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Flatpack2 Site Power Outdoor Cabinet

1.3m Fan Cooled

Cost effective Outdoor site support cabinet providing up to 16 kW power.

Product Description
The Flatpack2 Site Power Outdoor Cabinet system is suitable for applications needing an
expandable, easily serviceable and reliable power supply, fitting within a minimal space.
The system has been specifically designed to meet the demand for higher capacity and
very compact power solutions.

The Flatpack2 Site Power Outdoor Cabinet is a compact power system, controlled by the
Smartpack Monitoring and Control Unit. It can house up to 8 Flatpack2 2000W rectifier
modules (16kW). With a compact power and distribution design, the system provides a
maximum flexibility with a variety of included load distribution possibilities

Key Features
ü Full aluminium construction

ü Double skin cabinet design, allowing air ventilation and reducing solar load

ü The aluminum exterior is painted with special weather resistant powder coat
paint giving an excellent protection against acid rain and air pollution

ü Top cabinet cable entry area underneath hinged roof

ü Optional bottom cable entry with multi entry mounting plinth

ü IP 54 cabinet design

ü Door mounted fan & filter for easy access during maintenance

ü Mounting plinth option for easy system installation and protected cable entry

ü High performance 48Vdc impeller fan

ü Wide temperature range

ü Front access for easy installation, operation and maintenance

ü Digital controller, providing excellent monitoring and control features.

ü Unique connection
A true plug-and-play connection system: time-to-install and cost-reducing solution.

ü Global approvals
Flatpack2 is CE marked and UL recognized for world wide installation.
Flatpack2 DC Power System, 16KW, 48VDC
Outdoor 1.3m Fan Cooled Cabinet
Technical Specification DC OUTPUT
Voltage 48VDC
Flatpack2 PS System, 16kW, 48VDC,
OCab, FanC 1.3m Current Up to 16 KW – 340A
Max. number of 8 CONNECTIONS
rectifiers Battery connections Battery cable, M8 bolts
AC INPUT Load MCB Negative distribution, Negative load
Voltage 1 phase 230VAC (max 3 rectifiers, connections cable, 70mm 2 cable clamps
6kW) Common positive bus bar, 70mm2
3 phase 208VAC ( ∆ ) cable clamps
3 phase 230VAC ( ∆ ) Alarm connections Plug-in wire connectors front access
Frequency 45 to 66Hz No. of DC Load Up to 4 x 3pole 150A
Maximum Current See Flatpack2 48VDC datasheet breakers
OVP Live – surge arrestor No. of Battery Up to 2 x 150A MCBs mount next to
(Optional) Neutral – spark gap breakers each battery shelf
Class C, type II No. of Aux. fuses 8 x 10A GMT type
I n(8/20) – 40kA Programmable LVD Standard: 1 LVBD (max. 300A)
Monitoring Unit Smartpack Isolation 3.0 KVAC – input and output
Local operation Menu driven software via keypads 1.5 KVAC – input earth
and LCD, USB or PC (PowerSuite) 1.0 KVDC – output earth
Remote operation PowerSuite via modem or Web Operating temp -33 to +50°C (-27.4 to +122°F) ***
NMS via SNMP-agent Storage temp -40 to +85°C (-40 to +185°F)
Alarm relays 6 relays are standard Dimensions 770 x 830 x 1387 mm (WxDxH) (30.3
Visual indications Green LED – System ON x 32.6 x 54.6”)
Amber LED – Minor Alarm Weight Cabinet: 153 kg incl. plinth
Red LED – Active alarm(s) excl. rectifiers and batteries
LCD – system status Flatpack2 rectifiers: 1.9 kg
Digital inputs 6 (for monitoring of external per rectifier
equipment) Batteries: Max. 250 kg
Current Battery current per battery shelf
measurements Rectifier current APPLICABLE STANDARDS
Load current Electrical safety EN 60950
Alarms Load fuse alarm UL 60950
Battery fuse alarm EMC ETSI EN 300 386 (telecommunication
Low Battery Voltage network)
High Battery Voltage EN 61000-6-3 (emission, light
Temperature alarm industry)
Door switch alarm EN 61000-6-2 (immunity, industry)
Mains detect alarm Environment ETSI EN 300 019-2
OVP Alarm ETSI EN 300 132-2
2002/95/EC RoHS Compliant
*** Note that the cabinet’s operating temperature range does not apply to
batteries. Refer to the manual for used batteries.

Rectifier Input Voltages

Type VAC Note Type VAC Note
Nominal 230 High voltage 1 185 – 275 Full output power
Range 185 – 275 Full output power High voltage 1 275 –300 Full power, reduced power factor
Low voltage 1 0 – 85 Shutdown High voltage 2 300 – 350 Shutdown
Low voltage 2 85 – 185 Linear between 850W and 2000W High voltage 3 350 – 420 Shutdown* (see note below)
* Note: If the input voltage is > 300Vac the rectifier will go into self protective mode. At no load, the rectifier will survive 350Vac. With load
or battery connected, it will survive 420Vac.
Specifications are subject to change without notice

Part no. Description

CF1017.003 Flatpack2 PS System, 16kW, 48VDC, Outdoor 1.3m Fan Cooled Cabinet
351489.003 Documentation Set for Flatpack2 PS System, 16kW, 48VDC, Outdoor 1.3m Fan Cooled Cabinet
241115.110SC Flatpack2 48/2000 B-to-F Fan Nokia
Optional KITs
219785 Kit: BTS breaker 3-pole 63A
219782 Kit: Battery shelf Outdoor
219787 Kit: OVP 3-phase 16KW cabinet
221690 Kit: Symmetry measurement
219790 Kit: LTE
219784 Kit: Heater
219788 Kit: AC Mains Switch

Location Company Telephone Fax Document Rev. No.: CF1017.003.DS3 v.1

Europe Eltek Energy AS +47 32 20 32 00 +47 32 20 32 10
Americas Eltek Energy, LLC +1 815 459 9100 +1 815 459 9118
Asia/Pacific Eltek Energy Pte Ltd. +65 6 7732326 +65 6 7753602
China Eltek Energy Ltd. +86 769226 51108 +86 76922296797
Middle East Eltek Middle East +971 4 887 1176 +971 4 887 1175