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Fill out the gaps in the passage below with the correct option from the list provided in brackets in front
of the gaps.
1.______ (a. jargon b. vernacular c. dialects d. wazobia) is specialized language that appears in a non-specialized
context, thus giving a 2. ______ (a. generalized b. technical c. restricted d. straightforward) flavor to statements
that would be better 3. ______ (a. addressed b. written c. expressed d. spoken) in everyday words. When you are
writing a 4. ______ (a. paper b. document c. treatise d. pamphlet) in, say, economics, anthropology, or psychology,
you can and should use terms that are meaningful within the 5. ______ (a. pool b. conundrum c. register d. field)
cash flow, kinship structure, paranoid, and so forth. But those same terms become jargon when used out of 6. ____
(a. place b. meaning c. contest d. context).
Choose the option nearest in meaning to the 14. The new inspector General of Police will alleged that
italicized words in the following sentences. terrorists had ______ the rank and file of the force
7. He cannot hide his aversion for Kemi’s unrepentant (a) proliferated (b) conquered (c) infiltrated (d)
behavior. (a) abhorrence (b) sadness (c) ignominy insulated.
(d) moodiness. 15. He lay awake, his whole body ______ sleep (a) acting
8. The investments in stocks seemed to have gone down for (b) looking for (c) drumming for (d) aching for.
the drain with this meltdown in the banking sector (a) 16. Please think ______ everything and let me have your
businesses (b) capital (c) surplus (d) dividends. answer tomorrow. (a) thoroughly (b) through (c)
9. My efforts at making her to see my point were rebuffed. around (d) on.
(a) embraced (b) antagonized (c) snubbed (d) 17. I asked you ______ (a) when you are going to get
dividends. marry (b) the time when you are goint to get marry
10. He is a lout and can’t be relied upon at all (a) (c) at what point you are getting married (d) when you
vagabond (b) thug (c) unserious (d) liar. were going to get married.
11. The undisputed boxer was quite a mouthful for his Choose from the options A-D the word opposite in
opponent. (a) not a match (b) undeleated (c) evenly meaning to the underlined word.
match (d) boastful. 18. I guess he is indifferent to our plans to rid Nigeria of
12. Such stories are difficult to belive because they are societal ills. (a) interested in (b) opposed to (c)
make-belief (a) lies (b) vituperations (c) genuine bothered (d) not interested in.
(d) fantasy. 19. The increase in transportation cost imperiled my
13. I am all those who mistook President Buhari’s ______ sister’s plant to travel this month. (a) propelled (b)
demeanour for cowardice will soon know him for who restricted (c) disturbed (d) hoodwinked.
he actually is (a) stealthy (b) sloppy (c) snaky (d) 20. The criminal’s answers to the questions during
succulent. interrogation were evasive (a) harsh (b) outspoken
Choose the most appropriate option to complete (c) clever (d) direct.
the gaps in the following sentences.

Read the passage below and answer the questions under it.
Among his papers, there is the farewell lecture given in 1925 when he retired from his Copenhagen chair at the age
of 65 ___ protesting himself ‘an old fogey’, though English studies were fortunate that so youthfully creative a ‘fogey’ was
to go on writing for almost a further two decades. In the splendid apologia, he explained that for him ‘linguistic
investigation’ involved primarily ‘understanding the texts….to penetrate into the innermost thoughts of the best men arid
women.’ ‘Speech is the noblest instrument to bind man to man, and… it is by speech as by literature, or best by both
combined, that one comes to understanding the people from whom they emanated.’ First and foremost, of course, a
student of language, he insisted on studying language at its best and in that way he hoped, he says, ‘to have imparted to my
hearers some of my own enthusiasm for the great poets.
My greatest enjoyment, and no doubt that of my hearers as well, has been in my Chaucer classes, partly becaue
Chaucer has such a wonderful power of describing human beings.’ So far from confining himself to expounding linguistic
history for its own sake, he sees his work as ‘combating mark’ of which ‘is antipathy’, disdain, finally hatred’. ‘Especially
now since the World-war this is a task of the greatest importance, sicne it is necessary that the wounds of this gruesome
time sould be healed.’ Thus he spoke to his students in 1925. Sadly, this noble friend of mankind was to see a still more
gruesome manifestation of nationalism and to die in 1943 when his country had already suffered for some years the
horrors of the Nazi occupation, when there was little opportunity ‘to diffuse knowledge and love of what is best in other
21. Another word used in the passage that can serve as a written about them (b) human beings are very
synonym to ‘ghastly’ is ______ (a) exponding (b) difficult to penetrate in a linguistics investigation (c)
essential (c) splendid (d) gruesome. the innermost thoughts of all men and women
22. The figure of speech used by the writer in ‘though are the major preoccupations of linguistis (d)
English studies were fortunate that so youthfully literature and language are combined in any
creative a ‘fogey’ was to go on writing for almost a worthwhile linguistic enquiry to understand human
further two decades’ in describing the person being beings.
talked about is ______ (a) hyperbole (b) 24. According to the writer, he derived greatest enjoyment
irony (c) innuendo (d) sarcasm. in (a) Chaucer, the great personality he befriended
23. The writer believes that ______ (a) human beings when he was in school (b) the profound ideas
are best understood by what they say or by what is expounded by his teachers while he was in school (c)
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series of lectures he received about Chaucer and his essential mark’ of which ‘is antipathy, disdain,
writings (d) the wonderful ways his teacher described finally hatred.’
human beings in many of his lectures. download more on
25. We can categorically pinpoint on the passage that the ANSWERS TO 2015 ENGLISH LANGUAGE
writer was talking about ______ (a) a former student 1.A 2. C 3. C 4.A 5. D 6.D 7.A 8.A 9.C 10.B
of his who is intelligent (b) disturbing trend in 11.B 12.D 13.A 14.C 15.D 16.B 17.D 18.A 19.A
linguistic study (c) distinguished scholar who had 20.D 21.D 22.D 23.D 24.C 25.C
impacted positively on the field of discussion(d)
the ghastly malady of out time, nationalsim’, ‘the
Read the passage and use it to answer question 1-4
As we both fed our eyes wistfully at the used under-wear section, Vivian noticed a heap of women’s underwear, a mixture
of braziers of various sizes and designs, panties, g-strings and tongs, underskirts, lingerie of different colours, all heaped
and scattered on a big bedspread like a pile of rubbish. Some were quite ancient and threadbare, while a few appeared not
to have suffered much oppression in the hands and private parts of their previous owners. It was apparent that the
international businessman who imported such inglorious assortment had agent with prongs, long enough to dip deep into
deepest and farthermost refuse bins and dumps of Europe to be able meet the demand back home.
10. I am sure that if you probe further, the accused person
1. We can infer from the passage above that will reveal where the ___ money is kept. A. pilfered B.
A. the effort of international businessmen were missed C. lost D. robbed
commended by the writer for their contribution to 11. I was waving frantically but you drove ___ me A. past
Nigeria’s economy B. pass C. passed D. passing
B. the writer believes that Nigerian government has not 12. The driver was reckless, the road was slippery due to
been doing enough to encourage importers of goods to the early morning downpour, and ___ there was a
remain in business and recoup money they have crash that claimed two lives A. frantically B.
invested in their business subsequently C. constantly D. unequivocally
C. The writer makes comic comments on the porous 13. Did you know we were very fortunate to run __ for the
Nigerian borders through which contraband goods are newly elected president of the country when he was
imported into the country D.the writer subtly castigates campaigning for the office?
and derides the patronage of substandard goods that A. errant B. errands errand D. around
dots the Nigerian market in the name of imported goods Choose the option nearest in meaning to the
2. “…all heaped and scattered on a big bedspread like a pile italiced words in the sentences below
of rubbish” The figure of speech used in that quotation 14. The erratic power supply these days has caused a lot of
is A. metaphor B. simile C. hyperbole D.pun damage to household items that use electricity. A.
3. It was apparent that the international businessman who lackadaisical B. regular C. uneven D. high-voltage
imported such inglorious assortment had agents with 15. “You need to go and study the etymology of the
prongs, long enough to dig deep into the deepest and underlined words in the returned essay,” the lecturer
farthermost refuse bins and dumps of Europe to be able told the student. A. meaning B. technicality C.
to meet the demand back home. From the quotation originality D. origin
above, it is apparent that the writer is being A. 16. The man told him point blank that his argument was
metaphorical B. categorical C.sarcastic D. bereft __ sound reasoning. A. with B. of C. in
specific 17. The workers expressed their heartfelt thanks ___ the
4. Another word that means the same as the word management for the notable improvement to their
‘threadbare’ as it is used in the passage is …. conditions of service
A.worn-out B. dirty C. expensive D. cheap A. toward B. with C. towards D. to
Choose the most appropriate option from a-d to 18. He won the elections but many people were killed by
complete the gaps in the following sentences. his thugs, and thus many said his was a ___ A.
5. While the host community was condemned roundly by Philistine victory B. pyrrhic victory C. crocodile
their hostility, the visiting contingent was applauded for victory D. pseudo victory
their A.friendliness 19. The aspirant for the highest office in the coming
B. hospitality C. dexterity C. methodology elections has started distributing live cows to each
6. It is hard to quantify the ___ that the abducted Chibok electorate in his ward; but some rejected it because
girls would have gone through since they were taken they considered it a ___ A. an Eldorado gift B.
away by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents. A.rape Grievous gift C. Greece gift D. Greek gift
B. trauma C. isolation D. insecurity Fill out the gap in the passage below with the
7. The high-profile witness has been discredited having correct option from the list provided in brackets in
been accused of being ___ with the truth in his front of the gaps
testimony A. biological B.geographical C. 20 . is specialized language, that appears in a non-
circumventing D.economical specialized context, thus giving a 21_ flavour to
8. The jailed businessman has left his family in ___ due to statements that would be better _22_ in everyday words.
the confiscation of his property by the government A. When you are writing _23_ in, say, economics,
bliss B. quandary C. opulence D. Eldorado anthropology, or psychology, you can and should use terms
9. The Federal Government has expressed the fear that the that are meaningful within the _24 cash flow, kinship
violent activity of the insurgents may ___ if powerful structure, paranoid, and so forth. But those same terms
foreign assistance is not received soon. A. extrapolate become jargon when used out of _25 _.
B. proliferate C. metamorphose D.escalate 20. A. jargon B. Vernacular C. DialectsD. Wazobia
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21. A.Generalized B. Technical C. Restricted D. ANSWERS TO 2014 POST-UTME
22. A.Addressed B. Written C. Expressed D. Spoken 1.D 2.B 3.C download
4.D 5.A 6.Bmore
7.C on
9.D 10.A 11. C 12.D
23. A.Paper B. Document C.Treaties D.Pamphlet 13.B 14.C 15.D 16.B 17.D 18.D 19.B 20.A 21.B 22.D
24. A.Pool B. Conundrum C. Register D. Field 23.A 24.D 25.D
25. A. Place B. Meaning C. Contest D. Context.


All over the world till lately, and in most of the world still today, mankind has been following the course of nature that is to
say, it has been breeding up to the maximum. To let nature take her extravagant course in the reproduction of the human
race may have made sense in an age in which we were also letting her take her course in decimating mankind by the
casualties of war, pestilence, and famine. Being human, we have at last revolted against that senseless waste. We have
started to impose on nature’s heartless play a humane new order of our own. But when once man has begun to interfere
with nature, he cannot afford to stop half way. We cannot, with impunity, cut down the death rate and at the same time
allow the birth-rate to go on taking nature’s course. We must consciously try to establish equilibrium or, sooner or later,
famine will stalk abroad again.
Now answer the following questions.
13. When the soldiers saw that resistance was_____ they
1. The author observes that A. war, pestilence and famine stopped fighting A. inadvertent B. futile C.
were caused by the extravagance of nature B. it was wise inappropriate D. insurmountable
at a time when mankind did not interfere with normal 14. The last time the man saw his ex-wife, she _______
production C. nature is heartless and senseless D. there A. was thinking of a proposal of starting a new business
was a time when uncontrolled birth made sense. B. was intending to start a new business C. intended to
2. Which of these statements does not express the opinion start a new business D. was going to start a new
of the author? A. many people had died in the past business.
through want and disease B. mankind should not have 15. Two days before the execution, the robber was taken to
the maximum number of children possible C. mankind the place where he would be ____With doleful eyes, he
has started to interfere with the work of nature D. Man’s looked at the spot where his execution___ A.
present relationship with nature in matters of birth and hunged/was to be taken place B. hanging/shall take
death is a happy one. place C. hung/would take place D. hanged/was to take
3. ‘humane’ as used in the passage means A. wise B. place
human C. benevolent D. sensible 16. Don’t ____!, said the leader, ‘I want a decision now A.
4. ‘We must consciously try to establish an equilibrium’, in prevaricate B. predicate C. precipitate D. be pejorative
the passage implies that mankind must A. strive not to For question 17, choose the letter which
be wasteful B. realistically find an equation C. purposely contains the correct phonetic symbol in the
find a balance D. deliberately try to fight nature underlined sounds below.
5. The main idea of this passage is that A. nature is 17. Women A. /l/ B. /e/ C. /ou/ D. /u/
heartless B. man should control the birth-rate C. man For question 18, choose the word which
should change nature’s course gradually D. pestilence contains the correct sound as given in each of
causes more deaths than war. the sound below.
In each of questions 6- 8, choose the option nearest 18. /v/ A. off B. fan C. of D. four
in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics. In each of questions 19 and 20, choose the
6. Nobody could say precisely when the landlord became option that best completes the gap(s)
a recluse A. loner B. drunkard C. nincompoop D. 19. The car owner does not think about the …………. of his
cantankerous vehicle and other payments involved in owning it A.
7. If I had known his delicate state of mind, I would not transportation B. depreciation C. calculation D.
have broached the matter A. told them B. divulged C. appreciation
brought up D. cancelled 20. We shall offer a good job to a ………….. to register guests
8. Don’t talk like that; you know the Professor will not in the Central Hotel. A. waiter B. watchman C. cashier
entertain such vituperative remarks A. irresponsible B. D. receptionist
insulting C. angry D. illiterate In questions 21 and 22, fill in the right word or
In each of questions 9-11, choose the most phrase
appropriate option opposite in meaning to the 21. There is not ……. sense in what that politician has just
word or phrases in Italics. said. A. many B. plenty C. lot of D. much
9. He has been advised to beware of political jobbers if he 22. I’m sorry I can’t give you any of the oranges, I have …
hopes to succeed A. neophytes B. masquerades C. left. A. few B. little C. only a little D. a few
stockbrokers D. masterminds Fill in the gaps in the following sentences with
10. What a tangled web we weave, when we try to deceive! appropriate preposition
A. complicated B. crooked C. simple D. loose 23. Lawrence did not win the contract ……….. the long run
11. She devoted too much time to the peripheral aspects A. A. at, B. in, C. on, D. to
superficial B. minor C. main D. real 24. Memuna was careful not to fall ……….. Ameen’s tricks
In each 4 questions 12-16, fill each gap with the A. into B. for C. in D. with
most appropriate option from the list provided. 25. The Commander had placed his troop ………….. alert A.
12. My daughter would become _______ if I paid no in, B. on, C. at, D. over
attention to her behaviour A. rhascally B. rhapsodically
C. rascally D. rascality ANSWERS TO ENGLISH LANGUAGE 2013
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