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Subject : English Class: Year 2 Time: 1040-1140 Duration: 60 minutes

Theme : World of Self, Family,

Focus skill: Language Arts CCE: Language Date: 18.07.2018
and Friends
Teaching aids: 21st Century Skills/Strategy/Activity:
Chant chart, worksheets, flashcards, music video. Communication, collaboration, creativity.
Language/Grammar focus:
Clothes vocabulary, Put on…..
Get Dressed!
3.2 Understand a variety of linear and non-linear print
M 5.2 Express personal responses to literary texts C and digital texts by using appropriate reading
5.2.1 Name people, things, actions, or places of 3.2.3 ii) ignore unknown words in order to understand
M interest in texts C a phrase or sentence

M At the end of the lesson, most pupils will be able to name at least 3 clothes words.

C At the end of the lesson, most pupils will be able to ignore unknown words in order to understand the chant.

SC Pupils able to identify the winter clothes correctly.

1. Play a game with the class.

I. PRE-LESSON 2. Say clothes words and non-clothes words. (e.g. shoes, skirt, cat, cap, green )
3. Pupils stand up when they hear clothes words and sit down when they hear non-clothes
1. Introduce new vocabulary of winter clothes by showing flashcards.
2. Hold up each flashcard in turn.
3. Say the word for pupils to repeat in chorus.
4. Display a chant chart on the board.
5. Recite the chant, pausing after each line for pupils to repeat.
6. Do the chant as a class and then in groups.
7. Make four groups.
8. Hand out a flashcard to each group.
9. Pupils do the chant again, standing up and holding up the relevant flashcard when they say
the clothes words.
10. If there is time, get the pupils to practise the chant in groups. Show them the music video if
11. Encourage them to come up with their own actions.
12. Invite groups to recite the chant with actions.
1. Distribute worksheets.
III. POST LESSON 2. Pupils name, colour, cut and paste the winter clothes onto the girl and boy.
3. Display pupils’ work.