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The First Six Months of AD’s Corporate Business Coaching Plan

MONTH 1: MONTH 4 :(accountability increases)

 Inquiry in to “What’s so?”
 2nd All company meeting
 Inquiry in to “What do you want?”
 Establish monthly meetings with
 Pick up all P&L Statements 1 year
leaders and V P level personnel
 Leader reads #1chapter in CWB
 Coach AD attends department
 Work with the leader to identify the
meetings (in some cases)
key people in the organization
 Begin developing the organization’s
 Start a list of new projects (action list)
BPR (Business Process Re-engineering)
 Outline the vision and mission of the
 Facilitate management retreat?
 360 Profile the organizations leader
 Leader reads 1 more chapter in the
Client Workbook and 1 new book
 Begin to develop vision, mission &  3rd All company meeting
company commitments  Attend monthly meetings with leaders
 Coach AD interviews and VP level personnel
upper management  Coach AD attends department
 Leader reads minimum 1 book meetings (in some cases)
 Leadership conversations: Leader  Continue development of the
identify with VPs next tier of personnel organization’s BPR Program
 Leader reads one more chapter in  Leader reads 2 more chapters in the
the client workbook Client Workbook and 1 new book
 Review P & L statements with leader

 1St all company meeting to introduce  4th all company meeting
Coach AD and vision, mission and  Attend monthly meetings with leaders
company commitments and VP level personnel
 Company survey: Coach AD  Coach AD attends department meetings
creates report for client with results  Implement the organization’s
 Tracking & forecasting stats in place BPR Program
(key performance indicators using  Evaluate the Coaching process:
BSC) what’s working, what’s not working,
 Interview 2nd level managers (Job what’s missing and what’s next
Descriptions: if necessary)  Leader reads 2 more chapters in the
 Leadership training meetings w/ VP workbook and 1 new book
level personnel
 Introduce profiles as Coaching tools * After 6 months, go back to month one
 Introduce new goals to the entire and re-evaluate where they are and
organization determine what’s next?
 Strategic Planning – action plan
 Set up a management retreat? Note: Coach AD attends the “All
(optional) Company Meetings” the first 3-6
 Leader reads 1 more chapter in the months of the Coaching Relationship
Client Workbook and 1 new book UNDER DEVELOPMENT:
Client Workbook and List of books to read