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Sequence of Cleaning
AM Service

1) The HK. Coordinator will prepare every morning before the room attendants start
working, the room assignments based on the occupancy.

2) The evening Heart of the House of the previous evening would have prepared the
cleaning caddies for the number of room attendants that will work next day.

3) The morning Heart of the House will arrive at the same time than the Office
coordinator and will check every thing is prepared.

4) After preparing all the assignments the HK. Coordinator will put together the
assignments with their correspondent key.

5) Attend the Daily Line Up to update the information (VIPs arrival, repeating Guests,
Preferences, Service Values and The Commitment to Quality).

6) Room Attendant collects the key and assignment from the HK. Coordinator and signs
out the key in key record (refer to Key Control SOP).

7) Take the caddy and check all chemical sprays are functioning and collect adequate
amount of cleaning cloths.

8) Prepare all amenities; inspect the vacuum (refer to Vacuum Cleaner SOP).

9) Check assignment and priorities accordingly (guest request, VIPs, special attention,
in-house, arrivals, check-outs).

Technical Service
1) All the room attendants will go up to the rooms at the same time, following the staff
elevators schedule.
2) Once in their floors they will start cleaning as per the morning line up instructions.

3) Ring the bell twice for 2 seconds, wait for reply and announce “Good
Morning/Afternoon, Housekeeping Service…”

4) If the guest is inside the room, ask them politely: “Good Morning/Afternoon
Ms/Mrs./Miss…would you like us to service your room?”

5) If the guest says “No”, ask them, “What time would you like us to clean your room
Mr./Mrs./Ms..?” and note down the time.

6) If the guest says “Yes”, say to the guest “Certainly, my pleasure.” Open the door,
hang Cleaning in progress sign on the door, close the door carefully and proceed to
clean the room as per standards cleaning process (refer to Room Cleaning SOP).

7) If the guest is not inside, open the door carefully and announce “Good
Morning/Afternoon, housekeeping service”. .” Hang Cleaning in progress sign on the
door, close the door carefully and proceed to clean the room as per standard
cleaning process (refer to Room Cleaning SOP).

Fond Farewell

1) Inspect the room clockwise if the room has been cleaned properly. No amenities
should be missing and no cleaning equipment should be left behind.

2) If the guest is inside, ask the guest “Is there anything else that we can do for you

a) If the guest says “No”, say to the guest, “Have a pleasant stay
Mr./Mrs./Ms….we are looking forward to serving you again tomorrow.”

b) If the guest says “Yes”, note down the request and comply with the guest
need within appropriate time.
3) Proceed to leave the room and make sure the door closes properly.

4) Write down the final status of the assignment, time in and out and note any remarks
or any preference.

Closing Service

1) Set up the pantry, clean the vacuum (refer to Vacuum Cleaner SOP), store all
cleaning equipment and make sure no garbage is left behind.

2) Bring down the caddy; store all the equipment in the designated areas.

3) Return the key and assignment to the HK. Coordinator. Sign in the key in Key Control

Operating Reference : HK - 0016

Effective Date : September 2007

Subject : Morning Service Cart Less

 The morning service will start at 8:00 and will finish at 17:00. 15 minutes before
working hours, all staff to be ready at the housekeeping office.

 The club attendants will work in teams of two.

 The club attendants will take their assignment after the department line-up.

 The morning assignment together with their key will be prepared by the
Housekeeping coordinator, before the line-up.

 The club attendants will check their caddies, basket and vacuum cleaner,
assuring there is nothing missing, before their go up to their area.

 After preparing their caddies and basket, they will take their assignments and
keys (see key control SOP) and will go to their area.

 Once the club attendants arrive into the room they will remove all the dirty linen,
trash and place it beside entrance door.

 Any room service trolley or tray will be removed and placed outside the room
where houseman can move them to the pantry.

 The club attendants will make up the bed together, then one club attendant will
work in the room and the other one will work in the bathroom.

 They will follow the process for each area, doing first what is first and last what is

 All the bed linen will changed, glasses and ashtrays cleaned, ice bucket emptied,
all room dusted, all room vacuum and dusted, and the curtains will remain open.

 All lights must be switched off.

 In the bathroom, towels, amenities and supplies will be replaced if need it.
 All bathrooms will be sanitized, the floor and walls will be cleaned and dry,
especially shower and bath tub.

 All glasses/mirrors and surfaces will be spotless clean.

 Before the club attendants leave the room they must check clockwise that
everything is up to the standards and nothing is missing. After that they must
spray the room with airfreshner.

 Ensure the door is properly locked for safety and security reason.

 Remove dirty linen from the bed and put it at the room entrance.

 Inspect the condition of the bed protector, pillows, duvet (no stain, holes and

 Place the bed spread, pillow and duvet in the lounge chair. Do not put it on the

 Spread first bed sheet evenly and tuck in on the head side.

 Insert duvet into duvet cover and spread it evenly on the bed approximately 20
cm top of the bed.

 Straighten duvet cover while tucking in the bed sheet clockwise. Let it hang

 Make sure the bed is aligning with the headrest / headboard.

 Put the pillows into pillow cases and place them standing on the bed with pillow
insert side facing the headboard.

 All pillows should be with pillow protector.

Operating Reference : HK – 0018
Effective Date : September 2007

Subject : Vacuum Cleaner

 Vacuum cleaner will be stored in each pantry and numbered accordingly.

 Each couple will be responsible for any damages and improper appearance of

 Check the vacuum bag, clean the filter on daily basis at end of duty.

 Ensure that the body of the vacuum, inside and outside is detailed clean.

 Inspect for proper functioning, clean cable, extensions cord, motor, ensure that
every items work properly.

 Report any damage to the supervisor or housekeeping manager immediately, fill

maintenance request.

Reference : HK – 0019
Effective Date : September 2007

Subject : Room Glasses Cleaning

 Room Attendant will bring clean glasses in their trolley and take out used dirty
glasses from room to the pantry.

 Room attendant will inspect each clean glasses before placing them in the room.

 Morning Houseman has to make sure availability of clean glasses in each pantry
he assigned to make sure smooth process during the room cleaning.

 Evening Houseman will bring dirty glasses to stewarding to be washed by

washing machine.

 Night Room Attendant / Cleaner will pick up the glasses, and then he will
distribute clean glasses to all pantries before end of his shift.

 A clean glass has to be stored in the glass rack separately from dirty glasses to
avoid contamination and possible breakage.

 Clean glasses placed upside down in clean glass rack and free of stain, water
mark, chipped / crack.

 No liquid left inside dirty glass before placing them in dirty glass rack.
Operating Reference : HK- 0024

Effective Date : September 2007

Subject : Guest Room Lighting

There are 4 scenarios for lighting presentation:

Guest Check In:

 All light off in guest room

 Drapes open
 Room temperature set 24º Celsius
 Television off

PM turndown:

 One bedside lamp turned on

 All bathroom lights off
 Drapes closed
 Room temperature set 24º Celsius

Occupied Room:

 All lights off in guest room

 Drapes open
 Room temperature should remain at guest setting
 Television off

VIP Room:

 One light in guest room

 Drapes open
 Room temperature 24º Celsius