I also want the world as we know it to end. Why? Because it's an ugly world.

I d on't myself living the next 50 years of my life in a society like this. Not only is this world greedy, egocentric, self-centered, but it has to be stupid slaver y-based. I don't see myself working from 8 to 5 for some rich corporations. Nobo dy wants this. Nobody wants to work all the time, just to be able to "live". Thi s is not life! This is some goddam slavery and nobody notices it. My dream is to travel, unleash my potential, make friends, and don't give a care about today o r tomorrow. How many dreams are being neglected?! You walk outside and all you see is ugly buildings, ugly streets, no plants, no grass, barely any flowers. The air stinks, the tap water is goddam lime green, W hy can't we have beautiful houses, and monuments like the egyptians had? Why can 't we write stories on the walls instead of having to see ugly grafitis? Why do the seas have to be poluted and the only boats on it ugly cargos? It doesn't hav e to be like this. Why do the government have to be a bunch of greedy warmongers? Why should all th e decisions they do be so stupid? Why is everybody affraid? Nobody knows their neighbours anymore! Nobody talks to eachother anymore because of the "social rules". In waiting rooms, everyone avo ids looking in other people eyes, because they're affraid! Why can't we just tal k, and have fun?! People don't have any feelings anymore, they just drug themsel ves, eat chips and candy, or become alchoolics; anything just to forget! Why do people ridiculize people who are different? Why do the kids in school bully, ins ult, and put down the kids who are shy or don't got the last trend clothes? Why are people so stupid? Why should the big designers decide what we should wear? Why should the television decide what we should think? Why should the television decide how we live our life? Why are women still put down by men, reduced to me re objects on television? Why are those DISGUSTING food still on the grocery shelves? Why are cigarettes s till on the shelves when they kill people? Why do junk food restaurants still ex ist? They exploit stupidity! Make profit off death! And those damn pills, the "solution" to everything. Always to "treat", never to "cure", they would make no money if it was like that! People are sick, no doubt, the water we drink is contaminated, the food we eat is full of poison. People a re fat, nobody moves anymore; why? Outside it's so ugly! The places who are rura l are EMPTY. Why would anyone want to live in isolation? Why, huh? Why should we just accept this and live with it? Accepting it wont mak e it go away! It'll go on like this forever until we decide to m ake it change! If you just accept mediocirity, and even defend it, then you become part of the problem! If you accept it, in my eyes you're just a weaklink, affraid of change, clinging to your old little habits, a coward.

(Unrelated post below) The New Dawn shall belongs to everyman. But it terrifies me. I live with fear fo r the future of my family, but this fear and uncertainty can't hide the feelings expressed in these pages. I also want the world as we know it to end. Not the end of the world, but the en d of these ways, and these days. I can think of many examples of corruption, and I see it in the drudgery of daily life. Money, Profit, and Commerce are the New Gods, and are praised-world without end. I believe that our culture has an expiration date stamped upon it. Because we ar

and the ability to dream of somethi ng better. We live in a time of extension. you notice the changes of the seasons. I do not feel good. You also can fortell a bit of the future b ased on these selfsame noticings. however. But if there is nothing done. Sure. truck food in and gar bage out. how clever of us to dam up rivers. Don't need to stay in one place to see that. it sounds like terrorlsm. They are as close as I make them. and some of the ancient ways could once again aid mankind. will take care of their fa milies as they ought. then there are many. When I walk underneath them I pay very little attention to them. and lots of it. Men will know their worth. and to take c are of your family without electric. I doubt I'd be welcome there. If you stay in a place long enough. what blazing oil refineries will be key to start a 'Peak Oil ' scenario? To me. and indeed. But they are not. Probably some time in the future. wha t great masters we are. the animals behaviour. If you were left on your own to compete for resources. & know when something is out of whack. which are still raging to this very day. I can't wrap my brain around that. Yeah. I am the Amerikan that can do something about it. Again. Peace be upon you when you look up at the stars tonite. & If I'm thinking it. . 9 billion folks in the world is probably not too far off the m ark. I want to live in peace. not corrupt. consolidate our sewers. though it will get ugly. Google. or well. there is n o place for me in the time I dream of. Real 'Place-based c ulture' could thrive. I'm not interested them.e too many. I can. many right there with me. many of them much larger than this planet we live upon. what is to be done? I suppose that this is my day and my age. I am the new amerikan insurgent. and have always considered myself 'Joe Everyman'. No. some could. or accomplished. long after it has passed. could you do it. look aroun d. norma l thoughts and feelings about this and that. then my children will live in these days with these ways. Their works will be good. gasoline and government. I do not want to fight. I am not overly special. i t's out of whack all right. called the earth. But it is not terror to want massive changes. though I don' t know the when or the where it will be noted. These extensions have allowed us to bear fruit . I do n ot believe we are on track as a species. 3 of those in the Middle East fighting in other wars. I wonder what bridges I need to bring down to s tart the landslide. What is to be done? I know that the New Dawn will be a good thing. the moon's affect. for whatever reason. I won't see any bright new future. maybe work on my farm. why? Because they se em so far away. though I've served more than 10 yea rs in the military. it's too big. but most could not. and rais e my children well.