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Project Quality Plan (PQP)

Project No. 19 Project Name Project detail/ Location

Check list for Water Proofing System and Roof Finishes

Location: Sheet No.

S. No. Points to be verified Yes No N/A Remarks

1 Approval of Specialized Sub contractor
2 Approval of material and availability at site
3 Internal side plastering of parapet wall is completed
4 Upstands and pedestals etc. are completed along with triangular
5 Surface of screed is smooth / clean and without any pointed
6 Groove on vertical surface for termination of water proofing
7 Surface to be waterproofed is fully dry and free from dust / dirt
8 Quality of material is checked like material is not very old etc.
9 Laying of water proofing commenced from the lowest point to
ensure weather overlaps
10 Sufficient caps are given and torch is applied to the total surface
of the membrane for better adhesion
11 Check for bubbles is made and rectified if any
12 Dressing to gargoyles/rwp is done as per specification
13 Has the check for damages, if any, in water proofing membrane
been carried out before flood test
14 Has the flood test been carried out for 24 hours
15 Protection to membrane is provided
16 50mm thick insulation is laid on membrane with proper joints
17 Quality of insulation board is as per specification
18 Geotextile mambrane is as per approval
19 Roof Terrazzo tiles are as per approval
20 Tiles are laid to slope and as per specs.
21 Contraction joints are as per specs.

M&E Co-ordination for Roof water proofing and roof finishes

S. No. Points to be verified Yes No N/A Remarks
1 All mechanical / electrical / ac conduits / ducts are in place
2 AC sub contractor has checked foundation, pedestals and
approval obtained
3 Installation of rain water outlet as per drawing & specs.
4 Lightning protection is as per drawing
Other special requirements/Remarks:


Site Engineer
MEP Engineer
Project Engineer
Project Manager
QA/QC Incharge