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St. Mary’s Parish Church, Watton

wins Welcome Churches Award

Photo left to right: Charlie Houlder-Moat, Rt. Rev’d Graham James Bishop of Norwich, Rev’d Gerry Foster, Elaine Rodgers.

If you live or work in Watton then the church and community is warm and The response has been tremendous,
you’ve probably visited the parish welcoming, dedicated to serving the with messages of congratulations
church of St. Mary’s for a service, or people of Watton. coming in thick and fast via St. Mary’s
been to one of the many community Well, now it’s official! St. Mary’s has Facebook page and in person. Everyone
groups like Storybags mother and won an award at the recent Welcoming is really pleased and the constructive
toddler group on a Monday; perhaps Churches initiative. Mystery visitors feedback from the visiting team has
you’ve seen church members out and visited around 40 churches around shown St. Mary’s how they can
about in town at the Memory Café or Norfolk and evaluated each of them on continue to improve their welcome even
visiting at one of the Aged Care their welcome. On Saturday 16th June, further!
facilities. Maybe you’ve heard the bells representatives from St. Mary’s were For more information on what’s on at
ringing on a Sunday or on the day of the presented with a “Highly Commended” St. Mary’s see our website at
Royal Wedding last month. certificate by the Bishop of Norwich, or find us on
Whatever connection you have with St. the Rt Rev’d Graham James, at Facebook.
Mary’s, you will most likely know that Norwich Cathedral.

Watton Post Office Stow Bedon Coffee

I have been informed by Cllr Claire Bowes that
Breckland Council have received the following
update from Ken Penton, External Affairs
Morning Result
Manager at the Post Office What a most successful Coffee Morning held on
“I am pleased to be able to inform you that we Saturday 7th July at the Queens Hall. At one
have an applicant for the vacant Postmaster role point all the tables were occupied.
in Watton. They have submitted a business plan, The atmosphere and chatter were great, I am sure
which is now being considered by the Post Office. the very warm weather, and the football match
If that is accepted the applicant will then be scheduled for early afternoon, brought out our
interviewed by Post Office Ltd representatives to supporters for an early shop, and a coffee. Our
assess whether they are suitable to be appointed thanks to the helpers Karen Fitch, Pam Morley,
as a Postmaster. I will update you if this applicant Christine Stone, Bryan Leonard and Beryl
when I know how this process has gone” Warren, also to the cake makers, scone bakers and
In the meantime, I am pleased to be able to to Barnies for donating the rolls.
inform you that that from today, we have A pleasing sum of £326:00 raised for Stow Bedon
arranged for the Barnham Broom Postmaster to Restoration Fund. A Big Thank You to all who
operate a Mobile Post Office Counter Service supported us on the day.
between 13.30 and 15.30 every Thursday in the Stella Leonard, Stow Bedon PCC Secretary.
Watton Library car park.
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 2
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 3
earthquakes have devastated islands in the kiosks that were dotted around here and there, or
A Quick Look Philippines. Thank goodness she is kinder to us
here, and all we have to cope with is a heat
in certain shops which displayed, on a small
projecting blue sign, the words “You may
Round wave.
From one sort of hot air to the kind that
telephone from here”.
Now everyone will be aware that football took
By Orbiter permeates Westminster, where Brexit has centre stage recently, with the England team
Here we are in August already – time flies faster dominated the proceedings, though whether any being eliminated from the World Cup in the
and faster the longer we live, though perhaps as real progress towards our departure from the EU semi-final by Croatia. In past years our exits
we get older it just seems that way. has been made is very hard to tell, since even the from the competition have triggered endless
As usual the talking point of the month is the governing party members seem to be divided on criticisms from all sides, but this time it seems to
weather, and for once it really warrants special every point. Of course it is easy to criticise, but have been realised that to reach the semi-final
mention, as rain has become a distant memory there are so many aspects that are beyond our and to take the match into extra time was indeed
(though by the time these words reach you, general knowledge, that we must be grateful that a wonderful performance, and although the
things surely will have changed) and Norfolk opposition opinions are being fully aired now, result disappointed the huge crowds watching all
has, like the rest of the U.K, begun to resemble rather than when it may be too late. over this country, the efforts of the team were
the Sahara desert. My personal sympathies must be with Mrs. May, deservedly applauded.
The last time I recall such a long period of drought who can be certain that she will be blamed for Of course in every competition every contestant
was way back, probably as long ago as 1978, when anything that goes wrong in the next few years, except one, the winner, is disappointed, that is
the great expanse of Graffham Water dried out to her fault or not. the nature of things.
reveal all the old houses that had been inundated in Looking round more locally, we are increasingly This World Cup demonstrated that football has
the initial construction of the reservoir. being annoyed by people bumping into us while tended towards perfecting the art of defending,
Maybe it was in the same dry spell, when I was walking in the street engrossed in telephone as can be seen from the results, where only
visiting Scotland, that the fast-flowing river Tay conversations on their mobiles. Not only are rarely were matches settled by the difference of
was reduced to a trickle, leaving the banks with they a nuisance to others, but are dangers to more than one goal. Even sides containing the
frustrated anglers sitting forlornly amongst their themselves as they have been seen colliding with acknowledged star forwards, such as Messi and
pieces of un-usable street furniture, such as lamp-posts, while the Ronaldo did not reach the semi-final round.
equipment, their fishing extreme case recently was in London, where a And for once there were no claims of bad
holiday a non-event. famous feature, The Rill, a narrow watercourse refereeing, and hardly was the new V.A.R.
But that’s British weather from London Bridge Station to Tower Bridge is system needed (where televised replays are
for you, never a dull to be bricked over because of careless phone quickly viewed by a panel of experts watching in
moment, though Mother users falling in! Perhaps these offenders should a studio to adjudicate on tricky decisions).
Nature treats us more kindly be made subject to similar laws as motorists and One great boost for the clothing industry came
than many other countries. be charged with such offences as ‘Walking from the England manager’s personal attire,
The newspapers tell of the without due care and attention’ or simply which has initiated a great demand for
many lives lost in floods ‘Dangerous walking’. waistcoats. So it’s not only women who bow
in Japan, hundreds of My own feelings on the subject are, no doubt, down to the dictates of fashion. I think I will dig
square miles of forest influenced by my being in the age group that out one of mine from the wardrobe and perhaps I
destroyed by fire in only came in contact with telephones in our will be a la mode for the first time in fifty years!
California, while places of work, or for emergencies the red Good afternoon.

French do. my middle daughter, staring at me

Swept Off “Don’t get carried away by that accent,
that’s nothing!” warned my eldest
knowingly, always the wise one.
“If we’re not keen on him . . . you

My Feet daughter, “You need someone to take

care of you, like Dad did, not to
know, if we get a funny feeling about
him, will you listen to us? You won’t
A Short Story by ‘romance’ you, it could all be an act!” go off . . . I mean we’ve all got to be
“Yes my Darling, I know what you’re happy, haven’t we? That’s what we
Trisha Wellbrook © saying but, I was in another world. It agreed after Dad passed away.” Cried
“What was he like, I mean was he nice took me out of myself,” I explained, my youngest daughter, looking to her
and kind, you know, a genuine person?” “We talked a lot . . . about our families, elders for support, they nodded.
“What’d he look like” I told him all about you three. Talked “Of course not, my Loves, I wouldn’t
“Was he what you were expecting, you about our likes and dislikes, the do anything to hurt or upset you. I
know, like his blog?” theatre, art, travel . . . in fact promise. We’ve all got to be happy! It
My daughters quizzed me relentlessly. everything under the sun! I found him was just a fantasy meeting, nothing
He was what I expected and wanted. very interesting and I’m think he felt concrete, nothing permanent or serious.
Quietly masculine, moved effortlessly, the same way about me.” There are plenty more fish in the sea!
smiled a lot. He was precisely my type, “I’m sure he did, you are very interesting But, do you know what . . . I’m not
in fact I would have fallen madly in love Mum, you have an opinion on everything fishing! It was just a ‘one off’. I
with him had it lasted any longer. and you are good to talk to.” Smiled my stopped and turned to their beautiful,
“Yes, my Loves, he was perfect, middle daughter, encouragingly. young, concerned faces, “Listen . . .
probably what I’ve been looking for – “Do you think . . . you might . . . have a I’m quite happy as I am. I had a lovely
‘The One’. Strangely enough, he wasn’t relationship with him?” ventured my day out and it was so nice to breathe in
a bit like your Dad . . . in many ways the youngest daughter. Did I detect a hint of the sea air! Who’s hungry? Let’s go
complete opposite! Ooh, how I miss your anxiety in her voice? and get some lunch!”
Dad! We really did love each other, you “Oh goodness me! I can’t say at the We walked along arm in arm chatting
know that don’t you? Me and Dad were moment. It’s all new and sudden, like a and giggling, towards town. I didn’t
like twins, although we didn’t look a bit dream, almost. I might see him again dare tell them that in fact I had sat on
alike. We felt awkward without each sometime, it depends whether he wants the bench on the promenade at just
other. Oh I know we did lots of things on to.” before the arranged time, two o’clock.
our own, but . . . we always missed one “Play hard to get, Mum! Men love that, Whilst waiting and watching the rolling
another. Anyway . . . Pierre, that’s his gives them a challenge!” Stated my sea and feeling the soothing warmth of
name, swept me off my feet! He was eldest daughter, talking from the sun . . . I had fallen asleep! When I
charming, exciting to be with . . . had a experience, having three guys in tow at awoke I’d missed my ‘date’!
lovely voice and oh! That accent! As the moment! But what a wonderful dream I had
you’ve probably guessed, he was French. “We’ll have to meet him . . . and let about someone called Pierre! We all
He did smell faintly of garlic but all the you know what we think of him.” Said love to dream, don’t we?

Autumn Yoga Retreat 145th Wayland Agriculture

19-21 October Show Sunday 5th August
Hosted by susanyoga HORTICULTURE, COOKERY
A weekend to slow down and find a real sense of peace, an
opportunity to recharge and chill out a little before winter AND CRAFT SECTIONS
as we transition from one season to another. A friendly, traditional competition open to everyone who grows their
Staying at the stunning Briarfields Hotezl on the North own vegetables, makes their own preserves or produces anything listed
Norfolk Coast with luxury accommodation included all in the schedule of 52 classes. All of the 8 Sections have a first prize
surrounded by beautiful countryside and views of the sea! valued at £30 including the main ‘Floral Display Class’ reflecting 100
years of the RAF. All entries just 50p per item. So why not come along
Places limited. Contact Susan for further details on and give it a go Entry forms are available from ‘Wayland House’ and
07776 440542 or e mail on the show website: Or telephone Sue Thomas on 01953 881683
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 4
Anglia Ruskin. He lives in
Book Sale Success St Ethelbert Hundon, Suffolk.
What a scorcher! The recent Grand finds a place on His speciality is the soprano
saxophone, made famous in
Second Hand Book Sale at Thompson
Community Hall raised a staggering a musical map jazz by the late Sidney Bechet,
£1,071.02, to be split between Thompson Musical notes made up from its and it is this instrument he
and Griston churches, and Thompson coordinates on an Ordnance used as he walked the Peddars
Community Hall. A HUGE THANK Survey map will mean the Way making a short recording
YOU to everyone who helped us achieve church at Wretham will have a of notes in every church he
this: those who donated goods, those who special place in a musical came across, each time using
helped behind the scenes with all the composition being made up by the OS coordinates of the
preparations, our fantastic volunteers who a retired Cambridge lecturer building to find his notes.
manned the stalls in the blistering hot and music tutor. His plan when the walk and
weather, and everyone who helped clear Kevin Flanagan (right), a 65 recordings – in a hand held
up at the end. An especial thank you of year old who hails from News digital stereo recorder – are
course to all our customers. We could not Hampshire, USA, has been made in all the churches, is to
do this without you! teaching in Cambridge for turn them into a musical piece
More help is needed to run these events. over 30 years after coming to where he can be backed by a
If you can spare a couple of hours either the UK on his marriage. string quartet.
beforehand or on the day please do get in A professional musician and There is every chance he
touch. Many hands make light work. session player with a leaning could come back to Wretham
Our next sale is on Saturday 22nd to jazz, Kevin took time out to to play a concert in St
September at Thompson Community get post graduate Ethelbert, including the very
Hall. We hope to see you there. Thanks qualifications and ended his special themes recorded on his
again, Keith & Caroline 01953 880153. career teaching music at walk.

It is possible to keep these annual varieties didn’t do too well so we shall see how the
In your garden over winter by cutting back and keeping them
in trays of barely-moist compost in a frost-
autumn ones produce.
Now is the time for summer pruning fruit. As
With Lotta Potts free environment. I have tried several times the raspberries finish cut down the fruited
I don’t know what to say about August. At and my success rate has been small. Have a canes to 1” above the soil and tie in the new
the moment (mid-July for the deadline) it is go, nothing to lose and the feeling of victory canes to the support wires. This looks easy
so dry and dusty it resembles a ‘normal’ is almost as good as growing from seed. on the page but to be honest I think the
August. We have had no rain since mid- As far as the lawn is concerned, basically autumn-fruiting ones are easier – just cut the
May. This seems unbelievable in England, don’t touch it if the weather is hot and/or dry. lot down to the ground in winter. The apples
even in the driest of counties where we live. Whatever you do, don’t water or feed it. generally should have any long straight
There is hollow laughter in the old maxim Astonishingly the amount of water you can shoots growing out of the spurs removed and
that English summers amounted to two hot get on to dry grass (unless you leave a any growing straight off the trunk should be
days and a thunderstorm. We are almost sprinkler on night and day) will not produce shortened to about 4”. The compact varieties
upon St. Swithun (or St. Swithin) of the required result. Putting the sprinkler on is should be kept to a reachable height, usually
Winchester’s day when the forecast is just profligate. Grass will recover. It might about 6ft. If you have fan-trained trees these
whatever it does on that day will last for take a while but it will definitely come back. can be complicated regarding pruning but the
another forty. Whilst I realise it’s right in the You might have a few problems if the lawn best advice is to keep them against the wall or
middle of the school holidays and the was laid or sown in late spring but as late fence and tie in new shoots that fit the fan
children will want hot and sunny, I am spring this year was very wet it should be shape. Any shoots growing straight out from
hoping for rain. It can rain just on my garden fine. If you are planning a new lawn this is the fan should be removed and pinch out the
if it likes, to keep those who like hot and the time to start preparations by digging the tips of shoots that are trying to escape.
sunny happy. We had exhortations from ground over and removing weeds, Keep a lookout for pests and diseases,
somebody at OFWAT not to use tap water on particularly perennial weed roots. particularly mildew which is a result of
the gardens. Save rainwater (rather out of Dandelions and ground elder roots will drought in some plants. Roses and
synch there) and use bath- shower- and survive so although you probably won’t be honeysuckles suffer badly and if you don’t
washing-up water. That’s good advice if you seeding or turfing before September, now is want to spray then drench the ground
ignore the fact that most new-builds in hard- the time for soil preparation. thoroughly, apply a high potash feed and
water areas have a softener built in. As most Dead-heading is ongoing and applies to any mulch generously. Do this again in spring
softeners operate with salt it’s unusable on plant that flowers. It’s been a wonderful year and prevention is better than cure. This
gardens wherever you have saved it from. for roses and the more dead flowers you method is cheaper than chemicals that have to
Bad grammar but the strict version looks remove the longer the season. Dead-heading be re-applied as the basic cause will still be
worse. If you use soap, detergent, shampoo heading annuals can be a bit tedious but is there. Annuals that have developed powdery
etc in untreated water prolonged use will worth it as they will keep going until first mildew can be pulled out.
result in a sticky build-up unless you can frost. Let some seed to either grow on or Plant autumn-flowering bulbs and look out
reduce these items. Also try to avoid using transplant next year for an early start. The for the hyacinth bulbs going on sale for
water that washed greasy pans. The next same applies to lupins and delphiniums. If forcing for Christmas. No further comment!
threat will be a hosepipe ban. My thought on you don’t want to increase these remove the Whatever the weather throws our way this
this is that when the water suppliers stop the flowering stems as soon as they are finished – should be the month for slowing down a bit
leaks or at least make an obvious effort to do this should probably apply to July more than on the hard work and enjoying the garden.
so a hosepipe ban will be appropriate. When August – and hopefully they will have a However, as always weather or no weather
all’s said and done we gardeners are probably smaller flush of flowers later in the year. they’ll be growing so keep weeding.
the most frugal users of water. Where veg is concerned this year is going to
It’s quite surprising what thrives in August. be a bit of a mystery. I have already dug
The late-flowering plants will shine, most of
them perennials that have had time to put
quite a few second early potatoes as I found
out that once the temperature hits 25c they
What’s on at St
stop growing. No point in watering if all you
their roots down. Sedums do well with fleshy
stems and leaves that store water. They need do is maybe keep the foliage going a bit Mary’s, Watton
well-drained soil in the sun as do Perovskia longer which might encourage blight. It’s Sun 29th July 10.30am Celebrate Norfolk
(Russian Sage) both the original tall species humid as well as hot mid-July, perfect blight Day with “Songs of Praise” at St Mary’s
that need support and the later variety Little weather. The peas are not very good and I Church, Watton
Spire. These have blue flowers along the read in the press that the crop will be poor this Thursday 2nd August 10.00am Thursday
vertical stems with silvery leaves that are sage year due to lack of rain. Even those on sale Chat a social coffee morning at St Mary’s
-scented. Another plant that required well- have small pods, indicating that even the Church, all welcome
drained soil in the sun or light shade is farmers aren’t doing any better than the Friday 3rd August 2.15pm, and 7.15pm
Japanese anemone in all its varieties, all gardeners. Worse, probably, as we can direct Watton Community Cinema at St Mary’s
facing the same way towards the light. They water at them. The tomato plants are quite “Paddington 2”
can take a while to settle then you find that forward including some from seed I didn’t Refreshment Café opens one hour prior to
somehow they’ve moved to where they want plant in among other crops. These must have screening. Tickets £5, available at the box
to grow not where you planted them. Once been in the compost bin so it will be office on the day.
settled they will keep going until October. interesting to see what survived. A lot of fruit Sat18th August 12-4.00pm Family Fun Day
Fuchsias are wonderful value whether they should be ready this month and trees seem to at St Mary’s Church, Green and Marquee.
are the really hardy Riccartonii types used in have heavy crops. I only had a small ‘June Free entry, fun and games for all the family,
hedges in the West Country and large shrubs drop’ this year on apples and pears so maybe Messy Church Craft, children’s races. BBQ/
elsewhere, ‘Hawkshead’ which is white and a mid-July cull might be appropriate. Other hot and cold drinks (all priced)
pretty much bombproof or any of their fruit that should be ready in August are No Story Bags at St Mary’s Church during
relatives or the annual blowsy types that bring peaches, apricots, nectarines, the last summer August.
new varieties every year bearing larger and -fruiting raspberries and the first autumn- The July Winner of the 100 Club Draw was
larger flowers in upright or trailing varieties. fruiting ones. The summer-fruiting ones number 88 Sybil Gant
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 5

Afternoon Teas at All Song of the West John Brannan

Saints Threxton End Waiters
We will be serving Afternoon Teas in the Church on Sunday 12th
August from 2p.m. to 4p.m. Do call in and enjoy some delicious The old codgers keep atroshin!
homebakes. We have a large selection of books for sale, just 50p (To the tune of Botany Bay or
each. Also a variety of other items for sale, plus a cake stall of
homebakes to take away. Please join us and help to raise funds to ‘Tooralay tooralay tooraly ay’)
improve facilities at the Church and for our tower restoration project. The prospect was daunting, the challenge severe.
To take out to Hickling a dose of good cheer,
Then drive 50 miles back and try not to scupper,
By being too weary the Inner Wheel supper.
At Thickthorn the lights fused just as we scraped
At Hickling the meeting ran well overdue...
The show was delightful, our hosts were all stars,
And we raced back deserving a medal with bars!
(The old codgers can shift when they get in their
Arriving at Beetley they said - first show ever -
“Our electric is off”, which was not very clever.
Our words were all naked, with no keyboard
cover, “We lost a great man yesterday, as the other hand he initiated the
But we found them a wonderful group to discover. husband, dad, grandad and friend, location of the Breast Screening
you were always there when we Clinic at the Youth Centre and was a
At Thetford the Methodists fancied a chuckle, needed you” so wrote James Brannan member of the Wayland Prison
Nor minded the jokes that were near to the on June 19th, reflecting on the death Review Committee. In 1984 John
knuckle, of his father, John. became a Councillor and twice
Their welcome was warm and they all knew the These sentiments were echoed many served as Town Mayor.
score, times as a large congregation Further contributions to the life of the
And enjoyed all the things we presented — once gathered at the Methodist Church to town included being a Trustee of
more! celebrate the life of John Brannan. Watton in Relief Charity , working
We went to St.Mary’s - the tickets were sold - The service, which followed private with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau
We tried to be sprightly tho’ we’re getting old, cremation, was led by Rev. Barbara and, with the late Richard Crabtree,
We sang and we sweltered, and gave of our best, Winner who outlined some of the planning and organising the
But the heat of the moment proved rather a test. achievements of a man who settled wonderful Watton Carnivals.
happily in Norfolk but who always Retirement brought opportunities for
By Peter Cowling retained his Yorkshire heritage. John and Beryl to enjoy holidays at
John was born in Huddersfield in home and abroad, gardening and
December 1933 the only son of involvement with their family and
Shipdham Knitters parents Elizabeth and Thomas. With friends, all of whom have fond
his sister Shirley, John grew up in memories of the times spent together.
Once Upon a Time Almondsbury, passing the 11+ and In her tribute John’s elder daughter
going on to enjoy especially, the Emma shared many memories of her
Festival opportunities for cricket, football and
athletics which Almondsbury
father’s life saying that if it were to
be summed up in three words, those
Shipdham Once Upon a Time Festival, organised
by Shipdham Knitters, included knitted scenes Grammar school had to offer. words would be ‘Family, dedication
depicting Nursery Rhymes, FairyTales and rural On leaving school John worked for and fun’. Family was always
life. It was held in All Saints Church on the 22nd- an optician and then as a designer of paramount and she recalled the fun of
24th June. Refreshments were available fine Worsted suits for Saville Row. It holidays and outings which involved
throughout together with tombola, a book stall, was, however, his spare time many adventures: some with scant
fishing game and other attractions. Through sales activities as a Methodist Youth Club regard for the health and safety
and donations we now have well over £1,000 to Leader and in scouting which led regulations of today! Likewise, as
donate to local charities. eventually to his chosen career and a Helen, John’s younger daughter, read
We would like to thank all those who helped and lifetime dedicated to working with memories from the grandchildren it
contributed in any way whatsoever and visited young people. A mutual involvement became clear that many of John’s
from near and far despite the diversions of lovely in Youth work led to John’s marriage talents and interests have been passed
weather and football. As a small villlage group we to Beryl and together they took up to the younger generation: he
have been overwhelmed by the compliments appointments in Gloucestershire, encouraged Jack’s interest in
received including the suggestion that we took the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire before a gardening, he loved to watch Meg’s
show on tour. Needless to say the latter is unlikely move to Watton where they made races, he helped Henry carve a
although we took some of the individual pieces to their family home. Hallowe’en pumpkin and then drove
Shipdham School Fete on 7th July to sell and they As Divisional Youth and Community all the way to Chelmsford to deliver
may appear at other events for this purpose. Officer for the Attleborough and it when it was accidentally left
The group meets on the first Tuesday of each Watton District, John worked with behind in Watton!
month in the WI Hall and in All Saints Church on village Youth Clubs as well as In recent years John has been dogged
the second Wednesday. We knit for and donate to developing and expanding the Youth by ill-health but his interest in his
various local charities. For further information Centre here in the town. His aim family and in his adopted home town
please contact Kathy on 01362 820615. throughout was to improve the remained and he never completely
quality of life not just for young lost his sense of humour. Watton has
people but for the community as a much to thank John Brannan for and
whole. On the one hand, for example, there are many who have good
he was a school governor and an reason to be grateful to him and will
assessor for the Duke of Edinburgh endorse James’ words ‘We will miss
Awards scheme leading expeditions you, and always remember you for
in this country and abroad, whilst on the man you were.’
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 6
Wayland Mens Watton Rotary Roundup Watton room where tables had been decorated
with knitted poppies, and flags,
Shed banners decorated the walls. The
Church Walk - Watton, IP25 6ET Evening W I poppies were sold and donations are to
Phew! Is it hot or what, for myself and We know Summer is definitely with us be given to the British Legion. A
my wife we both like the warm sunny when the Elderflowers are in bloom typical meal of the time was served to
weather but even I have to admit I’m and Elderflower cordial is being the members by the Committee.
beginning to wilt this year and its taken sipped. This was the case at our Family stories were recalled of this
me a while to get my old brain into Resolution & Social Meeting in May. special period. A singalong was held
gear to write this coming months To start the proceedings refreshments and 2 bursaries were awarded to
article. Whilst on this subject I would and wine or cordial was served commemorate this special anniversary
like to state that my admiration goes followed by the usual announcements, to Hazel Gillingham and Pauline Lister
out to Ian Taylor our Garden a quiz and then the Resolution was in order for them to enjoy an
Supervisor, Shuan & other members outlined – this year on the subject of educational course of their choice. A
who have worked so hard to try and get Mental Health. This evoked much brilliant evening was had by all. In
our garden area ready for us to use by discussion with some members addition to this fantastic meeting other
working in this baking weather, they relaying their own experiences of this groups have met during this month –
have had a set back or two having lost diverse subject. The meeting passed the Craft Group met for 2 sessions,
the donation of materials but we are on the Resolution and our vote was taken Lunch Club met at Broom Hall,
the case and should be back on target to the National Meeting. This is the Watton Cinema held at St Mary’s
in a few days, keep up the good work 100th year of WI Resolutions and this Church where the film was ‘The
guys! year 69 subjects were proposed and Darkest Hour’. Members eagerly await
I must not forget a big thank you to one As presaged in last month’s Rotary September. This initiative is now then a panel whittled these down. Over the secret venue of the Pudding Club .
of the residends adjoining our building Roundup, at the end of the last meeting building up to be something rather quite the years 750 Resolutions have been If that wasn’t enough – we wish to
in Lime Tree Walk, for her donation of of June Martin Parker handed the different and rather special - already a passed on varied subjects, the first of congratulate those gifted Members
Paving Slabs, these will be very useful symbols of presidency to Dr Mike second bulk supply of white umbrellas these was on poor housing. who entered the Royal Norfolk Show
in our garden. Harvey and in return Martin received an has been ordered. A report from the A bouquet of flowers was presented to in the individual categories and those
It is my intention once our garden is illuminated Certificate of Service. It is organising committee is published Pat Kilday at the meeting to wish her who produced our entry in the WI
finished to invite the residents of Lime Dr Mike’s 2nd term as President of the elsewhere in this edition; suffice to say well after her accident. It was lovely to exhibit where we were placed 4th.
Tree Walk to visit our garden one Watton Rotary Club, having been the an important date to remember is 1st see she is on the road to recovery. A coach outing to Bradenham Hall
afternoon for Tea and Cake, this has incumbent for the 2010/11 Rotary year. September, the closing date for There was also a lighter side to the Gardens was organized where
been my goal since we started on the Mike presented the vice-president’s completed entry forms - there is one activities during May ranging from members and partners were able to
garden and with luck I’m hoping that pendant to Peter Cowling, who will with each umbrella purchased. Lunch Club at The Chequers enjoy a guided tour by the owners
will be some time in August . . . this assume chairmanship of the Club Further information about the Thompson, Ten Pin Bowling, Cinema culminating with tea/coffee and cake
year! Committee. Umbrellas Festival and other Group, Craft Morning, Walking Group in the tearoom or on the patio in the
Whilst on the subject of gardens our Plans for this Rotary year include the forthcoming, and past, events can be to Merton. May also saw the start of beautiful sunshine. This was a
workshop chaps under the supervision usual Jazz Nights in October and found on our website: the new Secret Pudding Club. The delightful garden and the arboretum
of Dave Gambrell have completed and March, the Big Quiz also in March, and venue remains a secret until the was impressive.
delivered the “Raised Flower Bed the first-ever Umbrella Festival this Martin Anscombe morning of the event and those that Should you wish to join us as a guest
Frames” they made for the Sensory attended consumed delicious desserts or wish to find out more please contact
Garden at Wayland House, I haven’t Buildings and Fortifications that our two so im told! at the Kings Arms, Watton. Wonder our Secretary, Carol Robeson on
heard from anyone but im told they are troops would encounter in various Well it had to happen didn’t it ! Friday where the next secret location will be? 01953 881006 who will be happy to
doing the job well, I would take the foreign countries throughout the world 6th july “QUIZ & Chips” as popular as The June meeting took on a different speak to you.
opportunity to thank VPH Roofing for during their tour of duty, and hopefully ever another full house, what can I say it feel when we were transported back Pictured Jean Hall, Alison Parker,
the donation of old scaffold boards we their experiences on STANTA would always goes down well, This as with 100 years to 1918, the end of World Helen Daly, Hazel Gillingham
used for the frames. keep them safe and bring them home. most of our outings and events was War I as Members wore a varied range
A thank you to our member Brian Thanks To “Salec Travel” for the organised by our Social Secretary Mr of costumes of the
Lawrence who took up the challenge to Coach and driver, and to Lt Col (Retd) Malcolm Trayhorn. Thank you time. A competition
put together a “Cat Kennel” for a local Anthony Powell for his tour and Malcolm. where the Members
resident with a stray cat, his efforts commentary. Following our AGM we have now voted on the best
were awarded with a nice donation Sunday 1st July was our visit to revised our opening times and added dressed was won by
towards our funds, Thank You Brian. Whitwell and Reepham Open Steam another opening day as follows: Pat Kilday suitably
Our Computer Team as always work Museum, 25 of us attended, we started Monday and Wednesdays 9.30am to attired as an engineer,
hard and bring in regular donations with a tour of the station and its 1pm, Fridays: 10am to 1pm and 2nd place was Helen
from repairing and refurbishing buildings then Roast Lunch, followed Saturdays: 10am to 1pm * on Fridays Daly in true
Computers and Lap Tops as well as by a short train Ride up the track, some and Saturdays our Computer group will Suffragette guise and
recycling old computer parts and relaxation and an ice cream, a very be open for business, If you have any 3rd place Mary
metals well done Jeff and Team. interesting day and its well worth a visit. old computers you don’t want or want Waterfield as a maid
As well as all this going on WMS have An enormous amount of hard work is one repaired bring it along and see the complete with mop
been out and about Wednesday 20th of put into running the museum by the lads. As usual the kettle is always on, cap.
June was our Local STANTA Battle volunteers to keep improving the visitor are always welcome so pop in for A small exhibition of
Area Tour with a Coach full of buildings and renovating the trains, Give a cuppa and a chat no obligation to join Member’s
members and friends being escorted it a look its worth it. Wednesday 4th if you don’t want to. Any enquiries commemorative items
around this vast area of fenced off July some of our members went to please give me a call or email. was also on display.
countryside on our door step, it was Blakney for a walk about and the Cheers for Now, Richard, The Chair. After the usual
interesting to see the various mock ups opportunity to do some photography, Tel:01953 881004. Or E mail: notices, the meeting
of different types and styles of everyone enjoyed the day, and a pint or adjourned to another
1919. There are over 400 Country Markets about Membership. If you have not yet
Watton Country across England, Wales and the Channel shopped with us, why not call in and check
Islands. out our range of locally produced baked
Market They provide a retail outlet for high-quality, goods, savouries, preserves, honey, eggs,
Another busy month at your local Country home-made, home-grown and hand-crafted produce, plants and crafts. We can cater for
Market! We never know who is going to produce and an opportunity for individual special dietary requirements and all our food
call in for their weekly treat of one of our producers to profit from their skills. We are producers hold a current Certificate in Food
specialities! (Pictured Right) actively recruiting new Members so if you Hygiene. Come and find us at the Christian
We are often asked ‘What are Country are interested in becoming a producer please Community Centre, every Wednesday
Markets?’ Country Markets are co-operative call in and speak to Linda, our Market morning 8.30am – 11.30am, we will be
social enterprises originally established in Manager who will be able to explain all looking forward to seeing you.

Museum Hosts
Centenary Baton
On Thursday, Museum 4 Watton was proud to host the
RAF 100 Baton Relay on its penultimate day in the
region. The Baton came from the Norfolk show via the
Blenheim Centre which caters for RAF families in
Watton. It was accompanied on its journey by the
Watton Brownies.
Museum 4 Watton currently has a special exhibition to
celebrate the centenary of the RAF and the town's past
and present links to the RAF.
The event was brilliantly attended and Mayor Tina
Kidell, received the Baton from a young resident who’s
father is serving in the RAF. The event was pleased to
welcome serving airmen and officers including Wing
Commander Marr representing the Station Commander
from RAF Marham alongside veterans. The museum
trustees view this event as a very special honour, in
their first year of opening and a real chance to say
thank you to the local military community for their
A representative of the trustees said “We wish the RAF
Baton relay every success as it continues its journey.”.
The RAF 100 special exhibition will remain on view in
the Museum until September.
The museum, which opened in mid – March has
already had over 1800 visitors and is proving popular
with locals and visitors alike.
The museum may be contacted at 01953 797060 or
Pictured right is Wing Commander Marr and Watton
Mayor Tina Kidell with the baton.

uses the same cross on their badge.

Great Hockham The Knights The Watton Society now has outside visits
during the summer and will meet again in
Gardening Club Hospitallers the Watton Christian Community Centre at
On Wednesday July 11th we visited Who Were They? 7.45 pm on Wednesday, September 19th
Walnut Tree Garden Nursery, at On a fine June evening in the Parish for a talk by Mark Reynolds entitled My
Rocklands NR17 1BP – this was Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Life in Cartoons.
attended by 6 members, numbers were Carbrooke, Helen Riley enlightened a good
low because we had to change from the audience of Watton Society members on
planned visit to Mill Farm, Wendling - who the Knights Hospitallers were and Watton U3A
due to ill health of the host. We had a their connections with Carbrooke Church. Last month we were entertained by
tour round their garden which was still In a field near the Church can be seen the Malcolm and Elizabeth Ecclestone who
magnificent – despite the heat and remains of the ‘Commandery’ where a perform as Chanters Jigge. They brought to
drought conditions. Wonderful group of the Knights were based, collecting our meeting a large range of instruments
herbaceous beds with tall colourful alms for the care and shelter of pilgrims to including a hurdy gurdy, English pipes, an
plants attracting an abundance of insects Jerusalem, and doing good work in the early clarinet and several different
against a tree background. community. The Hospitallers were formed recorders. They played ten pieces of music
The Nursery is stocked with many in 1099 in Jerusalem as The Knights taking us through five centuries including a
unusual plants all in a fantastic condition Hospitallers of the Order of St. John of variety of tunes ranging from a 16C lively
despite the drought. The owner, Jim Jerusalem, and were based in various areas circle dance, a Russian folk tune to a
Paine has a wealth of knowledge which before they effectively ceased to exist in traditional Irish jig using ancient,
he is only to happy to share and has England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth traditional and modern musical
wonderful advice to give. We all agreed the First. However the modern St. John instruments. The members were
that his Nursery is a hidden gem which is Ambulance is their direct descendant and encouraged to join in choruses and to clap
well worth the finding! and stamp their feet in time to the tunes.
Interested in joining our Club? Need After their performance the U3A members
more information? - check out our had the opportunity to examine the musical
website, or give me a call. instruments and learn a bit more about their
The membership fee is only £10 per year history. Chanters Jigge are a very talented
and there are many discounts and pair of musicians who kept us well
advantages to being a member. We meet entertained.
on the 2nd Wednesday every month. Next month the speaker will be from
AGM on Wed 12th September – The Welney Wetland Centre. The No 1 pub
best time to join! Jane Dalton lunch group will be visiting The Chequers
(Programme Secretary GHGC) 01953 at Thompson on Thursday 9 August.
498694 The No 2 pub lunch group will be visiting The Waggon and Horses on Tuesday 31
.uk July.
WEDNESDAY 8th AUGUST Please contact our Membership Secretary,
SUMMER SOCIAL Plus - Walk to see Jacqui Cummings 01953 881716, if you
the oldest Oak tree in the village Venue - would like to become a member of the
Overton House, Harling Rd, Gt. Watton U3A, or would like further
Hockham IP24 1NT Time – 2pm details. For further details on the
MEMBERS – FREE. VISITORS - £5 National U3A, see
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 8

Attleborough Teacher Has

Got the Brecks Factor!
27 year old teacher Josh Johnson from evening's entertainment for all the family. With a
Attleborough beat off the opposition in the final of spectacular show featuring singers, dancers, mind
the Brecks Factor and will be performing at the blowing illusions and of course Melsop favourites,
Summer Variety Shows at Melsop Farm Park Alex Morley and Robbie James, who with their all
every Saturday at 6.30pm through the Summer new comedy routines, make the perfect recipe for a
Holidays hit show!
Josh was first encouraged to sing as a student at As well as the show itself admission includes full
Attleborough High School and his first time on access to the Farm Park and the indoor soft play
stage was in the High School's production of and the outdoor play areas. There will be a fully
Grease. After school he joined the Attleborough licensed bar and delicious BBQ food available
Players where his first part was playing Abanaza in during the interval and at the end of every
Aladdin and since then he has gone from strength performance.
to strength. Tickets are priced at only £12 for adults and £10
As a part of his prize, Josh will be singing songs for children and available online at
from the Jersey Boys at Melsop Farm Park's or by calling the
unique theatre as a guest performer in the Summer Melsop Theatre box office on 01953 665001.
Variety Shows. The shows are the perfect

The Ovington Crower Watton Twinning Association

By Boy Sid
Thas bin a bit on tha warm side jist leartly hentit,
bet orl yore warta buts is gittin low, mine hev orl
run owt, hevvin tew hull tha barth warta on thar
teartas now. Mind yew orl tha veggies are dewin
orl rite ‘spite of tha drowt, ware hed runna beans,
peas, teartas an shell sune hev sum termartas.
So we hent starving yit.
Tha marsta he say tew me “Sid” he say “Betta git
tha ole combine owt tha shid an grease har up, cos
the 15 aerca barley hev cum on sharpish, an we
cud start on har by tha weekend” He allus dew
that, carnt start on tha Mundi, hefta dew it on Satdi
so I hent thar fer a gearm o cricket in tha
arternune, okkud ole tewl. Horry sed “Dunt yew
git orl worrit Sid, I’ll hev a goo at him” On July 8th we held our Annual Cream in hosting this family please let me
Wot he say tew tha marsta, I hent sartin, but he Tea & Quiz afternoon. It was a great know by 'phone or e.mail for more
cum up tew me an he say “Betta leave thar fild for pleasure for us to welcome Watton information.
a few more dearze Sid, I hev hed a corl from tha Town Mayor Tina Kiddell., her lovely If you are interested in joining us and
corn marchent an he rekkun heeze hed a luk an Mum and Deputy Mayor Pat Warwick making a link with a German family in
thet hent reddy yit, so weed betta gi it bit longer.” and Rob her husband along with other Weeze or just becoming a member to
I bet heel leeve it fer a wik an decide thas fit fer Town Councillors and of course our meet our other members socially please
the nex Satdi, wen we shud be playin away at members and friends to what was a very contact me by telephone or email below
Hingham. Carnt win wi him. sunny and hot afternoon of enjoyment for a chat and more information
Hed anutha Cowncil meetin larst wik, an tha ole with lots of scones, jam, cream and Twinning membership is just £10 per
chair mawtha wos a bit put owt cos no end o tha strawberries and quizzing fun. year for a family and £7 for a single
public tarned up, an she dint want enny argiments Our next event will be at the Watton adult. We hold 5 or 6 events a year some
cos she know how peepal kin git orl riled up wen Carnival in September where we shall to just socialize together and others such
she lay down tha lore. Thar wos gittin yewsed tew have a Tombola Stall and Pick- A-Peg as a Cream Tea, Carnival and
har ways an thar dint say a lot an allus arsked har board. Come and see us and try your Oktoberfest to raise funds for when our
fer parmisshun tew speke wen thar did. So tha luck. Weeze friends come to Watton, always a
meetin wos sune oova and thare wos time fer me We have a young Weeze family with 2 most enjoyable time whether you have
an Horry tew get down tha pub afore cloosin time. children a boy and girl who would like guests staying with you or just joining
Cos Horry hev ronoova his bike wi tha tracter, we to twin with a young family in Watton in. Tel:- 01953 883317 or
worlked up tha rood an we coont help seein tha or one of the surrounding villages. If you
owld beet wos lukkin or anyone you know would be interested Margaret Devine (Chair)
a bit tha wus fer ware cossa tha drowt. Horry he
say, “Cor blarst Sid, dew yew ‘member tha members, so you can enter any or all
hunnert o times we went choppin owt in thet 25 Bradenham of the following:
earca, thas afore thar bort in thet monogamous 4 white potatoes, 4 coloured
seed” “Yis” I say “Thet grew orlrite but go ter hell
dint thet hev sum stoons innit, hed tew sharpin tha
and District potatoes, 1 longest runner bean, 6
ripe tomatoes, 1 trug of mixed
hoo arta every row” “Thas rite” he say “Dew yew
no I haddta git a new file from Mr Joones evra
Horticultural vegetables, 4 dessert apples,
miniature garden 30x10cm (age 6-
year cos Cloddy allus yewsed ter borrer me filet 10), miniature garden 30x10cm (age
an nivva giv it back, I bet heeze got a shud full o Society 11-14), 1 flowering pelargonium, 1
my tewls” “Bit leart tew git ‘em back now Horry, And you never thought you would vase of 5 flower stems or 1 single
cos heeze bin gone this five year” welcome the rain… Our gardens are flower stem ( not already named), 5
We did git down tha pub wentchwelly an tha tork looking distinctly dry with yellow single fuschia heads on a plate, jar of
wos orl abowt this owld boy from ‘Merica wos lawns and drooping shrubs, however home-made fruit chutney or jelly,
ginin us orl thet skwit abowt tha Brexit an how we watered pots are a riot of colour and any piece of craft jewellery, craft
shud dew it his way, boy Gibby he got on his tomatoes, chillies, melons and collage unframed max 15x15cm
hihorse an sez we orta put him on an aerplane an cucumbers flourish in the heat. IT`S YOUR SHOW, SO HAVE A
send him home. But Horry sez hoose gonna pay On Thursday July 19th we had a real GO!
tha feare, cos I hent. Tha Lanlord wos pourin pints treat: a visit to Dale Farm Gardens in Future dates (all free to members &
like thar wos a beer rashun cumin up, but hed wun Dereham. This hidden treasure £1.00 to non-members): Thursday
hell of a grin on his dile, he no wen heeze on a included refreshments and many of August 16th Dr Ian Bedford on
winna, arta tha werld cup, I rekkun heeze gittin ni us came away inspired. Butterfly Gardening; Saturday
on tha gret ole holday fer learta thar year. The sight of butterflies in the garden September 1st AUTUMN SHOW;
I tell yew wot thet tuk a lot longa tew git hoom is always a delight, so keep Look out for our updates on
than it did ter git down tha pub. My missus Thursday August 16th free in your Facebook at Bradenham Community
wunt best pleased eetha. diaries when Dr Ian Bedford will Hub
Jis a thort, kip yor hands orf otha wimmin if give a talk on what to grow for their Marianne Kilmartin, Chairman
yew’gor wun of yore own. An dew yew kip a benefit. 01362 820744
troshin. Our September Autumn Show will Laurene Henderson Publicity Officer
See yew sune, Boy Sid have many categories for non- 01362 821164 / 07942 820590
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 9
Watton Churches Together - August Royal British Legion the Menin Gate on the 8th August, bearing contact Helen Daly on 01953 885124 or e-
St. Mary’s Church, Watton their branch standard and a wreath. mail:
to be represented at WW1 They will join more than 2,200 other
Follow us @StMarysWatton commemorations in Belgium Legion representatives and dignitaries,
If I can be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me, Members of the Watton & District branch including Civic and military guests from
on 01953 881439, I shall be available at church on Tuesdays of The Royal British Legion are to join the UK, Commonwealth and Northern
between 10.30am and 12 noon - Gerry Foster thousands on a pilgrimage of Europe who are taking part. Once at the
Open for Visitors Wednesday 10.30-3.00pm Remembrance to World War One Menin Gate, KC will lay a wreath on
Thursday 10-12.30pm. battlefield that culminates in a parade and behalf of the Watton community.
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion ceremony in Ypres as part of the end of Helen Daly (Secretary) of the Watton &
2nd Wednesday Morning Worship the First World War centenary District Branch of The Royal British Legion,
Thursdays 5.00pm - 5.30pm Parish Prayers commemorations this August. comments: “Great Pilgrimage 90 is a unique
Saturdays 9.30am - 10.00am Parish Prayers The Royal British Legion event, known as opportunity for the Legion community to
5.00pm - 6.00pm Prayer & Praise Great Pilgrimage 90 (GP90), takes place come together and bear our Standards along
Sundays 10.00am-11.30am ADventure-free for 0-16 yr between the 5th and 9th of August and will the same route in Ypres taken 90 years
Term time only be one of the largest in the charity’s history. earlier by the veterans and widows of the
Breakfast - Crafts - Games - Faith in Jesus Teaching GP90 will mark 90 years since the original First World War. The Watton & District
Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-1pm Royal British Legion Pilgrimage in 1928, Branch looks forward to proudly
Tel: 01953 881252 which saw 11,000 World War One representing Watton at the event.”
Sun 5th 8.00am Holy Communion veterans and war widows visit the As local champions of Remembrance, the
10.00am Confirmation & renewal of battlefields of the Somme in France and Watton & District Branch of The Royal
Baptismal Vows with Bishop Tony Foottit Ypres in Belgium, a decade after the British Legion is looking to work in
Sun 12th 8.00am Holy Communion conflict ended. partnership with their community to bring
10.00am Informal Holy Communion That Pilgrimage culminated in a march their unique Remembrance message to the
Sun 19th 8.00am Holy Communion through Ypres to the Commonwealth War Menin Gate, on their wreath, where it will be
10.00am Holy Communion Grave Commission’s Menin Gate Memorial displayed in a wreath installation for viewing
2.30pm Café Stop at the Blenheim Centre for a ceremony to commemorate the launch by the general public until the end of August.
Sun 26th 8.00am Holy Communion of The Hundred Days Offensive and in The parade will start at midday and we
10.00am 4th Sunday at 10 remembrance of those who never returned. encourage the public to make the trip across
12 noon Holy Baptism Local Legion members, John Daly and to Ypres for the 8th August and fill the
K.C. Jones will represent the Watton & Market Square to watch the parade, One
Watton Methodist Church District Branch and the local community Hundred Days ceremony and then enjoy an at the event, as Standard Bearer and afternoon of musical entertainment including
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and The Central Band of the Royal British
Wreath Layer respectively.
prayer between 10.15am & 11.30am. It’s your quiet place. John and KC will tour some of the same Legion.
At 10.30am there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large If you want to find out more about GP90 or
battlefields and cemeteries visited by those
Vestry led by the Minister or a Church Member. your local Royal British Legion branch, then
on the 1928 Pilgrimage, before marching
Sun 5th 10.30am Rev A King please visit or
along the original route through Ypres, to
6.30pm Mrs S Parfitt
Sun 12th 10.30am Mr R Cunningham
6.30pm Revd B Trinder
Sun 19th 10.30am Miss J Woor OVINGTON'S 3RD WACKY Ovington Wacky
6.00pm Circuit Songs of Praise at
Watton Methodist Church
Sun 26th 10.30am Section Service at Saham Hill
CART GRAVITY RACE. Scrappy Gravity Race
The race will take place on a closed part of Church Road,
6.30pm Mr & Mrs P Cook ON SUNDAY 12th AUGUST Ovington with the finish line at the Village Hall on Sunday
Roman Catholic Community 12th August. Teams will arrive between 11.30 to 12 noon.
Each Sat 5.30pm Mass at Watton Methodist Church
BUILD YOUR CART NOW, with timed races between 13.00 and 14.00 followed by
St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill awards. Ovington Village Hall will be joining in the fun. So
Sun 5th 10.00am Lay Led Worship & Sunday Funday please bring a few pounds with you to support them. There
Sun 12th 9.30am Family Holy Communion will be a 'Terrific Totes' competition, tombola etc. and BBQ
Sun 19th 9.30am Morning Worship BBQ at 12 noon other refreshments from 11am and refreshments will be available.
Sun 26th 9.30am Holy Communion OR JUST COME AND WATCH THE FUN
St. George’s Church, Saham Toney
Sun 5th 11.00am Lay Led Worship Shipdham and District
Sun 12th 11.00am Family Holy Communion Fountain of Life Church
Sun 19th
Sun 26th
11.00am All Age Worship
11.00am Holy Communion
The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Book Group
Ashill IP25 7BT Telephone 01760 441 902 The Book discussed on 20th June was Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by
Gail Honeyman. Eleanor lives a strange limited life. She has scars on her face
S.S. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke Sunday Services and hands on which she wears white gloves, eats the same meal every night,
Sun 5th No Service the congregation will be attending
Confirmation Service at St Mary’s 5th August at 10am 12th August at 10am has her sandwiches at work on her own and at weekends drinks vast quantities
Sun 12th 10.30am All Age Worship 19th August at 10am 26th August 10am of vodka and eats frozen pizza. She has phone chats with ‘Mummy’. Things
Sun 19th 10.30am Holy Communion change when she meets Raymond, the untidy, clumsy IT man from her graphic
design office. Eleanor and Raymond save Sammy an elderly man who has
Sun 26th 10.30am Lay Led Worship
St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington
All Saints Church, Threxton fallen on the pavement. They visit him in hospital and thus three lonely people
become friends. Gradually we learn of Eleanor’s strange, somewhat horrific
Sun 5th9.30am Holy Communion Our next service at All Saints Church Threxton childhood and early years. Thus we begin to understand a possible reason for
Sun 12th 10.30am All Age Worship will be on Sunday 5th August at 10.30 a.m. her persona and life Eleanor begins to move on.
Sun 26th 6.00pm Hymns for a Summer Evening A warm welcome to all This book inspired an interesting discussion with varying views. Some disliked
it intensely while others were gripped by it. Even those who disliked it agreed
that it was well written and an unusual choice of central character. We
discussed the question of ‘nature or nurture’ with no conclusion; debated
whether Eleanor is within the autistic spectrum, possibly Asperges, agreeing,
almost certainly; admired the device of using her meetings with a counsellor to
tell the disturbing story and felt it was sad with a few glimmers of humour. It
was felt that there was hope for Eleanor by the end with promotion at work and
more social interchange.
The book for July’s meeting is Bad Blood by Lorna Sage. Sue Hart

Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Breckland Local Group
We had a very interesting walk and exploration of holes in the ground on
Knettishall Heath with Tim Holt-Wilson. He is so very knowledgeable on
geology and can put that information across so well to his audience.
On Sunday 19th August we are having a tour of the Animal Care Centre and
College Water Meadows at Easton and Otley College led by Glyn Evans. As
usual it starts at 10am until about noon.
Meet at the Michael Gamble Centre for Animal Studies, Easton College, NR9
5GA Cost is £2 members £3 non-members Booking essential 01953 717227
Due to the nature of this walk please leave dogs at home.
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 10
can you share anything that you over to us four adult cats aged were not damaged, and fortunately
Mayors Musings might see on social media, there is a Rotary Umbrella between 10 and 12, because they he is fine. With lots of TLC, in a
Cllr Tina Kidell lot happening in town for all ages. I now have a puppy and he couple of months he will be fit
I hope as you read this that the sun is wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on
Festival terrorises the cats and they are and well again. This couple left no
still shinning. What an amazing anything because they are not As announced in June, Watton Rotary Club outside and too afraid to come stone unturned to find their
summer so far. It makes you want to computer able. are holding a Rotary Umbrella Festival in July indoors. How can anyone have treasured cat and he is now having
get out and about, and with all that we Lots of People ask me what does a -August, when plain white umbrellas can be cats for 10 years or more, and then the best treatment possible to get
have going on in Watton and the mayor do? In fact, quite a lot is the purchased for £10 to be decorated however want to be rid of them because him back to full health.
surrounding villages you are not short answer, I chair the meetings, and try you wish and then entered ( before 31 August ) they now want a dog? These poor Then there is Mylo, another one of
of things to do. to raise as much money as I can for into the Festival on Saturday 15 September cats could be in one of our pens my hand rears, that was bitten
I hope some of you popped along to see my two chosen charities which as you between 10.00 am and 4.00pm at Watton for months and months, waiting under his tail probably by another
the open gardens and yard sale that the all know is THE SPORTS CENTRE Christian Community Centre (WCCC), where for a new home, because when cat and the infection spread to his
council organised on the 30th june and and THE DAISY PROGRAMME, I the public will choose the 2 winners in Junior they are older, it takes longer to spine. Several years later, he still
1st July. The idea was brought to also must represent Watton at many and Adult categories , the winners will be find homes for them. The owners has trouble controlling his bladder
council by Rita and Keith Gilbert, I different events, which contrary to announced at a Cheese & Wine Evening at the could, of course, train the puppy and bowel and his spine is slowly
asked if we could tag yard sales on to it popular belief are not an excuse to go same venue at 6.00-8.00pm the same day. to leave the cats alone, but that disintegrating. But his lovely
and hey presto we had a good weekend, out and have fun but are an All proceeds will be donated to Prostate seems to be beyond them. owner does everything possible to
it was certainly organised quite quickly, opportunity to raise Watton’s profile Cancer UK and other local Rotary Charities. Another couple had a stray cat keep him pain free and happy,
we learnt a lot and I can promise this in the grand scheme of things. It is Umbrellas can be purchased from either of the turn up in their garden, a beautiful where most people would have
will be a yearly event and it will grow. my hope to bring Watton back to the following: Ivan Chubbock Garage Services, longhaired black male who was had him put to sleep some time
What struck me as I wondered around map as we all know that in recent Shipdham IP25 7RR Monday-Friday 08.30am very skinny and in poor condition. ago. Fortunately he is insured, so
town over the two days was how united years we have become invisible to to 5.30pm. Bowles & Walker, Breckland They began feeding him, but they most of his treatment is covered
everyone was, it was an amazing investment and infrastructure. In my Business Park, Watton IP25 6UP Monday- have a greyhound, so knew that by insurance, but his owner has to
atmosphere, people were keen on own small way, I am trying to get our Thursday 08.30am-5.30pm. they wouldn't be able to keep him. have puppy pads all over her
making this new venture work, it goes voices heard. We now have an invitation from Watton They rang me and asked my bungalow just in case Mylo gets
to show what can be achieved when we Back to local events, please keep your Carnival Committee for the umbrellas to be advice, and I said I could check caught short. They are made for
all pull together in the same direction. eyes and ears open as there will be a paraded at Watton Carnival on Sunday 16 him for a microchip. To my each other, Mylo couldn't do with
You often see a lot of negative lot coming up over the next few September, and we are hoping to attract a high amazement the cat had a his loving owner, and she adores
comments on Facebook and social months including my charity ball at turnout. microchip, so I wrote down the him despite his poor health.
media about things that our small the sports centre on the 15th 50 umbrellas have now been sold but they are number, came home and looked Lots of cat owners go that extra
council have no jurisdiction over, we September, tickets are on sale at still available from the above locations, and up his details on the microchip mile for their beloved pet, whereas
too get just as frustrated. We do pass to Adcock’s, the sports centre, myself, more will be ordered if required. database. He is 3 years old, others shouldn't be allowed to
the relevant people all complaints and and the town hall They are £17.50 They have been ordered by local Art Clubs, neutered and lives a couple of have a cat in the first place.
trust me when I say I personally do not and doubles up as a raffle ticket for a local Societies, Watton District roads away. I rang his owner and For help or advice of if you need
give up when there is a problem that bottle of Bollinger and you get a hog Guides,Brownies & RaInbows,and many agreed to take him back, as she assistance with the cost of
needs sorting. roast too, lots of raffle prizes and an individuals. Some of the individuals have seen didn't have transport. When I got neutering, please call us on 01842
I feel my twice monthly stall in the Auction with some truly amazing our decorated umbrella in the Waiting Room there, I spent ages knocking at her 810018. Rita Thompson.
market is going well and im certainly prizes. We have been incredibly at Ivan Chubbock Garage Services, Shipdham door, but she didn't answer. Then I
listening to many of your grips groans lucky to have ABEL HOMES and asked what is it for, and when this has decided as this was the cat's home,
and indeed lots of praise too, it helps sponsor the event with £1000 this will been explained they have purchased an I would let him out of the basket. The Visit
me when I go to council to point out boost the charities funds a lot. As I umbrella, there is however absolutely no truth A few minutes later the owner A Poem for the Carers
areas that need attention. The overall write this ive just found out another in the rumour that some of those that hesitated appeared from the back entrance, by Barbara Anderson
feeling, I get is that Watton is a good prize to bid for …... a ride in a have been gently reminded that the 2 and said she didn't want the cat, as
and very friendly town and people are vintage lotus 7… also a helicopter benefitting charities are good causes , and their she already has a cat and a dog, Who's that sitting in that chair?
willing to help each other. One thing flight, ill also be offering a guided car keys could not be returned to them until an and the cat doesn't get on with It's not my husband he can't be
id like to say though is that tour of London’s Christmas lights in umbrella was purchased. them. Later that day the cat had there.
sometimes people forget that the my London black cab for up to 5 Please also see our website found its way back to the garden He's on a golf course hitting a
elderly population of Watton are not people…. there are too many prizes to or our email of the couple who had been ball,
necessarily on social media, we must list, you need to buy a ticket to bid on feeding him, and he is now in our Or upstairs trying to get
remember that, which is one of the these items, so hurry before they all and also care, looking for his forever home. wallpaper straight on the wall.
reasons I like to show my face in go, it’ll be a night to remember. rotaryumbrellafestival Then there is the other extreme. I
town, to speak face to face and to Till next time have a good few weeks, Look out for further information during the homed 2 kittens which I had hand As I get near to the chair, he
share events that they might not and remember, come and say hi on following weeks. reared from tiny, to a lovely smiles the same.
necessarily see in any other way, so if the market. family, who adore them. The And then he asks me what's my
you have an elderly neighbour please kittens have now grown into name
Tina Kiddell, Mayor Of Watton The fate of cats beautiful cats and the family keep Thats when I try not to cry
Here at Breckland Cats Protection, we hear in touch with me, sending me Shake my head, let it go by.
lots of stories of the fate of various cats. lovely photos of the boys. Sadly
Some happy endings, some very sad. Take one of the cats went missing a So you talk, give him all the
the 8 week kitten who was thrown over the couple of months ago, and the family news.
wall at Cromer into the sea. Fortunately a owners were distraught. They rang He doesn't respond so what's the
couple saw it happen and managed to rescue all the vets, puts notices up around use?
the kitten, but the man who had done the where they live, and posted flyers Chat about the weather, food,
deed was long gone. It makes us wonder through neighbours door, and anything at all
whether these people who inflict terrible spent hours roaming the streets it's just like talking to the
things on to kittens and cats, have any looking for their beloved cat. proverbial brick wall.
conscience at all. How do they sleep at Twenty days went past and they
night? had almost given up hope. Then Does the visit help him in any
Then there is a family who want to hand on the 21st day, late at night, the way?
cat managed to drag himself onto Be some sort of highlight in his
their front door step where he day.
collapsed in a heap. They carried My heart says yes, but my head
him indoors, gave him food and says no
water and they were sure there Thank the Lord it's time to go.
was something wrong with his
back legs as he could hardly walk.
The owners were at the vets first
thing the next morning. The cat
had muscle wastage in his back
legs, and that's why he could
hardly walk. He was blood tested
to make sure his liver and kidneys
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 11

Sun, Sun and More Sun! Ashill and Watton in Bloom

Holme Hale
Garden Club
In contrast to the talk by Rosie Wood
in May about commercial vegetable
growing, Charlotte Philcox spoke at
the June meeting about 'getting the
most from your veggie plot'. This
was a return visit by Charlotte who,
as usual, had lots of tips.
She grows her veg in plots no larger
than 12x4 feet with straw between
for kneeling and walking on. Her
favourite tool is a lady's border fork
as she does not believe in digging
because it disturbs the worms and
microscopic creatures which live in
the top 4inches and are essential for
healthy soil. A light 'tickle' and a
good mulch before the next
rotational crop is all that is required.
Charlotte is also a fan of
experimenting with non-garden
Haven't we been enjoying a celebrating 90 years but sadly this related items, such as old oven racks.
wonderful summer so far with long will be their last meeting as age Among other uses these can be laid
days of warm sunshine to enjoy. The and infirmity of members means on newly sown ground to prevent
weather was kind to us too on the that the club cannot continue, a sad digging by cats and birds. Mice can
day of our Strawberry Tea held in end to what has been a vibrant and also be deterred from eating your
the garden of Brenda and Ken Davis active club over the years. peas if you place holly leaves around
on June 19th. This annual event is an We have a number of events to them.
occasion when we aim to support an look forward too when our club Sow a few lettuces every two weeks
international charity chosen this year officers for the new year attend the for successive harvesting but not
by our International Officer, Stella District Assembly at which the after mid-summer's day. Thereafter
Leonard. Many people came to District Officers offer help and go for the Oriental greens such as
enjoy the afternoon and to partake of encouragement to club members as Pak Choi. If you want to store
delicious strawberries with cream, they make their plans for the year. strawberries through the winter don't
plus shortbread and a selection of We also have our first meeting of freeze the whole fruit as they only go
Mrs. Tina Kiddell, Watton Town display of hosta blooms and a
cakes all made by club members. the year with new President, Val soggy when defrosted. Try blitzing
Mayor, awarded the Watton Society variegated banana plant were seen
them in a blender and freezing the
The produce and tombola stalls Semlyen when we meet to enjoy silver salver to Mrs. Gail Clifford of among roses and a tall bright red
puree in small pots.
and several games did well which an evening of fellowship at her Bridle Road for cultivating the most hollyhock in a small lovingly tended
Charlotte's maxim for vegetable
meant the grand sum of £819 was home. attractive garden. The hot dry plot facing the strong South sun.
growing is to grow what you enjoy
raised for The Turning Point Trust We should like to ask people to weather, which persisted for several Highly commended certificates will be
eating and what is most expensive in
which supports children and make a note in their diaries for the weeks prior to the judging, presented delivered to the many contenders in
the shops. She also advocates being
vulnerable adults in Kenya. It afternoon of Sunday, November. unusual conditions to gardeners this Watton; As the Mayor said Watton is a
brave and trying something new.
helps with education and 4th when we are hosting The year. The heat offered opportunities town full of residents displaying a high
The previous Sunday was our annual
supporting families to start small Marham Military Wives choir, for many unusual plants to thrive level of achievement in making the
flower show. Despite competition
farms and businesses so that they supported by The West End putting on splendid displays of colour most of their garden spaces.
from England's match in the World
can provide for themselves in the Waiters in a Celebration of the and leaf shades. A magnificent Bryan H Wykes Watton Society.
Cup, there were over 200 entries and
future. Founder members of the Armistice at the Queens Hall. We praise from the judges for the high
Trust, Michael and Jean Simmons hope this will be a splendid standard. Best in Show went to nearly two decades.,
attended and were able to talk to concert with the proceeds being Jeanne Flynn for her imaginative Another great The two of them mingled with guests
people and explain all about it. given to several military charities 'flower arrangement in a saucepan'. on a sunny evening where the
We are always grateful to our as well as the Military Wives The tombola and plant stall sold out evening out gardens were in magnificent
menfolk for the help they so Foundation. and the refreshment counter did a The annual Summer Party at condition.
willingly give to erect tents and It will then be time to start thinking roaring trade. Thank you to everyone Wretham Lodge drew 95 people from A raffle organised by Sharon Ford
stalls, move furniture, wash up and about preparations for our popular who helped and, in particular, the the village and other local areas and produced over £270 of the total profit on
put it all back at the end, their Christmas Concert…. Doesn't the Flower Show Group who are made a profit of over £1300 for St the evening, where wine provided by the
reward . . .? a welcome glass of year go by quickly! responsible for organising the event. Ethelbert’s Church funds. hosts and the usual large cold buffet was
wine when everything is done! As always, anyone wishing for What's next: Organised by church members, its guests enjoyed by everyone.
Five members with two husbands information or to enquire about 23rd August - Gardeners' Question were able to wander through the At the end of the evening, church warden
Time + Fruit & Vegetable Show magnificent grounds of Wretham Lodge, Eileen Kitson thanked those attending,
attended the Norwich Inner joining Inner Wheel, please ring me,
27th September - AGM + Jane the former rectory and the home of those who had provided much of the food
Wheel's Birthday Lunch on June Brenda on 01953 881793 or our
Steward - 'Reviving the Medlar' Gordon Alexander and Ian Salter for and, especially, their hosts.
21st The Norwich club was secretary Pam on 01953 880904
The Wayland News August 2018 Page 12

Park Ladies
It has been a busy summer of golf for
the Ladies of Richmond Park and with
the heat-wave firming up the fairways
there has been plenty of run on the ball.
Two major events have taken place
recently, the first being the Ladies
Championship, 36 holes off scratch
played over 2 days on 24th and 25th
June. Some ladies struggled with the
heat but it obviously suited others as the
scores suggest.
2018 Ladies Champion, and winner of
the Alison Sheard Trophy, was Sandy
McCormack with a magnificent 36 hole
Carol Marshall receiving the Windfall Trophy from Chris Whyatt, Ladies Chair (left) along
score of 181. Runner-up was Julie Ellis
with Linda Hewison, Ladies Competition Secretary (right).
with a score of 194.
Also played for were the Diana Davies
Trophy, an 18 hole scratch competition
for ladies with a handicap of 22 and
above, and the Handicap Trophy,
played over 18 holes in the medal
The winner of the Diana Davies
Trophy, with a score of 96, was Jayne
Playford, and the runner-up, with a
score of 98 was Maureen Flack.
Jayne Playford also won the Handicap
Trophy with a nett score of 73, and the
runner-up, with a nett score of 75 was
Margaret Lockwood.
The second major event, held on
Monday 9th July, was a Closed Meeting
played for the Windfall Trophy. This
competition is played in the Stableford
format and is a fun day with many
prizes and always has a good number of
entries. This year was no exception and
the ladies took to the course on another
hot, sunny day. The course was looking
rather sun baked in places but the Sandy McCormack, 2018 Ladies Champion, receiving the Alison Sheard Trophy from Ladies
greens were true and some great scores Handicap Secretary Margaret Broadbent.
were recorded. After the golf everyone
changed into their summer finery and
is £18, to be paid in full, to secure your
sat down to a welcome buffet lunch Join Project Linus seat. Once the cost of the coach hire is
followed by the prize giving.
covered, any surplus money raised is
In 1st Place, and winner of the Windfall on a Coach trip to used to buy fabric for making quilts for
Trophy, was Carol Marshall with a
magnificent 42 points. 2nd was Hilda The Fabric Guild Project Linus Norfolk.
The quilts made are given to seriously
Whitmarsh with 41 points. 3rd was Project Linus Norfolk have organised a
ill, bereaved or traumatised children in
Lesley Davis with 38 points 4th was coach to The Fabric Guild, Leicester on
Norfolk from 0- 19 years old.
Barbara Coverdale with 37 points. Thursday 13th September leaving at 8
Last year I gave out 425 quilts in
Other prizes were Best Front 9 Claire am prompt from Kittel Close Car Park,
Norfolk through the support and help of
Carney 21 points, Best Back 9 Anne (next to the Queens Hall) Watton,
Wayland Quilters, other quilt groups
Bell 19 points, Best combined score on returning at approximately 4-5pm.
and individuals, whom I would like to
the Par 3’s Linda Hewison 12 points, What is there, you might ask? They sell
thank for their continued support and
Best combined score on the Par 5’s fabric, wool, embellishments, buttons,
donations of quilts, as I would not be
Margaret Lockwood 11 points. Nearest books, wadding, felt and numerous
able to give out so many without their
the pin on the 3rd, for ladies with a haberdashery items, all very reasonably
help. Jane Lond-Caulk, Project Linus
handicap of 28 and above, Lorna Crowdy priced.
Norfolk coordinator
and nearest the pin on 17th, for ladies To book your seat on the coach, please
with a handicap under 28, Chris Whyatt. contact Pat on 01953 882966. The cost


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