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Government College of Engineering Kannur

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Assignment No. 1-2K6EE 305 Network Analysis

Date of Issue: 10-07-2018 Date of Submission:27-07-2018

(Answer All Questions. 1 marks for each question)

1 (a) (i) Explain the relation between image impedance, characteristic impedance
and cut-off frequency
(ii) State and prove Parseval’s theorem for contnuos time Fourier transfrom [1]
(b) Find the trigonometric Fourier series for the saw tooth wave shown in Fig. 1,
and plot the spectrum. Also find its exponential Fourier series.

Fig. 1
2 (a) Obtain the Fourier transform of
f(t)=e-α|t| [1]
(b) Find the Fourier transform of the following function (Fig. 2)

Fig. 2
3 (a) (i)Explain waveform symmetry and its effect on Fourier series
(ii) Find the Fourier expansion and frequency spectra
 K   x  0 [1]
f (t )  
 K 0  x   and f ( x  2 )  f ( x)
(b) The voltage waveform shown in Fig. 3 is applied to a series RL circuit [R=2
kΩ, L=10 H]. Use trigonometric Fourier series to obtain the voltage across resistor.
Plot the line spectra of the applied voltage and voltage across resistor to show the
effect of inductance on harmonics. Assume ω=377 rad/sec.

Fig. 3

4 (a) The Fig. 3 shows a bridged T, RC network. Find (i) z parameters

(ii) y parameters [1]

Fig. 3
(b) Given z-parmeters Z11=10,Z12=5, Z21=5, Z22=12, Find Y-parameters [1]

5 (a) (i) Obtain h parameters in terms of T-parametrs

(ii) Derive the relation among h-parameter and z-parameter
(b) Three two port networks when connected in cascade give resultant T-
3 4
parameters  . If a 4th two port network in cascade with these, the resultant
2 3
5 6 th [1]
T-parameters are   . Find the y-parameters of the 4 network
 4 5 