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Section 1 Part 1

Morrowtech Base (Upstate Maine)

Attacked by Krell Team, Alternate Reality Clues

Part 2
Morrow Force HQ (Mid Florida)

Attacked by New America South

Attacked by KFS Morrow Hunters

Part 3
Damocles Base (New Mexico)

Attacked by Aerial and Tracked Drones

Cleanse the Bad Units for AI
Trade Mainframe for Control of the Systems

Part 4
Morrow Tombs Facility (Alaska)

Base Partilally Comprimised, Blue Undead Battle

Wake up Half of the Council Members and get them to BN

Part 5
Take Council Key and head for Morrow Gate Facility (Idaho)

Krell Team Ambush, More Clues

Morrow Gate is Occupied by Droids

Plugged in and Chipped, Gate Powers Up

Instant Transport to 2955


Part 1
Escorted by Droid to Car, Driven to Yellowstone Airspike, No Answers
Hurry thru the Spike, Passive Security, Multi National
Small Commuter Vtol TWA, Seated in luxury
Flight to LA

Part 2
Landing at LAX Tower
Lay Over in Pan Am Club
Flight on SSTO Liner to L5 Station

Part 3
Given Standard Equipment, Passage, Travelers Aid Membership, 10k Each and 60 K Ship
Travel to Ceres or Sidna, Go to Base, Recieve Scout Ship and Droid Guide
Travel to Outer Rim
Ambushed By Krell

Part 4
Find Base
Meet Morrow
Cryptic Explanations
Son was Blue Undead!
New Ship
Travel to Unknown Space

Part 5
Thru The Empire
Into Zhodani Con.
Find Travelers Aid Office
Test for Psionic Abilities