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Supervisors play a key role in the successful delivery

of Upward Feedback

Help promote a culture of communication and caring with Upward

Feedback. Training, practice and your encouragement will help
your employees feel more comfortable in delivering upward
feedback with you.

Create a comfortable environment.

It is likely that your employees have
some anxieties about providing you
with feedback. Let it be known that you
welcome feedback. Routinely ask for feedback.
The more you ask for feedback, the more
likely it will become part of your regular
interactions with your employees.
Ask for specific examples.
Employees may provide you with generic
feedback. If they do, make sure you ask
for specific examples. This ensures that
you understand exactly what the employee
is saying.
Emphasize that feedback is important
to you.
Tell your employees that you need
their feedback to learn and grow as a

Thank your employees.

Each time you receive feedback from an
employee, make sure that you thank them.

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Act on the feedback.

Employees need to see that you take

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their feedback seriously by changing your

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Delivering Upward Feedback: Tips and Strategies

Upward feedback promotes a culture of caring and strengthens

communication between employees and their supervisors.
The following are strategies to help you feel more comfortable
with preparing and delivering constructive upward feedback:

Assess the environment.

Am I receptive to feedback? Is my
supervisor receptive to feedback?

Craft upward feedback using the

S.E.E.K. method.
Share observations
Explore assumptions
Maintain a Growth Mindset. Entertain other perspectives
A Growth Mindset will change your Keep present and future-focused
attitude towards giving and receiving
Reflect on your intentions for providing
Ensure your intention is good and you are
focused on helping your supervisor and
your work environment

Suggest meeting with your supervisor

to provide feedback.
Make sure that the meeting place is in a
professional atmosphere and the meeting
time is during work hours.

Present positive feedback before


Keep your feedback focused on

work-related issues.
Remember: your feedback
should NOT be personal
Have possible solutions in mind