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 Learning necessary leadership, business and accounta-

bility skills for our future.

 Learning how to take responsibility for ourselves, ani-
mals & others.
 Leadership roles in our club allow us to gain self es-
teem, public speaking experience, respect for our-
selves and others, pride in achievement, serve as role
models toward other members.
 Acquire friendships with youth in the community.
 Keeps us out of trouble! By taking responsibility for
raising a project animal, it keeps us busy & involved in
our 4-H, FFA and Grange projects.
 Strive to raise & sell top quality project animals by ap-
plying our knowledge and skills.
 Making the best effort to educate the community on
the benefits of becoming a supporter of 4-H, FFA and
Grange. Buyer’s Information
 Learning to provide services that give back to the com-
 Learning the fundamentals of business procedures and
Their future depends on you;
keeping detailed records.
your plate depends on them.
Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Have you
considered what the future holds for your food production? Production Agri-
culture, as an industry, continues to change, as does the makeup of the popu-
lation of our great country.

The youth involved in raising and exhibiting both breeding and market
Kelly Strasser Holly Strasser
animal projects will take their knowledge and experience into adulthood and Grand Champion Dairy Heifer Grand Champion Dairy Cow
will use this knowledge in their decision making process as they raise their
own families.

Participants in Junior Livestock Shows include members of FFA, Grange

and 4-H , ages 9-18. Independent young people are also welcome partici-
pants. Whatever their affiliation, these young people embody the future of
American Agriculture.

The purchase of a livestock project from any youth participating not only Haley Hancock Taylor Reynolds
Grand Champion Beef Steer Grand Champion Turkey
supports their efforts in the now, but also their ability to enter the adult world Purchased by Joyce Simmons
Purchased by Judy & Dennis Hellwinkel
with the basic understanding of our food production. These youth are the
future—our future. Purchase of an animal may be viewed as a healthful addi-
tion to your nutrition, a financial donation to a young entrepreneur or as an
investment in the future of American Agriculture and food production. How-
ever you choose to view this purchase, it will make a dynamic difference in
the growth of individuals and our society.

This booklet has been compiled to provide you, the potential buyer, with Beau Burgess Abigail Field
Grand Champion Swine Grand Champion Lamb
all the information you may need to understand this youth activity and your
Purchased by Brad Johnson Purchased by Silverado (Stanislaus) Farm Supply
ability to support these youth. & Lyon County Farm Bureau
Please review and don’t hesitate to contact the following for additional

Curtis Jordan
9 Pebble Beach Drive, Yerington, NV 89447
(775) 761-5762
Veronica Weeks Lillie McKinney
Grand Champion Grand Champion Goat
Meat Pen of Rabbits (3) Purchased by Silverado (Stanislaus) Farm Supply
Purchased by Smurf Murphy & Lyon County Farm Bureau
The Silver State Youth Livestock Show and Expo (SSYLS) will continue
Weight of Steer Pig Lamb for the seventh year as an event of the Lyon County Fair and Rodeo, August
Animal 1250 lbs 265 lbs 140 lbs. 17 to 19, 2018 at the Fairgrounds in Yerington, NV. The Show will offer
Price Per Pound $2.50 $3.00 $4.00 “industry appropriate” market and breeding classes in beef, sheep, swine,
meat and dairy goats, rabbits, cavy, poultry, and dairy cattle. The Market
Total $3,125.00 $795.00 $560.00 Animal Auction is held on Sunday at 2:00 pm. The Lyon County Fair Board
Approximate $380.00 $175.00 $100.00 (LCFB) has incorporated this Statewide/Regional Livestock Youth Show with
Slaughter/ our Fair held August 16 to 19, 2018. This Livestock Show helps to fill the void
Processing Fee left in Nevada and surrounding states with the absence of a Nevada State
Fair. The SSYLS provides the opportunity for young livestock producers and
Total Cost $3,505.00 $970.00 $660.00
exhibitors in FFA, Grange, 4-H, and independent youth, to participate in a fall
(about 688 lbs meat) (about 145 lbs meat) (about77lbs meat) (late summer) display of the results of their livestock projects.
With the closure of the Nevada State Fair, the opportunity for young
livestock producers and exhibitors to participate in a fall (late summer) dis-
Team up to Split the Cost: (based on above scenarios) play of the results of their livestock projects on a state/regional basis in Ne-
vada was not available. The SSYLS had its beginning in the winter of 2011
Costs split 2 ways $1,752.50 each $485.00 each $330.00 each when an interested group of Lyon County Fair Board members and dedicated
members of our community met to explore the possibility of including this
Costs split 3 ways $1,168.00 each $323.00 each $220.00 each event in the Lyon County Fair. The Community Committee’s recommenda-
tions to add the SSYLS to Lyon County Fair and Rodeo was accepted by the
Lyon County Fair Board (LCFB) and the show was incorporated into the Lyon
County Fair and Rodeo as a Statewide/Regional Livestock Show during the
Resale the animal: third week in August.
If you’d like to support our youth, but don’t wish to keep the animal The SSYLS held its first (2012) show under an old circus tent, a pig/
purchased, resale is for you. Buyer pays the difference between the beef barn, a rabbit/poultry barn, and three show rings shaded by camouflage
netting and shade cloth. The camouflage netting was borrowed from the
actual market price of the animal and the purchase price.
National Guard and hung on cables behind the main vendor/exhibit hall.
Example: Live Steer Weight—1250 lbs. That first year, we had approximately 75 entries, The SSYLS has grown to
Buyer Bids $2.50/lb include 9,600 square feet of tent, the swine/dairy barn, the rabbit/cavy/
Purchase Price: $3,125.00 poultry barn, with approximately 320 exhibits for the 2017 show. The SSYLS
Current Market Value $1.00/lb $1,250.00 has found its home anchoring the Family Fun and Midway Areas of the Lyon
County Fair and Rodeo.
Buyer’s Actual Cost $1,875.00
Lyon County Fairgrounds
August 17-19, 2018
Friday, August 17
2:00 p.m.—6:00 p.m. All Large Livestock Check-in
4:00 p.m.—7:00 p.m. Rabbit, Cavy & Poultry Check-in
4:00 p.m.—6:00 p.m. Large Livestock Vet Check
6:00 p.m. Large Livestock Market Weigh-in
Saturday. August 18
7:00 a.m.—9:00 a.m. Dairy Cattle Check-in
9:00a.m.—10:00 a.m. Rabbit, Poultry & Cavy Check-in
10:30 a.m. Poultry, Rabbit & Cavy Shows
Ring 1:
9:00 a.m. Swine Showmanship
Followed by: Market Swine & Breeding Swine Show
Followed by: Dairy Cattle Show
Followed by: Beef Showmanship
Followed by: Market Beef & Breeding Beef Show
Ring 2:
8:00 a.m. Dairy Goat Showmanship
Followed by: Meat Goat Showmanship
Followed by: Market Sheep
Followed by: Sheep Showmanship
Followed by: Market Goats
Followed by: Breeding Meat Goat Show
5:00 p.m. Release of Poultry/Rabbit/Cavy Shows
Except Meat pens & Master Showman
6:00 p.m. Master Showmanship Contest

Sunday, August 19
8:00 a.m. Dairy Goat Quality Show—Ring 1
Sheep Breeding Show - Ring 2
Followed by: Futurity—Ring 2
1:00 p.m. Buyer sign-up & Luncheon
2:00 p.m. Silver State Livestock Auction

Animals released after conclusion of auction. Times and locations are subject
to change, please visit our website:
 Your auction purchase brings high quality food to your table. Know
your farmer—know your food.
The goal of 4-H is to develop citizenship,  Animals are locally grown, humanely raised without antibiotics by
leadership, responsibility and life skills of youth who are trained in Quality Assurance providing for the best
youth through experiential learning pro-
product for the consumer.
grams and a positive youth development
approach.  Locally processed and packed.

 Tax advantages. Any amount over market price is a deduction.

 Satisfaction in knowing that you are supporting Nevada youth in a

The Primary goal of the FFA is to make a posi- wholesome educational program.
tive difference in the lives of its members by
developing their potential for premier leader-
ship, personal growth, and career success
through agricultural education. To accomplish
this mission, FFA: Develops competent and
assertive agricultural leadership.

MISSION. The Grange provides opportuni-

ties for individuals and families to develop  Your auction purchase finances and supports these goal-oriented
to their highest potential in order to build
youngsters and allows investment in future projects and their future in
stronger communities and states, as well as
a stronger nation. agriculture or whatever industry they choose to pursue.

 Youth receive practical training in business, time management, record

keeping and responsibility.

Good habits formed at youth make  Exhibitors develop skills in public speaking, interacting with other youth
and adults as well as assisting younger members in their project devel-

all the difference.


 4-H, FFA and Grange allow the opportunity to participate in not only
local, but state, regional and national events exposing participants to

-Aristotle new geographical areas, people and experiences.

Market animals have been raised, fed and groomed over the last 5-7 Participants may also be supported by means other than the purchase of
months and will be exhibited at the Silver State Youth Livestock show on Au- an animal. Monetary donations are accepted in a number of ways:
gust 17-19. 2018 . We invite you to attend the show and enjoy this exhibition  To the benefit of an individual exhibitor
of our future leaders as they display their months of hard work. We humbly
ask for your support of these youth during the auction of these projects.  To the benefit of every exhibitor
There are several ways available to offer your support:  To all exhibitors of a specific species
Purchase an animal—Beef, sheep, swine and goats are auctioned at a per If you’d like your donation designated in some other fashion, please con-
pound basis. Turkeys are sold by the head. tact the the Silver State Youth Livestock Show at 775-761-5762 to discuss.
Three ways to Buy:

• For Your Own Freezer: The price paid for the animal includes
transportation to harvesting plants. Buyers are additionally
responsible for the cost of harvest and processing.

• Donate: Animal may be donated to any organization or person

of your choice.

• Partner Up: Team up with a neighbor, co-worker, business,

friend or family to split the cost of animal. Businesses may use
their purchase to demonstrate their support for the community
and youth programs while receiving recognition.

• Resale: Buyers who wish to support a participant with the pur-

chase of an animal, but who do not want to receive the meat
may offer the animal for resale. The buyer is then responsible
for the difference between the price per pound paid and the How can I participate in the Auction?
established market price the day of the sale.  Attend the sale in person. The excitement of the event, the drama
Example: Live animal weight = 1000 lbs. of the auctioneer’s cry, combines to create an unforgettable scene.
Buyer pays $2.00/lb. x 1000 lbs = $2,000.00 Auction committee members and ring men will be on hand to assist
Market Price $.80/lb x 1000 lbs = $800.00 you.
Buyer’s Actual Cost: $2,000.00-$800.00= $1,200.00
 If you, your firm or organization cannot attend the sale but wish to
Buyers are encouraged to pay for their animal at the sale. Invoices will
be mailed, and payment is due 30 days of the sale. The sooner your pay- participate you can do so by proxy. Simply complete a buyer con-
ment is received, the sooner the participant receives their payment. tract for your proxy bidder to submit or contact the . the Silver State
Youth Livestock Show at 775-761-5762 .