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Contact: Chad Kolton

August 12, 2015, Alexandria, VA




announced today that OPSEC is again calling upon Secretary of State John Kerry to
immediately suspend any and all security clearances presently held by former
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, her former
Deputy Chief of Staff, Jake Sullivan and her advisor Huma Abedin until final
adjudication of any violations of national security regulations or laws.

On August 5th, OPSEC called on Secretary Kerry to suspend the clearances. We have
had no response to our request nor do we see evidence that the Secretary has
moved to protect the national interest despite the headline-generating news that
Mrs. Clinton personal email system contained Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented

“When you recklessly compromise Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented

Information, you compromise the security of the United States. We now know Mrs.
Clinton’s personal email and server contained national security intelligence
classified at the highest possible level. Because it was on her personal system and
the information was classified at the time the emails were sent, that intelligence is
now considered to be compromised. The standard procedure is that all
individuals involved would have their access to classified information
suspended pending an investigation.”

Taylor stated that “OPSEC knows that protecting classified and other sensitive
information from unauthorized disclosure and hostile hacking is absolutely critical
to our national security. The lives and effectiveness of the Special Operations and
Intelligence communities depend on it.”

Recent confirmation by I. Charles McCullough III, Inspector General for the Director
of National Intelligence, that emails stored and transmitted on her personal server
contained top secret and higher levels of classified information demonstrates there
were egregious violations of laws and regulations, including at least one federal
criminal statute (Title 18 USC 1924: Unlawful removal and storage of classified
information “without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or
materials at an unauthorized location) which required referral to the FBI
Counterterrorism Division and the Department of Justice.

We are perplexed by the failure of Secretary Kerry to suspend immediately the

clearance or all parties involved with Mrs. Clinton’s server. We again call on
Secretary Kerry to immediately suspend any and all clearances held by former
Secretary Clinton and any other former or current State Department employees or
contractors who used the private email server or transmitted information using any
email addresses associated with that server.


OPSEC is a non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization of former members of Special Operations Forces
and the Intelligence Community. OPSEC is focused on protecting U.S. Special Operations Forces and
national intelligence assets from political exploitation, misguided policies, and intentional misuse of
classified information, all of which expose them and their families to greater risk and reduce their ability to
keep Americans safe. More information about OPSEC can be found at