Community Church
Mens’ Fishing Outing

Late Summer 2018

FCC Sharing Lives
It was “huge”
The DeHarts hosted the men and boys up at
Cranberry Lake for a fishing and lunch outing. Fish
were caught and conversations had in this low-key
event designed to just spend some social time

Vacation Bible School is the next big thing that will
signal the end of summer and beginning of the
school year. Once schools are back in session, we
will have an all-FCC picnic to kick off the next
season of life together.

Summer of Service was a success with hundreds of
youth and adults serving the Michiana community.
In the evenings, teaching and worship were
enjoyed by all.

Sundays Worship 9:30am
Sundays 10:45am Young Marrieds, Adults, Children’s Worship
Wednesday Youth / Kids / Women / Adults 6:30pm
Pan-America Men for Missions (OMS)

Hittin’ It Hard
Pastor Randy & Robert joined One Mission Society’s (OMS) Men Summer of Service
for Missions Pan-America driving adventure to raise funds for
ministry in Haiti. They traveled 3 days in the USA, then the next 5
down through 6 Central American countries to Costa Rica. After
many adventures and experiencing God’s protection, they then
participated in some helpful volunteer projects at the Abraham
Project (others helped out at the Spanish Language Institute).
Tammy and some other gals joined the group for this second week
of ministry in Costa Rica.

Womens’ Bonfire
PanAm / Costa Rica

55540 Apple Rd @ McKinley