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Pakistan polls on Wednesday

Kamal Haasan, V. Richards
Imran Khan likely
to emerge PM & Chintu Patel to headline
Islamabad: Imran
Khan‑led Pakistan
and the Pakistan
India Day Parade in NYC
Muslim League‑
Nawaz of jailed
former PM Nawaz
Sharif are running
"neck and neck"
with the PTI
ahead nationally
and the PML‑N
PTI party led by cricketer‑turned‑politician has
ahead in the cru‑
an edge over PML–N. (Photo courtesy Reuters)
cial province of
Punjab, according to a poll of by, 3‑6%, depending on the polls
polls computed by Gallup considered, from its vote bank of
Superstar Kamal Haasan: Cricket legend Vivian Richards and Chintu Patel, Co‑Chairman
Pakistan on Tuesday, the eve of general elections in 2013, the
Grand Marshal for the Bollywood actress Shruti Haasan: of Amneal Pharmaceuticals:
general elections in Pakistan. PTI vote bank during the same
Parade on Aug 19 Guests of Honor Community Grand Marshal
The poll of polls constitutes time period has nearly doubled
the average of poll findings by from its score of 17% in 2013. New York: Actor and politician
five different polling organiza‑
tions, Gallup Pakistan said in a
The rise of PTI is explained
both by decline of PML‑N as well
Kamal Haasan, his daughter Shruti
Haasan and legendary West Indian SATimes to publish India
cricketer Vivian Richards as well as
The poll of polls indicates that
as decline in votes of other par‑
ties (as well as share of Chintu Patel, Co‑Chairman of
Amneal Pharmaceuticals, will head‑
Day Special with FIA tie-up
the dramatic rise of PTI at both Independents in the voting pat‑
line the annual India Day Parade
We are pleased to announce The South Asian Times
national and provincial level is tern), Gallup said. e x c e l l e n c e i n j o u r n a l i s m
the collaboration and associa‑
mostly on account of winning The ascent of PTI to catch up here next month that will bring peo‑
tion for the India Day Special 2018. This yearʼs India Day
over voters of PML‑N as well as with PML‑N could cause a major ple of diverse communities and eth‑
edition with Federation of Indian Parade on August 19, organized
other parties, it said. upset for the parliamentary seat nicities together for the largest
Associations (FIA, NY‑NJ‑CT), by the FIA, will be made special
Thus, while the vote bank of distribution in Punjab, it said. parade outside India to mark the
commemorating the by the presence of superstar
PML‑N has declined nationally Continued on page 4 countryʼs Independence Day.
Independence Day of India Continued on page 4
Continued on page 4

India emerging as global manufacturing, Trump to grant $12 B to

start-up hub: Prime Minister Modi farmers to ease tariffs pain
Kampala, Uganda: India is emerging as a using Indian steel. Washington/Kansas City: The Trump admin‑ with broad criticism by many farmers and
global manufacturing and start‑up hub and "India is becoming a manufacturing hub," istration on Tuesday said it will use a Great farm‑belt lawmakers, including Republicans.
many of the 'Made‑in‑India' prod‑ Modi told the Indian community Depression‑era program to pay up to Rural and agricultural states sup‑
ucts, including cars and smart‑ event which was also attended by $12 billion to help U.S. farmers weath‑ ported Trump by wide margins in
phones, are today exported to Ugandan President Yoweri er a growing trade war with China, the the 2016 election.
nations from whom the country Museveni. Noting that Samsung European Union and others that the Trumpʼs trade policies have
used to import, Prime Minister recently opened the world's president began. become central in several rural‑
Narendra Modi said on Tuesday. biggest mobile phone manufactur‑ It is a clear signal the President state U.S. Senate races ahead of
Addressing the Indian diaspora ing plant in Uttar Pradesh, Modi Donald Trump is determined to congressional elections in
in the Ugandan capital, Prime said, "It's possible that when you stick with tariffs as his weapon of November.
Minister Modi also said that rail buy a smartphone in Uganda next choice in the conflict. The president, speaking at an event in
tracks, metro train coaches and satellites are time, you will get the one Made in India." The move meant to cushion the blow for a Kansas City on Tuesday, reaffirmed his sup‑
being manufactured today in India itself by "Make in India Continued on page 4 politically important constituency was met port for tariffs and Continued on page 4


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NRI minister invites expatriates to PBD, Kumbh in UP

Special to under Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. San
The South Asian Times Francisco was among the US cities she vis‑
New York: A minister from Uttar Pradesh, “Peaceful atmosphere is key to NRI and
on a weeklong visit to the US to drum up other kinds of foreign investment and we
support for the next Pravasi Bharatiya have that now,” she noted. “We now have
Divas (PBD) in Varanasi, has appealed to a single‑window system for FDI (foreign
NRIs and PIOs to participate in the PBD as direct investment).”
well as Ardh Kumbh Mela, which follows The minister cited, in this connection, an
almost immediately. investorsʼ report released in February that
“I appeal to all NRIs and other people of said, “The UP government (with regard to
Indian origin – not just those who hail investment initiatives) is awesome in its
from UP and whose ancestors came from response.”
our state – to attend those events and Singh added, “India is open now (to FDI)
experience the wonderful hospitality we and UP is no exception.”
(the UP government, host to the events) In the brochure prepared by her depart‑
are going to provide,” Swati Singh, whose ment to welcome delegates to the upcom‑
portfolios include NRI relations, told The ing events, Singh says: “PBD is a perfect
Uttar Pradesh minister Swati Singh, whose portfolio includes NRI relations, speaking at
South Asian Times in an interview on July platform to reconnect with your mother‑
the consulate, with Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty on her left.
20 at the Consulate General of India. land and know the progress made in your
The 15th version of the annual PBD Mela is to be held in Allahabad (Prayag). foreign trade, agriculture exports and native land. The platform will also make
event, is scheduled for January 21‑23, PBD is usually held in the second week family‑child welfare. According to her esti‑ you aware of the plethora of opportunities
2019 in Varanasi, the constituency of of January, but this year it is delayed by a mate, 30% of Indians living abroad have through which you can contribute to UP
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Varanasi, few days in order to combine it with the their origins in Uttar Pradesh. development.”
also known as Banaras or Kashi, is the old‑ Kumbh mela, a major gathering of devo‑ Visiting the US for the first time, Swati An interactive session between Indian‑
est city in the world. It is also one of the tees. Singh said the law‑and‑order situation in Americans and UP officials was also held
holiest places in India. The Ardh Kumbh Minister Swati Singhʼs portfolios include the state has improved considerably later at the consulate.

Kremlin is coy on Indian Americans donate 1% of income

2nd summit idea Washington, DC: The Indiaspora‑
Moscow: The Kremlin was reticent on Tuesday
about whether it would accept an invitation
Dalberg Community Engagement
Survey, the first of its kind, found that
An Indiaspora survey found
from President Trump to hold a second sum‑
mit with Vladimir Putin in Washington later
Indian Americans volunteer time at
nearly double the national average but
that Indian Americans
this year, saying only that the two men had give substantially less financially, ulti‑ volunteer time at nearly
other chances to meet as well. mately leaving significant social impact
Though Moscow saw the recent Helsinki on the table. The communityʼs particu‑ double the national average
summit between the two leaders as a success,
the fiercely negative reaction by some US
larly keen engagement as philanthropic
volunteers is encouraging but their lack
but give substantially
politicians to Trumpʼs performance has taken
some in Russia aback.
of financial donations is disappointing, less financially,
especially given that Indian Americans
Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said that though are among the highest earning groups what lies next for Indiaspora in our role diversity of interests. They are careful
Washington and Moscow agreed there was a in the US and have tremendous influ‑ as a philanthropic catalyst, which is one screeners and prolific volunteers. An
need for another Putin‑Trump meeting, Russia ence here and abroad. of the core pillars of our mission. We are Indian American donor typically volun‑
had not yet begun any practical preparations The study was designed and imple‑ in the early stages of strategically plan‑ teers 220 hours each year, far exceeding
for a new meeting. mented by Dalberg Advisors with input ning what we should do to move the the U.S. national average of ~130 hours
“There are other options (to meet) which our from academic advisors Dr. Devesh needle – which is to say, increase the annually.
leaders can look at,” Ushakov told reporters, Kapur (Johns Hopkins University) and amount of Indian American philanthrop‑ However, the community must not get
citing a meeting of G20 leaders in Argentina in Dr. Karthick Ramakrishnan (University ic giving in America and to India, and complacent – the Indian Diaspora has a
end‑November. of California Riverside). The survey make it more effective.” long way to go before they can be
Ushakov did not explain why Moscow had serves as a tool to understand the phil‑ Added Dalberg Advisorsʼ Regional called good givers: there exists a large
not yet accepted Trumpʼs invitation. He just anthropic behavior of the Indian Director for the Americas, Joe “giving gap” in the realm of at least $2‑3
said, “After the (Helsinki) summit you know American community at large. Twenty‑ Dougherty, “At over $3 billion annually, billion. Further, there is a “passion‑dona‑
what kind of atmosphere there is around its eight non‑profit, community organiza‑ the giving potential of Indian Americans tion gap”, which means that the commu‑
outcome. I think it would be wise to let the tions helped Indiaspora disseminate the is enormous. To put it into context, the nity does not necessarily give to those
dust settle and then we can discuss all these survey to their constituents. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation dis‑ causes which it collectively claims to be
questions in a business‑like way. But not now.” The surveyʼs initial findings were dis‑ tributes $4‑$5 billion across the entire most passionate about.
Russiaʼs ambassador to the United States, cussed on July 17 during the Indiaspora globe every year. Imagine the kind of Indiasporaʼs Philanthropy Summit
Anatoly Antonov, was also cautious on Friday Philanthropy Summit at the Georgetown impact the diaspora could create if they event included keynote remarks from
about the prospects of a new summit, saying University here. met their giving potential.” senior U.S. government officials and
only that Moscow was ready to discuss the Said Indiaspora founder, MR The survey found that the community inspirational philanthropic leaders from
proposal. Rangaswami, “Today, we are discussing is passionate about social impact, has a India and various parts of America.
4 July 28-August 3, 2018 TURN PAGE

SANT CHATWAL CONDEMNS Ivanka’s fashion brand to shut shop

DETENTION OF SIKHS IN US Washington: President Donald Trump's
daughter, Ivanka Trump, has decided to
Amritsar (Punjab): In the wake of reports regard‑ America, there is a justice system. If that thing close down her fashion brand. The move
ing the detention of 52 Sikhs at a United States wasn't there, then I would have been in jail comes over a year after she split from
detention center, Indian‑American hotelier Sant today," he said. Talking about the strict immigra‑ the company to enter the White House
Singh Chatwal said an investigation is underway tion rules imposed by the Donald Trump adminis‑ as a senior adviser, BBC reported on
into the "unfortunate" incident. tration, Chatwal implied that such regulations Tuesday. Ivanka launched the brand in
"The matter is under investigation. We are have to be relaxed and modified. 2014, but after her father's election was
checking on their involvement (with the contin‑ Last week, reports emerged that 52 immi‑ faced with boycotts from shoppers.
gent of illegal immigrants who are seeking asy‑ grants, mostly Sikhs were being held at a deten‑ She had reportedly become frustrated
lum). I am sure that the US will make a fair deci‑ tion center in Oregon for being part of a contin‑ by the difficulties posed by avoiding role, Ivanka Trump said she did not
sion. What happened there is an unfortunate gent of illegal immigrants seeking asylum. The possible conflicts of interest while serv‑ know "when or if I will ever return to the
thing. I can't say much, but if an Indian in the US revelation was made when a group of Democratic ing in the White House. A spokesperson business".
gets into a problem, we help them," he told ANI. Party lawmakers visited the detention center and for the company said the decision "has "But I do know that my focus for the
Chatwal then went on to explain how he himself later told the media about the alleged ill‑treat‑ nothing to do with the performance of foreseeable future will be the work I am
was embroiled in a huge case in the States. "I also ment of the immigrants, according to several the brand and is based solely on doing here in Washington, so making
had a case where I gave money to Hillary Clinton media reports. Ivanka's decision to remain in this decision now is the only fair out‑
and Bill Clinton for some political interests. A The 52 immigrants, who are from different Washington indefinitely." come for my team and partners," she
judge, who was 92 years old told me that it was states of India, are getting legal assistance from a After 17 months in her White House said in a statement.
not illegal and there were no implications. In law firm in the jail in Oregon (Sheridan).

Kamal Haasan, V. parade and cultural extravaganza. India. India emerging as global The relief package is intended
Richards The paradeʼs central message will This special edition will be dis‑ manufacturing, start‑up as a temporary boost to farmers
& Chintu Patel to head‑ be ʻVasudhaiva Kutumbakam ̶ tributed at the parade and other hub: Prime Minister Modi as the United States and China
line the world is one family,ʼ and will India Day related events in associ‑ Continued from page 1 negotiate over trade issues, offi‑
India Day Parade in NYC bring together for the first time ation with FIA (NY‑NJ‑NJ). today has become the hallmark of cials said. “This obviously is a
Continued from page 1 Indian origin communities from The South Asian Times is the India. Many of our products, short‑term solution that will give
The 38th India Day Parade, other South Asian and Caribbean most read and circulated newspa‑ including cars, smartphones, are President Trump time to work on
organized by the Federation of nations as well. per of Indian‑American communi‑ sold today to countries from a long‑term trade policy,” said
Indian Associations (FIA – ties in North America, maintain‑ whom we used to import," the Sonny Perdue, the secretary of the
NY/NJ/CT), will be held on August SATimes to publish ing immaculate reputation for Prime Minister said amid U.S. Department of Agriculture.
19 and will run through several India Day Special with excellence in journalism and applause. He said 11,000 start‑ The aid will be financed
streets of Madison Avenue in the FIA tie‑up value based content, display and ups have been registered in India through the USDAʼs Commodity
heart of Manhattan, featuring Continued from page 1 advertising. in the last four years, making the Credit Corporation and will not
tableaux by various Indian‑ Kamal Haasan, superstar of crick‑ country a land of start‑ups. require congressional approval,
American organizations, march‑ et Sir Vivian Richard and soulful Imran Khan likely to Modi also hailed India's ties Perdue said.
ing bands, police contingents and singer Kailash Kher, beautiful emerge PM with Uganda and other African The administrationʼs action
cultural performances. actress Shruti Haasan, along with Continued from page 1 nations, saying the resource‑rich appeared to divide Republicans,
Srujal Parikh, President of the the pride of Indian‑American dias‑ This will create two key competi‑ continent is now in the center of with some praising the move and
FIA, told PTI that Haasan will be pora, Community Grand Marshal tors for forming the federal gov‑ his government's foreign policy. others troubled by what they view
the paradeʼs Grand Marshal, while Chintu Patel. ernment. The national average of The Prime Minister also said as the kind of widespread govern‑
Shruti and Richards will be the Our collectible special edition expected votes computed by India will open 18 new embassies, ment‑assistance program their
Guests of Honor. Chintu Patel will will feature celebrations of India Gallup Pakistan ranges between taking the total number of the party has traditionally opposed.
be the Grand Marshal Day in India as well as in USA. 30 to 32% for PTI; 27% to 30% for country's missions in Africa to 47. “This trade war is cutting the
(Community) Our readers will get to read PML‑N; and 17% to 20% for legs out from under farmers and
Eminent Indian artistes Kailash extensive coverage on Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) led Trump to grant $12 B to the White Houseʼs ʻplanʼ is to
Kher and Shibani Kashyap will Independence of India, insight by Bilawal Zardari Bhutto. farmers to ease tariffs pain spend $12 billion on gold crutch‑
also be among the special guests into FIA, exclusive interviews of According to poll of polls there Continued from page 1 es,” said Senator Ben Sasse, of
at the parade, Parikh said. glamorous Grand Marshals and are still nearly 12% undecided pledged that “farmers will be the Nebraska who frequently criti‑
Over 1,00,000 people are the dynamic force behind the voters who make the forecast biggest beneficiary.” “Just be a lit‑ cizes the president, a fellow
expected to attend this yearʼs largest such parade outside of unpredictable. tle patient,” Trump said. Republican.

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Bharat Desai, wife make $ 2

billion from sale of their
IT firm, Syntel
New York: Indian American
couple Bharat Desai and
Neerja Sethi have sold their
IT services company Syntel to
French IT major Atos for $3.4
Billion according to a report
in The Times of India. The
two together held 57% stake
in the company, which means
they receive nearly $2 Billion
from the deal.
Desai was born in Kenya,
grew up in Mombasa and in
Ahmedabad, and then did
electric engineering from IIT‑
He worked with TCS briefly Bharat Desai and Neerja Sethi have sold 'Syntel'
be fore moving to the to French IT major Atos (Image courtesy:
University of Michigan for an
MBA. That is where he met Sethi and pany but soon evolved into a firm provid‑
while studying decided to start a company ing IT applications services. Thatʼs when
(they married later) that was in some it also started its India development cen‑
ways modelled along the lines of TCS. ters.
Syntel, which had $923 million in rev‑ In 1997, it listed on NASDAQ and in the
enue in fiscal 2017, was started with following year, it was ranked 70th in
$2000. Syntel earned $30,000 in its first Business Weekʼs ʻHot Growth Companiesʼ
year and got a boost in 1982 when it and was No.2 in Forbesʼ ʻ200 Best Small
signed on General Motors as a client. Companies in America.ʼ
Syntel was initially an IT staffing com‑ (Source: The Times of India).

Pandit Jasraj unveils biography in the US

Pandit Jasraj, third from left, unveiling his biography, “Rasraj Pandit Jasraj,” at a
live TV event at the TV Asia auditorium in Edison, NJ on July 17. From left, Vikas Nangia,
TV Asia host and senior producer; H R Shah, TV Asia chairman and CEO; Sandeep
Chakravorty, Indiaʼs Consul General in New York; Durga Jasraj, Pandit Jasrajʼs daughter;
Sunita Budhiraja, author of “Rasraj Pandit Jasraj” and Arun Maheshwari, publisher
of the biography. (Image courtesy: Gunjesh Desai/TV Asia)
Edison, NJ: Legendary classical vocalist by a question‑answer session with the audi‑
Pandit Jasraj unveiled his first authorized ence.
biography during a book release ceremony at During the panel discussion, Budhiraja said
the TV Asia auditorium in Edison, NJ on July that while Pandit Jasrajʼs ragas were soulful,
17. Titled, “Rasraj Pandit Jasraj,” the biogra‑ the book focused on several untold struggles
phy is written by Sunita Budhiraja and pub‑ that went behind those renditions. “The book
lished by New Delhi‑based Vani Prakashan. is essentially the story behind his music, the
T he event was jointly hosted by the challenges and many other yet unknown
Consulate General of India in New York, TV inspiring aspects of Panditjiʼs life,” she added.
Asia and the Pandit Jasraj Institute and When asked about the importance of lyrics,
broadcast live on TV Asia across the US as Pandit Jasraj said he believed in immersing
part of its “Focus Live” nightly show. The himself into the words before singing.
event was also the first public gathering in "Words are absolutely important in my
the US announcing the launch of the biogra‑ songs because I want to live them, under‑
phy, before the official India release later this stand them, go into their depths and then
year. sing the song. The process for me is to com‑
The biographyʼs release was followed by a pletely understand the words and then
90‑minute interaction on TV Asiaʼs “Focus immerse myself in those words, that world,"
Live” with Pandit Jasraj; Consul General he said. He also recalled during the conversa‑
Sandeep Chakravorty; Durga Jasraj, Pandit tion how thankful he was to former Prime
Jasrajʼs daughter; author Sunita Budhiraja; Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee for calling him
publisher Arun Maheshwari and TV Asia host “Rasraj,” which has been borrowed in the title
and senior producer Vikas Nangia, followed for the biography.
6 July 28-August 3, 2018 TRISTATE COMMUNITY

Sanskrit residential
Nassau Countyʼs named health department of the year camp set for Labor
Mineola, NY: The Nassau County
Department of Health (NCDOH) has
Day weekend
been named “Local Health New York: Samskrita Bharati USA,
Department of the Year” for 2018 the organization that is dedicated to
by the National Association of City promoting the ancient language in
and County Health Officials (NAC‑ this country, is holding a residential
CHO). The announcement was camp during the Labor Day weekend
made at the NACCHO Annual in neighboring New Jersey.
Conference on July 11. According to a press release, the
“It is with great honor that I con‑ three‑day residential camp – known
gratulate the Department of Health as Jaahnavii 2018 ‑‑ will begin on
staff for being national leaders in Friday, August 31 evening, and end
the field of public health,” said Nassau County Executive Laura around midmorning on Monday,
Curran & Health Commissioner September 3. The venue is Radisson
County Executive Laura Curran.
Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein. (L to R) NCDOH Model Practice award winner Michael Alarcon, Hotel Piscataway, 22 Kingsbridge
“This distinct recognition as LHD of
Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein, NCDOH Model Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854.
the Year is evidence of the tive health services. NCDOH Practice award winner Rosemarie Mosca and NCDOH Attorney and
Department of Healthʼs commit‑ brought providers, hospitals, and Experienced Samskrita Bharati
NACCHO Legal Workgroup Chair Gerard Giuliano.
ment to developing responsive and community based organizations instructors from India and the US
innovative public health programs together to evaluate the needs of cated staff at the Nassau County Environmental Health Air Quality will teach the attendees who may
that improve, promote and protect the residents, and together created Department of Health who work Protection Program, as well as a have different levels of knowledge
the health and safety of the resi‑ a county‑wide Community Health tirelessly every day to protect and Promising Practice award, Using about the language. No previous
dents of Nassau County.” Assessment and Community Health promote the health of all,” said Public Health Enforcement as an knowledge of Samskrutam (Sanskrit)
As recipient of Health Improvement Plan. NCDOH is a Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Instrument of Change: An is needed, as there are classes for the
Department of the Year, NCDOH founding member of the Long Eisenstein. A recognized national Integrated Regulatory/Non‑regula‑ beginners also. Similarly there will
demonstrated the theme of this Island Health Collaborative, which public health leader, NCDOH was tory Approach. Since 2013 the be classes for children under 12
yearʼs award as a Chief Heath has grown from a three‑agency concurrently awarded two 2018 Department has won 15 Model and years. Though early‑bird registration
Strategist by successfully partner‑ online database to a grant‑funded NACCHO Model Practice awards: Promising Practice Awards, which is set to end, discounted registration
ing with leaders of the countyʼs health initiative with almost 100 The Enhanced‑Early Intervention places NCDOH as the leading NAC‑ is still available. Please log on
comprehensive healthcare infra‑ agencies. Service Coordination: A Health CHO award winner of all local and
structure to ensure access to “This honor from NACCHO is a Equity Initiative for Early health departments in New send an email to jaahnavii@samskri‑
healthcare and improved preven‑ testament to the talented and dedi‑ Intervention, and The York State., OR call Suresh 917‑
971‑0871, Deepa 480‑277‑5839.

Indian Overseas
Uma Swaminathan elected Congress to hold a one‑
new AIA-NJ president day conference in NY
New York: Indian Overseas
New Jersey: Uma Swaminathan has her private pilotʼs license. Congress, USA will be holding a one‑
been elected as the new president “I want to continue our legacy, day national conference on July
for Association of Indians in considering that New Jersey is the 28th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near
America (AIA) New Jersey Chapter. mother of AIA, I have great plans to JFK airport. Delegates from across
Swaminathan is a founding and revive the chapter. It has to be rele‑ the country are expected to attend.
lifetime member of AIA, according vant for the next generation of Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the Indian
to a press release. She is a cultural Asian Indians, addressing the Overseas Congress, AICC will be pre‑
anthropologist spe‑ issues of discrimina‑ siding over the conference. The pur‑
cializing in the medic‑ tion against the pose the conference is to bring
inal value of herbs broad Indian diaspo‑ together like‑minded people from
and spices in indige‑ ra, creating a safe around the country who believe in
nous cultures. place for our children the values and principles of the
Swaminathan has and grandchildren, Congress party that gained inde‑
published a book and dignified aging. pendence for India and helped to
called “Herbal My focus will also be build the nation into one of the top
Transformations: Uma Swaminathan to bring in young economic powerhouses in the world
Healing with Herbs” people, listen to their based on a secular democracy that
The Nritya Madhavi School of Dance earlier this month pre‑ and gives wellness talks. She has needs and grievances and provide preserved freedom, liberty and jus‑
sented Lalita Parameshwari, which was directed by Divya been invited by many groups counseling services for parents and tice for each and every citizen
Yeluri. The dance drama, created by Mrs. A.B. Bala Kondala Rao, around the United States as a children,” Swaminathan is quoted regardless of the caste, color, region‑
depicts the birth of Lalita Devi who finally kills the oppressive speaker and panelist and has given saying in a press release. al or linguistic differences. The con‑
demon Bhandasura, as described in the Lalitopakhyanam. many cooking demonstrations. AIA has served the Indian ference will be discussing the cur‑
Among the dancers was Anjali Sukhavasi, who plays the Swaminathan is an advisor to the American community for 50 years rent challenges to the democracy in
Mohiniʼs role. Other lead roles are played by Aasha Yeluri
Monmouth Center of World now and they will be celebrating India and exploring the possibilities
(Parvathi), Sai Aishwarya (Kameshwari), Anukula Aditya
Religions Organization and Ethical their 50th anniversary on of strengthening the Overseas
(Bhandasura) and Divya Yeluri (Lalita). The dance drama was
performed at the recently concluded convention held by NATA Thought and is also a classical December 1 in Long Island and in Congress Units in the U.S and
and other Telugu organizations in Philadelphia. Bharatnatyam dancer, a visual New Jersey sometime in the expanding the cooperation between
artist and a prolific painter and has spring of 2019. the NRIs and their motherland. NATIONAL COMMUNITY July 28-August 3, 2018 7

Edison based India Day Parade Couple charged with

kicks off in Washington D.C Tollywood prostitution
Washington, DC: The members of
the Indian Business Association
racket pleads not guilty
descended on Capitol Hill for a Washington, DC: A Chicago cou‑ housed the young women at their
kickoff event of the annual India ple, accused by federal prosecu‑ Chicago home and area hotels,
Day Parade, taking place this year tors of luring Telugu actresses and held their passports, render‑
on August 12th in Edison to pro‑ from India to the U.S. to have paid ing the victims virtual captives.
mote national awareness of the sex with Indian Americans, plead‑ It is unclear how far back the
annual celebration and highlight ed not guilty July 18 according to Modugumudis allegedly perpetu‑
policy issues affecting Indian‑ media reports. ated their scheme: the indictment
Americans. Kishan Modugumudi and his notes only the year 2017. But in
The event, held in the conference wife, Chandra, have each been 2016, the American Telugu
room of House Minority Whip indicted on nine counts of prosti‑ Association went public with a
Steny Hoyer, was hosted by Illinois tution involving a total of six vic‑ complaint against Modugumudi –
Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi tims, who were not named in the known then as Chennupati – say‑
and afforded IBA supporters the indictment, but believed to be ing he had failed to deliver three
opportunity to meet with 18 mem‑ actresses and models from South female television anchors to the
IBA delegation meeting Members of Congress
bers of Congress, including house‑ India. If convicted on all charges, organizationʼs Silver Jubilee cele‑
(Image courtesy:
hold names like House Minority the Indian American couple faces brations in Chicago.
Leader Nancy Pelosi and House ty organizers. Multiple sectors of the country. The IBA trip to 10 years in prison. They are cur‑ The complaint alleged that
Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. the business community were rep‑ Washington marks a new effort the rently being held ̶ without bail Kishan Modugumudi threatened
The IBA delegation was led by resented in IBA delegation, includ‑ organization has made to expand ̶ at the Federal Bureau of the life of one of the actresses and
Teaneck Mayor Mohammed ing health, retail, hotel/tourism, the non‑profit into new charitable Prisons in Illinois. her family if she told law enforce‑
Hameeduddin, Edison Council entertainment, and media. causes, while expanding the audi‑ According to the 42‑page indict‑ ment the truth about what she did
President Ajay Patil, Jersey City Seven of New Jerseyʼs ence to a more national level. ment, Modugumudi, who promot‑ while in the country. The Movie
Council President Rolando R. Congressional Delegation attended, “The IBA is excited to enter a new ed himself as a Tollywood agent, Artists Association of India said in
Lavarro, Jr., Woodbridge including Rep. McArthur, Rep. period of expansion, both in the and his wife bought airline tickets a press release after the couple
Councilman Viru Patel, and Norcross, Rep. Watson Coleman, scope of our capabilities and the for the victims on the premise that was arrested: “We are aware of
Woodbridge Committeewoman Rep. Lance, Rep. Sires, Rep. outreach to a larger audience. The they would be performing at Kishan Modugumudiʼs suspicious
Priya Aggarwal. It included busi‑ Gottheimer, and Rep. Pascrell. success of our event today is a Telugu and other Indian American activities. We have been warning
ness leaders, professionals, repre‑ The IBAʼs flagship event is the great indicator of the potential of conferences. In one instance, the artists not to go abroad for per‑
sentatives of religious congrega‑ yearly India Day Parade, drawing our progress,” said Dhiren Amin, American Telugu Association in formances with those with dubi‑
tions, policymakers, and communi‑ about 40,000 people from across IBA President. (Source: 2016, the Modugumudis allegedly ous antecedents.”

In new film ʻDeath of a

Nationʼ Dinesh DʼSouza
compares Trump with Lincoln
Washington, DC: Weeks after being par‑ pardon for the filmmaker, who was on pro‑
doned by President Donald Trump, Dinesh bation for using straw donors to give more
DʼSouza is unveiling the trailer for his latest to a friendʼs campaign for U.S. senator than
movie. Quality Flix opens the conservativeʼs the law allows.
latest documentary film, Death of a Nation, Snippets seen in the two‑minute trailer
in 1,000 theaters on Aug. 3. The film likens include actor Pavel Kriz as Adolf Hitler in
Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump ̶ saying scenes filmed at Zeppelin Field where Nazi
that the situations they found themselves in rallies took place eight decades ago, plus
as U.S. presidents reenactments of the
are very similar, Civil War and of
according to the slaves being
filmmaker. unmercifully beat‑
“Lincoln was en. “Lincoln saved
elected to unite a America the first
country and stop time. Itʼs now up to
slavery. Democrats us to save it a sec‑
smeared him; went ond time,” he says
to war against him; at the trailerʼs end.
assassinated him. Now, their target is “The primary theme of the movie is racism
Trump,” DʼSouza intones at the top of the and fascism,” DʼSouza tells The Hollywood
trailer before announcing the movie is pro‑ Reporter. “Look at the timeliness of this with
duced by Gerald Molen, the Oscar‑winning the immigration debate, where Trump is
producer of Schindlerʼs List and Jurassic being called a ʻNazi,ʼ ʻfascistʼ and ʻracist.ʼ This
Park. tells me that people donʼt have a clue, not
DʼSouzaʼs first three films, 2016: Obamaʼs only about the history of fascism and racism,
America; America: Imagine a World Without but where it exists today.”
Her; and Hillaryʼs America: The Secret According to the filmʼs official description,
History of the Democratic Party, were huge “Death of a Nation” cuts through “progres‑
hits as far as documentaries go. sive big lies to expose hidden history and
They were also very controversial, and explosive truths through stunning historical
DʼSouzaʼs newest effort promises to be dou‑ recreations and a searching examination of
bly so, considering its favorable treatment of fascism and white supremacy.”
Trump comes on the heels of a presidential (Source:
8 July 28-August 3, 2018 NATIONAL COMMUNITY

Kerala CM urges diaspora to invest in

ʻIntellectual Capitalʼ at FOKANA convention
New York: T he Chief Minister of Kerala, den. “We should tell the children to be success‑
Pinarayi Vijayan urged Non Resident Keralites ful without forgetting values. The children who
to invest in ʻIntellectual Capitalʼ at the 18th grow up without values are the ones who shot
biennial convention of the Federation of Kerala their classmates,” he said.
Associations in North America (FOKANA) held The chief minister also called for uniting
from July 5‑8 at the Valley Forge Convention with the rival Federation of Malayalee
Center in Pennsylvania. More than money, Associations of Americas (FOMAA), the mother
Kerala is in need of the communityʼs expertise organization and asked FOKANA leaders to
and intellectual collaboration to foster its take the initiative on this. He said that 10 per‑
development, the Marxist chief minister told cent of the estimated four million Indians liv‑
the 2,000 people at the convention, stating ing in the U.S., are from the Malayalee commu‑
that it was nonresident Keralites who changed nity. He called for dual citizenship and for vot‑
Kerala after land regulation. “It is the contribu‑ ing rights for all NRIs.
tion of the NRKs that gives the state its T he chief minister earlier visited the
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurating the
stature,” Vijayan was quoted as saying in a Institute of Human Virology in Baltimore to
convention traditionally (Image courtesy:
press release. The last state chief minister to discuss about possible collaboration for the
attend the convention was E.K. Nayanar, also a resettle, they keep their identity, language and for projects important for the state. He said Institute of Advanced Virology Center being
Marxist, who went to the gathering in Dallas culture intact. He said people celebrate their many projects, which were considered impossi‑ built in Kerala. Dr. Robert Charles Gallo, insti‑
22 years ago. culture and language more when they live in ble earlier, are being completed. “New projects tute director credited for his work in helping
This yearʼs convention was also attended by other countries. are coming up. We believe in development that discover the human immunodeficiency virus,
Opposition Leader in the state assembly “Our language and our land of the forefa‑ is inclusive of all. It should benefit all,” he said. or HIV, in 1984, promised intellectual collabo‑
Ramesh Chennithala who belongs to the thers give the identity to us. If you go away Chennithala said work opportunities are dry‑ ration. During the convention, Prabha Thomas
Congress party. Also attending was K.K. Sailaja, from the language and culture we inherited ing up and the governments cannot ignore (Philadelphia) was crowned the Ms. Malayalee
minister for health, Katakampalli Surendran, from our fathers, we lose our address. them. Vijayan said in a market‑oriented society Manka FOKANA 2018. Asha Agustine
minister for tourism and state lawmakers Raju Organizations like FOKANA should work to everything becomes a commodity and people (Philadelphia) was the First Runner up winner.
Abraham, Monce Joseph, Chittayam impart the culture and language to the new will value things if they are useful to them. In Reethu Sreekanth was the Second Runner up.
Gopakumar and V.P. Sajeendran. generation,” the chief minister said. such a society people will discard anything Fifteen married women competed in 2018
Vijayan noted that although Keralites adapt He said Kerala has changed much where the that is not found useful ̶ including old or Malayalee Manka FOKANA 2018.
to local cultures around the globe when they government and the opposition work together invalid parents who may be viewed as a bur‑ (Source:

Tumbbad becomes first Indian

Film to open Venice Film Festival
New York: Presented by Aanand L Newton and Dangal making India
Rai and Eros International, Sohum proud worldwide, Tumbbad seems
Shah's Tumbbad becomes the first to take the same route with taking
ever Indian Film ever to open the the nation's glory globally. Giona A.
prestigious Venice International Nazzaro, General Delegate of Venice
Film Critic's week, sweeping in International Critics' Week who
major accolades from critics. watched the film at the film festival
The graduates were honored by campaign operatives, and progressive and private sector leaders.
Despite being based on the rooted appreciated the film said, "Tumbbad
Indian folktale, Tumbbad has man‑
aged to captivate the international
is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that
questions the roots of human greed NJDSC graduates 46 future leaders
audience with the intriguing tale while providing entertainment of
and stunning visuals. The craft,
scale, and technique used in the
the purest kind. Fantasy, action,
frights, and scares: Tumbbad has it
from campaign training program
making of the critically acclaimed all. Don't miss it, or Hastar will Trenton: This week, the New Jersey the Democratic party forward this a variety campaign task related to
film has presented the world with come and get you!" Tumbbad is set Democratic State Committee cycle, and for years to come.” communications, data, fundraising,
India's moment to shine. After con‑ to release on October 12th in Hindi, announced 46 young men and “We have given the graduates of voter engagement, and event man‑
tent driven commercial films like Marathi, Tamil and Telegu. women had successfully completed this program an authentic view of agement, among others. First Lady
its Building Our Future program, a what political operatives and State Tammy Murphy addressed and

Kerala IT panel to hold set of specialized campaign trainings.

Now in its third year, Building Our
Democratic Committee employees
do to support local Democrats. Now,
engaged with the class.
"We were thrilled to bring together

networking sessions in US Future experienced its highest level

of interest with 257 applicants.
with the critical midterm elections
upon us, we will be looking to them
people ‑ new people ‑ from different
geographic backgrounds in the
Thiruvananthapuram: The High the delegation. The visit is to activate Graduates, who represent 16 out of to help elect people who care about hopes of growing the party from
Power IT Committee of Kerala (HPIC) a "Kerala Conversation" in technolo‑ New Jerseyʼs 21 counties, were given working families, immigrants, mem‑ within,” said NJDSC Executive
will hold three networking sessions, gy circles, engaging with those who the tools to help the Democratic bers of LGBTQ community,” said Director Liz Gilbert. “And I am confi‑
titled #Future Global Connect, in the can contribute to the digital cause of Party win elections at the local, NJDSC Vice Chair Lizette Delgado dent that after hearing from people
US early next month as part of a the state, building interest and gen‑ county and state level. Polanco. who have lived the campaign life and
multi‑pronged strategy, involving the erating leads for potential invest‑ “The Building our Future program The program was conducted at the accomplished great things, our grad‑
state government and the Kerala ments and expanding and widening was created to inspire young minds law offices of Wilentz, Goldman, and uates are capable of shaping candi‑
diaspora in the technology sector to the Digital Achievers Network (DAN). and support the leaders of tomor‑ Spitzer in Woodbridge. Guest speak‑ date campaigns for the better.”
position the state as a digital destina‑ According to the IT Department, row, and I think we have achieved ers for the five‑day program featured Building our Future graduates like
tion of choice. The three sessions of the meet will see participation by that goal. I was again impressed by Trenton Councilman Jerell Blakeley, Tilak Bhatnagar, an intern with the
the series will be held in Boston, widely networked global profession‑ our applicants and our graduates, all Genova Burns Law partner Angelo Department of Legislative Af fairs
Seattle and San Francisco on August als, mostly of Indian and Kerala ori‑ of whom brought new and interest‑ Genova, Planned Parenthood Action and a rising sophomore at Rutgers,
6, 7 and 8, respectively. gin, who are potential investors and ing perspectives to the mix,” said Fund of New Jersey Field Director agreed. “Unlike political science
HPIC members S.D. Shibulal, Kris influencers with linkages to NJDSC Chairman John Currie. "The Amber Margentina, legislative classes that teach theories and
Gopalakrishnan (both founders of investors including senior executives program offers unique insight one staffers, representatives from con‑ philosophies, during Building our
Infosys), V.K. Mathews, head of IBS from small and large companies, can only get from working on a coor‑ sulting firms, and the state party Future we heard about the personal
Software, besides IT administrators achievers in the knowledge industry dinated political campaign. I know leadership. During seminars, partici‑ experiences of a state legislatorʼs
of the Kerala government will form and academicians. these young leaders will help propel pants were instructed how to handle Chief of Staff. NATIONAL COMMUNITY July 28-August 3, 2018 9

Sabrina Singh plays a key Over 20 Indian-origin

role in Democrats' offensive people convicted in
against Donald Trump massive call center scam
Washington, DC: Sabrina Singh, ing new attacks at dif ferent New York: Over 20 Indian‑origin Americans, legal immigrants and
whose grandfather was instrumen‑ groups whether it's Latino's or people have been sentenced for many others out of their life sav‑
tal in formulating a historic legis‑ Asian American and Pacific up to 20 years in prison in the ings through their lies, threats
lation in 1946 that enacted a Islander (AAPI). The Trump admin‑ United States for their involve‑ and financial schemes must rec‑
quota of 100 Indians to immigrate istration has not done their job of ment in a multi million‑dollar ognize that all resources at the
to the US per year, is now a key their promise of 'draining the India‑based call center scam Department's disposal will be
player in the of fensive communi‑ swamp'. I think, if anything, it has which defrauded thousands of US deployed to shut down these tele‑
cation strategy of the Democratic gotten swampier," Singh said. citizens of hundreds of millions of fraud schemes, put those respon‑
party against the alleged divisive In 1940s, JJ Singh along with a dollars. The prison sentences for sible in jail, and bring a measure
policies of the Donald Trump group of fellow Indians mounted a the 21 people convicted this week of justice to the victims," Mr
administration. nat ionw ide campaign ag ainst ranges from 4 to 20 years. "The Sessions said.
Sing h, who joined the racially discriminatory policies of stiff sentences imposed represent According to US officials, the
Democratic National Committee the US which led the then presi‑ the culmination of the first‑ever call center scam defrauded thou‑
(DNC) last year as its spokes‑ dent Harry Truman to sign the large scale, multi‑jurisdiction sands of US residents of hundreds
woman and deputy communica‑
Sabrina Singh, deputy Luce‑Celler Act on July 2, 1946. prosecution targeting the India of millions of dollars.
communications director, DNC call center scam industry," US Prosecutors said the Indian call
tions director, alleged that the rul‑ The Act allowed a quota of 100
ing Republican party has "created Trump entered the White House, Indians to immigrate to the United Attorney General Jeff Sessions centers located in Ahmedabad
a toxic environment" and is strug‑ Singh said, the Democrats have States per year. said. Several of the convicted will used various telephone fraud
gling with telling the truth. gone on the offensive. "Democrats The Act also permitted Indian be deported to India after the schemes to defraud mainly vul‑
The Democratic leader said she certainly have the wind at their nationals already residing in the completion of their sentence. nerable Americans, including the
is inspired by the works of her backs right now. We're holding the US (of whom there were approxi‑ "This case represents one of the elderly and legal immigrants.
grandfather Sardar JJ Singh to administration accountable and mately 2,500‑3,000 at the time) to most significant victories to date The indictment for the case also
fight the divisive policies of the we're not gonna let up unt il become naturalized American citi‑ in our continuing efforts to com‑ charged 32 India‑based conspira‑
Trump administration. November and onwards till 2020. zens. JJ Singh, who was born in bat elder fraud and the victimisa‑ tors and five India‑based call cen‑
As head of the India League of We just have to keep harnessing Abbottabad (now in Pakistan), tion of the most vulnerable mem‑ ters with general conspiracy, wire
America, JJ Singh was a key figure the momentum to keep charging came to the US be fore bers of the US public. fraud conspiracy, and money
among Indians in America fighting forward," she told news agency Independence. After partition he "The transnational criminal ring laundering conspiracy. These
for the right to US citizenship. PTI. "What one sees every day is and his family moved to Delhi but of fraudsters and money launder‑ defendants have not yet been
Some 18 months after Donald the Trump administration lobby‑ soon returned to the US. ers who conspired to bilk older arraigned. (PTI)


Entrepreneur Lyric Jain’s UK alize I w

n’ t re
“ I did
start-up set to combat fake news in Zon e 3 u ntil now
London: An Indian‑origin entrepreneur's UK‑ allows them to determine how trustworthy m a ke a pla

I mus t

based start‑up that uses a machine‑learning the news they read really is," he said.
algorithm to sift fact from fiction is set to
combat fake news around
the world, including plans
With a growing number of cases of fake
news being exchanged
over the WhatsApp mes‑ ZO ATTAN
Alex M
for a project specifically saging service in India, his
targeted at India. start‑up is exploring ways
Lyric Jain, a Cambridge for artificial intelligence
University engineering stu‑ (AI) to accurately assess
dent originally from the validity of information
Mysore, set up Logically faster than any human can.
last year and has since India has over 200 mil‑
deve loped the West lion WhatsApp users and
Yorkshire‑based start‑up with the system being
into a machine‑learning encrypted, it becomes
platform to filter real from extremely difficult for law
fiction. T he platform,
Lyric Jain enforcement to intervene
(Image :
which is currently going and stop fake stories from
through technology trials with partners and spreading.
advisors, will have its full public launch in "Because of the highly emotive nature of
September for the UK and the US, and hit these stories, people are quick to react. This
India by October. means the time it takes to disprove com‑
The aim is for the service to work as a news pelling fake news stories is often too long to
aggregator as well as an indicator of factual prevent action being taken," Jain said.
accuracy. "The Logically platform gathers the "We are still exploring options such as an
biggest news stories from over 70,000 instant verification chatbot on WhatsApp and
domains and determines the credibility of the will announce our plans by the end of the
claims across each article. It does this by year," he said.
using a machine learning algorithm that is Logically has a board of advisers made up
designed to detect logical fallacy, political of alumni from both Massachusetts Institute
bias, and incorrect statistics," the 21‑year‑old of Technology (MIT) in the US and Cambridge
techie explains. University in the UK and has raised 1 million
"By illuminating the quality of information pound in funding. It employs 38 people Visit or call 311 to find out what to do
across these articles, Logically provides users across the UK, India and the US and is plan‑ to prepare for hurricanes in NYC #knowyourzone
with a transparent and insightful view that ning to almost double that figure.
10 July 28-August 3, 2018 US AFFAIRS

Trump mulls revoking security

Didn't give up
clearance of Comey, 5 other critics
Washington: President Donald
Trump is examining the possibility
anything to Putin
of revoking the security clearances
for six former senior officials,
including ex‑CIA chief John
in Helsinki: Trump
Brennan and former director of FBI, Washington: President Donald denial of Kremlin interference in
James Comey. Trump has emphasized that he the 2016 US presidential vote.
White House Press Secretary did not make any concessions to Later, the President back‑
Sarah Sanders made the announce‑ his Russian counterpart, tracked by affirming that he had
ment on Monday, justifying the Vladimir Putin, a week after "misspoken" and said he
possible move as a response to the their controversial summit in believed the reports of the US
alleged "politicization" of the posts Helsinki. intelligence agencies, including
and agencies those officials held James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper
"W hen you hear the Fake the FBI and the CIA, that
and headed in the past, Efe news all worked for President Obama
News talking negatively about Moscow tried to interfere in the
reported. Comey; Director of National ances". my meet ing w ith President 2016 presidential election in
"The President is exploring the Intelligence James Clapper; She said that "when you're the Putin, and all that I gave up, which he de feated his
mechanisms to remove security National Security Adviser Susan person that holds the nation's deep‑ remember, I gave up NOTHING, Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.
clearance because they've politi‑ Rice; and Andrew McCabe, who was est, most‑sacred secrets at your we merely talked about future However, a few days later, US
cized and, in some cases, monetized deputy director of the FBI. hands, and you go out and you benefits for both countries," public opinion moved against
their public service and security The sixth, Michael Hayden, led make false accusations against the Trump tweeted on Monday, Efe Trump again when the news
clearances," said Sanders at a press the National Security Agency prior President of the United States. news reported. emerged that he had invited
briefing. to his 2006 appointment by (Trump) thinks that is something to "Also, we got along very well, Putin to a second summit in
"Making baseless accusations of President George Bush to run the be very concerned with, and we're which is a good thing, except for Washington in the autumn.
improper contact with Russia or CIA. All of them have criticized exploring what those options are." the Corrupt Media!" the That invitation opens up the
being influenced by Russia against Trump's actions or have defended Sanders made her announcement President added in the same possibility that the Russian
the President is extremely inappro‑ the intelligence agencies against after Republican Sen. Rand Paul tweet, referring to himself and leader may visit Washington just
priate. And the fact that people the President's attacks. met with Trump and tweeted that Putin. before or after the US mid‑term
with security clearances are mak‑ Sanders defended the possible the president should revoke Trump received a landslide of e lect ions, scheduled for
ing these baseless charges provides move by saying that Trump "does‑ Brennan's security clearance crit icism in the US ‑ from November 6, despite fears that
inappropriate legitimacy to accusa‑ n't like the fact that people are because last week the former CIA Demo crats and some Russian intelligence agencies
tions with zero evidence," she said. politicizing agencies and depart‑ chief used the word "treason" to Republicans ‑‑ after the Helsinki are trying ‑‑ or may try ‑‑ to
Five of the six ex‑officials Sanders ments that are specifically meant to refer to the president's actions dur‑ summit last week in which he interfere in those contests, as
mentioned worked for former not be political and not meant to be ing the Helsinki summit with stated that he believed Putin's they presumably did in 2016.
President Barack Obama: Brennan; monetized off of security clear‑ Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Supreme Court nominee comes Accused Russian agent said to have

knocking but Dems won't see him met Treasury and Fed officials
Washington: Many Senate Democrats have Washington: Accused Russian agent Maria
refused to hold the traditional meet and Butina had wider high‑level contacts in
greet events with Supreme Court nominee Washington than previously known, taking
Brett Kavanaugh, arguing they have not part in 2015 meetings between a visiting
received all of the millions of pages of docu‑ Russian official and two senior officials at
mentation related to Kavanaughʼs time the U.S. Federal Reserve and Treasury
working in the Bush White House. Department.
Their shut out could ultimately delay the The meetings, revealed by several people
confirmation process and has prompted a familiar with the sessions and a report
threat from Senate Majority Leader Mitch from a Washington think tank that
McConnell, R‑Ky., to keep the Senate in ses‑ arranged them, involved Stanley Fischer,
sion until Election Day if that time is need‑ Fed vice chairman at the time, and Nathan
ed to confirm Kavanaugh. Republicans want Sheets, then Treasury undersecretary for
Democrats fear that if confirmed,
to confirm Kavanaugh by Oct. 1, which is international affairs.
Brett Kavanaugh will tilt the court
the start of the next Supreme Court term. Butina traveled to the United States in
right‑ward for generations.
To show they mean business, Republican April 2015 with Alexander Torshin, then
leaders have said they wonʼt adjourn for all‑ Kennedy. Kavanaugh has requested meet‑ the Russian Central Bank deputy governor,
important campaigning this fall if ings with many Democrats, GOP leaders and they took part in separate meetings Maria Butina, founder of a
pro‑gun organization in Russia
Kavanaugh isnʼt on track to making that said, but nearly all have said they have not with Fischer and Sheets to discuss U.S.‑
deadline. been able to fit him into their schedules. Russian economic relations during Russia views. The meetings were docu‑
“We will stay here until the bitter end, up One exception is Sen. Joe Manchin, D‑W.Va., Democratic former President Barack mented in a Center for the National
to the elections on Nov. 6,” Senate Majority who is running for re‑election in a deep red Obamaʼs administration. Interest report seen by Reuters that out‑
Whip John Cornyn, R‑Texas, said Monday. state. He is among three red‑state The two meetings, which have not been lined its Russia‑related activities from
“That would be the consequence of drag‑ Democrats who voted for Justice Neil previously reported, reveal a wider circle 2013 to 2015. The report described the
ging this out for no good reason. But we Gorsuch last year and are likely to back of high‑powered connections that Butina meetings as helping bring together “lead‑
will vote on his nomination before the Kavanaugh. An aide to Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, sought to cultivate with American political ing figures from the financial institutions
midterm election.” D‑N.D., told the Washington Examiner that leaders and special interest groups. of the United States and Russia.”
Kavanaugh has been making the rounds she, too, is trying to schedule a meeting Butinaʼs lawyer, Robert Driscoll, did not A judge on Wednesday ordered Butina,
in the Senate nearly every day since Trump with Kavanaugh. have any details about her participation in 29, jailed until her trial after U.S. prosecu‑
nominated him on July 9. Heʼs sat down But other Democrats argue that before meetings with Treasury and Federal tors argued she has ties to Russian intelli‑
with nearly two dozen senators, but all agreeing to meet with Kavanaugh, they Reserve officials when asked about them gence and could flee the United States.
were Republicans. need to examine Kavanaughʼs long paper on Friday. Butina has pleaded not guilty to charges
Democrats told the Washington Examiner trail in order to try to determine how heʼll The meetings with Fischer and Sheets she acted as a foreign agent for Russia. She
they are holding back on meeting with decide on key cases that might make it were arranged by the Center for the is scheduled to appear in court on
Kavanaugh, a D.C. Circuit Court judge who before the high court, including the legality National Interest, a Washington foreign Wednesday for a status conference in
if confirmed would replace Justice Anthony of abortion and Obamacare. policy think tank that often advocates pro‑ her case. US AFFAIRS July 28-August 3, 2018 11

Ex‑Trump aide denies Trump taped by lawyer on

being Russian agent payment to ex‑Playboy model Washington: President FBI seized a tape of Cohen's
Washington: One of President Trump's for‑ Trump's former lawyer that discussed payments
mer foreign policy aides has said allegations Michael Cohen secretly record‑ involving McDougal, but it
that he worked with the Russian government ed a conversation between the had some conflicting details.
during the 2016 US election are "misleading". two men prior to the 2016 It said that Trump and Cohen
The FBI believed Carter Page was "collabo‑ election about paying a former were discussing a payment
rating and conspiring with the Russian gov‑ Playboy model who said she for McDougal's story about
ernment" at that time, BBC reported on had an af fair with the leader, her alleged affair.
Sunday. His alleged re lationships with the media reported. American Media Inc. (AMI),
Russian intelligence officials are highlighted T he FBI seized the secret the publisher of the National
in court applications which led to him being recording made by Cohen dur‑ Enquirer tabloid, purchased
put under surveillance. ing a raid on his offices earlier the rights to McDougal's
Trump said it appeared that his campaign this year, the New York Times story in August 2016 for
was illegally spied on. But he provided no evi‑ reported on Friday. $150,000 but never ran the
dence to support the claim. The report said that on the piece.
Former Playboy model
The newly released surveillance applica‑ recording, Cohen and Trump Trump and Cohen discussed
FBI released surveillance applications Karen McDougal claims an
tions were granted and renewed by several discussed paying Karen buying McDougal's story
alleging Carter Pageʼs relationships affair with Donald Trump.
different judges sitting in a court authorized McDougal, who says she had a from AMI during the recorded
with Russian intel.
by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act year‑long affair with Trump starting in 2006, conversation, according to the Post. The
(Fisa). The court, which has the power to orating and conspiring with the Russian gov‑ shortly after he married Melania Trump. The newspaper reported that it was unclear why
authorize wiretaps and surveillance of sus‑ ernment," the October 2016 application to conversation took place two months ahead of the men did not buy the story but they were
pected foreign spies, has one of the most the court states. the 2016 election. reportedly discussing the same amount that
secretive institutions in the US. According to the documents, "the FBI The Justice Department was investigating the publisher paid McDougal.
The FBI released the previously secret doc‑ believes that the Russian government's Cohen's involvement in paying women to The President's attorney Rudy Giuliani con‑
ument cache on Saturday night following efforts are being coordinated with Page and tamp down embarrassing news stories about firmed to the Post that the recording existed,
Freedom of Information requests by several perhaps other individuals associated with" Trump ahead of the 2016 election. but did not discuss details and said a payment
US organizations. Trump's presidential campaign. His lawyer Lanny J. Davis said in a state‑ was never made. Giuliani asserted that the
It contains 412 pages of heavily redacted It also said Page "has established relation‑ ment that he was "sensitive" to the ongoing recording lasts less than two minutes and
material which includes the surveillance ships with Russian government of ficials, investigation but added: "Suffice it to say that shows that Trump did nothing wrong. There
applications, their later renewals, and war‑ including Russian intelligence officers". when the recording is heard, it will not hurt was no indication on the tape that Trump
rants surrounding the investigation into Page. Page is an energy industry consultant with Cohen. knew before the conversation about the pay‑
"The FBI believes that Page has been collab‑ longstanding ties to Russia. The Washington Post also reported that the ment from AMI to McDougal, he said.
12 July 28-August 3, 2018 INDIA NEWS

Modi confident to win 2019 election, calls Rahul childish

New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi, who was loudly cheered Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi
Narendra Modi strongly hit out at by treasury benches, attacked over winking to a party colleague
Congress President Rahul Gandhi Gand hi over his remarks on after hugging him, Modi said:
accusing him of arrogance, nega‑ Doklam stand off with China and "The entire nation saw what the
tivity, childish conduct and a the Rafale fighter jet deal with eyes did. It is clear in front of
burning desire to become PM. France. everyone. In the morning, the vot‑
Modi said he was extending "One of the leaders spoke about ing was not over, the debate was
best wishes to the Congress and Doklam. The same leader, who also not over one member comes
other opposition parties to bring believed the Chinese Ambassador running to me saying ‑ Utho Utho
another no‑confidence motion in over our forces. What have we Utho...
2024. come to? Everything does not "What is his hurry to come to
Modi replied to the debate on merit a childish conduct. Due to power? Let me tell this member it
no‑confidence motion, moved by one careless allegation in the is the people who elected us. That
TDP's Jayadev Galla, against the House on Rafale, both nations had is how we have come here," he
government in the Lok Sabha, to release statements. My appeal said referring to Gandhi coming
said the Congress lacked self‑con‑ to the Congress is please do not to hug him.
fidence and had no faith in Chief bring politics in national securi‑ Countering Gandhi's jibe that
Just ice of India, Elect ion Narendra Modi took a dig at Rahul Gandhi over winking ty," the Prime Minister said. Modi was not a "chowkidar" but a
Commission, Electronic Voting to a party colleague after hugging him. He alleged the Congress had "bhagidaar" in the gains of corpo‑
Machines, Reserve Bank of India elections later this year and the members. India saw how some described the surgical strike of rates, Modi said he was a bhagi‑
and programs like Swachh Bharat. 2019 Lok Sabha polls. people are so deeply opposed to 2016 as "jumla strike". "We have dar in the march of poor for
The motion was defeated by Replying to barbs of Gandhi, deve lopment. W hat we saw seen how the Army chief was development, but not a "sauda‑
325 votes to 126. Modi said he is "kaamdar" and among members of the opposi‑ insulted by their leaders. You g ar" or "the kedar" like the
Modi highlighted the work done "not a naamdar" and could not tion was sheer arrogance. The have called surgical strike a jumla Congress.
by his government for dif ferent see him in the eye. only thing they have to say‑ strike, the country will not forgive He also accused the Congress of
sections including farmers, youth, "They have confidence in noth‑ remove Modi. To remove one you. You can abuse Modi but not practicing the politics of "emo‑
women and weaker sections to ing. Today the nation has seen the Modi, see who all they are trying the forces. Stop insulting the tional blackmailing Dalits and the
boost BJP's prospects in the state negativity expressed by some to bring together," he said. jawans of India," he said. deprived".

Modi should have

met commitment Rahul authorized to decide on tie‑ups
on Andhra: not to leave any stone unturned
New Delhi: Virtually kicking of
Manmohan its campaign for the 2019 elec‑ to oust the "failed" Narendra
tions, the Congress said it will Modi government, party sources
oust the BJP‑led alliance from said several leaders stressed the
power and authorized party need to strengthen the party at
chief Rahul Gandhi to take a the booth‑level, and outpace the
final decision on both pre and BJP in poll management.
post‑poll alliances. Announcing the decisions on
R ah u l G a n d h i w a s a l s o alliances, Congress spokesman
announced the party's face and Randeep Singh Surjewala said
Prime Ministerial candidate. the party President was also
The Congress' decision to be authorised to form a small com‑
willing to forge state‑to‑state mittee for the purpose, if needed
alliances as also a larger as well as campaign committees
alliance was taken at the meet‑ and other panels for 2019 elec‑
New Delhi: Former Prime Minister ing of an extended Congress tions.
Manmohan Singh on Tuesday said Wo r k i n g C o m m i t t ee, a l s o Asked if Rahul Gandhi will be
that Special Category Status to attended by UPA Chairperson face of the election, Surjewala
Andhra Pradesh was an assurance Sonia Gandhi and former Prime said: "Congress will fight this
made by him on behalf of the M i n i s t e r M a n m oh a n S i n g h, UPA Chairperson and Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, Congress election under the stewardship,
Parliament and he had expected his which discussed a poll strategy President Rahul Gandhi and party leader Manmohan Singh at the leadership and by putting for‑
successor, Narendra Modi, to fulfil with a heavy focus on farmers, Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting. (Photo: IANS) ward our leader Rahul Gandhi.
it. Speaking at a discussion on youth, women, minorities, back‑ leaders close to elections, Rahul and to keeping the party line in On that we neither have a doubt,
Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act ward classes and other weaker Gandhi emphasised on "gravitas mind while making statements. n o r w e h a v e a n y s ec o n d
in the Rajya Sabha, Singh asserted sections. of the language and conduct" While he asked party workers thoughts”.
that in 2014, when the Andhra T h e d ec i s i o n a b o u t R ah u l
Pradesh Reorganization Bill, 2014 Gandhi being the final word on
was being debated, he had made the
solemn commitment on the floor of
alliances came amid perceptions
that Sonia Gandhi had a wider
Mamata announces oust BJP campaign
the House as Prime Minister of acceptability among present and Kolkata: Stepping on the acceler‑ Gandhi. I will invite the CPI‑M
India. potential allies and was better ator in her bid to play a promi‑ too," Banerjee, also the West
"'For purposes of Central assis‑ placed to negotiate with them. nent part in the anti‑BJP political Bengal Chief Minister, said later.
tance, Special Category Status will The CWC discussed prepara‑ space nationally, Trinamool Addressing her party's annual
be extended to the successor state,' tions for the 2019 Lok Sabha Congress chief Mamata Banerjee Martyrs' Day rally, Banerjee pre‑
this had been decided in view of the polls as also its readiness to said her party would launch a dicted the BJP could end up with
fact that the revenue collection in take on the Bharatiya Janata fortnight‑long campaign from less than 100 seats in next year's
Hyderabad will accrue entirely to Pa r t y i n R a j a s t h a n , M a d h y a August 1 calling for the ouster of general election. "The maximum
the state of newly created P r a d e sh, a n d C hh a t t i s g ar h ‑ the saffron outfit from power at they can get is 150."
Telangana," he said. where elections will be held at the centre. She appealed to Trinamool
He said this commitment of the end of this year. It also dis‑ She also announced her party activists to work for the victory
would organize a "huge" rally in would call for defeating the BJP of the party in all 42 Lok Sabha
Special Category Status to the suc‑ cussed Mizoram where elections
the city on January 19 next year, at the centre. seats in West Bengal.
cessor state of Andhra Pradesh had are due this year.
where "leaders from all over the "We will invite all anti‑BJP "We will organize the next July
been discussed with then Leader of With the party having suf‑
country", including those of the political parties. I will invite (for‑ 21 rally after our India triumph,"
Opposition Arun Jaitley and other fered electorally due to "indis‑
Federal Front proposed by her, mer Congress chief) Sonia she said.
senior BJP leaders. creet remarks" of some of its INDIA July 28-August 3, 2018 13

Indian black money in India, Rwanda review

Swiss banks down 80%
New Delhi: Indian black money
deposits in Swiss banks went
by Indian residents in
Switzerland are undeclared (so‑
bilateral ties, sign 8 MoUs
down by 34 per cent between called 'Black Money')," it said. New Delhi: India and Rwanda
2016 and 2017 and by over 80 "However, the cited figures reviewed their entire gamut of
per cent since the BJP govern‑ that show an increase of 50 bilateral ties and signed eight
ment came to power in 2014, per cent in Swiss banks' total agreements across different sec‑
an official statement said. liabilities towards India also tors during the course of Prime
Referring to Swiss National include non‑deposit liabilities Minister Narendra Modi's two‑
Bank (SNB) data last month as well as business of Swiss day visit to the East African
which showed that after falling branches located in India. To nat ion, the External Af fairs
for three years in succession, analyze Indian residents' Ministry said on Tuesday.
money parked by Indians in deposits held in Switzerland, "During the talks, both leaders
Swiss banks rose 50 per cent another data source should be reviewed the entire gamut of
to Swiss francs 1.02 billion in used. bilateral cooperat ion and
2017 over the previous year, a "This is the so‑called 'loca‑ expressed satisfaction at the
Finance Ministry release here tional banking statistics', which exce llent re lat ions between
said that a more reliable source the SNB collects in collabora‑ Rwanda and India in the overall
Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Rwanda President Paul
of Indian black money stashed t ion w ith the Bank for context of Strategic Partnership,"
Kagame in Rwanda's Kigali. (Photo: IANS/MEA)
in Swiss banks is available International Settlements (BIS). the ministry said in a statement
from the data which the SNB This data source shows that following delegation‑level talks its relations with Rwanda. country in 1994.
collects jointly w ith the the liabilities in the form of chaired by Modi and Rwandan Ag reements in the area of Around 500,000 to one million
Bank for Internat ional loans and deposits of Swiss‑ President Paul Kagame in Kigali. trade, defense, dairy cooperation, people were killed in the mass
Settlements. domiciled banks towards Ties between India and Rwanda agriculture, culture, leather and genocide against the Tutsi people
"More often than not, the Indian non‑banks decreased by were e levated to that of a allied sectors and two lines of by the majority Hutu government
media reports have not taken 44 per cent between 2016 and Strategic Partnership in January credit worth $200 million for of that time.
account of the way the (SNB) 2017," it added. last year. expansion of the special econom‑ Mo di visited the Kig ali
figures have to be interpreted, It said Swiss non‑bank loans Modi highlighted the fact that ic zone and irrigation scheme Genocide Memorial honoring the
which has resulted in mislead‑ and deposits have reduced by a Rwanda would house the first of were signed. memory of the 1994 genocide
ing headlines and analyses. significant 80.2 per cent under the 18 new resident Indian mis‑ In his address, Modi appreciat‑ victims and laid a wreath there.
Moreover, it is frequently the NDA government between sions to be opened in Africa in ed the steps for peace that have This was the first ever Prime
assumed that any assets held 2013 and 2017. 2018 and this underlined the been adopted in Rwanda follow‑ Ministrial visit from India to
importance attached by India to ing the mass genocide in that Rwanda.
14 July 28-August 3, 2018 OP-ED

It is not just the usual suspects insinuating Russia has something on Trump. Will Hurd, a Republican and now a Congressman,
has written in The New York Times: “Over the course of my career as an undercover officer in the CIA I saw Russian
intelligence manipulate many people. I never thought I would see the day when an American president would be one of them.”
By Shivaji Sengupta

S Prump & Tutin

o, no sooner had the first
summit between presidents
Trump and Putin ended
than the second is being planned
for this fall in Washington D.C. The
justification for the “re‑summit”
being given by the White House,
and Trump himself, includes
removing any appearance of the
misunderstanding that the
The world seen
President himself created by “miss‑
peaking” during his press confer‑
ence in Helsinki, given with the
Russian at his side ‑ that he didnʼt
upside down
see any reason why Russia (read us some pause to think. Trump himself participating in policies on weapons reduction, scheme of making Russia the
“Putin”) “would” meddle in the The case gets stronger with The false information intended to dis‑ Reagan launched into an unprece‑ supreme power of the world again.
2016 presidential election. He mis‑ New York Times article written by credit the official version of events, dented escalation of American mil‑ He hated Barack Obama (who did‑
spoke in Helsinki. Once back Will Hurd, another CIA officer, a or the very notion of reliable truth. itary power, not unlike what we nʼt seem to like him either) and
home, he reluctantly corrected Republican and now a Congress The question is why? Why would are witnessing in the US today hated Hillary Clinton even more.
himself: he didnʼt see any reason man. He writes, “Over the course this President seem to go out of his under President Trump. Reaganʼs But also, typical of Russian
why Russia wouldnʼt meddle. This of my career as an undercover offi‑ way to protect Putin from being strategy was simple and hugely intrigues, he had been scheming
kind of contradictory remarks by cer in the CIA I saw Russian intelli‑ implicated in the Russian meddling effective: bring Gorbachev to his the rise (and maybe eventual fall)
the President obviously reinforces gence manipulate many people. I in the elections of 2016? knees by overwhelming him with of Donald Trump secretly and
opinions like Jonathan Chaitʼs pub‑ never thought I would see the day Trump may have been advised to the superiority of US military egregiously. Apparently, when
lished in the New York Magazine: when an American president hearken back to the times of power and then negotiate peaceful Trump visited Russia in 2013, the
“I think [Trump] is afraid of the would be one of them.” Nixon‑Brezhnev camaraderie, terms between the two with the Russians blatantly planted the idea
president of Russia. The Russians Hurd adds that the Presidentʼs which helped the US and the Soviet U.S. holding the upper hand. of the presidency in his head, lured
may have something on him per‑ failure to defend the US intelʼs Union probably enjoy the best Putin was at that time a relative‑ him into some yet unknown com‑
sonally that they could always roll unanimous conclusions of Russian relationship during the Cold War. ly junior member of the Kremlin. promat; and they are now holding
out and make his life more diffi‑ meddling in the 2016 election and The Nixon‑Brezhnev bonhomie Apparently, he hated what he saw: him hostage to that compromise.
cult.” “by playing into Vladimir Putinʼs ended with Nixon having to leave the slow decline of Russia under In Putinʼs scheme of things if he
And not just Chait. Even a former hands, the leader of the free world the presidency because of Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. He can put the American president in
CIA Director, John Brennan sug‑ actively participated in a Russian Watergate and the relationship sought to rise in power systemati‑ his pocket, he could then have his
gested something similar. Of disinformation campaign that between the two countries pro‑ cally, methodically, finally succeed‑ will.
course, neither may have a corner legitimized Russian denial and gressively worsened, reaching its ing through a fledgling (and cor‑ Then Trump would be Putinʼs;
on the truth. But the mere fact that weakened our credibility to both nadir (from the Soviet perspective) rupt) democratic process. He wait‑ the equation would reverse to
a former CIA Director would sug‑ our friends and foes abroad.” when Reagan became president. ed and waited for the conditions in Prump: Tutin! And Russia under
gest anything like this, should give So there we have it. President Overturning President Carterʼs America to be conducive to his Putin would be supreme.

India could become Republic of the Mob

By Shiv Visvanathan Instead of submitting to the rule of law, it of a mad parliament. The court focused on
becomes a monstrous version of law and the pathology of lynchings, showing how

he Supreme Court has often been order itself. When rationality loses out to intolerance with a technological impetus
accused of overplaying its hand and hysteria, democracy becomes mobocracy. becomes an instant mob. A mob is a monster
taking on an activist role. But this has The court is particularly hard on what it which deprives a citizen of the dignity and
not prevented the court from playing the dubs “the apathy of the bystander, the numb‑ protection of law. The court wants lynching
role of philosopher of democracy and a soci‑ ness of the spectator” on the one hand, and capitalised as a special crime. It wanted the
ologist of change. Its little reflections in a the vulgar grandstanding of the perpetrator legislature to prepare ground for this by also
Burkian sense on the revolutions of our time on the other. The vigilante becomes the new creating a separate system of compensation
have ranged from gay rights to the nature of monstrosity of citizenship. The courtʼs cri‑ for mob victims.
citizenship. Now, a three‑member bench lead tique of an apathetic citizen is matched by its The court sensed that it was meditating on
by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra indictment of the mob. The court realises a classic moment of history, realising that
has produced a major critique of mobocracy, that while the mob is a primordial phenome‑ more than rebellion, terror, subversion, it
while asking Parliament to make it a sepa‑ non, its current impetus is modern. It sur‑ was the self‑generated mob that had become
rate offence. vives on the technological mulch of fake the greatest threat to democracy. In his judg‑
A mob comes into being when citizens lose news and false stories. The court warns that ment, Dipak Misra added a literary reference
this sensitivity driven by a self‑projected and when citizens take the law into their own that lynchings were so rampant that the
propelled morality. When morality turns hands, they inaugurate the Republic of writer Mark Twain dubbed America the
hysterical and irrational, democracy loses its Intolerance. The opposition between the vio‑ United States of Lyncherdom.
dignity. Citizenship is disfigured twice. lence of intolerance and the civics of rational Oddly, India, which loves to mimic the US,
First, when the citizen loses his restraint reflection now underwrites the dynamic of might become the new United States of
and individuality to become a crude collec‑ democracy. Lynch Mobs. This would be one of the great
tivity called a mob. Second, citizenship as a The judgment of the court could be a com‑ ironies of modern democracy, requiring in
creative and critical role is destroyed when pact history of the violence of contemporary this case not satire but a sociological analy‑
violence becomes a spectacle and citizenship times. The vigilante, who in his need for sis of how a tolerant India, unless checked in
is reduced to spectatorship. instant gratification, becomes the instant time, could become a Republic of the Mob.
The difference between the rationality of law‑giver, a mad Moses driven by prejudices One wishes the court had continued its les‑
public space and the anarchy of the street is other than an understanding of the logic of son in pedagogy and democracy. Oddly, India, which loves to mimic
lost. A mob defies civics and the rituals of law. The metaphor is worth pursuing (The opinion piece appeared in the US, might become the new
civility by demanding instant gratification. because with the mob playing the equivalent The Hindustan Times) United States of Lynch Mobs. NRI AWARDS July 28-August 3, 2018 15

Indian Footballer Sunil

Times NOW’s Chhetri and eminent
Canadian investor

NRI of the Year Prem Watsa win

Global Indian Icon and
NRI of the Year award
awards honor global Indians respectively.
Mumbai: Times NOW, Indiaʼs lead‑
ing English news channel from the
Times Network, and ICICI Bank
hosted the 5th edition of NRI of
the Year Awards 2018 on 11th
July here at a gala. The NRI of the
Year Awards salute the spirit of
global Indians who have been an
inspiration and made a mark for
themselves worldwide. Sunil
Chhetri, Indian football team cap‑
tain, was presented Global Indian
Icon award and Prem Watsa,
founder chief of Fairfax Financial
Holdings was conferred with the
Canadian investor Prem Watsa (middle) is NRI of the Year for 2018.
Special Jury NRI of the Year
Award. the top four regions across the International Business, Times
To celebrate awardsʼ 5th edition, globe – North America, the UK, Network shared, “We are delighted
a coffee table book was launched Middle East and Asia Pacific, that this year, NRI of the Year
by Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of where 23 winners were selected awards received an overwhelming
State for Home Affairs of India, and awarded. The jury comprised 11500 registrations, which is testi‑
along side MK Anand, MD and Deepak Bagla, MD/CEO, Invest mony of the high esteem the
CEO, Times Network, Vijay India; Ashish Chauhan, MD & CEO, awards are held in.”
Chandok, Executive Director ICICI BSE; Partho Dasgupta, CEO, BARC The awards are powered by
Bank and other dignitaries. Bollywood actress Chitrangada India; Harsha Bhogle, cricket com‑ Global Indian International School
Indian Footballer Sunil Chhetri Singh added glamor to the gala
A new trophy designed by mentator, and Dalip Tahil, actor. (GIIS) and Ernst & Young is the
won Global Indian Icon award. event in Mumbai.
renowned jewellery designer Naveen Chandra, Head ‑ Process Advisors.
Poonam Soni was also unveiled at second runner up, made their first The awards were given in six dif‑
the ceremony by Bollywood appearances on the red carpet. ferent categories – Entrepreneur,
actress Chitrangada Singh. Sameer Kochhar and Mandira Professional, Academics, Arts & NRI of the Year Awards 2018 – Winners
Anukreethy Vas, Miss India Bedi were the eveningʼs hosts. Culture, Philanthropy, and Start‑ Category Name Region
2018, Meenakshi Chaudhary and Terrence Lewis Dance Institute up.
Shreya Rao Kamavarapu, first and performed. This year, the awards covered Professional Sajeev Koshy Asia Pacific
Sanjay Jadhao North America
Pratap Bose UK & Europe

Dr. Manu Vora receives NRI award for philanthropy Prasanth Manghir Middle East

Naperville, Ill: Dr. Manu Vora has Academics Amiteash Paul Middle East
received Times NOWʼs NRI of the Narendra Kumar UK & Europe
Year Award 2018 in philanthropy Ramesh Agarwal North America
category from North America, for Aarav Rajesh Asia Pacific
his 30 years of dedicated service to Kuldip Sidhu Asia Pacific
Blind Foundation for India (BFI)
and five years of free gift of knowl‑ Entrepreneur Sarvajna Dwivedi North America
edge transfer project using tech‑ Kishore Matta Asia Pacific
nology to empower youth and pro‑ Mitesh Vekaria UK & Europe
fessionals in India with soft skills Vardaraj Shetty Middle East
and quality management knowl‑
edge. Art & Culture Jogiraj Sikidar Middle East
Dr. Vora is the Founder Director Tejinder Sharma UK & Europe
and President of BFI since 1989 Dr. Manu Vora received his trophy from Kiren Rijiju (Union MoS, Biju Dhanapalan Asia Pacific
and his team has raised over $4 Home Affairs), flanked by , Anukreethy Vas (Femina Miss India Sai Chakrawarthy North America
million to help over one million World), and Sanjay Chougule, Senior GM, ICICI Bank. Manapragada
visually impaired people in India. es, or Cataract operations as need‑ Excellence, Inc., USA. He has over
So far, BFI has supported over ed. Dr. Vora shared his "Leadership 43 years of leadership experience Start up Vivek Kopparthi North America
200,000 free Cataract operations, Excellence Series" focusing on life‑ guiding Fortune 500 companies in
donated 128 Mobile Vans for long transferable knowledge of US Baldrige Performance Philanthropy Ariful Islam Middle East
transport of eye doctors and soft skills and quality management Excellence Framework, He has Bhupendra Mistry UK & Europe
patients, distributed 10,000 Braille free‑of‑cost to over 675,000 peo‑ received 35 awards/honors for his Dr. Manu Vora North America
Kits to blind children for their edu‑ ple in 14 States of India covering life‑long community service includ‑
cation, and checked eye sight of 50 Colleges/ Universities. This is a ing U. S. President's Volunteer India's Global Icon
900,000 school children and pro‑ Free 'Gyan Daan' Project since Service Award and 52 awards/hon‑ – Sports Sunil Chhetri India
vided necessary interventions such 2013. Dr. Vora is the Chairman ors for his outstanding professional
as free eye drops, Vitamin A, glass‑ and President of Business service. Special Jury Award Prem Watsa North America
16 July 28-August 3, 2018 ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD

ʻWHY IS HE PUTTING US My son has started parenting

THROUGH SO MUCH PAIN?ʼ me: Sonali Bendre
ctress Sonali Bendre, who is undergo‑ advice, Sonali said: "I believe that it's impera‑
Filmmaker Ram ing a metastatic cancer treatment in tive to keep kids involved in a situation like
Gopal Varma is New York, in an emotional this. They are a lot more resilient than
known for films social media post has shared how we give them credit for. It's impor‑
like ʻSarkarʼ and her 12‑year‑old son Ranveer tant to spend time with them
dealt with her cancer news. and include them, rather than
Sonali took to her Instagram make them wait on the side‑
and uploaded a picture with lines, not being told yet
her son along with the post. instinctively knowing every‑
She says since Ranveer was thing.
born, "his happiness and well‑ "In our effort to protect
being have been the centre of them from the pain and reali‑
anything" that her husband ties of life, we might end up
Goldie Behl and she did. doing the opposite."
"And so, when the Big C Ranveer is currently with
reared its ugly head, our his mother during his sum‑

biggest dilemma was what mer vacation.
fter filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma relation to the 1993 Mumbai blasts. and how we were going "His madness and
said that his film on actor Sanjay “His movies are dark. Why do you want to tell him," Sonali shenanigans help me
Dutt will be an honest biopic, the to go on and on about Sanjayʼs life? Why is wrote. And she was switch on the sun‑
actorʼs sister, it seems, is not too happy he putting us through so much pain surprised, "he took shine. And today, we
with the move. again?” Namrata asked. However, she the news so mature‑ derive strength
Talking to Mid‑Day, Namrata Dutt asked added that if Sanjay gave a ʻgo aheadʼ for ly and instantly from each other,"
why RGV (Ram Gopal Varma) ʻwants to the film then they wonʼt have the authority became my source added the actress,
bring those painful memories back?ʼ to stop it. of strength and who believes in
RGVʼs film, titled, “Sanju: The Real Story”, The new film will address some of the positivity for me. taking one day at
will reportedly focus on Duttʼs several unanswered questions, like how Dutt came Actor Sonali Bendre is battling
"In some situa‑ cancer with resilience. a time. Post her
brushes with the law, most prominently the to be in possession of an AK‑56 assault tions now, he diagnosis, the
terrorism charges levelled against him in rifle in the first place. even reverses roles and takes on being the "Sarfarosh" actress is quite active on social
parent, reminding me of things I need to do," media platforms and constantly gives

Hrithik, Kangana
Sonali added. Giving fans some parenting updates about her health to the fans.

set to clash again 'Dhadak': Performances

make the heart beat
irector Shashank Khaitan's "Dhadak"
suffers from a lack of intrigue, right
at the outset, as owing to being
based on the popular Marathi hit "Sairat",
naturally, the story and outcome are all pre‑
fixed and something the audience is
acquainted with. So it is only the perform‑
ances that you are looking forward to, albeit
with high expectations. And indeed those
keep you hooked.
Set in Udaipur, Rajasthan, "Dhadak" is the
love story of Madhu (Ishaan Khatter) and
Parthavi (Janhvi) who are classmates in col‑
lege. While he hails from an ordinary family
and helps his father run a restaurant, she is
the daughter of Ratan Singh (Ashutosh
Rana), a local politician belonging to a high‑
er caste. Smitten by her, Madhu follows her
around like a lost lamb and it is his perse‑
verance and sincerity that makes her come
round too, and fall madly in love
with him. Ishaan Khatter as the REVIEW
Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. lovelorn Madhu, is endearing and

charm personified. His passion, sincerity
angana Ranaut and Hrithik Zee Studios and producer Kamal Jain and energy are palpable and he becomes
Roshan will clash again ‑‑ this time announced the release date of their mag‑ Madhu with ease.
at the box office. The actress' num opus "Manikarnika ‑ The Queen of Jhanvi as Parthavi, is more restrained, but
"Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi" has Jhansi", in which Kangana will bring alive The chemistry between actors Ishan Khatter
a firebrand too. She has a strong screen
been locked for release on January 25, the "extraordinary tale of strength and and Janhvi Kapoor is endearing.
presence and emotes with confidence.
2019, when Hrithik's "Super 30" will also valor that inspired Indians across genera‑ Their on‑screen chemistry is good and they original. The characters are not well‑etched
release. tions". The film is directed by Krish. make a cutely innocent pair. It is their sincere and although the pace of the film is deliber‑
The two actors were involved in a row Hrithik's "Super 30", meanwhile", will performances that involve you and make you ately slow, to help you become a part of
which began after Kangana hinted at see him take on the role of real life math‑ feel their pain, joys and anxieties. Madhu and Parthavi's life, the director
Hrithik being her "ex‑boyfriend". What ematics wizard Anand Kumar, who teach‑ It is the script which appears to be a staid, seemed to be in a hurry to race along, by
followed was an exchange of legal com‑ es 30 meritorious and talented candidates cut copy, paste unimaginative job on the merely changing the milieu and setting, but
plaints and mud‑slinging. Now their films each year from economically backward "Sairat" template. Thus, "Dhadak" lacks a soul otherwise, following the original to the core,
are set to clash on the Republic Day 2019 sections for the entrance examination for of its own. It is the dramatic end however, without adding depth to the characters and
weekend. the Indian Institute of Technology. which leaves a greater impact than even the establishing a raison dʼ etre. ULTIMATE BOLLYWOOD July 28-August 3, 2018 17

Netfix makes changes in subtitle of 'Sacred Games'

etflix company informed the title and asked Netflix to examine case, Babri Masjid demolition
Delhi High Court that a such parts in the web series. and communal riots.
change had been incorporat‑ However, the court said that it did During the course of
ed in the English subtitle in the not want to curtail the freedom of hearing, the lawyer
"Sacred Games" web series to remedy speech and expression. apprised the court that
an alleged insult to former Prime "Criticism or even expression of dis‑ Rajiv Gandhi's son and
Minister Rajiv Gandhi. satisfaction is permissible. I do not Congress President Rahul
'Sacred Games' contains a scene in think anyone can have objection to Gandhi had not raised any
the fourth episode in which lead actor it," the bench said. objection to the series and
Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen abusing The court remarked that the free‑ supported freedom of
Rajiv Gandhi and calling him 'fattu' dom of speech is on a higher pedestal speech.
(p*** as translated in the subtitle of even when someone is criticizing peo‑ However, the court
the show). ple associated with politics, adding warned Netflix not to
"Now, we are using word 'wimp' as that it is the viewer's choice what take it for granted
the English translation of Hindi word they want to see. and remain care‑
'fattu'," the over‑the‑top media servic‑ The PIL ‑‑ filed by lawyer Nikhil ful while broad‑
es provider's counsel told a bench of Bhalla through advocate Shashank casting any
Justice Sanjiv Khanna and Justice Garg ‑‑ sought the removal of two series.
Chander Shekhar. contents that according to him "tar‑
Responding to the bench's query nished" the image of the former A still from
about the meaning of 'fattu', the coun‑ Prime Minister. popular
sel said it means 'coward'. The court The lawyer claimed that the series web series
questioned whether they have cor‑ incorrectly depicted historical events
rectly translated the word in the sub‑ such as Bofors scandal, Shah Bano

In youth‑obsessed world,
where are films about elderly?
ʻTrollers with
narrow thoughts a
negligible minorityʼ
ilmmaker Anubhav Sinha, whose
forthcoming film "Mulk" ‑‑ about
the plight of a Muslim family
accused of treason ‑‑ has had online
trolls slamming him for being "anti‑
Hindu", says the idea of inclusive India
is very much secure and the people
who are trying to ruin the country's
communal harmony are really small in
"The concept of original India is still
breathing in various parts of the coun‑
try and while shooting the film, my
Amitabh Bachchan plays a constipated old man in ʻPikuʼ. faith in that has strengthened.

t one point, R Balki planned an the film essentially scopes the bond Wherever I shot the film, the way local
autumnal love story with Amitabh between a cantankerous, lonely, embittered people have participated made me
Bachchan and Sridevi on the lines of but dignified woman and a 7‑year old boy believe that the very essence of India,
The Bridges Of Madison County about two whose wisdom pervades the film in unfil‑ which is inclusive, is existing nicely,"
aging people discovering love long after tered showers of splendor and sublimity. Sinha said.
the 'permissible age'. Balki abandoned the Tanuja, who makes a comeback in What does he mean by original
idea for later. But then Sridevi left us "Shonar Pahar is one of those super‑talent‑ India?
before Balki could get down to making the ed septuagenerians of Indian cinema who "Inclusiveness," he said, and
film about love when mortality seems a are sitting at home wondering why no explained: "The problem is that the nar‑
threat. roles are written for them in our cinema. row‑minded people, who are a tiny part
Hindi cinema shies away from making The one good thing about legenadry of the vast population, speak much
films on the elderly. No market, they say. It actresses Meena Kumari, Nargis, louder than the majority. The majority,
takes an artiste with vision and stature to Madhubala, Geeta Bali, Smita Patil and the inclusive people, are like a deep
break this glass ceiling and peep into the Tanuja's elder sister Nutan dying young is ocean that stays calm, quiet and flows.
world of the aged. that they were spared the ignominy of The liberal‑minded secular people
In that simple and lucid Bengali film being neglected by a youth‑obsessed film choose to flow silently.
Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has been
"Shonar Pahar", that understated actor‑ industry. "So, basically, people who are trolling
trolled for his film on Muslims.
turned‑director Parambrata Chattopadhyay Thank God Tanuja got at least one oppor‑ with narrow thoughts, are a minuscule,
does a brilliant job of bringing to us a film tunity to prove her mettle. Her legendary negligible minority." gle to prove their patriotism due to their
that is so heartwarming and gentle it seniors and contemporaries like Waheeda Sinha had earlier this week penned a long religious practices.
almost feels like we're floating effortlessly Rehman, Asha Parekh, Raakhee Gulzar, open letter in response to the trolls, outlin‑ Asked about what sparked the thought
in the air. The pulls and pressures of life Hema Malini, Jaya Bachchan and Sharmila ing how they are merely "under‑educated, behind the film, Sinha, who has earlier
never weigh down the storytelling. Tagore are sitting at home waiting for a highly energetic people with no productivi‑ made movies like "Tum Bin" and "RA.One",
"Shonar Pahar" is a view from the highest roles. Even the autumnal male actors are ty". said: "To put it on record, ʻMulk' is not try‑
peak of the mountain where every emotion sailing in the same boat. Only Amitabh The story of "Mulk" essentially revolves ing to deal with Islamophobia or talking
seems to acquire the clarity of a dream Bachchan, and to some extent Shabana around stereotyping of a minority commu‑ about the present government. The story is
seen early in the morning. Set in Kolkata, Azmi, are getting the work they deserve. nity and how they are in a constant strug‑ about us, we the people in the society”.
18 July 28-August 3, 2018 FEATURE

Highlights of Tamil meet: A scaled down replica of

Thanjavur Brahadeeshvar

heritage and business

Temple was created in
the auditorium.

Dallas, TX: Several thousand Indi‑

an American Tamils assembled at
the Dr. Pepper Arena, Frisco, Texas
from June 29 to July 1 for the
31st National Tamil Convention of
the Federation of Tamil Sangams A scintillating
of North America (FeTNA) organ‑ performance at
the FeTNA
ized by Metroplex Tamil Sangam,
Dallas. A special attraction was
one‑day entrepreneur and busi‑
ness conference TEF TALK ad‑
dressed by 30 world class busi‑
ness leaders, CIOʼs (chief informa‑
tion officers), social entrepreneurs
and community leaders.
The keynote speaker for the day
was C.K. Kumaravel, founder of Rep Raja Krishnamoorthy and C.K. Kumaravel, founder of Naturals
Naturals, Indiaʼs number one hair beauty salon chain, spoke at the business session.
and beauty salon chain. He shared crease their involvement in civic Karagam, Gummi and a forum dis‑
his wisdom and his atypical path matters. The Dallas chapter of cussion on Tamil heritage.
to success. Other speakers includ‑ American Tamil Entrepreneurs As‑ The completion of fundraising electrifying the auditorium. majestically standing in the arena
ed Lakshmanan Chidambaram, sociation (ATEA) was launched by. for setting up Harvard Tamil Chair A highlight of the convention, floor. Nearly 40 parallel sessions
President of Tech Mahindra, Muru Lena Kannappan, Ram Nagappan was celebrated where the with national coordinator Caldwell were held on a wide range of top‑
Murugappan CIO of BNSF a Berk‑ and Siva Moopanar. founders and directors of Harvard Velnambi, was the scaled down ics. A Continuing Medical Educa‑
shire Hathaway Company, Arul The second day featured a mega Tamil Chair as well as several key recreation of Thanjavur Bra‑ tion (CME) event along with a
Murugan of 11‑11 Ventures, and Broadway style dance recital by volunteers were recognized. The hadeeshvar Temple that was built medical symposium was held and
Hollywood producer Tel Ganesan. 150 children trained by day culminated with an exhilarat‑ 1000 years ago and is now a UN‑ for the first time was opened to as‑
Rep from Illinois Raja Krish‑ Bharatanatyam exponent Dr. ing light music performance by ESCO Heritage Site. Several hun‑ piring youth contemplating a ca‑
namoorthy gave the closing Narthagi Natarajan, and perform‑ singer Karthik, drummer Sivamani dred volunteers worked for nearly reer in medicine.
speech in which he exhorted the ances of traditional Tamil art and Shaktisree Gopalan when the 9 months in recreating this temple Next yearʼs convention will be
Indian American community to in‑ forms Pambai, Parai, Silambam, audience peaked to nearly 5,000 and it was a center of attraction held in Chicago on July 6‑7.



Plainview 3/4 BRS. 2 BTHS to-
tally updated Kitchen California
Split level house, large property,
close to all.

Call 718-753-4772 SUBCONTINENT July 28-August 3, 2018 19

US worried over LeT affiliates 14 killed in Kabul

contesting Pak polls blast; Vice President
Islamabad: T he US State
Department has expressed concern
over the participation of Lashkar‑
survives attack
e‑Taiba‑affiliated (LeT) individuals Kabul: Fourteen people have sations he denies.
in the upcoming e lect ions in been killed in a blast which Militant group Islamic State
Pakistan, media reports said. rocked Kabul airport shortly has said it carried out the
However, the department has after Afghan Vice President attack.
noted with satisfaction that the Abdul Rashid Dostum returned Hashmat Estankzai, of Kabul
Pakistan Election Commission had from self‑imposed exile, accord‑ police, said nine security forces
rejected the registration of Milli ing to police. members and traffic officers
Muslim League (MML) in June, cit‑ Dostum was unhurt in the were among the 14 who had
ing its linkages to LeT, an interna‑ attack on a square he had just died, while another 60 people
tionally‑sanctioned terrorist organ‑ passed through, BBC reported. had been injured.
ization, Dawn News reported. He left for Turkey more than a Estankzai earlier told the BBC
In a statement, the State Lashkar‑e‑Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed year ago, after he was accused a suicide attacker on foot had
Department said it has also amend‑ of ordering his men to kidnap set off his explosives outside
ed its Foreign Terrorist
Organization designation of LeT in ‘No direct role of Army in elections’ and rape a political rival ‑‑ accu‑ the gate of the airport.

April to add the MML as a akistani Army will have no direct role in the country's July 25
"Lashkar alias". general elections and will work on the Election Commission's
"We have repeatedly expressed directives to conduct peaceful polls, the Inter‑Services Public
our concerns to the Pakistani gov‑ Relations (ISPR) said.
ernment about LeT, including the Asif Ghafoor, Director General of the Army's media wing ISPR, reject‑
participation of LeT‑affiliated indi‑ ed reports that the Army will work independently during the elections
viduals in the elections," the state‑ and clarified that its personnel will follow the poll body's instructions.
ment added. "There were some rumours that Army personnel had been issued
The State Department earlier 'different' orders ‑‑ this is completely baseless," he said at the special
encouraged the Pakistan to contin‑ session of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior.
ue the electoral process despite "We do not have any link with the elections... we are only working
recent terrorist attacks targeting on the Election Commission's directives to improve the law and order
politicians. situation. We do not have a direct role in polls."
"These attacks on political candi‑
An Afghan securityman carries an injured man
dates and their supporters are Pakistani people of their democrat‑ State Department's spokesperson
at the site of an attack.
cowardly attempts to deprive the ic rights," the report quoted the US Heather Nauert as saying.

BNP rallies for Sharif, Maryam unlikely to

Khaleda, demands be shifted to guest house
her release from jail Islamabad: Former Pakistani
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Shift Nawaz
Dhaka: The Bangladesh
Nationalist Party (BNP)
his daughter Maryam Nawaz are
unlikely to be transferred to the to hospital:
took out a rally in the capi‑
tal for the first time in two
Sihala Rest House owing to its
lack of proper security arrange‑
Medical team
and a half years to demand ments needed for the high‑profile Jailed Pakistan Prime
the release of its chairper‑ prisoners, media reports said. Minister Nawaz Sharif who
son and former Prime The accountability court that has fallen ill and was suffer‑
Minister Khaleda Zia, who convicted Sharif and his daugh‑ ing from heart and kidney
is serving a five‑year sen‑ ter in a corrupt ion case had ailments, has been asked to
tence in a corruption case. ordered they be sent to Adiala be shifted to a hospital by a
BNP Secretary General Jail after they were taken into medical team, a jail official
Mirza Fakhrul Islam custody at the Lahore airport said.
Alamgir presided over the and produced before it on July The medical team, led by
rally that began after Friday 13. retired General Azhar Kiani,
prayers, in front of the However, the Islamabad Chief visited Adiala jail in
party's central office at BNP chief and former Commissioner had also ordered Rawalpindi after Sharif com‑
Nayapaltan, PM Begum Khaleda Zia. plained, the jail administra‑
shifting of both the father and Former Pakistani PM Nawaz
reported. Leaders and work‑ ing several other cases of cor‑ the daughter and her husband Sharif with daughter Maryam. tion official told Dawn news‑
ers with banners and portraits of ruption, violence and sedition, Captain (retd) Safdar Awan, who paper.
Khaleda and the party's acting guilty of fraud amounting to was already in the Adiala Jail, to Maryam Nawaz to the rest house Following his medical
chairman Tarique Rahman ral‑ $200,000 through a foundation the Sihala Rest House situated but she firmly refused. check‑up, the medical team
lied from Fakirapool to Kakrail's she created to finance an inside the Sihala Police Training A major indication that the said that Sharif "needed to be
Nightingale intersection. orphanage. College. Sharifs might not be shifted to hospitalized for immediate
Separate rallies were simulta‑ The BNP has been demanding Authorities later said that the the rest house was that the treatment", he added.
neously arranged across the her release and treatment in the rest house was not safe for the authorities were considering The heartbeat of the for‑
country for the same demand, United Hospital in the city, Sharif family, according to Dawn shifting some dangerous prison‑ mer Prime Minister was
according to BNP's Senior Joint claiming that Khaleda is serious‑ News. It has six rooms, all with ers to somewhere else in the irregular due to dehydration
Secretary General Ruhul Kabir ly ill. The last time the party air conditioners, proper beds and province to ensure proper securi‑ and the presence of urea in
Rizvi. held a rally in the capital was on wash rooms, but no boundary ty for the three‑time Premier and blood might affect his kid‑
On February 8, a special court January 5, 2016 with Khaleda as wall. One official said that it was his daughter, the report quoted neys, the medical team has
found Khaleda, who is also fac‑ the chief guest. twice or thrice attempted to shift an Adiala Jail official as saying. said.
20 July 28-August 3, 2018 INTERNATIONAL

Trump threatens Iran, warns 80% CHANCE OF

of dire 'consequences' BRITAIN LEAVING
Washington: President Donald
Trump has warned his Iranian Khamenei rules EU: CAMERON
counterpart Hassan Rouhani that if
Tehran threatened the US again, it
out talks with US Kolkata: Former British
Tehran: Iran's Supreme Leader Prime Minister David
will suffer "consequences the likes
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ruled Cameron said that there is an
of which few have ever suf fered
out talks with the US, terming it 80 per cent chance that his
before". The tweet in all‑caps fol‑
"useless" as Washington is "fun‑ country will quit the EU on
lowed an apparent warning by
damentally at odds with the the basis of an agreed deal
Rouhani, in which he cautioned
principles of the Islamic sys‑ and it might opt for a "soft
that Americans "must understand
tem". Brexit" by staying close to a
that war with Iran is the mother of
"I have long pointed out that it single market. Cameron's
all wars and peace with Iran is the
is not possible to count on the comments came at the annu‑
mother of all peace", according to
words and even the signatures al General Meeting of the
Iranian state media reports.
of the Americans, so negotia‑ Indian Chamber of
Rouhani also shared a message
tions with the US are of no Commerce here.
for Trump, saying "do not play
Iranian President Hassan avail," Khamenei said in a meet‑ He said there were treaties
with the lion's tail, because you
Rouhani had warned the US. ing with the Iranian Foreign after treaties and a series of
will regret it eternally".
Ministry staff in the capital. changes after the UK joined
In response, the US leader said: ics that rule the country of using Washington's opposition to the EU and it became a politi‑
NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE US the country's revenue to line their Iran's nuclear capabilities and cal union. Speaking on the
AGAIN OR YOU WILL SUFFER own pockets and fund terrorism at role in the region was rooted in impact of Brexit on the econ‑
CONSEQUENCES THE LIKES OF the expense of average Iranians, its hostility with "the elements omy, he said there existed Former British PM David Cameron
WHICH FEW THROUGHOUT HIS‑ according to CNN. of the authority of the Islamic essentially two possibilities ‑‑ was speaking on the impact of
TORY HAVE EVER SUFFERED "To the regime, prosperity, secu‑ system", he was cited as saying either to stay close to the Brexit on the economy.
BEFORE. WE ARE NO LONGER A rity and freedom for the Iranian by official IRNA news agency. European market and keep huge," Cameron said.
COUNTRY THAT WILL STAND FOR people are acceptable casualties in
YOUR DEMENTED WORDS OF some of its rules intact or to be But he also said the 'harder
the march to fulfil the Revolution," more than a government."
VIOLENCE AND DEATH. BE CAU‑ totally separate by making own Brexit' would create more fric‑
Pompeo said at the Ronald Reagan In May, Trump pulled the US out
TIOUS!" rules. "It depends on what sort tion. According to him, the
National Library in California. of the 2015 multilateral nuclear
Trump's tweet came shortly after of Brexit it is. If it is a Brexit backlash against market econ‑
"T he level of corruption and ag reement w ith Iran and re‑
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo where we remain allied to sin‑ omy and rise in strongman pol‑
wealth among reg ime leaders imposed sanctions on Tehran,
delivered his own blistering speech gle market or somewhere, I itics are threats to global
shows that Iran is run by some‑ which w ill come into force in
on Iran's leaders, accusing the cler‑ don't think the impact will be economy.
thing that resembles the mafia August.

Hamas announces Putin invited to US amid

ceasefire with Israel
after day of strife
criticism over Helsinki meet
Washington: The White House
has announced that the Russian
President has been invited to
Washington later this year,
despite mounting criticism over
US President Donald Trump's fail‑
ure to take Vladimir Putin to task
over Moscow's meddling in the
2016 US presidential polls.
The White House's announce‑
ment came even as leaders in
Washington were still struggling
to understand what happened
when Trump and Putin met earli‑
er this week in Helsinki, Finland.
A woman waves Palestinian flag during clashes with Israeli troops. White House Press Secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a
Jerusalem: Palestinian Islamist massive demonstrations insist‑ tweet said that National Security
group Hamas said they had ing on the right of Palestinian Adviser John Bolton extended the
agreed on a ceasefire with refugees to return to their for‑ invitation and that "discussions
Israel after the fatal shooting mer homes in what is now are already underway".
of an Israeli soldier spurred Israel. The Israel Defense "That's gonna be special!" said
intense strikes on Gaza that left Forces (IDF) responded by tar‑ Russian President Vladimir Putin might visit US later this year.
Director of National Intelligence
four Palestinians dead. geting eight Hamas positions Dan Coats, when he was told Ukraine, leaving his military and sulted. The announcement was
Egypt and the United Nations in Gaza, killing three fighters about the invitation during a live diplomatic corps in the dark, the the latest unexpected turn in a
acted as mediators to arrange from the Islamist group's interview. New York Times reported. week in which Trump faced a tor‑
the cessation of hostilities, Efe armed wing. The IDF has killed The White House was finding it Coats said he would have rent of bipartisan criticism over
quoted Hamas spokesman 141 Palestinians since the start hard to explain statements made advised against Trump and Putin's his cozy approach to Putin and his
Fawzi Barhoum as saying. of the mobilization on March by Trump after the Helsinki meet‑ private meeting in Helsinki, which conflict ing statements about
Recently, Palestinian militia‑ 30, while Israeli farmers have ing as uncertainty spread worried US security of ficials Moscow's election interference, all
men killed an Israeli soldier on seen their fields scorched by throughout the government about because no notes were taken and while brushing aside warnings
the Gaza border, which has burning kites and makeshift whether he had reached agree‑ only two interpreters were pres‑ that Putin should be viewed as an
been the scene for months of projectiles launched from Gaza. ments with Putin on Syria and ent, but that he had not been con‑ adversary. BUSINESS July 28-August 3, 2018 21

India most attractive destination

for global investors: Rajnath
New Delhi: India has become the most
attractive destination for global investors
and its GDP growth has moved much Sensex hits record high
ahead of the inflation rate, Union Home Mumbai: The benchmark BSE Sensex hit a fresh all‑time high of 36,749.69 points towards
Minister Rajnath Singh has said. the fag end of trade led by healthy buying in banking, FMCG and consumer durable stocks.
Speaking at a meet ing of the Investor sentiments were boosted after Goods and Services Tax on many items including
Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) electronic appliances were slashed on Saturday, analysts said.
here, he admitted that there were some At 3.30 p.m., the BSE Sensex provisionally closed at 36,718.60 points ‑‑ higher by 222.23
problems with demonetization and the points and 0.61 per cent ‑‑ from the previous close of 36,496.37 points.
implementation of the Goods and Services The wider Nifty50 on the National Stock Exchange closed the day's trade at 11,084.75
Tax (GST) but issues have now been sorted points, up 74.55 points or 0.68 per cent from the previous close of 11,010.20 points. As
out and people are aware of the benefits of mentioned the Sensex touched an all‑time high of 36,749.69 points, and an intra‑day low of
the two moves. 36491.83 points. The previous record high on Sensex was 36,747.87 hit on July 18.
"India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
had been half of the inflation rate four the next two‑three years India's economy Stating that the GST rates have recently
years ago. But it has gone up rapidly in the will be among the top five. With this pace been slashed on several items and that
last four years. The GDP rate now has of GDP growth, by 2030 we will break into many have been brought under zero and 5
moved much ahead of the current inflation the world's top three economies." per cent slabs, Rajnath Sigh said the gov‑
rate. There has not been a single moment In four years of our government, there ernment is open to further review of the
in the last four years when the GDP has been drastic financial inclusion as the slabs.
growth was lower than the inflation rate. people living in huts have been the part of "Out of 6.5 crore retail traders, around
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.
"This is a big dif ference you can see economy because of opening of their bank 1.25 crore have registered under the GST.
now," he said. world has belief and confidence in India's accounts. "Fifty‑five per cent of the total As per the Economic Survey, more than
Asserting that India has now become the economy, said the senior BJP leader, bank accounts opened across the world 1.15 crore returns have been filed during
most attractive destination for world's adding India has gained a new height in are in India only." November 2016‑2017. GST is a major tax‑
investors, he said: "India has received the ease of doing business and it jumped Describing the benefits of government's ation reform in the country where only
more than $150 billion FDI (Foreign from 142 to 100th place. digitization scheme, Rajnath Singh said 6.10 crore people are under the taxation
Direct Investment) in last four years. There Citing a survey by a reputed consultancy, subsidies of 431 government‑run schemes regime out of over 130 crore population,"
was a time four years ago when only two the Minister said India was ranked 9th amounting to over Rs 365,000 crore have he said.
mobile factories were running in India. among the world's top 10 economies in been transferred to the bank accounts of Taking a veiled dig at former Prime
Now, the number of these factories has 2014 and had raced ahead of France to beneficiaries through Digital Payment Minister Manmohan Singh, Rajnath Singh
reached to 120." emerge as the top six. Direct Transfer policy so that mediators said economic growth was dependent on a
This is an indication that the whole "I am confident, as economists predict, in could not do any wrong doings. realistic, not economist, Prime Minister.

Trade war a reality: French finance minister Seoul asks Washington

to exempt vehicles
Paris: A trade war is now a reality, French most fragile countries and have disas‑ Seoul: South Korea has asked the US to
Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has trous political consequences," Le Maire exempt its vehicles from the new 25 per cent
warned as G20 ministers gather for a said. tariffs Washington is planning to impose on
summit in Argentina. He added that a trade war was now a imported vehicles and spare parts, officials
The current US trade policy of imposing reality, and that the EU could not consider said.
unilateral tariffs is based on "the law of negotiating a free trade deal with the US South Korean Finance Minister Kim Dong‑
the jungle", he said, BBC reported. without America first withdrawing its tar‑ yeon made the request to his US counterpart
But US Treasury Secretary Steven iffs on steel and aluminium. Steve Mnuchin in a meeting on Saturday on
Mnuchin defended the tariffs and urged T he US treasury secretary backed the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos
the EU and China to open their markets to Trump's stance on trade with the EU and Aires, Argentina, Efe news agency reported.
allow free competition. China, saying they both need to open According to an official statement by the
Last week, US President Donald Trump their markets. finance ministry, Kim asked Mnuchin that
described the EU as a foe on trade. "My message is pretty clear, it's the South Korean vehicles be excluded from the
Trump later threatened to impose tar‑ same message the president delivered at new tariffs the White House is planning to
iffs on all $500 billion of Chinese goods the G7 (last month in Canada): if Europe impose on national security grounds. The
entering the US in a growing trade row. believes in free trade, we're ready to sign South Korean official reminded his US col‑
The US has large trade deficits with French Finance Minister a free trade agreement with no tariffs, no league of the positive impact the Asian coun‑
both the 28‑member EU and China. Bruno Le Maire. non‑tariff barriers and no subsidies. It has try's automobile industry has had on employ‑
The two‑day talks in Buenos Aires bring to be all three," he said. ment and investments in the US. Currently,
together finance ministers and central gle," Le Maire said. "The law of the jungle, Turning to China, Mnuchin warned South Korean vehicles entering the US market
bankers of the world's top 20 economies. the law of the fittest, this cannot be the punitive tarif fs against Beijing were "a are not subject to import tariffs under the
"World trade cannot base itself on the future of global trade relations. realistic possibility". free trade agreement signed by both coun‑
law of the jung le and the unilateral "The law of the jungle will only turn out "We've been very clear with our objec‑ tries in 2012.
increase of tarif fs is the law of the jun‑ losers, it will weaken growth, threaten the tives," he added.
22 July 28-August 3, 2018 SPORTS

First Test against England: Swiss visa denial

Indian cyclists'
India have form problems participation
By Veturi Srivatsa New Delhi: Ahead of the UCI
Junior Track World

ndian cricketers have been in England for Championships on August 15‑19
over a month, the senior team playing in the at Aigle in Switzerland, the Swiss
shorter formats and Rahul Dravid's 'A' squad embassy here has refused to
helping out some seniors in getting a knock issue visa to the Indian squad cit‑
before the Test series. Yet there is no clarity on ing problems in their application,
the ideal eleven for the first Test. Cycling Federation of India (CFI)
The problems for the Indian team manage‑ Secretary General Onkar Singh
ment stem as much from uncertain form as the confirmed. According to Singh,
injuries to key bowlers. The form issues got the CFI had sent the invitation
magnified as the middle order batsmen failed letter from the tournament's
to get going in the last two One‑Day organising committee along with
Internationals (ODI) after winning the first the application. Despite that, the
game to lose the series 1‑2. Swiss embassy stated that "justi‑
What must be worrying for captain Virat fication for purpose and condi‑
Kohli and team director Ravi Shastri is the ease tions intended for stay wasn't
with which English batsmen played the hitherto provided" as the grounds for
dreaded wrist spinners Kuldeep Yadav and refusing visa to the Indian play‑
Yajuvendra Chahal after looking all at sea in ers. "We had applied for normal
Indian captain Virat Kohli with coach Ravi Shastri.
the Twenty20 series and even in the first ODI visa with all the valid documents
which the Indians won with ease, by eight wick‑ Shami hopefully has left his personal and fit‑ with Kuldeep. Kohli has a problem picking his and papers. But, unfortunately,
ets. ness problems behind to be fresh enough to five batsman with three openers looking as we were refused on grounds that
India's biggest worry is whether they have produce the form that made him the highest good or as uncertain. To retain the team bal‑ justification for purpose and con‑
the bowling to take 20 wickets in a Test like wicket‑taker with 15 wickets in South Africa six ance, he will have to drop one of them and it ditions intended for stay wasn't
they did in all the three Tests in South Africa. months ago. The next best was 14 wickets of will be a toss up between Rahul and Vijay, one provided," Singh told IANS.
They do not appear to have the potential wick‑ Bumrah ahead of Bhuvneshwar's 10 and oozing talent and the other with a proven Singh, however, pointed out
et‑takers with the new ball. They are handi‑ Ishant's eight. record in overseas conditions. that the embassy had not "reject‑
capped by the absence of two of their key wick‑ As for spin, which will have a greater role to The batting has to come good unlike in South ed" the application but had only
et‑takers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jaspirt play in the second half of the English summer, Africa where Bhuvneshwar ended up with the "refused" it for the time being
Bumrah, both are nursing injuries. Bumrah Kuldeep Yadav's chances of playing were dent‑ second best batting average of 33 behind Kohli. with an option to appeal.
might recover in time for the second Test from ed after the way Joe Root went after him in the All Indian theories will work only on dry and Asked if the CFI has contacted
his broken thumb he suffered in the first match last two one‑dayers. So, for the first Test at hard pitches, not on plenty of green and in the Sports Ministry regarding the
in Ireland, but Bhuvneshwar's low back pain Birmingham Ravindra Jadeja should team up heavy atmosphere as back up. Whatever be the issue, Singh said: "We are cur‑
appears to be more serious. On paper, the fast with Ravichandran Ashwin. The tour selectors outcome, a Test series in England for India is rently waiting for a response
bowling still looks adequate with Mohammad will be in a dilemma whether they should pre‑ lot more exciting than in any other country from the organising committee,
Shami, Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav being fer the accuracy of Jadeja to tighten things what with the diaspora cheering them to make after that we will consider other
experienced enough to man the department. when they are not going their way or gamble them feel as if they are playing at home. options."

Hima's historic gold rejuvenates

By Tridib Baparnash

Guwahati: Not many in the country

would have been familiar with

sleepy Assam village

Kandhulimari village in Dhing ‑‑ a
small town situated approximately
20 kilometers from Nagaon district
headquarters, narrowed by a land‑
eating Brahmaputra ‑‑ until 18‑year‑ Somehow after battling the traffic was nine under her father's tutelage
old sprinter Hima Das scripted his‑ for an hour or so, I managed to and continued doing so till Samsul
tory by clinching a 400 metres gold reach Kandhulimari, one of the five Hoque, the sports teacher at Dhing
at the IAAF World U‑20 Assamese villages on the eastern Nobodoy Vidyalaya, noticed her at
Championships at Tampere in edge of the mighty Brahmaputra an inter‑school competition in
Finland. where Hima was born to rice farm‑ which Hima, then a Class IX student
Back in my native Nagaon for a ers Ranjit Das and Jonali Das. of Dhing Public School, had partici‑
week's break, with the monsoon at The village, with a population of pated.
its peak, it was another lazy day around 5,000, wore a festive look Hoque had then spotted the talent
when this correspondent woke up notwithstanding the showers from in the youngster and he introduced
to the news of Hima's golden feat the heavens, with the locals playing her to the district and state selec‑
even as the locals erupted in joy the dhol, taal and gogona (musical tors, as she went on to train under
and all roads leading to Dhing were instruments mostly used during Nipon Das in Guwahati for the past
choked ‑‑ after all, Hima became the Bihu celebrations), and many offer‑ 17 months and the rest is history.
second Assamese athlete after ing prayers at the local 'Naamghar' Besides her sporting abilities, the
Bhogeswar Baruah to win an inter‑ (temple). teenager has leadership skills too
national gold medal. Hima's old Assam‑type house at and she displayed that in style when
Hima Das scripted history by clinching a 400 metres gold at the
Baruah had clinched the yellow No. 3, Kandhulimari village, was she led a group of local women in
IAAF World U‑20 Championships in Finland.
metal in the men's 800m event at thronged by hundreds of locals dismantling an illegal liquor outlet
the Bangkok Asian Games, way even as the 18 members of the joint mother Jonali said the athlete had situated two kilometres away. at Auni‑Ati, a nearby village.
back in 1966 and had once lament‑ family were still to come to terms always been a competitive charac‑ Jonali further said that her daugh‑ The owner of the outlet dragged
ed if he would live to see another with the historic feat of the teenag‑ ter and hated losing. Elaborating on ter would practice running before her 52‑year‑old father to court but,
Bhogeswar but felt glad that he was er the previous night ‑‑ marred by a an incident when Hima's request for dawn at the local grazing ground, he appeared unperturbed and said:
proved wrong. power cut which prevented them a lift back home from her school around 50 metres from their house "The case is going on but am not at
"We have someone better," the from savouring her moment of was ignored by a passenger vehicle as the villagers let their cattle loose all worried. After all, my daughter
77‑year‑old said when asked about glory. driver, she challenged the driver post sunrise. hasn't done anything wrong. I am
Hima's feat. Recalling Hima's childhood, her and beat the vehicle to her home, Hima took to athletics when she proud of her and her feats." LIFESTYLE July 28-August 3, 2018 23

Going vegetarian one of my Neil Armstrong's

best decisions: Anushka memorabilia to be auctioned
Houston: The personal collection
of Neil Armstrong, the first man to (Image :
have set foot on the moon, is to be
sold in a series of auctions later
this year and in 2019.
The artefacts on offer range
from those associated with
Armstrong's historic 1969 lunar
landing to his private mementos,
reports Xinhua news agency.
They include pieces of a wing
and propeller from the 1903
Wright Brothers' Flyer, a heavier
than air aircraft, that the space‑ three astronauts on the Apollo 11 their mind. "I think he would be
(Image courtesy: man took with him to the moon; mission and one of the two who pleased to be remembered as
Apollo 11 Robbins medallions, sil‑ landed on the moon on July 20, being part of a program that
Mumbai: Actress‑producer to eat."
ver medallions commemorating 1969. The quote he made on land‑ demonstrated amazing things can
Anushka Sharma, who turned Anushka, according to the
the launch, landing and return of ing on the moon ‑‑ "That's one be achieved when people come
vegetarian over three years animal rights organization, has
the mission; a gold pin flown on small step for man, one giant leap together to dedicate themselves
ago, says it is one of the best been a vegetarian for three and
Gemini VIII, the sixth earth‑orbit‑ for mankind" ‑‑ has become a leg‑ towards a common goal," his son
decisions she has made. half years. She was named
ing spacecraft in NASA's Gemini end. Armstrong died in 2012 and Rick Armstrong said.
She stars in a new campaign PETA India's Hottest Vegetarian
program; and important corre‑ his two sons, left with a large col‑ The auction will be held on
for People for the Ethical Celebrity in 2015 and its
spondence, according to Texas‑ lection of mementos after his November 1‑2 this year as well as
Treatment of Animals (PETA) Person of the Year in 2017.
based auction company Heritage death, felt the need to conserve in May and November of 2019,
India that proclaims, "I Am Among other efforts to help
Auctions that will handle the auc‑ restore, and research them. The which marks the 50th anniversary
Anushka Sharma, and I'm a animals, she has announced
tion. Armstrong was one of the idea of auctioning thus came into of the Apollo 11 mission.
Vegetarian." plans to open an animal shelter
"Going vegetarian was one of near Mumbai, launched the
the best decisions I ever made. I
have more energy, I feel health‑
PAWsitive campaign to raise
awareness that animals suffer
Mara Martin walks on runway while breastfeeding
ier, and I'm so happy that no when people set off firecrack‑ Miami: Model Mara Martin made Martin, who was one of the 16 from the audience.
animals had to suffer for my ers during Diwali, and demand‑ a statement when she breastfed finalists in the Swim Search show, The magazine shared on its
meals," Sharma said in a state‑ ed a ban on cruel carriage rides her five‑month‑old daughter while was breastfeeding her five‑month‑ Instagram account a video of
ment. in Mumbai. she was on the ramp for a fashion old daughter Aria while doing the Martin walking the runway while
In the ad, shot by Mazen She has joined celebrities like show. catwalk. The new mother walked carrying her baby. The comment
Abusrour, Anushka smiles joy‑ Lara Dutta, Sonu Sood, Shahid The magazine Sports Illustrated, the runway in a gold two‑piece section was flooded with mes‑
fully into the camera, flaunting Kapoor, Esha Gupta and R. which is famous for its annual bikini at the event held as a part sages praising her for normalising
an outfit from her brand NUSH. Madhavan, who have teamed swimsuit Issue, was championing of Miami Swim Week, reports breastfeeding at work. The model
PETA India's motto reads, in up with PETA India to promote motherhood and breastfeeding at also shared her photographs with
part, that "animals are not ours meat‑free meals. its recent model casting competi‑ Her appearance with her daugh‑ her daughter on the catwalk on
tion. ter drew loud cheers and applause her own Instagram page.

Decoded: How to reverse signs of ageing Smartphone use may

New York:
Scientists, including
one of Indian origin,
drinking water to induce
the mutation which
caused in depletion of
affect teenagers' memory
London: Increased exposure to Swiss Tropical and Public Health
have found the way mitochondrial DNA
radiation from mobile phones Institute (Swiss TPH) in
to reverse the action because the enzyme to
may impact memory in your Switzerland.
of wrinkled skin and replicate the DNA
teenage children, warn Swiss "Potential risks to the brain can
hair loss which are becomes inactive.
researchers. be minimized by using head‑
considered as the They found that, the
The findings showed that phones or the loud speak‑
hallmarks of ageing, mice showed gray hair,
exposure to radiofre‑ er while calling, in par‑
in a mouse model. reduced hair density, hair
quency electromagnetic ticular when network
The findings loss, slowed movements
fields (RF‑EMF) emit‑ quality is low and the
showed that, when a and lethargy in four
ting from mobile mobile phone is func‑
mutation leading to (Image courtesy: weeks. Wrinkled skin was
phone use for over a tioning at maximum
mitochondrial dys‑ seen four to eight weeks
vide an unprecedented opportunity year can have a nega‑ power."
function is induced, the mouse after induction of the mutation, and
for the development of preventive tive effect on the Importantly, other aspects
develops wrinkled skin and exten‑ females had more severe skin wrin‑
and therapeutic drug development development of figural of wireless communication use,
sive, visible hair loss in a matter of kles than males.
strategies to augment the mitochon‑ memory in adolescents. such as sending text messages,
weeks. Reversal of the mutation restored
drial functions for the treatment of Figural memory is mainly playing games or browsing the
However, when the mitochondrial mitochondrial function, as well as
ageing‑associated skin and hair located in the right brain hemi‑ internet showed only marginal
function is restored by turning off the skin and hair pathology.
pathology and other human dis‑ sphere and association with RF‑ RF‑EMF exposure to the brain
the gene responsible for its dys‑ However, little change was seen in
eases in which mitochondrial dys‑ EMF was more pronounced in and were not associated with the
function, the mouse returns to other organs when the mutation
function plays a significant adolescents using the mobile development of memory per‑
smooth skin and thick fur, indistin‑ was induced, suggesting an impor‑
role,"said Keshav Singh, Professor at phone on the right side of the formance. However, "it is not yet
guishable from a healthy mouse of tant role for mitochondria in skin
the University of Alabama at head. clear how RF‑EMF could poten‑
the same age. compared to other tissues.
Birmingham. "This may suggest that indeed tially affect brain processes or
According to the study authors, "It suggests that epigenetic mech‑
For the study, published in the RF‑EMF absorbed by the brain is how relevant our findings are in
the decline in mitochondrial func‑ anisms underlying mitochondria‑to‑
journal Cell Death & Disease, the responsible for the observed the long‑term", Roosli said,
tion among humans is seen during nucleus cross‑talk must play an
team added antibiotic doxycycline ‑‑ associations," said Martin Roosli, emphasizing the need for further
ageing, and can drive age‑related important role in the restoration of
used to treat infections caused by Head of Environmental research to rule out the influence
diseases. normal skin and hair phenotype,"
bacteria and protozoa ‑‑ to food or Exposures and Health at the of other factors.
"This mouse model should pro‑ Singh said.
24 July 28-August 3, 2018 TRIBUTE

Doyen of Hindi poetry,

Neeraj passes away at 93
words such as:
The poet who wrote some great songs Saanson ki sargam, dharkan ki veena
Sapnon ki geetanjali tu
for Bollywood films was awarded the Mann ki gali mein mehke jo hardam

Padma Bhushan in 2007. Aisi juhi ki kali tu

Chhota safar ho, lamba safar ho
Sooni dagar ho ya mela
New Delhi: Doyen of Hindi poetry Gopal Das words: ʻSwapn jhare phool se/Meet chubhe on ʻLikhe jo khat tujheʻ (Kanyadaan, 1968). Yaad tu aaye, mann ho jaaye bheed ke
Neeraj passed away last Thursday at AIIMS shool se…ʼ In a film industry dominated by Majrooh, beech akela (Prem Pujari, 1970)
here. He was 93. Neeraj went on to write songs for several Kaifi, Sahir et al, Neeraj can be credited with A regular at the kavi sammelan and
A Padma Bhushan awardee, Neeraj had of Dev Anandʼs films such as ʻRangeela introducing a new idiom. A song such as ʻAi mushaira circuit, Neeraj also served as chan‑
earlier suffered a head injury following a fall re/tere rang mein yun ranga hai mera Bhai zara dekh ke chaloʻ (Mera Naam Joker, cellor of the Mangalayatan University in
at his house in Agra. man…ʼ (Prem Pujari, 1970) composed by 1970), with its free verse, had not been Aligarh. In the end, when it was time to go,
Tributes poured in for the poet. Prime S.D. Burman. This film was followed by Tere attempted before. Neither had ʻKal ka Hum to mast faqir hamara koi nahi
Minister Narendra Modi called his work Mere Sapne, Sharmilee and Gambler with pahiya…ʼ (Chanda aur Bijli, 1970). He thikana re
“unforgettable gems”, while former Uttar Burman. With Shankar‑Jaikishan he worked excelled in using simple, melodious Hindi Jaisa apna aana waisa apna jaana re
Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav
tweeted a picture with the legend. Rajya
Sabha on Monday mourned his death.
Neeraj's unique style connected him with
people from all walks of life, across genera‑
tions. His works are unforgettable gems,
which will live on and inspire many.
Before he gained name and fame as a lyri‑
cist, Neeraj taught Hindi at an Aligarh col‑
lege. But his increasing popularity as a poet
attracted Bollywood's attention. He got
offers to pen songs for films which gave him
wider recognition. Neeraj shifted to Mumbai
and penned one popular number after
another. However, some years later, Neeraj
again decided to shift back to Aligarh.
The songs he wrote were poetic/romantic
and meaningful. At a time when Urdu or
Hindustani was dominating Bollywood, his
vocabulary was Hindi.
ʻBaadal, bijli, chandan, paani jaisa mera
Lena hoga janam humey kai kai baar…ʻ
Or this one from Sharmilee, that eschews
difficult or even unusual words but is pro‑
foundly evocative and eminently ʻsing‑ableʼ:
Jheelon ke honthon par
Meghon ka raag hai
Phoolon ke seeney mein
Thandi thandi aag hai
Dil ke aine me tu
Yeh sama utaar de
Khilte hain gul yahan
Khil ke bhikharne ko
Though in this one, he is OK with shabab
and sharab.
ʻShokhiyon mein ghola jaye phoolon ka
shabab/Usmein phir milai jaye thhorhi si
sharab/ Hoga yun nasha jo tayyar woh pyar
Kaifi Azmi once likened a film lyricistʼs job
as first digging a grave and then looking for
a corpse to fit in it, for in the Bombay film
industry the music is composed first and
then suitable words are fitted in. And indeed
the task of writing songs to an existing dhun
is not to everyoneʼs liking.
Neeraj wrote specifically for films after the
stupendous success of ʻKarvan guzar gayaʻ, a
song he had recited on the radio in 1951,
for the film Nai Umar ki Nai Fasal (1966).
Sung by Muhammad Rafi to music set by
Roshan, it captured the angst of an entire
generation of young Indians, the tangle of
student politics, blighted spring and lost
opportunities. In his entire film oeuvre, pos‑
sibly it is this debut song that uses difficult SELF HELP July 28-August 3, 2018 25

How to prepare for an active shooter incident in your community

ctive shooter incidents are ders can arrive on the scene ‑‑
rare. You are 700 times Martin says itʼs crucial for private Active shooter
more likely to die in a car citizens to turn their panic into incidents are rare
crash, for example, than from an ef fective action and know what
active shooter event, according to steps they can take to improve but on the rise. And
the Nat ional Safety Council. their chances of survival. experts say that being
However, these terrifying events “Preparing for an active shooter
prepared can save
are on the rise. Experts say that emergency starts with situational
being prepared can save lives. awareness. Know what is going on lives.
“Sometimes it takes a tragedy to around you all the time, trust your
bring a community together – a instincts and devise a plan,” he “Surviving an Act ive Shooter
hurricane, a flood or an active says. Event” is a two‑hour training that
shooter. How much better would it To prepare, everyone can take covers how active shooter situa‑
be to be prepared in advance and the following steps: tions unfold, how to be situational‑
mitigate that tragedy?” says Dan 4 Learn emergency notification ly aware and what actions are nec‑
Martin, a retired police of ficer in systems and distinctive alarms essary to improve oneʼs odds of
New Lenox, Ill., and leader of the used in places you frequent. survival. Training can be led by
New Lenox Safe Communit ies 4 Identify two possible escape 4 Run: Always the first choice; Community leaders can improve any community leader who can
coalition. “Each time I lead an routes wherever you are. get out and take others with you. safety in their public spaces, such e f fect ive ly speak in front of
active shooter course I see light 4 Find places to hide. 4 Hide: Find a place to hide; act as concert venues, shopping malls, groups and follow detailed course
bulbs go on in peopleʼs heads that During an active shooter event, quickly, turn of f lights, lock and houses of worship and other materials. To learn more about
they can make a difference.” donʼt spend important moments block doors, silence cell phones places where people gather, by partnering w ith NSC to bring
Because most active shooter inci‑ panicking. Public safety experts 4 Fight: The last resort, impro‑ of fering residents free act ive active shooter training to your
dents are over in a couple of min‑ say that you should be ready to do vise weapons and work alone or shooter training from the National community, visit‑
utes ‑‑ often before first‑respon‑ one of the following: with others to disarm the shooter. Safety Council. T he Councilʼs tiveshooter.

Is your retirement income Prefabricated way to affordable housing

ith the cost of housing
protected? 9 questions to ask continuing to rise faster
than wages, itʼs no won‑

hen it comes to retire‑ Americans vulnerable to outliving der that many Americans nation‑
ment planning, anxiety their hard‑earned savings.” wide are struggling to make ends
comes with the territo‑ To get confident about your meet. Luckily, solutions already
ry. Will you be able to maintain financial plan for retirement, exist to address the af fordable
your lifestyle in retirement? Will Devine says that you should housing shortage, say experts.
you have enough to cover your understand all your options for For example, more than 22 mil‑
monthly bills without depleting protecting a portion of your lion people in the U.S. now live in
your savings? Are you at risk of retirement income from the manufactured housing ‑‑ homes
outliving your money? While such impact of market volatility and built to a federal standard in facto‑
concerns are common among longer lifespans. ries and placed on a homeownerʼs The cost to buy a manufactured home averages about $70,600,
Americans approaching retire‑ The Alliance outlines nine key land or on rented lots in manufac‑ compared with $286,000 for a single‑family site‑built home,
ment, protecting part of the questions that you should ask tured home communities, according not including land costs.
money that youʼve saved to ensure your financial advisor to make to the Manufactured Housing
monthly income for life can make sure that youʼre on track to having Institute (MHI). In many parts of the ing needs, according to experts. standards for safety, installation
a dif ference in your confidence the lifetime income you can count country, homes like these are the Advocates say that zoning restric‑ and construction,” says Richard
about the future, suggests a new on for the retirement you want: least expensive kind of housing tions and other rules and regula‑ Jennison, president and CEO of
study. 1. Why is protected monthly available without a government tions in many areas are preventing MHI.
A new survey by the Alliance for income in retirement important? subsidy. The cost to buy a manufac‑ manufactured housing from closing Whatʼs more, todayʼs manufac‑
Lifetime Income looked at the 2. How much protected monthly tured home averages about the gap ‑‑ as certain jurisdictions tured housing includes features that
emotional and physical well‑being income will I need in retirement? $70,600, compared with $286,000 only allow manufactured housing in todayʼs homebuyers want, such as
of Gen X and Baby Boomer house‑ 3. What if my expected monthly for a single‑family site‑built home, locations far from town centers and luxury bathrooms, vaulted ceilings
holds and compared those with income is less than what I need to not including land costs. other jurisdictions have considered and state‑of‑the‑art kitchens with
some form of protected lifetime last my lifetime? In response to growing market banning them altogether. energy‑ef ficient appliances. Often
income, such as an annuity and/or 4. What is an annuity? demand, almost 93,000 new manu‑ “Part of this bias may be based on situated in communities with swim‑
pension, to those that were unpro‑ 5. Are there costs associated factured homes were built in the the negative stereotype of earlier ming pools, playgrounds and club‑
tected and relying solely on sav‑ with guaranteed protected U.S. in 2017, a 15 percent increase generations of manufactured hous‑ houses, they can be a very attrac‑
ings and Social Security. income? over 2016, according to MHI. But ing. However, today, our homes are tive option for families and retirees
Eighty‑eight percent of protect‑ 6. What if I need access to my this is still not nearly enough to built with quality construction seeking affordability. To learn more
ed households say they are confi‑ money in an annuity? meet the nationʼs affordable hous‑ materials to meet rigorous federal visit,
dent that their retirement money 7. Can annuities help protect me
will he lp them achieve their from investment losses?
lifestyle goals, while only sixty‑ 8. How do I know that my pro‑
three percent of unprotected tected income is safe?
households feel confident. 9. Are there other strategies for
“The American retirement dis‑ protected monthly income?
cussion has traditionally focused “Discussing these topics with
on accumulating assets rather your financial advisor can help
than how to turn some of those you become better informed
savings into a guaranteed monthly about your income planning
income that will last as long as options, putting you one step clos‑
you do,” says Colin Devine, educa‑ er to creating a financial plan that
tional advisor at the Alliance for delivers what you need to live the
Lifetime Income. “People donʼt life you want in retirement,” says
realize that Social Security is esti‑ Devine. Visit www.RetireYourRisk.
mated to replace only about 40 org for more information on how
percent of the average personʼs to create and protect your retire‑
income, which leaves millions of ment income.
26 July 28-August 3, 2018 HERITAGE

The Magic of Vedic Mathematics Part 24

Rediscovered half a century ago by the Puri Shankaracharya Bharati Krishna Tirtha, Vedic Mathematics is a lightning fast mental math
system. We continue to serialize from ‘The Curious Hats of Magical Maths’ book that makes learning the system easy.

Extracted from ʻThe

Curious Hats of
Magical Maths ‑
Vedic Mathematics
for Schools Book 1ʼ
by James Glover,
with permission
from Motilal
Banarsidass (MLBD).
Founded in 1903,
they specialize in
Indology books. For
information, Mr R.P.
Jain, email:
mlbd@mlbd. com.
US distributor:

To be continued in
the following issues
of The South
Asian Times. EDUCATION July 28-August 3, 2018 27

By Michelle I. Gao

Itʼs not Asians

The Harvard Crimson
There should be more pushback against
opinion writer all this admissions rigging against

sians may be called the Asians—especially among
“model minority,” but it
liberals, who tend to

who ʻgame
doesnʼt seem like weʼre
actually wanted in schools. We
are implicitly accused of taking
pride themselves on
up too many spots in elite New their championing of
York City high schools, so the
mayorʼs new plan proposes to minorities and equal

the systemʼ
scrap the admissions exam in
favor of less objective criteria. opportunity. Take Mayor
At the same time, we are fight‑
ing elite universities like
Bill de Blasio wanting to
Harvard in court over charges of get rid of the
unfair discrimination.
Negative Asian stereotypes do to people of any race and that meeting the students. In the admissions exam.
not garner us much sympathy have proven to be, on the whole, case of New York City, it is
though. We have unappealing effective. The people who make unfair to set one standard (the Or Harvard defending
personalities. We are only good these choices may be playing
the game the hardest and taking
SHSAT), not like the kind of peo‑
ple who succeed under that
its affirmative action
at tests, and we are only good at
those because we spend all our most seriously the prize̶which standard, and then to change policies.
time studying. Perhaps, then, we is more than just a seat in a the standard in order to achieve
donʼt really deserve our spots in great school and may be no less the outcome that was desired all sive leader, focuses so much on us for granted, excluding us
the upper echelons of American than the American Dream itself. along. Quotas̶as admissions just eight specialized high from their definitions of diversi‑
education. But they are not gaming the sys‑ statistics over the years suggest schools instead of tackling the ty when it suits other people of
The misconception that Asians tem. exist at elite schools, however root of the problem̶the many color. Asians do what they can
are somehow “gaming the sys‑ Of course, there are groups unofficially̶are also gaming subpar schools that are current‑ to get into the best American
tem” is insulting and inaccurate. who really arenʼt playing by the the system. ly failing primarily black and institutions, but it seems like
Itʼs true that many Asians resort rules: the disproportionately There should be more push‑ Latino students. Politics is why those institutions are doing just
to extensive test prep to do as white legacy students who back against all this admissions Harvard, in order to diversify its about everything they can to
well as they do on admissions sneak their way onto the rigging against Asians̶espe‑ student body, continues to hold keep us out.
exams like the Specialized High Harvard "Z‑list," a deferred cially among liberals, who tend onto race‑conscious affirmative The education fiascoes in New
School Admissions Test in New admissions pool for a small to pride themselves on their action, the results of which look York City and at Harvard have
York City and the SAT for col‑ number of students each year; championing of minorities and good in photo spreads, instead revealed just how badly weʼve
leges. But itʼs dishonest to lump and the rich kids whose parents equal opportunity. But instead, of emphasizing socioeconomic been played. At least the
in poor Asian families who sac‑ donate $2.5 million to the it is Bill de Blasio, the progres‑ diversity, which doesnʼt photo‑ response̶the Asians speaking
rifice to pay for test prep with school before they apply, like sive mayor of a very liberal city, graph as easily but is more up and gaining more attention
rich people (of any race) who Jared Kushner. Itʼs obvious that spearheading the plan to get rid merit‑based. Politics is why, across the country̶has been
easily afford it. Forgoing vaca‑ people with power and money of the admissions exam. It is when asked the reason that heartening. In politics, we need
tions, refraining from buying can game the system. Harvard, a predominantly liber‑ Asians are demographically to claim the narrative, fight for
amenities, and even scrimping The more insidious gaming al university with respect to its overrepresented in elite educa‑ what we earn, and stop being
on food to pay for test prep are comes within the system itself, students and faculty, defending tion, liberals are quicker to political pawns. And the record
not gaming the system. in admissions offices and its affirmative action policies. point their fingers at the ones should be clear: We donʼt game
They are sacrifices. Maybe departments of education. The But this too should be no sur‑ who have succeeded than at the the admissions system. In any
these sacrifices are crazy or most egregiously unfair treat‑ prise. Because the real game ones who havenʼt. case, education is far too serious
counterproductive; there are ment must be Harvardʼs consis‑ being played here is politics̶ So if anything, Asians have to be a game.
certainly arguments to be made tently lower “personal” ratings racial politics, especially. been playing themselves. Asians Courtesy : The Harvard
against them. Regardless, these for Asian‑American applicants, Politics is why de Blasio, longing overwhelmingly vote Democrat, Crimson, the daily paper
are valid choices that are open at times given without even to be seen as a national progres‑ but the Democrats have taken of the university.


National Interest Waiver - Employment based US immigration

By Michael Phulwani, Esq. waiver. 4 If the foreign employeeʼs status. The National Interest
& Dev B. Viswanath, Esq. The supporting documents for admission is asked for by Waiver (NIV) allows for a much
the national interest wavier are an interested U.S. govern‑ faster process towards getting a

ertain foreign individu‑ very important and key in sub‑ ment agency. green card, by removing the
als who would like to mitting a successful waiver Any dependents of EB‑2 visa step of the labor certification
work in the United application. holders, spouse and children with the Department of Labor
States may be eligible for an There are a few important fac‑ under the age of 21, may be eli‑ and the obstacle of having to
employment‑based, second pref‑ of the United States. There is no tors that are considered in gible for derivative immigrant recruit for the position.
erence visa if they have an definition that clearly states determining whether a foreign
advanced degree or its equiva‑ which jobs qualify for a national employee will be granted a Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal
lent, or have an exceptional abil‑ interest waiver, but they are national interest waiver: Attorney of The Banad Law Offices PC in the
ity. Exceptional ability means usually granted to those foreign 4 If the foreign employeeʼs United States, and Banad Immigration in
having a degree of skill consid‑ employees who have an excep‑ admission will be benefi‑ India for which Attorney Michael Phulwani is
erably higher than usually cial to the American econo‑ also affiliated as Of Counsel. With Offices in
tional ability and whose employ‑
encountered in the fields of sci‑ my; Manhattan, Queens, Bangalore, and Mumbai,
ment would benefit the United
4 If the foreign employeeʼs the firm is able to assist clients with all facets
ence, art, or business. States. A foreign employee does
of the immigration process, including
A national interest waiver peti‑ not need to have both an admission will improve the
Employment Visas, Consular Visa Assistance,
tion is part of the employment‑ advanced degree and an excep‑ working conditions and
Student Visas, Removal & Deportation, US
based, second preference visa tional ability, it can be either wages of U.S employees;
Citizenship and Green Card Applications
category which is when a for‑ one. Foreign employees may 4 If the foreign employeeʼs based on Family or Employment. Dev B.
eign employee requests that the petition for a national interest admission will improve Viswanath can be reached at
labor certification be waived waiver for themselves and do training and educational and 718‑361‑5999.
because it is in the best interest not need an employer for the programs; and
28 July 28 August 3, 2018 HUMOR

Humor with Melvin Durai

Thereʼs nothing like a good protest

he tweet was liked and retweeted thou‑ ing room wall. Theyʼre hideous. Iʼve told her to him was a woman holding a sign that said,
sands of times. No one remembered to remove them, but sheʼs a traditionalist. She “Four More Ears! If you had ʼem, youʼd listen
who the original tweeter was, but they loves borders.” better.”
understood the importance of the message: David walked to the other end of the crowd, David returned to his parents, who were
“Weʼre protesting outside the White House this leaving behind the chants of “Build the wall!” holding signs of their own. Melissa Diamond
Saturday. Bring your signs and loud voices!” and “No more borders!” was holding a sign that said, “Clean up Your
Melissa Diamond, a 30‑year‑old mother of He spotted a man holding a sign that said, Mess!”
three, showed the tweet to her husband. “Axis of Evil: Russia, North Korea, Facebook.” Mike Diamond was holding a sign that said,
“Wanna go?” “Are you upset that Facebook is sharing your “Stop this madness!”
Mike Diamond shrugged. “What exactly are data with other companies?” David asked. “What madness are you talking about,
we protesting?” The man shook his head. “No, Iʼm upset that Dad?” David asked, hoping to get another
“Iʼm not sure,” Melissa said. “The usual Facebook is allowing all my friends to share good quote for his article. “The presidentʼs
stuff, I guess.” their vacation photos. Because of that, my tweets?”
The Diamonds took their 16‑year‑old son, wife and I are always miserable.” “No, your mom is trying to get me to do
David, along. He wanted to write a report for “Canʼt you just unfriend them?” more cleaning at home.”
his school newspaper. He was surprised to see “I could, but who would I share all my dog “Why are you protesting here, Dad?” David
more than 10,000 people gathered in front of photos with?” asked.
the White House gate, coming together David spotted a bearded man holding a sign “So other men can join in. We mow the
through a single tweet. “What are you going to draw thatʼs so long,” that said, “Mr. President, Stop Promoting lawns and take out the trash – we shouldnʼt
David heard two young men chanting, David asked. ʻAmerica First!'” have to do household cleaning too.”
“Build the wall! Build the wall!” “I donʼt know,” the first man said. “Maybe “Donʼt you want America to be first?” David Melissa smiled at David. “Donʼt you just love
“Are you concerned about all the people the presidentʼs nose.” asked. it?”
coming across the border?” David asked. David spotted a group of women chanting, “I do, but weʼre taking it too far,” the man “Love what, Mom?”
“No, we just love walls,” said one man. “No more borders! No more borders!” said. “Weʼre first in school shootings, first in “The freedom to protest. Thereʼs nothing
“Weʼre graffiti artists.” “You want to get rid of all borders?” David illegal drug use, first in incarceration! Itʼs not like it.”
Added the other man: “We want to set a asked. always good to be a world leader.” “Does that mean Dadʼs going to get his
Guinness World Record for longest work of “Well, most of them,” one woman said. “You David came across a man in a red cap hold‑ way?”
art.” should see the ones on my mother‑in‑lawʼs liv‑ ing a sign that said, “Four More Years!” Next “No, but heʼs free to keep protesting.”

Laughter is the Best Medicine


New York Head Quarter

422‑S Broadway
By Mahendra Shah
NY 11801

516‑827‑1010 Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by profession, artist and

humorist, cartoonist and writer by hobby. He has been recording the plight of the
immigrant Indians for the past many years in his cartoons.
Hailing from Gujarat, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ASTROLOGY July 28-August 3, 2018 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

JULY 28‑AUGUST 3, 2018

ARIES: Someone is out to please you CANCER: You may need to spend LIBRA: Distractions and shifting CAPRICORN: A good phase starts on
for a favor, so have some fun at his or some time away from your usual interests may make it difficult to the professional front. Your reluc‑
her expense! You are likely to turn surroundings, just for a refreshing focus on anything. Although your tance to do the bidding of elders can
your focus on an ex‑flame and rejuvenate change. Students will be able to get the sub‑ performance will be nothing to write home get you on their wrong side. All is not lost on
your love life. Family can get into the vaca‑ jects of their choice. Less work will enable about, you will be happy with it. Shifting bag the financial front, if you are quick enough.
tion mood and compel you to plan a trip you to take some time off for yourself. You and baggage to a friendʼs place for a change It may be difficult to convince a friend or a
soon. You will be able to clear a lot of pend‑ may find a member of the opposite camp of scene cannot be ruled out. Those in the family member for assistance on the home
ing work on the professional front. You may attractive enough to take the first step! A media are likely to get the scoop they were front. Keep a watchful eye on the business
have to do something concrete to get previ‑ lucrative deal can make the cash register looking for. You will keep your romance front as there are elements working against
ous payments released. ring. Some of you can miss loved ones and alive and kicking by allotting more time. An your interest. Physical fitness is the key to
TAURUS: You may need to keep a tab feel cut off from them. unexpected expenditure may rock your preventing minor ailments.
on a matter that affects you most inti‑ LEO: Some adjustments may be need‑ financial boat. AQUARIUS: Cater to the needs of a
mately. There is a likelihood of get‑ ed for an amicable relationship, so be SCORPIO: You may have to be extra family elder, if you want to avoid
ting late for a meeting or a conference, so open to the idea. This week, you may quick in submitting an assignment, if any misunderstanding. You can find
start early. Spouse may persuade you to buy need your space. Release of a payment may you want to beat the deadline. Positive yourself a bit restless this weekend. A job
a particular household item that you are not come as a big relief. You may work towards thoughts will keep irritation at bay. Chances not completed in time by a subordinate is
keen on. realizing your romantic aspirations. Sticking of a romantic affair are possible, so get ready likely to make you see red. Spending a quiet
A family youngster is likely to start earning to the workplace schedule will be in your for a good time. It is best to postpone an offi‑ evening with lover or spouse seems difficult
soon. You can be completely bowled over by interest. Someone in the family may require cial trip, as it may not meet your objective. this week. Outside interference on the home
a workplace colleague of the opposite gen‑ your help, so be available. Favorable time is You may not get the expected service for an front may be resented by homemakers.
der. Good progress foreseen for those under‑ foreseen for those trying to acquire proper‑ electronic item bought by you. Investing in a Students may have to put in extra hours on
taking a long journey. ty. Put in efforts on the fitness front. scheme may prove to be a bad call. the academic front. Seek guidance on the
GEMINI: Time is of essence and you VIRGO: You are likely to prove a good SAGITTARIUS: T here are some health front.
will not falter in realizing it. A new host. Some of you are likely to top an aspects you will need to keep in mind PISCES : This is the best time to learn
development at work will be a source exam or crack a competition. Joining before you project a personal prob‑ the ropes and come into a position of
of joy. A family youngster is likely to do you an elite organization cannot be ruled out for lem. You are likely to implement some new authority. It will be in your interest not
proud. Help will be at hand for those balanc‑ some. Financing a family youngster will not ideas to pep up your love life. A marriage to succumb to workplace pressure. You are
ing a job and domestic chores. Your roman‑ be a problem. proposal is likely for the eligible. Someone likely to fare well in a competition. A change
tic overtures are likely to get a positive Love at first sight is possible, so keep your you are counting on at work may let you of residence is foreseen for some.
response from the one you love. Saving and fingers crossed! Homemakers may organize down. Some of you can seethe with frustra‑ Government employees may plan to buy a
judicious spending will keep your bank bal‑ a function at home. Some of you are likely to tion at not being able to do something you luxury item. Proximity to an opposite number
ance in a fine fettle. Donʼt lax with your diet get a good bargain on property. Those ailing had planned for. Your moodiness may cause can blossom into romance. New avenues of
regimen. may recover soon. friction at home. earning will help secure the financial front.

28th July, 2018 ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK to grow as a professional. This year
Traits in you: Being ruled by Sun, you may get various new projects to
you will be creative by nature. Your meeting this year. The travel would be Romance this year: You will be in a celebrate religious functions very fre‑ work and prove your worth as an
other characteristics include smart‑ successful and you may get new proj‑ good mood throuhout the year as your quently at your place to find peace of excellent resource. You may get a pro‑
ness, intelligence, and dignity and so ects. You should avoid financial trans‑ partner will provide you with lots of mind. motion as well
on. actions with casual friends as it may love, care and concern. If you are Finance this year: Your confidence Romance this year: You may get
Health this year: Your younger sib‑ result in loss and complications in rela‑ unmarried, this year may end our level will go up as a result of develop‑ involved in a new romantic relation‑
lings may have some health issues, tionships. bachelorhood or spinsterhood. ing new partnerships. Your financial ship though it will be for a short period
which will put you in immense pres‑ Career this year: This year may bring 31st July, 2018 status may not take a huge leap, but of time.
sure. new opportunities for you. You may Traits in you: The planet Uranus you can expect stability in future. You 3rd August, 2018
Finance this year: You may go ahead get promotions and transfer orders. makes you active, dependable, ener‑ may get more than expected at times Traits in you: As you are influenced
creating new contacts and casual rela‑ Romance this year: Your partner will getic, systematic and honest. You have provided you put your best efforts to by the planet Jupiter, you are full with
tionships this year. If you are a busi‑ be supportive enough and help you in a practical approach to lead a life. You achieve your goals. energy and ambitions. By nature you
nessperson, there are huge opportuni‑ every respect. If you are eligible and are serious towards you goals and Career this year: You will get support are admirable, distinguished and intel‑
ties for you to start new ventures and unmarried, you may get marriage pro‑ dreams. from each and every one in your pro‑ ligent. You are blessed with the capa‑
earn lot of money as you will be suc‑ posals this year. Health this year: Some of your rela‑ fessional circle and that will allow to bility of working hard and you possess
cessful whatever initiative you take 30th July, 2018 tives may fall sick suddenly and that learn a lot of things and become suc‑ an extra ordinary memory.
this year. Your assumptions of invest‑ Traits in you: Ambition, dignity, intel‑ may make you a bit bothered. You need cessful. Health this year: You will be going
ing will prove to be highly beneficial. ligence, confidence are your inborn to drive carefully at night as there are Romance this year: You will be suc‑ through various minor health issues
Career this year: Art and literature qualities as you are under the influ‑ chances of accident this year. cessful in providing emotional support throughout the year. It is advisable
are your area of interest and you want ence of the powerful planet Jupiter. Finance this year: This year is very to your spouse and children the best that you take your prescribed medi‑
to contribute to these fields. However, You like being philosophical and productive for you in terms of invest‑ way you can. Your spouse may come cines regularly on time and see a doc‑
you need to be sober and down to organized. You can impress anyone on ments. You should put your money in good on all your expectations and tor when necessary.
earth to create a good impression. If the earth with your intellectual behav‑ real estate as it is very much rewarding make you feel happy and satisfied. Finance this year: Your financial sta‑
you are a scientist or a lawyer, you ior and talks. However, you need not this year. You will be benefited from 2nd August, 2018 tus will be improved as you will get
may find this year to be rewarding for behave weird to impress others. It may you near and dear ones as they will Traits in you: Your guiding planet new job opportunities. You may invest
you. Women professionals in advertis‑ be proved to be a negative aspect in support you financially. Moon blesses you with unbelievable on real estate business this year.
ing and media will also be rewarded your nature. Career this year: You want to realize creativity, emotions, and simplicity. Career this year: Your determination
for their good work. Health this year: You may suf fer your aspirations by working hard. You You are the master of a very sharp to overtake others makes you distin‑
Romance this year: If you are unmar‑ with problems in your eyes and mouth. put your duties in high esteem. memory and an innovative mind. guished among your friends and col‑
ried, this year may bring romance in So you need to get your periodic med‑ However, you have to control on your Though you are very trustworthy and leagues. You should be careful about
your lonely life. ical checkup done on time and take behavioral approach. You should not dependable, you are pretty fickle‑mind‑ your behavior as you may let many
29th July, 2018 prescribed medicines without negli‑ show your stubbornness to your col‑ ed and shy. You should work on your brilliant opportunities go away
Traits in you: The influence of your gence. leagues. nature to become more successful in because of your stubbornness. You
ruling planet Moon enhances your Finance this year: The rewards will Romance this year: You will find your life. You may go through various might go through crucial times this
imagination power. You are honest, also open the door for you to earn extra love and concern from your positive changes in your personal and year and you will be the only responsi‑
sensitive and creative by nature. You much more than you are earning cur‑ spouse. You may tie your knots if you professional life. ble person your situations. You need
are helpful by heart and you help peo‑ rently. You may win a foreign contract are unmarried. Health this year: You would not suf‑ not lose your confidence on yourself as
ple in need with money and physical or government contract this year. It 1st August, 2018 fer from any health issues provided you are capable of doing anything. You
support. However, you should not will enhance your business and earn a Traits in you: Your ruling planet, the you take proper medication and go for need to grab every opportunity you get
behave introvert or shy. You should let lot of money and respect for you. You Sun makes you confident, intellectual, periodic checkups. You may start prac‑ to prove yourself. You should go for
your personality grow. may travel abroad in the last half of the religious, creative, and inventive. You ticing meditation and yoga to stay the job of your interest area and you
Health this year: The drip in the year for business meetings. You should have exceptional speaking capacity physically and spiritually sound. will definitely find success.
health of your parents might cause research well before investing on any‑ and you like to be among high society Finance this year: Your promotion Romance this year: You should cre‑
concern for you. thing. You may concede enough money people. Among all your positive charac‑ may solve your financial crisis and help ate new contacts and revive old ones as
Finance this year: Your assumptions on renovation and construction activi‑ teristics, you have stubbornness as a you become stable. If you have some this year is the best time to make
on investments would prove to be cor‑ ties. negative aspect in your nature. You previous property disputes, it will be romantic relationship stronger. You
rect and you will earn a handsome Career this year: This year belongs need to eradicate the negatives from solved according to your satisfaction may convert your romantic relation‑
amount of money from your invest‑ to you as you will be appreciated and your nature to tend to perfection as a and you will be highly benefited. ship to marriage this year. You may
ments. There is a healthy chance of awarded throughout the year for your human being. Career this year: You will come carry on with your relationship if you
overseas travel regarding business professional achievements. Health this year: You may have to across various lucrative opportunities are not prepared to marry this year.
30 July 28-August 3, 2018 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

Gratitude to the giver

truck. But, the angel collecting
prayers of thankfulness had only
a few. We may feel that God
When God was presented with only exists when
their findings, God sighed. “This
is nothing new” said God. “You everything goes our
now have a taste of what it is like way, and believe that
being God. People are always
praying for something from Me,
there is only God if we
which is all right because at least get whatever we want.
they are thinking of Me. But few
By Sant Rajinder Singh ever thank Me.”
Ji Maharaj When God checked the email, We may have had a
there were millions of email mes‑ job for 25 years, but

here is a story of God send‑ sages of complaints and requests.
ing two angels to earth to The mailbox was bombarded with the one time we are
listen to the prayers of endless complaints and prayers laid off we say there is
humanity. One angel was asked to from billions of people requesting
collect the prayers asking God for things all at the same time.
no God. We may have
something. The other angel was There were few who thanked had a loving family
asked to collect the prayers of God for the good they received.
thanksgiving and gratitude. This story illustrates the human
for years but when
The two angels were given large condition. People request others one member passes
baskets to collect and descended to do something for them, but away we blame God.
to earth to begin their task.The how many people take an equal
angel collecting prayers asking amount of time to thank them?
Go d for something became Similarly, we pray to God for the only species who can know our‑ Few are grateful to God for the receive, not only physical, intellec‑
extreme ly busy. Many people things we want. How many of us selves and know God. good they receive so that when tual and emotional but also for
prayed to God to help them earn take the time to thank God? We may fee l that Go d only something goes wrong they tell the spiritual gifts of God. We can
more money, some prayed for We focus more on what God has exists when everything goes our God, “Itʼs okay God, I still love You, reflect on how we can show our
improved health of their children, not g iven than what Go d has way, and believe that there is only and I know you are there. What gratitude by developing noble
spouse, parents or relatives. The given us. If we were to fill out a God if we get whatever we want. happened to me must have been qualities and resolve to improve
angel also collected prayers for thank you note to God for all the We may have had a job for 25 something that was best for me, ourse lves to become better
latest computer, exquisite jewelry, good we received, we would dis‑ years, but the one time we are laid under Your will.” human beings. We can also spend
expensive clothing and new cover that we have received much. of f we say there is no God. We How many people take such a time connecting with the Divine
toys.In the meantime, the other Let us count many things for may have had a loving family for grateful attitude to God? within through prayer and medi‑
angel traveled far and wide look‑ which we owe our gratitude to years but when one member pass‑ Let us thank God for each day tation, and in performing selfless
ing to fill the basket with prayers God. es away we blame God. We may that we are able to do our work, service to others. In this way, we
of thankfulness. Days passed, but First, we are extremely fortu‑ have been healthy for many years enjoy our family and friends, for can express our gratitude to God,
no prayers of gratitude were nate that our soul was born into a but the one major illness we have, our health and be grateful our ail‑ not only in words but also
heard. T he ange l collect ing human body. We are fortunate we say, “What is happening to ments are not worse. We should through our deeds.
prayers of request had a loaded that we have been born into the me? There must not be any God.” be grateful for all the gifts we (For more visit

saints have come in all traditions,

We might
How God helps us in our lives
all cultures, all times, and all
walks of life. They have always
think that come to help the people in those

times. They are the ones who are
any times we may think
that God is enjoying the
God is not compassionate. This is why many
saints have suffered for each one
heavenly regions with‑
out knowing what difficulty we
aware of of us.
This is why many religions talk
are having on earth. Little do we what is about the founders suffering for
know that God wants to help
each one of us. happening our sins. What are our sins? Our
sins arise from our breaking the
We might think that God is not
aware of what is happening with with us, but spiritual laws, from not living
according to the highest ethical
us, but God is aware of each
action that occurs in our lives. If God is principles.
If we look back at our own
we know that God is aware of
everything that happens to us
aware of lives, we will find that God's hand
has always been there to support
then the next question that arises
is, "If God knows what is happen‑
each action us. Many times we do not appre‑
(image : ciate or see God's help in our
ing, why is God making us suf‑
fer? Why do we have problems in
that occurs in lives because we are unable to
grandchild was kept in a playpen. very wrong, and he is being pun‑
this world? If God can do any‑ As soon as the grandchild saw ished." our lives. gravitate to that level where we
experience that God is with every
thing, why doesn't God take all the grandfather he said, Although the grandfather
around, walk out of the house, one of us at each moment. lf we
the problems away?" There is an "Grandfather. Grandfather! Get wanted to pick up the child, his
and leave, but then the grand‑ were able to sit quietly and focus
interesting story that helps to me out of this. I want to play with daughter told him not to, so what
child would be devastated. So the within through meditation, we
explain God's predicament. you.” All grandchildren love their is the grandfather supposed to
grandfather came up with a solu‑ would then come into contact
There was a grandfather who grandparents, so the grandchild do? The grandfather could rule
tion. He climbed into the playpen with the True Reality. We would
went to visit his daughter and his wanted to get out of the playpen, over his daughter and say, "No.
himself and played with the child. connect to the divine Light with‑
grandchild. Grandparents have but just as the grandfather no. no, I am picking up my grand‑
Similarly, this is what God does in and begin to perceive how God
great affinity for their grandchil‑ reached his hand toward the child anyway," and have difficul‑
for us. is working for our benefit at
dren. When he went to his child, his daughter said, "Don't ties in that arena. The other
If we look back at history, every moment of our lives.
daughter's house, he saw that the touch the child. He did something option is that he could turn July 28-August 3, 2018 July 28-August 3, 2018