloroform, my eyes blinking to try and adjust to the darkness and take in my surr

ounds. I feel the cool air running over my naked body, making me realize I am naked. My light brown nippl

es are hard and stand errect. I pull on my bindings but my arms are firmly tied above me. After what seem

s like forever, the door finally opens, my breath coming again in gasps as I start to remember my abductio
 MaxHuen

I pull the blindfold around your head even tighter without saying a word, then tying one of your legs to the

bed, and you hear me walking around the room* Damn, this camera alone won’t get every angle... I'm gon

na need two more....You hear me walking out of the room and return a few minutes later, still in complete

silence, stopping right next to you on the bed*

 G|x_lauren_x

I scream as I feel your hands on my head, tighting my blindfold even tighter, blocking out the tiny bit of ligh

t that had made it in after you entered the room. Next I feel your hand grab my left leg, yanking it to the sid

e of the bed, securing it tightly. I whimper and try to kick out at where I think you are but I miss, my leg co

ming crashing back down to the bed * let me go you fucking freak * i scream, hearing you talk about camer

as * you sick fuck, let me go * i cry, tears rolling from my eyes down my cheeks as I pull at my bindings
 MaxHuen

I grab a gym bag from under the bed, picking up a rotating vibrator from the bag. I turn it on and start to ru

b the moving rotating head on your lips and cheek then touching the rotating head on your clit, letting it sti

mulate it slowly while I feel your thigh up, rubbing it gently, sometimes pinching your soft tender flesh as th

e rotating rubbery head starts to massage your defenseless pussy*

 G|x_lauren_x

I shudder as I feel you rub the cold rubber vibrator against my lips, cheek and then moving it down to my cl

it. I gasp as you press the head down against my clit, my nipples getting harder and slightly sore as the vib

rator starts to get my body to respond, my pussy getting slightly wet. I sob and try to kick at you, but you e

asily dodge my free leg and use your body to pin my free leg down, giving you full access to my pussy
 MaxHuen

I hold the back of your knee and spread your leg open even wider, tying your other leg to the bed as I begi

n to thrust the rotating head inside your little virgin hole* Easy, easy.....I don't want to pop that cherry just y

et .....I stick the vibrator in slowly, making sure the entire head is inside and rotating in your wet walls, but

stopping the moment I find resistance* Easy just like the others...
 G|x_lauren_x

I scream and sob as I feel you spread my legs wide open and tie my free leg to the other side of the bed. I

shake my head, my face wet with tears as you press the vibrator into my virgin pussy, the head just barely

getting in before it starts to push against my hymen * no, oh god no, please nooo * i sob, my body shaking

hard as your hand holds the vibrator inside of me, not letting it go in too far
 MaxHuen

I tie a string around your thigh to attach the rotating toy to your pussy, letting it relentlessly tease and stim

ulate you, before I give a hard hand smack on your face, and you hear me laughing as I slam the door shu

t and you can hear the several locks being secured outside, sealing your fate in this unknown room*
 G|x_lauren_x

I sob out in pain as your hand slaps my face hard, my face stinging painfully as I lay tied to the bed, the vib

rator rotating inside of my pussy, getting me wetter and wetter as my body responds to the vibrations and

motions stimulating my virgin cunt. I moan and whimper, my mind not wanting me to respond but my body

taking over
 MaxHuen

I return three hours later, hitting your face with my palm, finally addressing you* are we doing, lit

tle needy bitch? Came already? It seems like you're doing your best to resist....But failing miserably hahah

aha! Again and again. I wonder how long you can go before passing out...
 G|x_lauren_x

I am panting and whimpering on the bed. My thighs wet with my cum having orgasmed at least 5 times

over the past three hours. * please, please sir, i can't take any more * i cry, my body throbbing in pleasure,

every touch almost painful, my nipples tingling as my pussy is soaked in my juices

 MaxHuen

Sir? Hehe, I thought I was a sick freak...And how can you dare to say that you can't take anymore when y

our body seems to be enjoying it to the fullest? I've counted at least three times you succumbed to the ple

asure watching the streaming from my computer...But I'll be back later, here the sentence is at least 12 ho

urs for calling me names...

 G|x_lauren_x

I sob and shake my head * i...i can't take much more * i cry, my body shaking hard as I arch up, screaming

out in pleasure, cumming again, right in front of you, crashing back down on to the bed, moaning and whi

mpering, my breaths coming fast and hard, my pussy spasiming as I ride out my orgasm
 MaxHuen

See?! I knew you were enjoying it...But if you are starting to understand your place around here...Are you r

eady to listen to your new owner and master?

 G|x_lauren_x

I moan weakly, my head turning towards your voice* please....please...its too much, i can't keep this up, i'

m so tired..* my body gasping for breath as my body slowly calms after my last orgasm
 MaxHuen

Then say you you give up and you're ready to submit....Come on, say it loud and clear "I lost"....Give your

captor his absolute victory hahahaha!

 G|x_lauren_x

I sob, my body shuddering hard at the thought of having to submit to you but knowing i can't keep this up,

my pussy starting to react painfully to the orgasims, my clit so sensative, the lightest touch causes it to flar

e in pain * i.....please don't make me say it * i sob harder

 MaxHuen

Oh, you're sweet, but that's not the most humiliating thing you're going to do around here hahaha! Now, la

st chance. 40 seconds and I'll be leaving this room, returning only tomorrow, to pick up what is left of your

mind. And that still won't change even in the slightest everything that is store for you....So make me the wi

nner hehe, say it

 G|x_lauren_x

I sob, shaking in defeat * okay....I lost just please make it stop, i can't handle anymore * i sob, my body sha

king hard, my thighs trembling as my pussy tenses, the vibrator whirling around in my pussy fast
 MaxHuen

There! Oh you poor loser, why don't you kiss daddy to celebrate? I grab your scalp hard, shoving my tong

ue inside your mouth, your eyes still oblivious to your surroundings, only feeling a big adult tongue violatin

g your mouth and the vibrator finally being pulled out from your sore pussy* Mgghhhh!!!!
 G|x_lauren_x

I sob out in relief as you pull the pussy out of my pussy, my body aching in relief, making it so I bairly even

sense your tongue driving into my mouth, my body just laying limp on the bed as I sob in relief that the vibr

ator which has been torturing me for the last few hours had finally been removed
 MaxHuen

I slap you one more time before I sit on the bed, petting your head like a little kitty* First of all, how old are

you? I know that you're a virgin, but I wanna have a sense of how well you understand the kind of situation

you are right now...And by the way, for a little helpless cutie in this situation, I think the best policy is not o

nly to obey but also answer truthfully...

 G|x_lauren_x

I gasp in pain, your hand crashing down on my face again, my face stinging painfully as I cry out in pain, m

y body shaking hard in fear * i....i * my breath coming in gasps * i am 15 years old * i sob * please...please

stop hurting me, i will behave * i cry

 MaxHuen

I'm sure you'll behave...I run my finger on your lip and squeeze your cheeks together before I plant my stro

ng palm on the side of your face again* Well, no need to sugar coat my words. You know you gonna get r

aped, right? Over, and over, and over. And not for a day or two. There's a new life ahead of you, where yo

u become my pet, sooner or later....

 G|x_lauren_x

I shudder but my head nods yes slowly * i...i am not stupid...i understand what sex is...and what you intend

for my future * my voice says shakily * I....i don't think I have any control in this situation....i...i just i'm afraid

* i sob, my body shaking hard, shuddering at your touch as you stroke the side of my face
 MaxHuen

Honey, you don't know ANYTHING! You might have some ideas, but not the full picture...For example, the

entire time you were here being toyed with by that new friend of yours down there, was streamed for all th

e paying users I gathered. Let's hope some of the dirty boys on your school find it! Fingers crossed!
 G|x_lauren_x

I start gasping hard for air, my mind racing in fear and shame, not wanting anyone to see me like this. My

body shakes harder and harder and I sob no, my head shaking no over and over again, not wanting to beli

eve what you are saying

 MaxHuen

These hundreds, int he least, already had access to you cumming like a bitch in heat, and admitting your d

efeat aloud. See, you dumb naive bitch?

 G|x_lauren_x

I cry harder, turning my head from you, my shoulders shaking as my embarassment and shame floods ove

r me. My face flushing red, the blush burning from my cheeks down to my chest, with the humiliation
 MaxHuen

I cut off the ropes binding your arms and legs and tear the blindfold apart, pushing you off the bed with my

foot, getting on the other side and staring at you on the floor like a ragdoll* Hehe, come on, try to walk on y

our hands and knees doggy. By the way, you never got to see it, did you?
 G|x_lauren_x

I drop down to the ground like a sack of potatoes, moaning as I weakly push myself

up to my my hands and knees. I groan but force myself to move forward, slowly cra

wling towards your, stopping at your feet, resting on my knees, my ass sitting on my

feet as I kneel before you

 MaxHuen

Look over there, see the dirty canvas that I turned your body into...Oh, also internet'

s property now hahahahaha! I point to the mirror on the corner*

 G|x_lauren_x

I gasp out in shock, seeing all the words written all over my body in marker each on

e more disgusting than the next * w...why are you doing this to me * i whimper...not r

ecognizing you, having no idea who the hell you are * who are you * i cry
 MaxHuen

I told you, your owner. But these are all washable. Well, most of it, except two tattoos…But you’ll see them

. Now go back to your hands and knees and crawl to the hallway, dog. I shove you on the ground, walking

ahead of you and opening the door and pointing at ground, snapping my fingers*
 G|x_lauren_x

I sniffle, my mind still filled with humiliation but I push myself back up off the ground once more and crawl a

fter you, leaving the dark room behind me as I crawl out on to the hallway where you direct me to go
 MaxHuen

I open the door of the bathroom and point inside, just staring deep into your eyes and waiting for you to cr

awl inside. The moment you step on the entrance, I push you with my boot onto the cold floor* Now take a

nice warm shower and make yourself nice and clean for daddy. Take your time, but not too long...Or.....W

ell, I guess you know. And I'll know when you're done...I slam the door shut and lock it from outside, you c

an see at least three cameras in the corners.

 G|x_lauren_x

I gasp in pain as I crash down on the tile floor of the bathroom. I look over at you, my face full of pain as yo

u order me to take a shower. I see the cameras and know there is nothing I can do to hide. I push myself u

p to my feet and limp over to the shower, turning the warm water on and stepping into the shower, letting t

he water was down over me. I find a loofa and some citrus smelling body wasy, lathering the loofa up and

rubbing it all over my body, cleaning myself, paying attention to scrub my pussy and thighs clean of my cu

m. Once i finish washing my body, i find shampoo and washing my hair, proceeding through my normal sh

ower routine, cleaning myself the best i can


inside the tub, you notice two cameras stuck in the walls, protected by thick glass tiles, the red lights on, s

howing you nothing in your life is private as long as I desire. Only after all the ink on your body is gone, yo

u notice that two of them are still there. On your left buttcheek, there's a black paw print and on your right t

high, there's a barcode with the word "fuckmeat" on top of it*

 G|x_lauren_x

I wince as I scrub at the tattoos, discovering that they are in deed tattoos and instead sting with pain as the

y are fresh tattoos that I probably shouldn't be washing. I find a razor and shave my legs, arm pits and any

where else there is body hair. I finish washing my body and turn the water off, finding a towel and drying m

yself off. It is much to small to wrap around my body, bairly over the size of a hand towel but enough to dry

my body off. I finish drying myself off, just in time to hear the lock at the door click
 MaxHuen

Your hear a voice coming from a speaker, quite loud, in the top right corner of the bathroom* When you're

done, open the first drawer on the sink, and put on the "outfit" hehehe...And hurry, piece of meat!
 G|x_lauren_x

I jump, hearing the sound of your voice coming out of the speaker. I move over to the drawer you

instructed me to access and I pull it open, finding the tiny little school girls outfit. I pull on the top,

blushing as my breasts are still very visible. Pulling on the skirt and find it ends at pussy level, ma

king any movement I take expose my pussy and my ass. I pull on the knee highs and slip my feet

into the high heels, standing before the mirror and cameras, showing off the outfit and waiting to h

ear your voice again for further instruction

 MaxHuen

The moment you finish putting on the skirt that comes with no panties or bra, I open the door, wit

h a leash in my hand, looking at you with my evil victorious smile* Goood girl, now crawl over her

e at my feet and look daddy in the eyes. Sit up on your knees and put both hands close to your c

hest, with your fingers closed, and pant, hehehe....

 G|x_lauren_x

I sniffle but get down on to my hands and knees, crawling over to you, my ass very visible as I crawl. I get t

o before your feet and move kneel, bringing my hands up to look like a dog begging. I swallow hard and th

en open my mouth, panting loudly like a dog, shuddering harder as you grin evilly down at me
 MaxHuen

Hehehe...I open a draw of a table in the hall and grab a pro camera, taking a few pictures of you like that, t

hen switching to record a video* See that people? This is the face of a tamed, dominated teenage girl. Bar

k doggy! Woof! Loud!

 G|x_lauren_x

My face flushes red, i shudder in revoltion but I force myself to bark loudly * Bark Bark * i yelp, my hands st

ill in the begging position as I pant some more and then a little louder * Bark Bark * i again, seeing you smi

rk and even start laughing at me

 MaxHuen

Now let's go to the living room, doggy....I tie a collar around your neck and attach the leash to it, tugging o

n your new accessory as I walk down the hallway* This time, you gonna show daddy that you're willing to

please, everyday is a test for you. Fail, and my imagination will start working! Tugging hard on your leash*
 G|x_lauren_x

I yelp slightly, feeling the collar close around my neck and you yank me forward to walk beside you as you

lead me down the hallway to the living room, my mind shuddering as I hear your words
 MaxHuen

I take you to a well-furnished and neat, large living room, sitting down on a four seat couch, and just pointi

ng at my feet while I look at you, opening my legs and undoing my zipper. I pull down my pants and toss t

hem on the couch, and expose a huge fat thick cock, throbbing, veiny, so angry looking and powerful, wat

ching as your eyes can’t seem to leave my pulsating tool*

 MaxHuen

Scared little whore?! Hahahahaha! Come here. Sit! I sit down on the couch, stroking the spear like cock as

I lay back, pointing at my feet*