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Product name Competitors Description

Scouring Agent
Altranol XC Imerol XC liq A versatile product for one bath scouring
& bleaching of cotton woven & hosiery
fabric, scouring aid for wool & speciality
for combined scouring & dyeing
polyester fibres, yarn and fabric. It is a
specially developed auxiliary for
pretreatment of textiles It has effective,
degreasing, wetting, stain removal &
detergency action giving a very clean
fibre/fabric. It also serves as a machine
cleaning agent.
Altranol-OL Amolan FBOL Anionic scouring agent, wetter &
detergent with excellent oil & grease
removing properties. Is an efficient
desizing agent & enables removal of all
synthetic sizes.
Modtex D paste Lissapol D Paste Anionic wetting agent and detergent.
Excellent lime soap dispersant. Excellent
washing off agent after dyeings.
Leveling Agents
Altraplex IW Avolan IW Is developed as a highly effective dispersing
agent for dyeing of synthetic fibres & blends
of synthetics with wool & cellulosics.
Leveling agent for dyeing wool with 1:2
metal complex dyestuffs with no free sulpho
groups. Leveling agent for brightening or
correcting faulty dyeings with 1:2 metal
complex dyestuffs.
Dylev FBSE Uniperol FBSE Versatile leveling agent for wool,
polyester polyamide & blends.
Dylev SMK Lyogen SMK Leveling agent for 1:2 metal complex
dyestuffs. Due to its substantivity for
1:2 metal complex dyes such as
Lanasyns enforces a slow & even rate of
absorption with excellent penetration &
level dyeing.
Dylev-SET Albegal SET Leveling agent for wool
Dylev-FFA Albegal FFA Leveling agent for dyeing of wool
Dylev UL Avolan UL-75 Leveling agent for use in dyeing of wool
and its blends with synthetics
Dylev-NT Baylan-NT-02 Auxiliary for dyeing at low temperatures
with leveling/dispersing action, low
foaming APEO free
Wool Protecting Agents
Altraplex-PW Lanasyn-PW Fibre protecting agent for wool in the
dyeing of wool & its blends at higher
Dylev-HTP Miralon HTP Formaldehyde free wool protecting
agent. Low yellowing on wool has anti-
setting effect
Altraplex It is developed as a 100% active powder
WPA/conc special fibre protective agent for Wool
when dyeing PES/WO blends at
temperatures up to max 120°C. It is
based on complex polycarboxylates
Acid Donor
Dytec MCH Merpan CH Acid donor and pH regulator for dyeing
polyamide fibres with anionic dyes.
Antisetting & bulking
Dermaset MQ Miranlon Q Antisetting & bulking agent for wool
Lubricant & Wet Waxing Agents
Profinish L Persoftal L Crease prevention agent & softener.
Anionic, suitable for cellulosics, wool,
polyamide, polyester & blends of these
fibres. For use in pretreatment & dyeing
Luballen-PW Cirrasol-TF Antistatic lubricant for polyester & wool
fibre on worsted spinning system.
Profinish NPF Persoftal NPF Wet waxing agent. For the treatment of
yarns made from synthetic fibres, wool &
blends. Good abrasion resistance &
antistatic properties.
Dyefixing Agent
Dyefix- Mesitol-NBS Is a concentrated fixing agent for acid
NBS/Conc powder dyeing on nylon & wool fabrics. Unlike
ordinary tannic acid and tartar emetic
fixing method, it enables one bath fixing
and therefore fixing process and time
can be shortened.
Colour Stripping
Altraplex WSA Is developed as a wool colour stripping
agent. Is a reducing bleaching agent
which whitens or decolorizes a substance
by reacting with the chromophores that
are responsible for the color of the
substance. Chromophore is reduced with
Altraplex WSA to produce a colorless or
whitened substance.
Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Finish
Saniguard UF Ultra-Fresh* NM- Is an aqueous emulsion designed to confer
V2 durable bacteriostatic properties to cotton,
wool and synthetic textile fabrics used in
apparel, domestic and household goods by
inhibiting the growth of odour-causing
bacteria. It can be applied by padding or by
exhaustion. Can also be used to protect
pigment press cakes and dispersions or inks
from growth of bacteria.
Saniguard-7500 DC-5700 It is an anti-microbial agent imparts durable,
broad spectrum, bio-static activity to the
surface of a wide variety of substrates. It is
leach resistant & non-migrating & is not
consumed by microorganisms. Effective
against grain positive & gram negative
bacteria, fungi, algae & yeast’s.
Antifelt & Wool Setting Agent
Dermaset-BAP Synthapret-BAP For felt free finishing of wool & wool blends
without prechlorination. Improves
dimensional stability & abrasion resistance.
Reduces pilling & snagging.
Dermaset 342 Angara 342 Is unique auxiliary designed for chemical
setting of wool and woolen blends
Finishing Agents
Glogard ZF Durable flame retardant finish for wool &
nylon fabric.
Permafin UR Baypret USV Formaldehyde free, self cross linking,
permanent hydrophilic polymer. For use in
felt free finishing of wool in combination
with Dermaset BAP. Reduces pilling.
Modfinish PNLI Sandosoft-PNLI Cation-active, substance feel modifier for
synthetic fibres and their blends with wool
and cellulosic fibres. Specially suitable for
Profinish-UK Persoftal-UK Cationic softener. Softening agent for acrylic
fibres, synthetic, cellulosic and their blends
with wool
Topsoft SM Adasil SM It is nonionic oil in water semi-micro
emulsion of reactive organo modified poly
siloxane containing ultra low levels of
surfactants. It imparts excellent softness &
slick surface smoothness.
Sylast-FG4 Resil AST4 Its application improves sewability and
Classic protects the fibre from damage during high
speed knitting processes. When added to
stationary or slow-moving liquor, it is very
effective on wool fibres, imparting a rich
smooth handle with an elastomeric effect. Also
enhances the bulky wool-like effect of acrylic
fibre and gives it a soft, natural handle. The
elastomeric effect of Sylast-FG4 maintains
stretchability on cotton knit fabrics.