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Received 9 November 2017.

Dear Santa Rosa Fund,

I hope everybody’s well.

I’m sharing with you some news of our activities.

We are all well here apart from a few ash clouds from the San Cristobal Volcano yesterday
when there were 14 explosions, but at the moment it has stopped.

We are organising a Christmas Fair with the aim of increasing awareness of what the
Foundations does. It will be on the 15th and 16th December in the Youth Centre. We’re very
eager, we’ve been meeting and sharing ideas and all the team is working very hard on this.

In Casa Esperanza they are giving a workshop to train the women in the making of piñatas
and to improve the quality of their products. Meybol, Scarlet and Eliezer have joined the
team to acquire new tools and to support the women. It’s been a fine experience and they are
very happy learning.

On the 22nd November Zita is due to give birth and at the moment she’s in pre-natal rest. So
now I am spending more time at Casa Esperanza.

In the pharmacy we’ve introduced the sale of natural medicine in coordination with Nery and
the person in charge of natural medicines in the Teodoro Kint Hospital which makes up the
medicines offered by the pharmacy. This has given rise to a lot of interest within the

In the library many schools have attended for story-telling and handicraft workshops which
really interest the children.

During this last week the Youth Centre (Centro Recreativo) gave a presentation of a group of
children who have been attending dance classes. The parents were very grateful and pleased
with the activities and with the training that their children are receiving.

In Los Pocitos, the students who receive the scholarships [from the SRF] continue with their
studies, and soon the school year will come to an end.

I’ve included/attached some photos of the activities that we are carrying out and the logo of
the Fair that we’ve planned.

Kind Greetings. I’ll soon send another report – see below.

María Lucila Cuadra
Report on the use of
Year 2017.

Report on the training activities carried out
Year 2017.
 Workshop Choose the Calm, with the specialist
Marianne Lizana, targetted at the parents of the
family. 45 participants.
 Personal Development workshop for the Amigos
JANUARY de Holanda Staff . Led by la Lic. Lizana.
TO MARCH 13participants.
2017  Workshop for the beneficiaries of Casa 117
Esperanza Project, led by la Lic. Lizana. 14 The numbers who
participants. benefited during the
 Workshop learning through games, Dance group three months.
CR Dance, 8 participants
 Workshop of knowing the body through dance,
12 participants
 Biodanza: Workshop about dance for life. 25
 Support for the Centro Recreativo with activities
of dance and motivation talks for boys and girls.
 Educational talks to the schools of Nuestra
APRIL TO Señora and Instituto Miguel Jarquín Vallejo. 116
JUNE With 46 participants The numbers who
2017  Activities of Reading and understanding with benefited during the
boys and girls (Stories and colours) 30 boys and three months..
 Courses of Arts and Crafts, begun in June 2017,
with 40 participants.
 Support for the Centro Recreativo with activities
of dance and motivation talks for boys and girls.
 Educational talks to the school Instituto Miguel
JULY TO Jarquín Vallejo. With 25 participants
SEPTEMBE  Activities of Reading and understanding with 60
R 2017 girls and boys (Sories and Colours) 15 girls and . The numbers who
boys aged 5 to 11. benefited during the
 Courses of Arts and Crafts, begun June 2017, three months.
with 20 participants.
 Support for the Centro Recreativo with activities
of dance and motivation talks for boys and girls.

 Educational talks about EDUCATION AND
OCTOBER VALUES, targeted at third year secondary
TO students from the Instituto Miguel Jarquín in the
DECEMBER town of El Viejo.
2017  Start of Arts and Crafts course aimed at 25
teachers, held at Escuela Mixta de Tonalá,
Carried out over 3 meetings 10,17, 24 of 62
November 2017. From 9 a 10:30 am. The numbers who
 Meetings with boys and girls of comprehensive benefited during the
reading , messages through reading, number of three months..
participants at each meeting12. Held over 5 days
during the three months 14,21,28 October and
4,11 of Nov/17
 Meetings with groups for Arts and Crafts with
an emphasis on recycled materials. Held on
14,21,28 of October and 4,11,18,25 November /
 Support for the Centro Recreativo with activities
of dance and motivation talks for boys and girls.
Number of participants during the year 355


 General attention to the public.
 Organisation of visits of the schools with the preschool children with the objective of
knowing and to arousing the interest of reading
 Organise 3 courses of Arts and Crafts during the year in order to use recycled material
such as cardboard, plus material from the environment that surrounds us.
 Organise youth Reading clubs (groups) who have an interest in reading.
 Visits to primary schools with the aim of motivating attendance at the library. The
number of schools visited in the Municipality of El Viejo was 15.

Primary 1654 1372 3026
Secondary 697 576 1273
University 73 30 103
Teachers 8 18 26
Total 2432 1996 4428

Educational centres attending
Primary Secondary/University
19 11

EL Viejo, 21 December 2017.

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