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schizoanalysis | TAMSIN LORRAINE

In 1972, the publication in France of Gilfos Deleuze and Felix and fostering energizing links that connect those individu-
Guattsri's book, Anti-Oedipus, resonated with the growing als to one another in novel ways.
challenges to structuralism and lacanian psychoanalysis In A Thousand Plate$u$, the follow-up to Anti-Oedipus
that arose with the- political upheaval of May 1988. In this first published in 1980, Deleuze and Guattari claim that the
book, Deieuze and Guattari deride psychoanalysis for meaning pronounced by authors in a book about the world
reducing the anarchic productivity of unconscious desire can be trapped within the signification snd desire of 'dom-
to the familial desires played out in the Oedipal triangle, inated' subjects. While traditional tfieory (for example,
They object to the psychoanalytic figuring of desire as lack psychoanalysis) tends to present itself as an interpretation
and contend instead that desire Is productive and flows of a world it would represent, Delete and Guattari
according to Immanent principles. On their view, under- describe their book as an assemblage that aspires to be an
standing that desire according to an interpretative schema experiment'in contact with the real'. The theory of schizo-
externally imposed upon its unfolding not only fails to analysis {orwhatthey also call deterritorialization, destrat-
capture its dynamic becoming, hut literally thwarts its iftcation or the construction of a body without organs,
creative progress. Psychoanalysis is a normative, normal- among other terms) presented in A Thousand Plateaus, is
izing theory that would reduce the multiple forms destre meant not to provide 'interpretations' of life, but rather
can take. Schizoanalysis is their proposal for an alternative 'maps' that could lead us to new realities. Interpretations
form of analysis. Instead of referring all desire to the per- trace already established patterns of meaning; maps
sonal identities of the Oedipal triangle, schizDanafysis pursue connections, or what Oeleuze and Guattari call
pursues the breaks and flows linking elements of life lines of flight', not readily perceptible to the normative sub-
according to a desire that unfoids of itself wltiiout refer- jects of dominant reality. Their notion of a collective

ence to anything that transcends fts own becoming. That assemblage of enunciation suggests that a theory extracts

is, schizoanalysis deliberately pursues the:multiple unfold- a unified perspective from an impersonal array of virtual
relations with concrete consequences for the social field
ings of desire that link the prepersonal elements of psychic
as a whole. The events of language that a theory attributes
life in ways too 'peculiar' to consolidate the identities of
tc states of affairs do not simply reflect a reality they
conventional familial and social life. This form of analysis
cannot affect, but rather bring about whatthey call 'incor-
would shun interpretation entirely and instead constitutes
poreal transformations' that are a Creative participant in
a practice with the express intent of mobilizing flows con-
the heterogeneous mix of human life. The writing assem-
necting the elements of psychic fife across traditional 'bar-
blage of Oeleuze, Guattari, words 9Ud world resulting in A
riers' with the hoped-for effect of enlivening individuals
Thousand Pteteeus is meant to establish connections Ac cordingtoDeleoze and Suattari, books contain state-
between fields of reality representation and subjectivity ments that are evaluated by their readers against the back-
that defy the tredi&ma I divisions of world, book and a utbor. ground of pragmaticJmpfiee&wts, implicit presuppositions
It is their hope that these connections will precipitate vital and incorporeal transformations that 'make sense' in a
afteroatives for Irving through the reading assemblages given lime and place, The direct discourse of a book is
that pass them along. extracted from the indirect discourse of what Defeaze and
pefeuze and Guattan characterize a way of doing Guattari call the collective assemblage of emmcJation in
theory in 4 Timsmd Plateaus thatfyroinates the shift keeping with implicit rales of the 'operations of signifteace'
their conception Of schizoahaiysis ta kes from what sta rte-d and the 'proceedings of subfectffication' regulating our nor-
as a critique of psychoanalysis and oedipaf subjectivity m mative notions of meaningful sentences and speaking sub-
AnfcQedipus to the broader conception of mapping that jects. When a man stands on the deck of a ship as he
emerges in the later work. Schizoanaiysis is no more inter- searches the horizon for a whale, thers Is a set of bodies -.
ested in maintaining its own ."identity as 'schizoanaiysis' man, ship, water, whale - that act and are acted upon.
than ft is in mewteMng the personal identity of the selves it Bodies {taken in the broadest sense > are affected by actions
analyses. And yet, Deleuze and Siiattari's proposal to and passions (he isnow walkingorswirwning,joyfuforsadK
tinderstand Jridivkroaiion as an unfolding series of states They are also the object of hpn-corporea!
• •:
provides art alternate means for reeogniziRg mdwidasls (be now married, or divorced, or tenured). The statements,
they theories or nuntan subjects) without excluding the 'Ahab bunts the white whate' or 'Abab becomes-woajs',
creative evolutions of their becoming, fh whet follows i express incorporeal transformations or events that can be
elaborate the project of schizoanaiysis that emerges in distinguished from^e actions and passions of bodies. The
these two works ir> fight of the conception of linguistic pro- collective assemblage of enunciation entails incorporeal
duction ^captured in soon terms as 'collective assemblage' transformations'ctrrrent in a given society' that are attrib-
and 'mcorporear transformation!characterized in A utedfetfte'bsdiss of "iliat society' }WP;Ml The et-ems my
Thousand Plateaus: deleitzeens* Gtfattarfs conception-of Pf0poatiansexpf8ss-fehttnt,ort6 beoome-Whate- do not
theory as an evolving force actualizing the virteal-reaf of represent a state of affairs, but 'anticipate them or move
iangua§e with pragmatic implications for a dynamic social them bacfc, skrwtbern down or speed then tip, separate or
field suggests that we need to consider the effects of combine them, delimitthere » a different way |ATF, 86). Toe
words as serioysly as we consider the effects of o*her event of becoming-whate implies a different set of virtual
actions m the world. They believe that the most ethical relations than the event of hunting: the assemblage
theory is ultimately the one that is roost responsive to life - expressing the former event rather than the latter attributes
even if this means being 'true' to mutating flows of desire distinctive incorporeal transformations to Ahab's actions
rather than the boundaries of already established iden- that wifi produce unpredictable effects in future assem-
tities. Such a view, as we will see, has important repercas- blages of readers, book ann\world. •S'jSpeeb acts do not
sions for how we understand ourselves as welt as how we sifrqaty represent states of aifsirs, hut iritentens wM? them.
theorize the world. Pa.rtofthegoalof A ThottsmdPlateausistQ thwkrtthe nor-



mative divisions of sutoor, world and book thai foster the of enunciation of a given society tin perticelar, a society tfea!
illusion of a personal seif commentme, trpon 8 world from prires oetfipafeatian}. Such proceedings oblfeerste nea-
which it is separate. 'Speaking in tongues. To write is nprrnarjve ceiaiecfians in favour of those that produce
perhaps to bring this assemblage of the ifnceascross to the reader reoognixable subjects.ftrs thus the individual whose
light of day, to select the whispering voices, to gather the statements exceed tfse scrrrts ^egutetina seFSonfcoBd is def-
tribes and secret idioms front wfeich i extract something j erence to &e contingent connections of her own unfolding
ca» my Self fAfo/HATR 8% that can acquire'hertrue properuaras'.
SeMzoertafysis, uftlike psychoanalysis, wpufdfosterthe Gilbert Simondon, an important influence on Beieuze
recognition that when the subject speaks, she eaa sever and eaaaari's thinking atoutindi^duatiGB, argses that the
speak in her own name in the sense of prodeeing a parsons? individual has traditionaBy been defined tr> terms of a state
statement Instead, there are no individual statements and it of stable equifibrium. That is, the individuated being is
is rather "when the indivstesi opens up to the mtrffipliefSies assumed to be m the sort af equilibrium thrt is attained in
pervading him or her, at the outcome of the most severe a system whan all the possible Sransformstkins have been
operation of depersonalizatiea, that he or she acquires his achieved and no other force remains to enact any further
or her true proper name* {ATI* 37h While psychoanalysis changes' <Gt 302J. This approach not osly excludes the
would support fte fantasy of having a private, personai self, notion of becomina. from aw thinking about individuation,
_ st&feaanatysfe would insist that me individual is not a but strips the individual from ine interactions with its sur-
t , persott bat a series of states that unfoid ouiof a specific rounding milfeo that make it what it is. Simondoo stoggests
rrriitea. litis process of individuation acquires its individual- understanding'.the individual as arelativereality - 'merely
ity not trough a set of enduring attributes, but rJirowjh the the fesult of a phase in the being's development* - instead ¥•:
specificity of its unique unfolding. Likethe name of a disease of a completed tct&ily. Thus indMdtiation coaM be viewed
or a scterrtific effect {such as AiOS or the Joule or Kelvin as 'a partial end relative resolution manifested tn a system
effects a proper name designates not a person, tat a series that contains latent potentials andiiarijers a certain incem-
of states kat are sets of partw«lar effects withfe a fteW of patibity with itself {61, ml the tensions arisragfrcwithe
potentiate, "Monotwcleosis' designates not one thing, but e incompatible forces of a specific phase sf development
set of symptoms that converge m varying patterns over the precipitate tiie individual into its next phase of develop
course of the disease; various symptoms may come and §o, ment Each phase of the system of the individual's reality is
butitisnotuntila critical proportion of symptoms has disap- 'replete with potentials' ffii, 316). If is in part dire to the
peared thatvtfe can say the disease is cured 'dies Deletize' fores of potentials in tiie process of besoming lhattfte indi-
designates not one person, but a set of effects whose rela- vidual moves from one state of its being to another,
tionships shift over time in interaction with the surroundmg individuation entails not a synthesis that fealty brings a
vwrfd;riwny of these effecfe^^ being into a state of"cm&etibh, but 'rether the being
porfjoji must maintain continuity for the individual we cell passing out of step with itself P , 314). Accoants of the
DeieujetG confiriuets exist, ^srsorihoodistiie resuftof the subject titet attempt to sum up ks essenfel attributes fail
's«fjJectiflt;3tiDfl proceedings' of ths collective assemblage to captwe the sMfting iriovemenis sf its unfolding;

Simorrion's accountsuggests that any individual is sseries where innon«boiKng water as virtual possibities.. Anyone
af metastatic states, no one of which captures the of these singularities only become actualized given the
essence of what that individual is. convergence of a wficie set of forces that include pro-
In ftiffewfiee and Repetition, Oelettxe develops a way cesses beyond those defining the individual at issue. The
of understanding individuals in terms of the problems vrttuettties of boiling, freezing and evaporating eonstitiite
inherent in a given process of individuation, like Simandon, part of the incompessible fieW of virtuafities that condition
he contends that examining onlyfeefinal states of equilib- the next state ihe water actually reaches. The entire field
rium in which a processresults (however we may define of the virtual must ultimately include the conditions act just
such states}, gives as an impoverished understanding of for a given process of individuation, but for aH of life since
the Individual at issue. Indivkiuei things, including a human ail the forces of fife ultimately affect one anther.
subjectcca ptffesciphicarcoiiceptr would be better under- Transitions across the multiple thresholds involved in a
stood in terihs of a self-differentiating series of states com- given process of individuation happen in infinitesimal
prising virtual potentialities as well as material forms that degrees ffiaifatt below the identities perceived in ordinary
unfold in response to the problems offife.Each state of the awareness. The psychic self and coherent body of con-
series is replete with the potential to move into any number scious awareness las weff as boiling water or a philosoph-
of other states in concert with its surrounding milieu. The ical concept), from this perspective, are the emergent
individual subject or concept, on this view, is not what effects of unstable processes in continual movement that
remains the same throughout ail the changes it undergoes, unfold over time and feat entail a field of virtual potential-
but is rather a conpnc^on of states that includes the ities as well as the determinate configurations of material
dynamic force inherent in each slate. The states of a elements.
process of individuation are not clearly defined but entati language is a crucial factor in the processes of individ-
the infintteslmat movement of elemental particles toward a uation of specific human subjects as well as of specific
limit that marks a qualitative change m an open-ended set cultures and humanity as a whole. UN any process of pro-
of particles. This limit is to virtual event or singularity that duction, linguistic activity unfolds with respect to prob-
oversees the actualization of the series; it is the problem lems. Just as material processes entail virtual singularities
insisting m die unfolding of a series of points. For example, that may or may not be actuafced{for example, the freez-
•die point on a vector Where water begins to boil (or ing or boiling points of a pot of water), so do linguistic pro-
Deleuze dies or the event of t o schijoanalyze' begins) is a cesses entail events - pure becomings expressed by
singularity. That singularity inheres in a state of non-boiling propositions - that may bs actualized in the specific state
water {at the living Oeleuze of. a thought-movement} as a of affairs to which they are attributed, but which can
virtual possibility. Although it has not yet actually mani- always be actualized in other .states of affairs. Thus tiers
fested, ft insists in that state as a potentiaiHy, a kind of are always ether states of affairs to which the event 'to
problem .that vM only be resolved when the incremental bc4j' {or to schiioanaiyze'} can be attributed Furthermore,
movements of nwltiple elements coalesce in a specific the relation °$ events can be distinguished from the rela-
way. The singularities of freezing and evaporation also tions of materialtilings.The statement'! swear!' is a dmer-

ertf statement when said by s child to her mother, a women ignore. Rather than interpret desire by representingftwith
to tier lover or a witness m cottrt. Btrt according to Deletes reference to a preconceived su-ueture, schHsaftalysis
and Guaitari, alt the possible 'effectuations', of this state- experiments with desire, actively participating m the
ment are present m one of its effectuations and these drawing offines,rendering previously imperceptible lines
virtual effectuations create a virtual line ef variation which; of contimmus variation perceptible. If pursues not the
Is 'real wiiteotrt being actaa!, and C08se$uen§y cpntinuoas structures and relations of persons, subjects, aad interpre-
regardless of the leaps the statement makes' (ATP, 94}. tations, out the lines 'running through §retsps as well as
What they caS the 'abstract machine' of language is 'not individuals' (ATP, W41 Schjzoansfysis refuses to reduce
actaaf, but virtuaf-regij it has, not invariable or obligatory desire to the connections established vis-a>vss persons
rules, b« optional rules that ceaselessly vary with the vari- and the phaMus, and instead experiments with the lines of
ation Itself, as in a game in which each move changes the coijtiifHKSis variation that are above and below the thresh-
rules*. A concrete assemblage actuafees relations that are olds of perception and representational thought where the
a function of ft* lines of somirtuaus vafiatiodcfrawn by Che boundaries detailing the identities of persons and things
abstractmaDhioe. The assemWage negotiates variables at are snaBibfguoos. Theoriz1n§, like ether processes, can
this or that level of variation according to this or that remain trapped in repetitive patterns or create new pat-
degree of daterntorttlizatipB, and determines which vari- terns in flow with the contingencies cf Ihougbt-movements
ables will enter kite constant relations or obey oblatory In Aetr specific; ntiffeas. Deleme and Sttattari expect that
rules and which will serve instead as a fluid wetter for vw- the concepts of schizeanalysis will creatively evolve in dif-
atiOfl'jATP.IOOf. ferent contexts and tfest these concepts will have unpre-
An assemblage (like authors, book and world) that dictable effects in the mdrviddatisn processes cf the
opens and B»tSrp!ies connections approaches 'the living human subjects and cultures in which they emerge.
abstract machine' fATfi 513). F*sychoanaiyste 'royally Although fteleazs a nd Gttattari da not ase the term
botches fne real' because it interprets everything m 'assemblage* in A&ti-OQ$ptts, lb this esrirer wocfi they
feeeping with a set of normative rules resufatino, signifi- characterize human beings as arifoldinf processes of sidi-
cance and subjects. The ceiitir^us variations in language vidaation in constant afteraction wifft their surroundings,
that are imperceptible to persons with Gomroon;sense' - and refuse tfee psychoanalyic notion ttrat such ifiterac-
the virtual relations of events tet defy the thresfeoids of tionssboufd be referred toesdrpaf positions. They describe
conventional perception and thought- are Ignored vn def- burnan subjectivity in terms of shree syntheses of the
erence to the established patterns of meaning imposed by : anconscfous; connective syntheses that join elements Into
psychoanalysis. The virtual relations of language are as series f desiring-machines'}, disjunctive syntheses that
real for Deteuze and Suattari as the relations already actu- resonate series in metastasis states {'bodies without
alized Jn specific speech acts, Concrete assemblages l&e organs'), and conjunctive synthesestot gather metastable
that of Deleuze and Suateri, A Thousand Phmatis and states into the continuous experience of conscious aware-
world can negotiate the virtual relations'of events and ness. Beteuze and Guattari agree with the psychoanalytic
actualize conwctions Conventional asse»iMeges wowW account that the coherent bedy-lma§eand sense of self of


a sentient subject is the result of a mostly unconscious pass from one person to another. The reason is that
process that unfolds over time. They also agree that persons are derived frorn abstract Quantities, instead of
eedipal subjectivity is one form that human sentience can from flows' CAO, 7tjk Onfeebody without, organs, desire is
take. The syntheses they describe, however, have oedipal the only subject It passes from one body to another, pro*
and anoedipat forms,. Sebizoanajysis is designed to foster dacing partis} objects, creating breaks and flows, 'follow-
fha laser The subject, esa iffocessof mdtvi<teation emer§* ing connections and appropriations &at each time destroy
in§ from the social field, is an inevitable co-participant in the factitious unity of a possessive or proprietary ego' (AO,
the creation and mutation of social formations. Deleuze 72). Gedipalization makes it appear that parfial abfeefs are
arid 6uattari contend that unconscious investments «n the possessed by a person and that it is the person who
social #eld take precedence over conscious investments in desires. The exclusive disjisic#pns of oedipaiization desig-
persenat identity Schjzoanalysis, rafter than tracing all nate global person 'who dp not exist prior lathe probibt- -
desire to the positions of an oedipal triangle, wants to tsons that found them' rather than intensive states through
attain 'tire immediate productive uncehscietis'&af affects which the subject passes m the body withoat organs- The
and Is affected by the breaks and flows of the larger social designations of the exclusive disjunctions differentiate
field <AO, 98}. among global persons and situate the ego vis-a-vis these,
Daleuze and Guatiari claim that capitalism same iirto persons {AO, W.
being when flows of predUcboh* were decoded m the form The axiomaties of capitalism doesnat care about p e j ^ j
of money-capital and flows of iabobr' were decoded m the serving the content of a given capftafet formation; the spe*
form of the worker Ireels sell her labourijower. Instead of elite forms that places of wort? take with the concomitant :
coding (or overcoding} flows of desire, thus making sure identities of employers and employees matter much less
that'no How exists that is net properly dammed up, chan- than that c apitaiflows,and the market flourishes. M if eap-
neled, regulated', capitafism /has created an axiomatic of itaRsm is to replicate itself despite the mutating forms of
abstract quantities that keeps moving further and further?'!* the institutions and people who manifest % it must make
the direction of the deterritoriaSzatidn of the secius' {AO, sure -mat the deterritarializing flows of capital do not
33)> That is, capitalism's emphasis on &e absbactquantifi- imitate to the point of rendering capitalism unrecognizable
cation of money and labour (what matters is how capital to itself. As a process of individuation, capitalism passes
and labour circulates - not the specific forte wealth takes beyond itself in a series of states of partial resolwtion that•';'..
or who in particular does what) encourages desire to contain incompatibilities and latent potentials. For the ten-
permute across the social field in unpredictable ways. sions in these states not to rapipre this process entirely
Capitafism as a serial formation that seeks to repficate (thus ending m capitafism's demisaL they must be resolved
itself depends on oedipafoatiqn to manage Ibis tendency from state to, state. Qedipafizatiop is useful to the replica-
toward deterritoriafizatlon, Qedipslization entails replacing tion of capitalism because by making sure desire is always \
the connection of partial objects with a regime for the constrained to the personalized triangle of oedipys, the j
pairing of people. 'Partis! objects now seem to be taken Inherent deterrttorieilzatkm of capitalism is effectively ;
from people, rather than from the nonpersonalflowsthat managed. Oedipal subfects maintain the innovations of

•MM m

deterriroriaKzmg capital within the lightly bound parame- the various states through which she passes are experi-
ters of a personal Identity and fascial life lor the triangu- enced by her. Butifee subject of her experiences is not the
lated eythorlty relationships thai roiiroc oerjlpus ki the global person whose identify isfixedon either one side or
public reafcriK It is Deteuze and Guattari's contention that the other of various oppositional divides (mate or female,
tiiis is precisely the process ths! psychoanalysis would white or black), ami she designates the various pleasur-
fester and support, able and psfnfei states through which she passes in terms
Sehizoanalysis would encourage capitalism's inherent oftatensitiesthat are always becoming-other rather than
deterritoriafeatioRto approsch and move past its iisnit and as attributes of an unchanging being. Because her uncon-
foster the schko subject whose desire moves past the eon- scious productions defy the constriction of oedipafization,
stramts of oedipalteation. Instead of referring the body to a her reality is different from that of the oedipal subject her
model of totalized body parts referred to a privileged sig- sensations, emotions and thougfets defy oeApal categor-
Rifbr {the phallus}, the schizo experiences her body as a ization. White the oedipal subject experiences the world m
field of multiplicities vibrating in an intensivefieldwith no teems of the possibilities posited by dominant rea%, the
external paint of reference or culmination. According to schizo is sensitive to the singularities ami events that couW
Oeleiize and Guatfars, oedipafization constitutes an ategiti- produce alternative realities. Furthermore, giwen that the
mate restriction on the syntheses of the yneoosetous sehizo does not come «p against the Hank wal of schizo-
beeatrse it emphasizes globalpersons fthas excluding sH phrenia, aicoboftsm or settle otherformof a failed or empty
partial objects of desire), exclusive disjunctions Ithus rele- body without organs, her prodfiction of this reaffty rever-
gating the sttbject to a chronological series of moments berates with and through the realities of Others. }••
that cart be given a coherent narrative account}, and a seg- According to Deleaze and Guattari fee unconscious %
regative and biufiivocaf use of the eonjanctive syntheses neither symbolizes, imagines nor represents, but instead
ithus reducing the identity of the sabject to & coherent or engineers. DeeedipaJteatton would release desire from the %

static set of one side of a set of oppositions*. regulated channels of oedipal desire and sllow the creative
Life itself is an activity of production. Whether a proftferatioft of desiring and social machines. E-tergy,
subject is eedipalized ©r not, she is a process in full partic- instead of encountering the blank wall of oedipalization, liii
ipation with life as process; the elements of her body and wotrfd produce innovative forms 01 subjectivity with differ-
psyche are In constant movement, making, disrupting and ent ways of interacting with others and the environment Vu
remaking various connections.. The conscious awareness and new forms for collective living, ferhaps more impor-
of botiithe oetfipatssbjectandihe schso aretfieemergent tantly, these fresh formations weald be lived with an sates-
effects of myriad processes- But while the oedipai subject sity and excitement unavailable to oodrpalized subjects.
is subjected to the dominant signifier of'the phallus, the Human beings as biological processes immersed in a living '•:'• •:
schizo is able to experience her surroundings *n terms of world would share in the joyfully creative processes of life ill;;

partial objects ark! non-specific connections, inclusive dis- that always moves onwsrd, generating new fonns in
junctions and non-segmehtary, pdyvoeaf eon3onctsprtsA
She still experiences a sense of wholeness, a sense that
response to the matating forces of becoming*
Schizsanalysrs creates concepts on the fly that are

meant to map experiments 'in contact with the real' rather dominant norms of signification and subjectiffcation or it
than to trace Interpolations according to a representation can actualize virtual relations of sense in keeping with vari-
of reafily it cannot effect 'The map doss not reproduce an ations of specific situations that defy personal identity and
unconscious closed in upon itself; it constructs the uncon- conventional perception. Rather than describing more or
scious. It fosters connections between fields, the remove! lass accurately a world it cannot touch, schkoanalysis
of blockages on bodies without organs, the maximum reveals a shifting, heterogeneous set of forces of which it
opening of bodies without organs onto a plane of consis- is & part. Deleuze and Guattarl's characterization and
tency' {ATP, 12). The question for Deleuze and Guattari is enactment of schizoanalysis invites us not only to remark
not whether their theory is right or wrong, but how effec- the multiple connections we have to the world, but to open
tive it is )n fostering the creative productions of the uncon- ourselves to their creative becoming, Whan we attribute
scious. They reject the psychoanalytic contention that the events to states of affairs in deference to becomings that
only alternative to oedipal subjectivity is psychosis and defy conventional delimitations, we co-create new realities
instead explore anoedipal flows of desire and the schizo that are in keeping with the How of life. Schizoanalysis not
who is a functioning subject of such desire. Their notion of only shows us a new way to do theory, it gives us a map of
the unconscious suggests ways of approaching its 'symp- contemporary life that allows us to situate individual pro-
toms' that point to possibilities for creative transforma- cesses of becoming within a continually evolving social
tion inevitably linked with social change. Since theory field. Such maps tell us mors about a future toward which
responds to problems presented by the ongoing flow of life, we could unfold than a reality that is bound to be and, in the
concepts cannot do life justice or help us to be ethical process, challenge us to responsibly participate - in our
unless they themselves unfold in dynamic thought- words as well as our actions- in the co-creation of a future
movements, mutating as they go. In addition to refusing to we can all desire.
endorse the normative role of a theory that would freeze
life in keeping with a set of static categories, Deleuze and
Guattari insist that theory consider its role to be that of a Works sited
co-participant in a set of creative forces that are always
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