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What Is A Letter Of Recommendation 10 Tips For Recommenders How To Get Good Letters Of Recommendations If You Are Writing The Recommendation Yourself What Are Recommendations For? Selecting The Right People To Recommend You. How To Go About Doing It? Sample Reco 1 to 14

WHAT IS A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION The letter of recommendation is a statement issued by the recommender which is usually your college professors, Head of the Department, Project-Guide or your superior if you are working. Most universities send Recommendation forms, which are supposed to be filled by the recommender if possible. The form contains a few qualities and a scale on which each quality is measured. The recommender will usually ask you to evaluate yourself and prepare a rough draft. The recommender will then make the changes and now you can get the final copies of the letter. The recommender's designation and qualifications are very important and it should be mentioned at the end of the letter. If you have recommendation letters from someone who has taught in the US it will be a plus point for you. Please note that all the recommendation letters have to be sealed by the professor / employer (basically the recommender) and typed out on the letterhead of the college or the professor / employer. Make sure to inform the recommender that the university may call him up and inquire about you. Please note that universities do actually call up the recommender many a time. The following are some of the tips for the recommender. The student can use them when he is preparing the rough draft. In fact, you can pass these tips on to your recommenders in case they don't know what to say and don't ask you to say it. 10 TIPS FOR RECOMMENDERS

1. Review a copy of the applicant's personal statement or application essays
so that your letter of recommendation can dovetail with--not conflict with or duplicate--the rest of the application. 2. Ask the applicant to supply you with additional information like a résumé. 3. Describe your qualifications for comparing the applicant to other applicants.

4. 9. He was in the top 10% of his class. Congressman X eventually used the statement. The combination of tenacity. . typically the flip-side of a strength. Doe because he made it a point to attend two of my sections every week when only one was required. In discussing those qualities. Be as concrete and detailed as possible He is the only student I ever had who came to all my office hours as part of a relentless. 8. Smith reported directly to me for two years prior to her well-deserved promotion to the position of Senior in our Big Six Accounting Firm. I have personally supervised ten interns every summer for the last five years plus worked with over two hundred college graduates in my capacity as trainer for Big Bank Corp. Jane has a rare blend of top writing and interpersonal skills. drive to master financial theory.I have been teaching for twenty years and have advised approximately 450 students on independent research projects over the last five years. 7. Include some mild criticism. support your statements with specific instances in which he or she demonstrated those attributes. and good communications skills found in Mr. and ultimately successful. in lobbying for increased funding. 6. I didn't hesitate to ask her to write a report which was used by our PAC as the basis for a major policy statement. Try to quantify the student's strengths or rank him or her vis a vis other applicants that you have observed. She has the best analytical skills of any person her age that I have ever supervised. based on Jane's sophisticated 20-page analysis of Middle East politics. Choose two to three qualities that you observed in the applicant. analytical abilities. Ms. Avoid generalities and platitudes. I was able to get to know Mr. Discuss how well you know the applicant. Because of Jane's writing skills. 5. Doe is truly unique. He was one of just ten percent in the class to receive an A.

especially in "borderline" admissions decisions. With her exceptional leadership. Doe to your business school.Discuss the applicant's potential in his or her chosen field. His modesty sometimes hides a young man of remarkable strength and broad interests. and so forth. Letters of recommendation are the important exception. something not necessarily revealed by test scores.. writing. Graduate Record Exam scores. For example. her fortitude and persistence can turn into stubbornness. A letter. but usually her good nature and levelheadedness prevail. This well-rounded student will be a fine businessperson. class standing. Occasionally. Ms. consider a student whose financial or family problems had an adverse impact on academic performance during a particular year. HOW TO GET GOOD LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONS Most of the materials you submit for the evaluation of your application to a graduate program are objective and quantitative: grade-point average. but every bit as important for predicting success in a graduate program. they should mention all your positive qualities not revealed by objective data such as GRE scores. . Letters of recommendation may touch on the following points of potential interest to graduate admissions committees: • • • • • How good are your research skills (of great interest to most graduate programs)? Do you offer thoughtful contributions to class discussions? Do you have good interpersonal skills that enable you to get along with faculty and other students? Do you exhibit strong leadership skills? Have you contributed to the various extracurricular activities of the Department such as Psi Chi and the Psychology Club? By mentioning subjects like these. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. letters of recommendation can provide the "big picture" of your overall promise and potential. 10. Letters of recommendation play an especially important role if there is some anomalous or seemingly contradictory aspect of your application.writer can offer an explanation that prevents this from being held against the student. A substantive letter from an informed referee can often be very persuasive to graduate admissions committees. Admissions committees know this. and they read letters carefully.The only fault I have encountered in him is his retiring nature. and quantitative skills. Smith will be an outstanding strategic consultant and and a credit to the business school she attends.

Remember that these recommendations will stay on your record for a long time to come. those from whom you have taken several courses. if possible. their advocacy can be only as effective as their knowledge about you. from somebody who knows you only as a name on a class roll. However. when you're begging for an assistantship. And never in pairs. Good prospects for good letters are your advisor and those faculty teaching the smaller. A bland or neutral letter. IF YOU ARE WRITING THE RECOMMENDATION YOURSELF Make them sound different Writing all your recommendations in the same style is just asking for trouble. to get a good letter of recommendation--particularly if a teacher does not have a long acquaintance with you--is to provide your letter writer with useful information. intensive courses required of all majors such as Statistics and Research Methods (your grades in which graduate schools review especially carefully). Make it believable There's no doubt that you're the brightest student your professor has ever seen (like the dozen others who have asked him to recommend them). None. Naturally. can hurt more than it helps. you should get letters from faculty who know you best. Other helpful letters could be provided by faculty with whom you have done Directed Research. Ideally. and grades earned your minor if you have one the titles and abstracts of any research papers you have written honor societies to which you belong awards that you have won activities in which you have participated (and any offices held) work experience service activities such as volunteer work a description of your professional goals With this information.Most schools ask you to provide three letters of recommendation. The single best thing you can do. or faculty with whom you have an affinity and who know you well. it's quite possible that they'll come to haunt you. and your transcripts show that you averaged in the bottom 25% of your . you can help your referees make their best possible case for you. Don't use too many superlatives. Here is the type of information letter writers often find helpful: • • • • • • • • • • your overall GPA a list of psychology courses you have taken. But if your professor puts you in the top 5% in every category that he's been asked to rank you. So even if you aren't caught during the application phase. say. your referees (letter-writers) are your advocates for admission. to help you attain employment or admission to graduate school. Saying that you're the 'most brilliant' student to have walked the halls of the college is poor English and likely to result in that recommendation getting excluded if your transcripts don't back it up.

So stick you WHAT ARE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR? Recommendations are meant to provide a third-person perspective on you as an individual. . a number of applications ask for elaborate recommendations that are frequently a burden on faculty and superiors. This is even more likely to be the case in a work environment. Use discretion and good judgement Since you're depending on others for this part of the application. Co-ordinate with your goals Think of what you'd like to be doing in the near future. It's quite likely that the person reviewing your application for an assistantship will look at your application recommendations. Try to get across outstanding achievements Read your resume and essay again. and work on that content. your staying sensible is of utmost importance. where few would like to waste their time answering often absurd questions. it's bound to raise some eyebrows. While your grades/scores are supposed to represent your intellectual capabilities and your essay allows you the opportunity of presenting your point of view. recommendations by those who know you give the university an independent assessment of your skills and qualities. to suggesting what they should highlight in their assessment requires a lot of tact on your behalf. Refer to the essay writing part of this site Think of it like an essay. It's not uncommon to hear of faculty asking the student to write his/her own recommendation and then editing them for effect. it would substantially add to your chances of clinching the assistantship. to giving them a deadline. science and engineering students generally seek assistantships in research or teaching once they're at their university. How your already superior fundamentals in the subject were reinforced by your having developed considerable finesse and accuracy in the laboratory. In fact. say that he saw you grow during the year that you were assisting him on the project. If someone recommending you has said something about your having presented a seminar on 'Big dams are examples of poor engineering'. or having conducted outstanding research as part of your project. See if this recommendation provides you with a chance to bolster some of the claims you've made elsewhere. So instead of getting your professor to describe your entire project (which you've already talked about in your resume/essay). Try and talk about aspects of your personality that haven't been covered elsewhere The recommendation really is a magnificent opportunity to do this. So take it easy on those adjectives and percentages. So for god's sake. Make sure you match up the assessments in the recommendation with the hard figures that your transcripts reveal.class. For example. Unfortunately. it is an essay. give it structure and flow. Everything from scheduling meetings with the person recommending.

The University could very well question the credibility of a recommendation if it appears to have been manipulated. In any case. make sure it's clear that your interaction with the recommender is apparent in the write-up. Likewise. The instructor could focus on his/her skills in the laboratory and the project-guide on his/her flair for research and getting to the root of problems. How much credibility are they likely to hold with the university. professors are likely to carry more weight compared to labassistants. make sure that the professional competence of the person recommending you is apparent. As far as possible. use your discretion in case you aren't too sure of how he/she will react. will the university believe that they know you well enough. Are they likely to give you a positive recommendation And you want to be doubly sure of this. Co-ordinate your recommendations with the rest of your application If the somewhere in rest of your application you've focussed on something like a particular project. The professor could attest to the student's keen sense of class participation. it's not too much to expect them to understand your anxiety. . it would be particularly useful to try and build on that by providing a recommendation from the person who guided you through that project. get recommendations from people who've interacted with you in different situations.In response to requests from visitors to our site. if you've talked about your biggest achievement at work. Here's what we. a lab instructor and someone like a project guide. recommend. Please note that by no means do we endorse the practice of applicants writing their own recommendations. You may want to stay away from the unreliable ones. But the sad fact is that many applicants have little say in this matter. If the CEO of the firm where you interned is recommending you. Do they know you well enough You don't want to go for someone who doesn't remember your name. Get some variety into your recommendations For multiple recommendations. there are certain aspects you could try to keep in mind. how about getting your boss at the time to recommend you. an engineering student would be well advised to get recommendations from a professor. It put many students in a position they'd rather not be in. . And even if you are fortunate enough to have people around you who are prepared to write up their own recommendations for you. Which is why it's always prudent to stick with immediate superiors or professors (in an academic setting). If necessary. Since they're likely to have written recommendations for applicants before.. However. SELECTING THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO RECOMMEND YOU. In academia. For example. approach the person and ask them upfront. look out for whether the recommendations are likely to rehash the same aspects of your personality. More importantly..uh. we've decided to provide some advice on how to make the most of your recommendations..

No one enjoys writing recommendations. but most so for those who have to actually write them up. give them points that you'd like covered in their write-up. One of his qualities was that he used to get deeply involved in his work . Consult the application brochure to make sure you're aware of what your university prefers. And while we're on the topic. Be sure that you've given yourself a buffer of a week or two to make up for unexpected exigencies. etc. If possible. See if they are reasonably sure they'd like to do for you. Be clear that recommendations are a pain for everyone involved. Talk it over with them. so you may want to give them a note alongside the rest of the material we've listed in our next point. Of course. Also clear up whether they'd like to mail the recommendation themselves or whether they want you to do the needful. Make sure they are willing to do so. be considerate and give them a few weeks to prepare your recommendation. it'd make it easier for them if you have provided them with a few incidents that you think would be suitable. I have been closely acquainted with from past four years of his undergraduate studies at your college name I had taught him the subject of Applied Mathematics which is the backbone of computer science for three years .HOW TO GO ABOUT DOING IT? Make a list of persons you are going to ask to recommend you. You could even attach a note saying that you'd rather they talk about your pet project. He used to take active part in . If the form asks them to list an incident where you displayed leadership skills. Related Issues Make your timeframe absolutely clear.Applicant as a promising and sincere student of our institute. He has interacted very closely with me and I am satisfied with him the level of proficiency achieved by him in Applied Mathematics . ShowTime Each of the persons recommending you deserves a copy of your resume. give them the original recommendation form and a copy too. I found him very sincere . responsible and dedicated to his course work. jot down a few extra names whom you could depend on in case of an emergency. In this copy. the persons recommending you are often busy people. And so you can't depend on someone who isn't too sure he/she'd like to recommend you. Let them do the descriptive part. Along with that. He has leadership qualities and was a active member of our student council. Make sure they know what you want to do If they knew you were interested in marketing research and not finance. maybe they wouldn't have said that you'd be a great asset to the finance class. SAMPLE 1 Please use these samples as a guideline and do not reproduce this same draft to your recommender It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mr. Your job is to make sure they remember a few relevant incidents.

a student of mine for the past two years is a great pleasure for me. He has an excellent command over the English language and expresses himself clearly. versatile. I found that he was selected in (NAME OF SOME EXAM IN SCHOOL DAYS) during his school days. He is one of the sincere. I wish him all the success for his future endeavors.debates in our college . His intelligence . He is attentive and fields questions with ease. As I tried to know more of him. His proficiency and dedicated work during lectures and practicals impressed me. I have taught him (NAME OF SUBJECTS) during his third and fourth year. I am confident that he will live up to your expectations Dr.ABC SAMPLE 2 Recommending (YOUR NAME). I have taught him Computer organization and Database Management Systems. thought provoking nature and ability to do hardwork make him an excellent candidate for research work.sincerity and pleasing personality make him an asset to your graduate program at your university. Prof. I judge XYZ to be one of the best students in the class. His dependable and trustworthy nature. He is a sincere and promising student of our institution. XYZ Phd. His meticulous. He was a good orator and has an excellent command over the English language. His presentation on comparative study of database modeling was very informative and helpful to other students. He was invariably well prepared for his lectures. XYZ was one of the few students who took the initiative to make presentations during the duration of his course. and brilliant students. He is punctual and perfectionist about his studies and assignments which place him above all.I am confident that he will not only continue to be a promising and competitive student but would also be capable of efficiently discharging his duties as graduate assistant as exemplified in the past.(MIT) I have known Mr. I strongly recommend him for Graduate Studies at your university and for financial assistance in the form of Research or Teaching assistantship.XYZ for the past one year in my capacity as a Head of the Department of Computer Science. modesty and tactfulness came forward when he was crewmember in our intercollege festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL). I strongly recommend admission for him in your graduate school and for any financial assistance you can offer . .

It gives me great pleasure to recommend him to you. which he displays during practicals. Sincerely. SAMPLE 3 I know (YOUR NAME) for the past two years. NAME OF PROF. His untiring industry and his scientific methodology make him unique form the rest. Because of his ability to learn subject from grassroots. I have seen his dedicated work and inquisitive nature. I am sure. I have taught him subjects of '(SUBJECT)' and '(SUBJECT2)' in which his performance has been superlative. The diligence and intellectual ability. He is a promising young student with a penchant for learning. under my guidance. He scored (GOOD %) in '(SUBJECT)' during his semester examination. I found that he has penchant for research work. He has also participated in many college functions and seminars. He is brilliant student who shows spark in his undergraduate studies. Sincerely. He is doing his final year project ('NAME'). SAMPLE 4 (YOUR NAME) has been my student for the last two years. he is a deserving candidate for research work and I sincerely feel. Apart from his academic career. While answering his queries and doubts during lectures. He is zestful and a versatile student. I have taught him subjects like (NAME OF SUBJECT1). . I rate him as sincere student. if given a chance (YOUR FIRST NAME) will definitely attain success in his further studies. He was a member in the inter-college festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL). Sincerely. he is actively involved in extracurricular activities.He has good aptitude and curious mind to be successful in graduate studies. He is a sincere and brilliant student. He takes part in many college functions. I recommend him with great confidence. systematic work and great skills in performing practicals will help him to achieve great success. I am confident that his concentration. He is a promising young student with good academic skills and innate talents. NAME OF PROF. His courteous and reliable nature shines in intercollege festival (NAME OF FESTIVAL) I appreciate his work during his undergraduate years and with full confidence I recommend him to you. which he portrayed during this project work. I feel he is a worthy candidate for admission to your university. are a clear indication of his research potential. (NAME OF SUBJECT2') and (NAME OF SUBJECT3). From my heart.

professor and project guide. So I strongly recommend him for your esteemed university with assistantship. he has involved in various student activities in the institution. The well-resourced faculty and the well equipped laboratories certainly have cleared the uncertainties. . I am confident that he will prove to be a resourceful student and certainly fulfill your expectations in all aspects. commitment. His contribution in the Guest lectures by various industrial personalities and the national level technical symposium conducted by chemical engineering association received appreciation. The performance in these subjects of scoring good marks at the university level confirms his capacity. SAMPLE 6 I am very glad to pen the letter of recommendation for X. I can place him among the top 5% in his class. “Fluid Mechanics” and “Chemical Reaction Engineering”. The knowledge obtained in his discipline from one of the best colleges in India is praise worthy. Apart from his academics.NAME OF PROF. In my evaluation he has been one among the class talents. The college has provided creative knowledge to build a successful career. SAMPLE 5 It gives me immense pleasure to drop a few lines as reference for XXXXXX. As a professor I handled two vital subjects along with practical classes. Considering his knowledge. The marks confirm his capacity and so does college. I have known him for four years and I can make an appraisal as the Head of the Chemical Engineering Department. The interest he showed in my subjects is highly laudable. His project titled "Manufacture of Hydrogen Cyanide" consisting of precise literature. equipment designing. I conclude my assessment with the self-belief that his inbuilt talent and the requisite skill provided by the institution will make him a successful person. I can confidently place him among the top 10 students. a chemical engineering student in my capability as the Head of the Institution. He represented the college football team for four consecutive years. The attention and the work he showed in finishing it received appreciation. The program mixing the theoretical knowledge with practical information is one of the elite of our institution. He has glib English. I should take privilege in explaining the chemical engineering program the student has undergone. curiosity in my subjects. I was able to observe at his project presentation and while delivering address in the association functions. and plant layout is praise worthy. material balance and energy balance.

He served as the prominent association member and in the progress elected as treasurer of the association and the national level technical symposium. I conclude my assessment saying that the multi talented personality will be a tangible asset. He approached me with his original ideas intensified the affinity and paved the way to share more thoughts. SAMPLE 7 It gives me great pleasure to drop a few lines as note of reference for X. X is a person with unique qualities. and the perseverance and patience in doing long time experiments often drew the attention of mine. The basic mathematical knowledge and innovative thinking in solving tedious problem and rapidity in understanding the concepts impressed me a lot. The lectures he presented in the seminar classes revealed his higher degree communication skills. In practical classes his dedication in arriving at the exact reading. I have known him closely for the past four years as a senior lecturer. He has also received many awards for representing college football team and involving in student activities. So I recommend him to your esteemed university with financial aid. He has also been a part in cultural activities and a prominent player in the college football team. Therefore I recommend him for the graduate degree at your esteemed university with funding. The determination in updating the data and meticulous work in the laboratory proves his potential to be a research student.Apart from academics. a student of chemical engineering program. I had many chances to observe his qualities. “Heat Transfer” and “Mechanical Operations”. I conclude my assessment with the confidence that X is a resourceful candidate. In my evaluation he is a sincere and potential student of our department. whom I have known for the past three years as the Head of Computer Science. I handled two problematic subjects coupled with practical classes. which puts me in a position to make a true estimate of his innate capabilities. His curiosity in knowing the application areas of the theoretical concepts is also exemplary. The involvement he showed in various student activities particularly while leading the whole student team in conducting the national level technical symposium led the way for appreciation and awards. I am certain that his dedication with sufficient knowledge will be an able substance for research. . he participated in various activities of our association. SAMPLE 8 It gives me immense pleasure to recommend X to your department.

which I handled in his pre-final year. I was impressed by his ingenious skills and aptitude to solve any problem.During the course of his study. “Instant Messaging and Gaming”. his impetus and capacity for independent study propelled him to do projects in “Steganography”. I have taught him the Discrete Structures. “Macro-processor”. I was impressed by his paper on “Stored-Random Early Detection for Congestion Avoidance” which confirmed his inclination towards research. X proved himself to be a hard worker and a good team player. This was evident when he organized the National Level Technical Symposium “Virtuoso ’01 ’02”. “Surprise” events in our technical symposium “Virtuoso `01 `02”. Inclined to research. He was one of the organizers of the “System Design”. Apart from programming. SAMPLE 9 It gives me great pleasure to introduce X whom I know as an undergraduate student in Computer Science and Engineering. provided me an opportunity to closely follow and observe him. His greatest asset is his practical approach and handling difficult situations with ease. and is an active participant in the Placement activities. He is an attentive and inquisitive person in learning new technologies and hence I strongly believe that he has an enormous potential for a rigorous advanced study and research. I would rank him in the top 5% of all students. His work was always thorough and comprehensive. uniqueness and dedication. and his analytical skills are very good. His classmates benefited the most when he handled critical concepts in Computer Networks such as Congestion control and Routing algorithms. he wrote a paper on ”Stored-Random Early Detection for Congestion Avoidance” which was presented in the National Level Technical Symposium and he is working to improve reliability in the existing peer to peer system in his project “Hybrid Replicating Peer to Peer System”. I strongly believe that he has high potential . With his outstanding intelligence. He has a good command over both written and oral English and has the potential to become a good teacher. I have evaluated with in the past years. His command over English complements his excellent communication skills. He has self-motivation to understand new technologies quickly and get a clear and in-depth understanding of it. I place him among the top 5% students I have taught. he is popular among his counterparts for explaining things in a lucid manner. I would strongly recommend him for the graduate program with full financial assistance. Apart from the regular course work. He has maintained an excellent academic record and has been a consistent performer in the various tests and exams conducted. He has a good grasp of the fundamentals of computer science and he integrated the concepts of Discrete Structures in his projects to optimize the solution.

I have handled the subjects “Solid State Circuits-II“ and “Communication Engineering“. originality. “Virtuoso ’01 ’02”. I would rank him among the top 5% of the students in his class. . He contributed by taking seminars on various topics and exhibited his ideology on computer science. I had always found him proactive and initiative. concise. and evocative. SAMPLE 11 I have known X as a sincere and highly motivated student in the Electronics and Communication Department for the past three years in my capacity as Professor. TCP / IP and Artificial Intelligence. SAMPLE 10 I am very much pleased to issue this letter of recommendation for X who has been one of my most illustrious students for the past two years. I strongly recommend X for admission with full Financial Assistance in your esteemed institution. She has performed very well in her assignments and class works with a good analytical approach towards understanding the root of any problem. Her alertness in the class room and her involvement in research were indicative of her abiding interest in the subject. The quality of interaction she had with me during the class impressed me. I have taught him Software Engineering. With this background I am sure I can assess her capabilities for a future academic career. His interests include solving conundrums and optimizing solutions. He is a very conscientious and a good team player. His communication is clear. Head of the Department (Electronics and Communication Engineering). He is cheerful and unassuming. I am confident that he will prove to be an excellent researcher as well as a tutor. He has done innovative projects exploring new technologies. Her ardor for a deeper understanding of the subject has enabled her to acquire a good technical knowledge. creative research potential. This has given me the chance to determine his scholastic credentials for future studies.for success in higher studies and strongly recommend his candidature for admissions to M. He proved his research credentials when he wrote a paper on “Stored-Random Early Detection for Congestion Avoidance” which was presented in the National Level Technical Symposium and he is currently working to improve reliability in the existing peer to peer system in his project “Hybrid Replicating Peer to Peer System”. I appreciate his active participation in organizing our National Level Technical Symposium. His intellectual ability.S program in your University with full assistantship. He has the inclination to analyze technical details to its minutiae. excellent teaching skills and co-operation while working in a team are his main forte.

By her genial disposition. She has also done fair number of project and papers presentation exploring new technologies. patience and strong integrity. I . He has the ability to visualize and link together the fundamentals of each subject. organizing and execution of assigned tasks. which increases his realm of knowledge beyond the limits of syllabus. I recommend her strongly with no reservation for admission to the Graduate Program at your University preferably with financial aid. she has always excelled in group tasks. As an Assistant Professor and Project guide for X. She has done innovative projects exploring new technologies. I feel that her academic proficiency and potential for research makes her one of the truly outstanding candidates I have come across. which was evident when she was one of the coordinators of “Digitalk 2002” a National Level Technical. He holds an excellent academic record and I would place him in the top 2% of students I have come across. SAMPLE 13 It gives me great pleasure to pen this letter of recommendation for X who has been an outstanding undergraduate student in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department.She has maintained a healthy academic record and has been ranked among the top 5% of the students of her class. In these she portrayed her capabilities as a teacher. She is very enterprising. She proved her research credentials when she pursued research on ECG waveforms. She created an “ECG SIMULATOR” with which won her laurels in National Level Technical symposiums and got credit to the institution. He is a well-disciplined and enthusiastic student with a high degree of scholarship. She has got very good communication skill and has clarity of thought combined with good command over English Language. She is capable of independent planning. I have interacted with him both on and off the classroom and hence I can confidently assess his capability. I strongly recommend his candidature for admission with full financial assistance for graduate studies at your institution. Besides her academic interest she has also been the treasurer of the “Rotract Club” and has handled the responsibilities and pressure with ease. I have been observing him in terms of personality and academics and would unhesitatingly state that he is most suited for a research career. He has an insatiable zeal to learn more about the subject as he delves into it. He has good English proficiency which makes him an ideal student for research. She has delivered several seminars and lectures. SAMPLE 12 I have known the applicant X for the past three years as an undergrad student in our institution. co-operative and responsible .

disciplined and of exceptional character. he presented a seminar regarding his current project in which he gave an introduction into the tools and techniques used in the project. I find him to be highly motivated. a technical symposium conducted by our department. I find him to be an apt student to pursue higher studies in your esteemed university with full financial aid. I have found him to be actively involved with the class discussions. Last year he took active part in our department function as the Master of Ceremony. He has participated in “Digitalk 2k2”. ‘Solid State Circuits II’ and ‘Communication Engineering’. A highly disciplined student in every aspect and a true prodigy is the best way I can describe him. “Microwave Communication”. He has also participated in many seminars and has organized many functions.have known him for the past three and a half years. Being an avid reader. The project titled ’Overcharge Prevention for REQ’ is currently being implemented by one of the leading watch manufacturers in India. This apart. hardworking professional. I would rate him among the top % of the students in a class of 65. Apart from this project. An active member in class. and one practical paper in “Microwave Communication”. SAMPLE 14 X. he has also undertaken and completed a project “Speech Verification using Virtual Instrumentation”. it gives me immense pleasure in recommending him. he has the habit of keeping in touch with the latest developments. His command over English is also excellent. he has conducted a research on Infrared communication during his semester holidays. I would therefore recommend him to your university with financial aid. As the Head of Department. He has done a project in designing a protection circuit for a rechargeable watch. His diligence is reflected in his percentile of marks and he ranks among the top % of students in his class. He is currently carrying out his research in wireless communication. I have handled two courses for him namely. A few days ago. Judging from the amount of research and his thirst for better understanding. I was truly impressed with his oratorical skills. Academically. his insatiable thirst for knowledge has resulted in many an interesting discussion. . “Antennas and Wave Propagation”. I have taught him the courses “Measurements and Instrumentation”. His analytical and mathematical skills are unsurpassed by most in his class. I have been closely associated with him over the past three and a half years. His command over English is impeccable and he has excellent communication skills. His current project “Smart Camera Surveillance System” is in line for the best project award. “Television Engineering”. being an intelligent. He has also taken active part in many seminars. In each of these classes. I have faith that he will perform very well if given the chance to prove himself.

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